Chance of a Lifetime


By Lemur1

Jay couldn’t believe his luck. All that time at the gym finally paid off. He was nowhere near where he wanted to be yet, but his body had achieved the envious look of serious athlete. His high tight buns from hours on the Stair Master and heavy squats at the Gold’s Gym had gotten him what he wanted – the attention of a serious bodybuilder type. He could barely contain his excitement as he watched the Mammoth arm of the guy he picked up at Score press the elevator button in the Parking Garage. Kevin folded his arms across his chest and turned as he leaned back against the wall waiting for the elevator. He knew the guy would be impressed watching his nineteen-inch guns displayed across his thick pectoral meat. What was the guy’s name again? John?, James? It was something starting with a “J” for sure. He just couldn’t remember right now. He was eager to be seriously worshiped by this hot little guy. He liked showing off his big muscles and impressing guys driving around in his shiny black Dodge Viper. It more than made up for the fact that his penis was all of four inches hard and almost non-existent soft.

He had taken every steroid he could get his hands on for the last three years. And, while they did nothing to increase the size of his cock, although he had shrunk his nuts down quite a bit, his body grew huge. Yeah, he was getting a roid-gut from doing so many cycles, sometimes a little too close together, but he didn’t care. He loved his new body. He loved the way others reacted to him because of it. All those years of making money in the recording biz hadn’t done near as much to make him happy as lifting heavy and getting huge.

The elevator doors opened. He stood aside and let Jay go in first, “yeah that was his name,” he thought “Jay” as he followed him inside. He felt Jay cop a feel is his fuckin’ huge glutes as he pushed the button for the top level of the garage.

Murphy let out a moan as he finally stopped cuming. Panting, he leaned forward supporting himself of Seth’s legs. “Murphy, are you all right?” Seth asked looking between his thighs at the behemoth slumped over him. “I could ask the same of you too buddy. You had me worried there for a minute, but yeah I’m okay,” Murphy responded.

“Good,” Seth said grimacing. “Then can you kindly move or something because I think you’re crushing me.” Murphy tried to shift his weight “Oh, sorry,” but he found managing his new size awkward inside of Seth’s Honda Element. No matter which way he turned he seemed to either bump into something or almost get stuck. He tried to push backwards onto his haunches but that turned out to be a big mistake. He kept pushing back - more and more cock being revealed until finally the grapefruit sized head came out with a ‘plop.’

His jeans still tangled around his ankles caused him to loose balance. He fell back into the tailgate, which had no hope of handling his bulk. It bent, buckled and opened out sending Murphy tumbling backwards then down as he fell out of the back of the car and onto the pavement. His jeans caught on the handle of the tailgate. He lay their looking like a prize Bull who’d been wrangled to the ground and hog-tied at the Rodeo.

As always happens when one is in an embarrassing position Murphy could not be left alone in his bizarre humiliation. At that same moment across the parking lot the elevator doors opened and out stepped Kevin and Jay. They were mindlessly groping each other as they broke their embrace to exit the lift. Kevin took Jay by the hand and led him in the direction of his Viper. As they crossed the parking lot Jay saw Seth’s car and wondered what was going on. The cab lights where on and there appeared to be a really buff, naked guy inside. As they drew closer he saw that someone else was on the ground behind the car.

Kevin was the first to speak. “Holy shit! Look at that guy he’s, he’s huge!” Kevin couldn’t believe the site before him. There lay this giant of a man seemingly toppled by his own mass his ankles caught in his jeans tethered to the tailgate of the vehicle. He and Jay could only stop and stare. Murphy saw their approach.

“Do you to think you two could stop gawking for a minute and give me a fucking hand?” Murphy shouted at them. Like soldiers given their marching orders Jay and Kevin quickly assisted Murphy and Seth at freeing him from his predicament. Kevin held out his hand to help pull Murphy up and almost lost his balance. “How heavy is this guy?” He thought to himself. Mostly by Murphy’s own efforts he rose to his feet.

“Thanks, “ Murphy uttered. “Anytime” Kevin replied.

