Sons of Hercules, The



By John

Together at last! The five fabulous muscle-sons of the great Hercules along with their two companions embark on their new, collective journey. Never before has so much muscle been in the same place at the same time.

"Have you ever dreamed that you would be a witness to such a magically beautiful collection of muscle?" Eros asked Lin as they sat in the campfire lit darkness of the night.

"That's a rather ironic question coming from the man who recently tried to destroy the most magnificent of these creations!." Lin replied sarcastically as he momentarily moved his eyes from his charge to the five gorgeously reflected sleeping bodies gathered around the perimeter of the fire light.

"I know, but, as I said before, those were the actions of a man who had not been given a choice. I'm a soldier; a soldier is trained to do his job!" Eros responded.

"You always had a choice, you were just not a strong enough man to make it!" Lin fired back. "Now you want me to believe that your expressions of love toward the same man you tried to kill should be believed."

"Yes, I know it is hard, but I swear it to be the truth." Eros pleased.

"What you have is not love, it is just reformulated lust. It is a lust driven by the situation in which you have placed yourself.' Lin retorted. "You don't even know what love for a man like Maciste is. If you did, then you could never have done what you did to try to destroy him!"

"You have told me of how your love for Ursus has been expanded by the lust you now carry for him with his newly muscled body. So why can't you accept that the lust that I admit I have for Maciste could also be love awakened by his brave manliness under the assault placed upon his body." Eros went on. "The sight his tremendous body responding to his mind's drive and his willingness to his convictions against King Amulius - even in face of the possibility of his own death - awakened me to my own soldier-trained ignorance. I beg that you will believe me."

"Of course you want me to believe your new lies! How convenient it would be for you if I would and then help convince Maciste for you!" Lin said with a sense of closure.

Lin got up and checked the bindings that secured Eros to the tree trunk against which he was tied. Satisfied with the strength of the knots, he moved over to the edge of the campfire and stood enthralled by the vastness of the muscle image before him. He glanced down lastly upon the beautiful form of his love, Ursus, and turned back momentarily toward Eros.

"I hope that one day maybe even you can know how to show true love and how your life becomes secondary to that of the one with whom you have been blessed in partnership." Lin added softly.

There they were, the five unbelievable bodies. Each positioned differently in their naked slumber so that , by moving from figure to figure, Lin was able to visually consume every angle and restfully blissful muscle and organ. In the fire licked shadows of night, the slumbering muscles were hugely rounded and, in many ways, even more inviting than when they bore the clear, cut visible strength of day.

Atlas lay face down. His broad back and shoulders billowed like water-polished boulders bunched together and covered with a smooth layer of fine, silky olive-toned silk. The mounded mass disappeared into the complete darkness of night where the impossibly small waist should exist and burst back into the toying light on the twinned globes of his spectacularly muscle ass cheeks. The smoothed massiveness of the backs of his upper legs hid his fruit-sized testicles and soft, voluminous cock from view. Breast-sized calf muscles twitched into hardened beef as Atlas' feet shifted closer to the heat of the fire.

Argolis upper body was twisted to face toward where Lin was standing. His free flowing yellow hair lay gracefully over the melon size trapezius muscles. The width of his shoulders made his handsome face seem almost too small for the body to which it was attached. As the body twisted away down toward the side view of the waist, the mass of lower arm pushed the bottom pectoral mass ever outward as it rounded out as a full half sphere twice the size of the head. The upper pec laid equally full spilling largely over its lower twin. The vast cleavage begged for fondling as the bulbous meat formed into two tantalizing male breasts. The twisted waist was only as wide across as a normal mans' calf muscle. The expanse of the front upper leg was pulled up toward the waist and hid Argolis' glorious manhood from view.

The dark skin of Goliath mixed with the darkness of the night. His figure was, perhaps, the most beautiful in this setting as sharp white reflections glistened from the rounded faces of his huge dark muscles. He laid completely on one side fully extended from head to toe. This side view showed the amazing exaggeration of thickness that existed on all of these marvelous creatures. There was enough distance from back of triceps to leading edge of his mooned pecs to place the entire shoulder to shoulder width of two normal men. Yet, the side waist view of the same normal man would have completely covered the waist width of the muscular form Lin was watching. The upper leg mass grew back to the width of a mans' chest. The soft, dark cock showed the promise of its size in the flickering reflections of light from its half-hidden surface. But the palm-wide balls showed full and ripe in the same light.

Maciste was fully splayed on his back. This position even further enhanced the fact that the body of muscle he possessed was far and away the biggest and most brutally formed compilation of muscle in existence. Pillow sized shoulders were as broad as the height of many men. The thickness of the expansive pecs could not be diminished even widely expanded as they were and still created a devilish deep valley where they joined at the center. The exposed biceps were as full and round as the impressive shoulder caps and so large that only a hint at the scale of the underlying triceps could be discerned. Machiste's mighty chest heaved up and down a full hand width as he slumbered yet his abdominal area formed a horseshoe shaped cavity so small that it was a wonder it could support the vastness of muscle above it. Even at rest, Machiste's cock seemed poised for readiness. It stretched down almost to his knees as it arced over his meloned testicles. The curvature of its arc was the only sign of softness it showed. The enormous organ surface tissue reflected crisp and hard' bisected repeatedly by an array of image enhancing, pumping veins.

