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I laid on the couch, my entire body in agony. The new job wasn't really working out, but it was all I had until I finished my degree; A degree that would probably be useless some time down the road. I sighed to myself, which just made my chest hurt again. I would have to say, I had chosen an awfully stupid job to get cash. A man who had barely done a day's worth of grunt work in his life, lifting, tossing, and catching furniture for a moving business. Money was money though.

I pulled myself up from the soft couch, my whole body protesting painfully to having to move again. I forced myself to the computer chair to find some new job listings. Maybe I could get myself out of this 'Job from Hell' and get some good money before I decided to move again. The listings were few and far between. Jobs like 'burger-flipper' or 'human testing'.... the type of thing that would be funny in a sitcom. I stroked my slight gut and thought 'Well, maybe doing all this lifting isn't such a bad idea... I might actually get in shape.' the thought passed quickly though. I knew that my body would never change, even under circumstances such as these.

I brought up my e-mail to see that I had recieved a message from Kev. Kev had been one of my friends, and has since moved on to bigger, better things. His e-mail didn't make much sense to me. He was raving about a site he had found, and that I simply HAD to go there. He never talked about websites or the like, so I decided to check it out.

The site was titled It was some kind of roleplaying site from what I could see. People talking about how they loved the new them, each was accompanied by a photo of massive breasted women, men with huge endowments, unbelieveably fat people, and big muscular individuals. 'hah, these guys aren't bad at morphing pictures.' I thought, and when I scrolled down the page, there was a picture of Kev and I nearly fell out of my seat. He had an enormous cock! It had to be at least 16 inches! I began to laugh, Kev had made it look really realistic.

A small pop-up window appeared, asking me to upload a photo of myself. 'Why not?' I thought to myself 'it looks like a fun site, so I might as well play along.' I uploaded a clear full body shot of myself and continued to look through the pop-up options. Weight, height, gender, genetalia. The site would do any of the above "transformations" to my photo itself. I thought of how sore my body was yet again, and got an idea. 'Well, I might not be a big guy in real life, don't see why that should stop me online. I clicked on weight to make more boxes appear, I inputed a desired weight, which was actually quite a silly number, but this was all just for fun, then I chose the weight type 'muscle'. '385 pounds' It was an odd number, but for some reason, it seemed right. Just to mess with Kev, I clicked the genetalia box as well, then chose male. I input a desired length of 17 inches, just to be bigger than his picture.

I was happy with my photo decisions and clicked the proceed button. The computer froze for a few moments, then began the show a process bar. I felt dizzy for a moment, and then had a strange sensation. I felt my boxers tightening about the waist and in the groin. I didn't know why until I looked down. I saw my modest 5 inches swelling into my boxer briefs. A large bulge was growing and growing before my eyes! Even stranger, my gut was tightening into hardened abs. I got up from the chair and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Something odd was happening indeed!

I saw my chest beefing out, a small crease appearing between my two pecs. My arms were no longer sore, but instead were filling up with muscle mass. I watched my biceps pulsing under the skin, attempting to push their way outward. My arms slowly began to lift from my body as my lats expanded. I watched my abs grow hard as rock, and my cheststill pishing it's way out in front of me. The changes were continuing on my lower body as well. My bulge was now obscene, and my legs had filled up like big water balloons. They stretched the legs of the boxers to their limits, and my cock was doing the same. My butt suddenly spurted, thrusting apart the fabric that kept me covered. The legs joined suit, leaving my massive manhood to dangle out before me.

My upper body mesmerized me once again as my chest surged under my tightening skin. I could see veins appearing across my arms. My abs were not a four pack, nor were they a six, but instead a solidly defined eight. I watched my traps growing and my neck thickening. My jaw squared off and my shoulders rounded out. I was growing at an astonishing rate, but my skin kept pace not ripping or stretching. In a matter of minutes, it was done. I was standing in front of the mirror, looking absolutely freaky. My muscles were packed firm, and were hard to move around each other. My 17 inch endowment was still growing though. It became firm, and at it's full erect state, I judged it to be 23 inches.

I stood there gaping at my body. I was stuck being completely nude in my apartment. There was nothing I could do looking like this. I moved out of the door sideways. My chest and butt carressing the door frame and I pushed my way into the living room. I looked at the soft couch, and had an idea. I pulled up the couch with complete ease. 'This should make work a lot easier...' I lumbered to the computer, trying to navigate my massive thighs around one another, and saw a photo on the screen. It was me, how I looked now. A message was displayed "Thank you for choosing's free atomic body transformation. Please enjoy the new you. Changes from now on are priced at 6,000 dollars american."

I nervously picked up the phone and called Kev across state. "Kev, I think you should come over. Bring either 6,000 dollars, or a really big measuring tape. •

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