Murphy just stood there all his muscles twitching and flexing trying to keep him on balance. It felt strange to be so huge. He could feel every muscle in his body competing for space trying to gain dominance. He could feel something else too. He could almost smell it as well. The lust all these men had for him –compelling him to display his body for them. He wanted to bring them pleasure unlike any they had ever known. Kevin in a zombie like trance stepped closer to Murphy reaching out to touch him – to make sure he wasn’t dreaming this. Murphy took his hand and placed it on his bicep flexing it for Kevin. “Now that’s some serious muscle isn’t it boy? Have you ever seen a man as big as me?” he asked. Kevin quietly shook his head from side to side.

“Looks like you’ve got some pretty big muscles yourself.” Murphy said as he grabbed Kevin’s shirt in his hands and ripped it off his body. “Yeah, some nice big muscles. Looks like you got some pretty big wheels too.” He said as he then grabbed Kevin’s pants and ripped them away along with his jock strap. Kevin was rock hard. His small four-inch cock jerking like mad but looking so insignificant compared to the rest of his 230-pound body.

“Looks like you’re glad to see me too.” Murphy’s cock grew hard again so fast it slapped against his stomach with a loud ‘Thwack.’ He picked Kevin up off the ground and placed him upon his cock. The heavy flow of pre-cum coated his super thick 16-inch cock making it slide effortlessly into Kevin’s hungry ass.

As Murphy lifted Kevin up an down his huge fuck pole Jay stripped off his own clothes and approached Murphy from behind – hugging his wide back. Jay slid down onto his knees and greedily sucked on the hard round globes of Murphy’s ass. Then he slowly licked his way back up until his seven-inch cock was trapped between Murphy’s huge thighs daring not to enter Murphy’s ass with out being given permission.

“Come on boy give me all you got.” Murphy said over his shoulder to Jay giving him the okay to enter his juicy ass. He quickened his pace of lifting Kevin up and down faster and faster. Kevin’s cock only needed the stimulation of rubbing against the cobblestones of Murphy’s abs to achieve orgasm. As his glutes squeezed in rhythm with his cock Murphy joined him in ecstasy. His ass muscles squeezed hard on Jay’s throbbing cock sending him over the top. Like dominos they had all fallen into orgasmic bliss. Murphy pumped more and more of his cum into Kevin causing Kevin’s cock grow harder and harder.

Kevin’s cock was getting so hard it hurt as he continued cuming into the air. He started to feel a pressure in his balls as they began to expand soon followed by his cock. It stretched to four and a half then five-inches, then five and a half, six, six and a half seven, seven and a half. At seven and a half inches his cock shot a jet stream of cum six feet into the air and then he collapsed onto Murphy.

Murphy laid Kevin on his shoulder and patted him on the back like a baby. “That’s my boy, good boy – make your Daddy proud.” Murphy whispered into Kevin’s ear. Meanwhile Jay’s sweat soaked body slid down to the ground – exhausted, satiated like never before.

Seth could only watch them still exhausted from his sessions with Murphy. He watched Murphy gently lay Kevin down on the ground like a father tucking his child in to bed. Murphy stood back up looking out into the night as If straining to see something just out of sight.

“Murphy?” Seth called to him. “What’s wrong?” Murphy turned to him. “I have to go to them.” He said. “Them? Them who?” Seth was confused by Murphy’s strange behavior. “The men back at the club – I can feel them, smell them, almost taste them. I need to go to them, now.” Murphy spoke with such assurance Seth believed every word. Murphy started to walk towards the elevator.

“Where do you think you’re going? You’re completely naked! You’ll get arrested Murphy. Did all those big muscles squeeze the oxygen out of your brain?” Seth was dumbfounded at Murphy’s actions. “I have to go. It’s what I am meant to do.” Murphy said calmly as he continued to walk away. “Listen, if you have to go at least let me drive you down. I’ll take you to the corner next to the club – If there aren’t any cops you can get out and do whatever it is you think you need to do.”

“That would be helpful, thank you Seth” Murphy said as he turned around. “Anytime Murphy – as long as you share some of the hot body of yours with me every once in a while.” Seth said. “All you ever need do is ask Seth and I will please you anytime you want.”

