Sons of Hercules, The



By John

Two down (or up), three men of muscle to go! How will our other muscle brothers find their way out of their current dilemmas?

Cum covered much of the enormous expanse of Argolis' prone figure. The combined weight of the severed tree and the muscle ensconced body had been too much for mere ropes and netting of the trap to support. Argolis panted heavily as his naked pumped body grew instantly excited for the third time in just a few short hours. His cock had not even had time to loose the swell from the ejaculation that still covered him in warm moist white liquid.

His hands drifted up to the wetness on his impossibly thick heaving chest and cupped some of the fresh protein meal. Argolis loved the feel of his beautiful abundance of pectoral meat undulating under the clutching movement of his arm across the heated flesh. After licking several scrapings from the curved flexing surface of the ridged muscle-breasts, he took his three middle fingers and dug them deeply into the crevice that was his cleavage.

The fingers all but completely disappeared into the cliff defined depths of muscle as they scooped out gobs of flowing cum from the river that had formed deep down at the bottom of the muscular pectoral valley. The movement of his arms across the outside of the domed muscle peaks of pectoral masses hardened the central canyon walls of pure muscle with crushing force against his hungry fingers. Only the cum-soaked wetness of the massive mounds permitted his hands to continue their successful securement of the white elixir from between the stone-like valley walls.

Argolis' cock stood at mighty attention beyond and above the mounded peaks of pectoral marvels. The head of the imposing organ dripped both remainders of cum from the last eruption and the clear wetness of precum in anticipation of the next one. Taunting gyrations of his ass and groin muscles pushed the head higher and harder as the excitement and heat of renewed desire surged through the enormously muscled body still prone on the ground. Portions of the netting that had been intended to capture the muscular giant instead became trapped itself in between the vice-like ass muscles as they ground together to force further arousal of the monstrous organ.

Sitting up, Argolis surveyed the site before him. The weight of the man and tree had ripped the netting from the cables that had been intended to wrap the captive and suspend him in the air until either he had succumbed to the trap or had been conquered by its creators. The thick hemp that composed the network of the net was knotted together at about half a hand width apart in both directions. The trunk of the large tree that had been the last one assaulted by Argolis laid heavily across the middle of the grounded net.

Argolis began both a visual and sensual survey of his body to ensure that it had not suffered any significant damage. His hands and eyes found several scrapes but did not sense any serious issues. The sheer size and solidity of his muscular form had not permitted anything more serious than simple cuts. As the agile form bent forward to examine his massive lower extremities, his mouth came in contact with the oozing cock head as it curved up beyond the mounded protrusions of his pecs.

As his hands caressed his sculpted calf muscles and rejoiced in their honed splendor, Argolis' tongue polished the mushroomed dome of his cock with equal joy. The cleaned dome at the end of the arm-sized shaft glistened brightly with further heated excitement and flashed its bouncing response of pleasure even as Argolis' hands tripped over the endlessness of the deeply etched musculature of his outer and inner thighs. The ropes of muscled leg fibers assumed the same quality of form as if the corded netting ropes had been compacted and inserted under his own skin.

Then Argolis hands reached the tenderness that was his testicles. One balled globe fitted comfortably and fully into each cupped hand. Argolis let his hands and fingers sense the surging of hot excitement from within the sacs as they manufactured another enviable round of liquid manhood. His hands drifted around the unbelievable broadness of the base of his enraged cock and flowed up the severe ridges of his tight abdominals.

Argolis straightened his body to vertical as his hands encountered the precipitous overhangs at the bottom of his enormous pecs. The flexing muscles hardened to their rock-like presence under his driving touch and forced his aroused nipples out like small erections. These sensitive toys were among Argolis' favorite playthings. He permitted himself a generous amount of time for their handling. In response, his cock forged itself into an iron hardness equal in quality to that of his muscles.

Satisfied with the level of reaction, Argolis moved his digital examination over to the massiveness of his flared latissimus muscles as they fanned their way ever outward in bold proudness of their accomplished size. If detached from the lower torso, the beautiful expanse of back muscle threatened to form into the bottom half of a huge wheel carrying a golden chariot of upper body muscle as its load. To the touch, it was as if several wheels had been roped together into a thickness much broader than any hand could grasp. Yet these gorgeous muscles had the feel of a crafted and polished wood sculpture.