Ursus' figure was the one most removed from the light of the camp fire but Lin did not need to see it to know it. Certainly, each of the other sleeping mountainous creatures was compelling in its' own way, but Ursus was Lin's and he, probably unfairly, considered his golden-skinned, silky giant as the most beautiful. From the straight black head of hair to the angled slits of his brilliant blue eyes to the high prominent cheek bones, there was nothing Lin considered less than perfect about this special man.

Lin prayed that no harm would befall his love now, nor did he wish for any harm to any of these magnificent men. The rescue mission to which they had been assigned by the father of these resting sculptures would begin tomorrow. For now, the five flawless figures continued to sleep peacefully.

They had seen the palace walls of the city-state of Tiberia that they would challenge tomorrow off in the distance from the rocky outcrop by which they now rested. From the physical placement, devious construction and description of the hazards they had been given by Maciste, they knew that the challenge would be daunting enough on its own. They were just as sure that they were under the constant watch of the scouts of the self-named King Amulius and that he had no intention of letting this small band of dissenters, regardless of their size and strength, achieve their goal to free the rightful king and his own daughter from their captivity.

Hercules had explained that these five brothers had been forged in his loins from his seed just for this task and had reminded them that, in spite of the strength and power they each knew they possessed, they were only the sons of a half-God and were, indeed, mortal. As beautifully sculpted and densely honed as their bodies were, they were human and not impenetrable. As Maciste could attest, they were subject to human failing and human desires. Plus, Hercules could not promise, even with his knowledge of the future, that all would survive the challenge.

He did warn them that their opportunity for success depended on their ability to work together and their ability to combine their minds was as important, if not more important, than their capacity to combine their muscular strength.

As to Eros, the muscular soldier had begged for the forgiveness of Maciste and professed to swear his allegiance to him. He claimed that the sight of the amazing body of Maciste in his struggle against the chariots and horses had awakened his awareness of his desire to serve and love the truth and power that was represented in Maciste. He had professed to help in their challenge to rid the land of its false the King and to return his daughter to the throne. They were surprised by Hercules' insistence that they should let Eros live in spite of what he had tried to do to Maciste and that he had yet another role to play.

The men were compelled to honor the wishes and directions of their father but felt it only prudent to keep Eros bound and watched. They had traveled for the past four days. When it was Lin's turn to watch Eros in the night, they had sat in silence at first but, slowly over each night, they had begun to converse just to pass the time. They spoke in low tones so as not to disturb the slumber of the naked musclemen.

Eros was well spoken and almost beguiling in his manner. His body, though not nearly as large as that of his muscled captors, was aesthetically muscled and silky with cut muscular desire. To ensure that he carried no hidden weapons, Eros traveled as naked as the five massive men. They chose to travel uncovered out of the joy of the freedom they felt as their over-proportioned muscles were free to breath and undulate openly in all their splendor. None of them had any reason to feel any discomfort over their naked images and, in fact, the mere sight of their marvelously muscled figures in movement served as a deterrent to other "mere" men.

The sight of all this nude bounty of muscle had had its affect on both Eros and Lin as well as on each of the fantastic men by keeping their cocks hard and readied virtually constantly. Over these past several days, they had each had ample opportunity to study and admire each of their stupendous bodies. Muscle for muscle, there was no way to claim that the totality of the body any one of them was any more spectacular then that of another with the exception of Maciste. In him, it was as if every muscle had been twice gifted. The monstrous size and fantastic sheerness that had been so pronounced during his struggle under capture seemed to remain with him in all of his waking hours.

They had shared the stories of their individual histories and upbringing and found that they had a great deal more in common than just the seed of their father. They even shared the same blue eyes that, according to their respective mothers, their father possessed. The only visible differences between them was the shading and styles of the hair on top of their equally handsome heads and caressing their groins and the color of the thin, thin skin that wrapped their fantastically sculpted muscles and prodigious cocks.

The constant parade across the rough landscape and climbing through the growing precipitous rocky hills kept all the prolific muscles sharp, hard and inflated. The image of all these moving mountains of muscle had kept the seven lustful cocks equally hard. During the time for bathroom breaks, both Eros and Lin had to take advantage of the opportunity to release their throbbing dicks of the demanding loads of cum.