Murphy’s body wasn’t the only thing that had changed, and he knew it. He accepted what he has become - an institution of pleasure. His body was now a temple for men to worship at – his senses keenly aware of their needs.

Seth turned back to Jay and Kevin who were now exploring each other’s bodies. “What about you two – are you gonna be okay?” he asked. “We’re fine. I have everything I need right here,” Jay said as he grabbed on to Kevin’s fat prick. Kevin looked into Jay’s eyes and saw his future. “We couldn’t be finer” Kevin said.

Murphy climbed into the back of Seth’s car. “I’m afraid I did quiet a bit of damage here – sorry.” He said. “It’s okay its worth it just the see the expression of my mechanic’s face when I tell him what broke it.” Seth replied. Murphy pulled the tailgate up and attempted to shut it. The door was terribly bent. “Well I can’t have you driving around like this it’s not safe.” He said as he continued to pull at it the metal bending in his grip until it was locked into place. “There – that’ll do for now”

“Holy shit, Murphy how strong are you?” Seth asked. “I don’t honestly know, Seth, but I guess in time I’ll found out.” Murphy answered as he pulled the top half of the door closed. They said few words as Seth drove around and around making their way out of the parking garage. He turned his car down the alley that led back to the corner near Score.

It was really late now and most of the crowds on Lincoln Road had gone. Just the hard-core party boy’s were still sitting at the café tables outside club Score. “Well, it looks like the coast is clear Murphy” Seth said, but Murphy was already squeezing himself out the double doors on the passenger side of the car. “Good night Seth, get some rest will ya.” Murphy smiled as he started to close the doors. “You bet Murphy. Hey, what’s that shinning down in front of you?” Seth said. “Is that yours?”

Murphy looked down at the floorboards of the car and saw the coin. He casually picked it up and examined it. “Yep, it’s mine alright - thanks.” Murphy said as he closed the doors

Seth drove away leaving Murphy’s hulking form standing in the street in front of the club. It didn’t take long for the young men sitting at the tables to start standing up and looking over at Murphy. He could smell their need for him as his powerful legs pounded the ground causing his muscles to sway and bounce moving him closer to them.

“I’m here for you” was all he said to them as they drew in close stretching their arms to touch whatever they could of Murphy. He moved through them like a ship cutting through the sea. Two men opened the doors for him. As he crossed the threshold of the club he squeezed the coin in his hand – “I wish this to be true.”

The End ------------------------------------- Nathaniel’s Epilogue:

Well as you can imagine Murphy was a huge success that night at the Score. And, as I promised his life did change. Despite the fact that his house still needed some remodeling work he sold it for top dollar to a delightful gay couple with the caveat that he make the occasional house call to help them out. He didn’t need it anymore. He never lacked for a bed to sleep in. He made a few more changes to his appearance. He starting with cutting his hair much shorter, and he got some very nice tattoos.

He never returned to his business, McDaniel’s Construction. Fortunately one of the men at the club that night was an attorney and helped Murphy make arrangements to transfer power of attorney to his sister. She was the only member of his family that ever saw him after the change, and in that meeting he told her the truth about his sexuality that he now embraced. She loved her big brother too much to judge him.

She helped him through the early times and did a good job running McDaniel’s Construction. Other members of the family and friends pestered her about what happened to Murphy, but all she would tell them was that he made a change in his life and they would likely never see him again.

When she died some forty years later Murphy did go to the funeral. He stood far away during the ceremony. After everyone else had gone he knelt down at her grave and wept for the first time in his life.

Opps, sorry I tend to get ahead of myself – time is so linear for you mortals isn’t it?

Anyway, if you ever do happen to be down in South Beach and see a six hundred pound wall of muscle with a handlebar mustache either; rollerblading, biking or having a cup of coffee at News Café -go ahead, don’t be intimidated – talk to him. You’ll both be glad you did.

As for me? Well if you ever meet a stranger who offers you an unbelievable gift – I suggest you take it. •

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