Raising one arm upward and outward, Argolis dared himself to explore the pumped and veined creation that was his upper arm. He brought one gigantic bicep to full constricted flexion and watched gleefully as the vein encrusted skin waxed into a tanned transparency covering seething lines of immaculate fibrous muscle. Balls of head-sized thickness ballooned out from the front top and back of the upper arm. The lining stretching along the rounded shape warned of the solid strength within each conjoined sphere. The expanse of each peaked dome was so large that Argolis could not cover any one of them within a single hand span.

Heat emanated from the radiant balled object and the veins pounded it ever more solid with each pump of blood. The far end of the crunched muscle fought valiantly against the equally hard expanse of forearm muscle. The closer end of the peaked prominence dove sharply into and under the boulders of shoulder muscle. Biceps such as those possessed by Argolis were beyond the comprehension of the unseeing common man. For one erotic moment, Argolis permitted himself to let the opposite hand harshly fondle the front curvature of the flexed biceps while his fisted hand opened to caress the upper peak of the mountainous dome.

Argolis extended the flexed arm and performed the same satisfying adoration on the opposite bicep. Then, slowly, he extended the bent arm forcing his forearm out parallel with his upper arm. The hugeness of the bicep lengthened wonderfully without yielding any of its massive cross-section. At the same time, his corresponding triceps mooned itself into a presence that overshadowed its upper arm companion. Thigh-thick rings of muscle fanned their way between elbow and shoulder on the underside of Argolis' arms.

A veritable canyon formed below the arm between the outer head and inner head of the massive muscular instrument. The tensed muscle ballooned outward into a volume as massive as the flexed bicep and then half as again as much. The preponderance of flesh rocked itself into a petrified mass that even Argolis' own striving fingers could not penetrate.

Satisfied that no harm had come to him, Argolis sought a new way in which to challenge the sexual release of his demanding cock. Just as the idea came to him, a voice entered suddenly into his mind.

"This is your father, Hercules. You are needed to come be with your brothers in the land of Tiberia." The voice sounded internally. "The time is here to move to the destiny that awaits you."

Then, just as suddenly, the voice was gone. Argolis had always known that this day would come. Somehow he just knew that this was not a trick of his own vivid imagination but, rather, a real calling from his true father. He would, of course, go to this land called "Tiberia" and go right away. . . well, almost right away. Just as soon as he had responded to the equally strong demand surging from his aroused cock.

The power of his iron stiff shaft of manhood was well known to Argolis. Finding new and better ways to satisfy its demands to be serviced had expanded Argolis imagination much as the muscle he possessed had expanded his human image. Argolis scooped up a section of the netting that lay strewn beneath him. He examined the spacing of the knotted hemp and then began.

Placing one of the rectangular openings so that it was centered over the head of his cock, Argolis pulled back with all the force his colossal muscles could harness. A sharp sting of pain shot through the inflated cap of his prick as the straining ropes fought to encircle the gargantuan organ head. Argolis refused to give up and, ultimately, forced the knotted square opening into a strangling circle of rope about a hand length down the shaft beyond the crowning flair of the crimsoned head. The section of shaft and the crown itself responded to their capture by, if possible, further hardening as the returning blood flow was more restricted.

Acting as quickly as possible, Argolis positioned a second section of the netting in a similar fashion and, struggling ever harder, forced it on and down the shaft to lie next to the first ring of rope. He managed to get one more band on before his cock head steeled itself to the point of refusing admission to any more of the constraining trap. The pain emanating from the flesh trapped under the roped cords turned to erotic pressure as blood and meat pumped harder and harder in an attempt to burst the constricting rope. Man-flesh and cord fought against one another causing the flesh to pound more focus into its endeavor.

Argolis grabbed adjacent sections of the netting hanging around his impaled organ and began to tug and push in alternating motions. This action forced the entrapping cables to move with increased painful pleasure along a short length of the magnificent male tube. The heated stimulation sent shock waves of arousal along and through the entire iron-hard organ. Argolis balls tingled in excited response and shifted into high gear in the production of orgasmic jism.

The protruding cock head threatened to explode if not released but the constricting ropes refused to yield without a serious fight. The sensual stimulation pushed at Argolis' mental arousal causing his hands and arm to increase the pace of the thrusting and pulling movements. The passion of the stimulation took control of the entire muscle being forcing every muscle into chiseled perfection. Each distended muscle, in turn, sent jolts of quivering reinforcement into the battling organ.