Each evening, the five half-brothers and the two companions would collect themselves into a camp in the growing shadows of dusk. The glow of the fire would play with and against the colossal muscles on each man and fill the bodies with depth-defining shadows. Constantly pumping veins assumed rope-like consistency binding the exploding muscle meat onto the frames. Soon, a flurry of impossible pecs, lats, biceps, triceps, deltoids, traps, calves, thighs and vacuumed abdominals pumped and striated themselves into delicious patterns of unbelievable interactive meaty density.

Groping hands attached to ham-sized arms of seemingly limitless strength clasped, grasped, fondled, massaged, manipulated, explored and dwelled on and in the limitless offerings of muscle. They had laughed about the fact that if they could just align the lengths of the aroused cocks of the four foreign brothers together the resultant organ would extend from the ground to about the chin of the tallest of them.

The beautiful male organs seemed to enjoy their scale and stiffness as much as other muscles seemed to be in love with their own individual accomplished sizes and solidity. In the early evenings, the heat of the fire played upon the large, inflated musculature's and was translated into the heat of muscle contact against muscle contact. Then the images of the enraged cocks expanded into metal consistency as the hot activity pushed its way into and along the arm-sized shafts.

One by one the men would explore the power of their human maleness and revel in the capacities of their cocks to turn harder and harder with the same fortitude possessed within their other body muscles. One by one they would bring themselves and each other to joyful orgasm. The moments of ejaculation were accompanied by a flame chiseled vision of total muscular constriction in a display of stone- quality fibrous glory.

A large wooden vessel served to collect as much of the resultant flowing white creams. The sight of the first orgasmic reaction was usually sufficient to evoke the eruption from one of the other male member cannons. As the chain reaction of cum spilled from each succeeding prominence of cock, the man-juices blended together to almost full within the lucky container.

Maciste was always the last to cum. His cock alone was the size of any one of the others and half again as much. The four other brothers were not dismayed in the size of their own members but, rather, were thrilled to be able to participate in a joint assault on the shaft of their "bigger" brother. Maciste's muscles responded as theirs had under the brutally lustful stimulation. His pecs subdivided and re-subdivided themselves into two rugged moons of muscular massiveness. The vertical division between the two globes grew canyon deep under the harsh light of the campfire.

Tensed triceps coiled into solid springs arced around the impossible depth of the valley within the center of the massive horseshoes. Even straight, the biceps simulated their defined balled glory and matched in scale and power to the image of the crystallized capping shoulder muscles. His abdominals and obliques stood prominently contained within the vacuumed valley of his unbelievably small midsection.

The upper back blossomed into visions of sculpted giant tortoise shells of protective muscles struggling to push the triceps ever outward from their own kingdom. The wing-like back marvels dove into the thick fingers of muscle as all this power disappeared into the upper protrusions of the most invitingly cut gluteal masses ever compiled on a human form. These impenetrable formations rocked themselves solid in anticipation of the coming testicular release.

As much as Maciste was pleased and grateful for the life-saving acts of his half-brothers, each of them was silently pleased that this fifth compilation of marvelous muscularity and carrier of its consummate male organ had not been destroyed by the efforts of Eros and unwanted King.

The scale and power of the cock of Maciste was so astounding that even with the groping and presence of four pairs of exploring hands, there was enough inviting room left over for the similar enjoyment by Lin and still space for one or two more participants. Even ten passion-driven hands could not dislodge the root of the tool from its reinforced position into the muscular girdle to which it was anchored.

This crowning glory to Maciste's musculature was both his source of unbridled pride and emotional anguish. The very elements of scale, girth, rigidity and prominence that made his cock a marvel amidst a body of marvels, made him unsatisfied as a man amongst men. The fact that this instrument could not possibly be fitted within the receptacle of a woman was of no concern to Maciste for all he desired was compassion from and with other men. Yet, the same issue existed in that desire.

While every desirous male wooed with delight at the first sighting of his astounding muscles and erect member, there was none who could dare permit him entry to within the confines of their inner bodies. While others dreamed of gaining the sexually aroused attention of Maciste, he dreamed of the day that his desire for full sexual release within the warm canal of another man could be fulfilled. To this day, in spite of years of knowledge to the contrary, he still carried the vision that, one day, a man would come into his life whose capacity and desire could be fed without fear of fatality.

For the moment, the lustful stoking and preening of his brothers and friend over his hotly stimulated, sensitive, loaded cock worked its own wonder on him. This activity was causing much the same reaction as the physical assault by the chained chariots had through the very core of Maciste's muscles. His cock responded each night under this activity as it had on that fateful day by pounding itself into an inhuman display of glistening unattainable manhood and, then, rewarded its attackers with in an endless eruption of silky cum. What little space remained in the collection vessel was soon lost to Maciste's rich, heavy volume of spewing liquid maleness.

The men would then take turns in sharing from the goblet of the collected dessert. Round after round was consumed until the bowl was hollowed of its fill. During this latest erotic adventure earlier this past evening, Lin had noted how Eros' gaze never drifted from the image of Maciste.

It was a look either lost in love or in desperate calculation. Lin could not discern which it was for sure. •

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