Argolis felt the eruption of the orgasm as the first explosion of cum shot forcefully down the long, hot shaft. When it reached the point of constriction where the ropes precluded the completion of the emission, the sheer power of the cum-filled flood blew the knotted ropes apart and the white liquid shower cascaded in a mindless stream out from the freed head of the organ. The mental response was of such a state of blissful accomplishment that Argolis collapsed mindlessly to his knees as the second volley shot out landing a full body length away.

It took several more eruptions of hot, steamy cum before the body of the muscular giant was completely placated.

This time Argolis laid patiently on the ground until his joyfully spent and brutally pumped body returned to a state of easy breathing calm. Finally, he got up, reclaimed his lost articles of clothing. Noting that most of his work at clearing the way was done and that no one could get through into the valley without being seen now, he turned and started on the path his father had demanded of him.

As the spent muscular form of Argolis laid in blissful fulfillment, an equally imposing collection of human muscularity slipped unseen through the dust belching from the Iberian cave. Atlas steeled away into the woods to the same spot that had been filled with such joy the night before. Slowly and carefully he laid the body of Carlos on the ground while looking for any sign of life.

Suddenly, Atlas thought he noted a twitch in the body on the ground in front of him. Then he heard Carlos' first coughing gasp for breath. The trim, tight body sputtered back into the world of the living as Carlos choked in more and more revitalizing air. Then, without waking, he drifted into a calm sleep. Atlas reacted with loving glee and continued to kneel next to the pleasant form of his lover until he was sure that Carlos was simply in a much warranted sleep.

Atlas checked but could find no signs of any serious body damage to Carlos. Finally comfortable with the disposition of Carlos, Atlas moved off to an adjacent brook and began to wash his own body clean from the combination of dirt and dried cum. He moved back to be near Carlos as he found one of the rags of clothing from their activity of the night before and began to dry himself off with it.

His former clothes had been so big so as to cover his previously fat engorged body that, except for the extreme overabundance of waist band, they could still be used. Now, however, all the loose fitting chest, shoulder, arm and thigh areas fit snuggling against the massive amounts of still struggling muscle. Atlas corded the waist band as best as he could to create a version of cloths that fit.

The muscular giant looked back down at the resting form of his lover as Carlos' eyes opened and his face beamed with a broad smile of recognition. How he had managed to extricate Carlos and himself from the mine was still a blur to the muscular figure. Atlas remembered the sounds of the wooden beam cracking across his shoulders and could still feel the strain of bracing with his back against the seemingly endless amount of rock over his head.

It must have been the vision of the splayed body of Carlos lying helpless at his feet that filled the straining muscular form of Atlas with a renewed commitment not to let the collapsing rock mine defeat his newly acquired mammoth musculature. The very rock that had forced everyone of his gargantuan muscles into their own version of rock formations now insisted on endeavoring to claim victory over that very muscle and the life of his new-found lover with him.

Atlas remembered having braced his two upraised hands against each side of the ripping beam stretched across the amazing expanse of his upper back muscles. Biceps the size of some of the crushing boulders themselves sprung into action with revitalized vigor based more on desire than on strength. Feeling something very unusual, Atlas recalled glancing first to one side and then to the other only to confirm the feeling.

His biceps had exploded in size so unimaginable that the very peaks of each of the writhing giant divided balls of muscle reached to a height even with his flattened hand and were pressing against the beam itself. Veins thicker than the strongest cables encased the carved meat as if to wrap the very muscle in reinforcing cords. Atlas watched as these cabled fibers turned into virtual granite formations as the veins and arteries feed the demanding monsters pushing already unbelievable muscle density far beyond human status.

The beam was now trapped between two layers of impenetrable rock - the real rock above and the created rock of muscle below. Atlas had tried to looked down toward Carlos body once again but found it to be mostly obscured by the sheer volume of his brutally expanded pecs and the girth and solidity of his screaming hard cock.

Atlas pecs carried the same sheered sheen that now possessed his arm muscles. His skin only seemed to exist now to provide a similar tonality to his body of muscle. Atlas' struggling pecs pushed their way out and arced down so far and hard that they appeared more like ripped overhanging cliffs of stone than the mounded, beating flesh that they really were. The two gigantic rounded boulders of chest meat pounded together against each other at the center of his chest in a futile search for more space to occupy. The space that should have existed between the two rigid breasts had been crushed shut by the voluminous and unyielding muscle.

Each simple adjustment in hand placement sent shivers of mutilating quaking through the very cores of each of the engaged muscles as pecs, biceps, traps and lats undulated in crushing rhythm. Yet the rock above continued to push down with an equal determination to destroy the foundation of muscle that insisted on keeping it aloft.

The strain pushed the statuesque form further and further into an inexplicable sense of erotic arousal. Atlas' cock responded buy forcing its own stupendous prominence to a level of hardness parallel to that of the other muscles on display. Even at this impossible moment, Atlas could not deny the astonishing level of muscular being that his body had achieved.

"Let your power as my son guide you." Came the voice that entered his head suddenly. "Go with you manhood and it will lead you out and to your brothers."

Somehow Atlas knew that it had been the voice of his father, Hercules, that now offered guidance. All at once, he sensed his need to succeed and where he needed to go. But, Atlas swore, he would not desert the body of his lover, Carlos, to this rocky grave any more than he would surrender himself. A new creak from the demanding rock above and the inspiration from his father consumed Atlas' mind just as much as the unimaginable level of muscular splendor now consumed his body.

As if knowing the importance of its role, Atlas cock pounded itself into forge-driven hardness as his balls rumbled out their own sounds of readiness. Every sensually stimulated fiber within every muscle fortified itself yet again and moved from granite to diamond status. Atlas legs, back, chest and arms positioned themselves for the final challenge and awaited the signal for their action.

That signal came none-to-soon as the shaft of his cock was loaded with the first wave of his explosive cum. The hot wet juices boiled powerfully down the long tubular shaft. The density of the flesh surrounding the delivery shaft was forced to give way to the seething volumes of cream that demanded release. The shaft of maleness pushed back violently against the rushing channel of cum forcing it to erupt from the open end of the arm-thick cock with such power that the noise of it splattering against the adjacent rock walls resounded louder than the sound from the groaning rock above.

A sense of raw power immeasurably beyond human burst through the centers of each assaulting muscle as they each sensed the pleasure of the creamy ejaculation. Atlas screamed in ecstatic response as his upward pushing muscles filled with power so forceful that the beam and several layers of the rock immediately above it was pulverized into dust. The momentary vacuum left as the dust cascaded over the mountainous body offered Atlas the chance he sought.

As cum continued to issue thickly from his cannoned cock, Atlas swooped down and scooped up the prone body of Carlos. Without a second of hesitation, he was moving forward at incredible speed with the form of his lover enveloped in a shroud of warm hot muscle. The mine shaft began to collapse behind them. As Atlas moved just ahead, dust and rock pushed against his exposed back and rushed over his formidable shoulders. Atlas could just make out the light of the awaiting opening through the pulverized haze. The dust beat them to the opening covering their exit from the view of others.

Here, now, he and Carlos spent the evening sharing passionate and gentle love. Carlos repeatedly explored the volumes of muscle that had replaced what had previously been fat on Atlas. The activities of earlier in the day at the mine had left his muscles pumped and still hardened to the touch. Even though the former body had not been as important as the kindness of Atlas' heart, Carlos relished the new body in front of him with unabashed lust.

As knowing hands traced and retraced, Atlas could feel each and every separation and sculpted fiber contained within his almost transparent skin under the stimulation of Carlos' sturdy fingers. Fondling peak upon marvelous peak of mountainous muscle, both Carlos and Atlas reveled in the sensations as hands and eyes discovered the joy of each marvelously rich muscle. Fingers lingered as they astounded the two minds with the unfathomable size of each muscle - both flexed and unflexed.

Atlas' equally prodigious cock responded over and over again to the joy of the love-filled night. It took two hands and a great deal of effort on the part of Carlos to deal with the amazing stone-rigid tool. Each time Atlas' trunk-like pillar of manhood erupted, the volume of cum was equal to that of the first time. Cup-filling cream soaked the throat of his loving stimulator until overfilled and then drenched the ground around them.

Finally, just before dawn, Atlas broached the discussion he knew they had to have. Of course Carlos insisted on going along when Atlas finished telling of his need to leave and join his brothers far in the east. Atlas insisted that Carlos was in no condition to travel and swore to return as soon as his task was concluded. Carlos expressed his concern for the fate of his new lover but Atlas would not permit either of them to dwell on the possibility that the separation might be forever.

As new daylight conquered the world of the night, Atlas set forth on his journey and, to maintain his own strength to the task required of him, did not dare to look back on the face of his tearful lover.

Now all four more-than-mortal men of muscle were headed toward the same center point. They traveled forward from north, south, east and west and none-to-soon for Maciste •

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