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I had waited the entire night for Kev to show up. After explaining to him what had happened to me, he said he would come right away, since it was partly his fault for not explaining the sites abilities. As for my own abilities, there wasn't a lot that had changed. I couldn't walk through most doors unless I proceeded through sideways, that and my nothing short of gargantuan thighs nearly crushing my newly inflated balls with each step I took, things were more or less the same; Just everything seemed a bit smaller.

There were no sheduled moves today, so I wouldn't have to leave the house. I would just have to sit around and wait for Kev. I slowly lowered my hulking frame onto the couch. It groaned in protest to the gravity that my body was subjecting upon it. "Get used to it couch." I said. 'Well, I always wanted to be huge.' I thought 'I guess I should get used to it too. I wonder what the guys will say on monday?' The very idea of swaggering into work as this massive muscle freak, bursting out of what little clothes I could wear made my 17-inch dick perk up from it's position draping over the front of the couch. Then there was a knock at the door. "It's me, man. It's Kev, let me in."

"Come on in!" I yelled, knowing it could take me a while to reach the door. Kev entered, looking no different than the day he had left for across the state. He was shocked to see me in such a bigger way. "I should have told you that place worked. I'm sorry if this is causing you any convenience." I looked at Kev funny "The fact that I can never leave the house again? How would that possibly inconvenience me?" Kev shrugged. "You know you aren't stuck like that, right?"

My expression went from unamused to plain out annoyed "Yeah, but I don't happen to have 6,000 dollars like you might." Kev laughed at me "Oh that old thing. I can get around that." "You can?" I asked. "Of course I can. It's basic hacking. How do you think I shrink my man-meat back to normal before work everyday?" He walked to the computer and stripped down, taking a picture of himself with the webcam. We had been very close at one time, so it didn't seem unnatural. "Now watch." He began to type in commands through DOS. The site was still on screen, but now it was flickering. In only a few moments he had by-passed the security and was granted another trial change.

"See, elementary." he patted his hands together confidently. "Now if you'll excuse me, I had a huge soda durning the trip." He got up from the chair and walked into the bathroom. The screen was there, awaiting the input of the changes Kev desired. 'Why not?' I thought 'He can fix it again later.' I keyed in some changes for Kev to enjoy. My changes were amusing, at least to me. A bellow from behind the bathroom door told me it had started. Kev burst out of the room, still holding his member. As he dashed from the doorway, he began to get shorter and shorter. His 6'2", 170 pound body was having all of it's muscle mass packed into a progressively smaller package.

He stumbled to the floor as he shrank past 5'5". His body was bulging out, making him look incredibly beefy at 5'3". Then the next change started. Kev got to his feet as he felt a wave of energy overtake him, his body began to swell. His chest began to twitch as I watched, it then began to grow. He held his pecs as they swelled with muscle, his face was that of surprise. It was now obvious to me that Kev had only used the site for cock inflating, since he was totally bewildered by his increasing mass.

His bulging chest began to crease, a generous crack appearing down the center. He ran his hands through it, amazed at how it was growing tighter and tighter. His hands fell to his writhing abs as they tensed and released, growing more defined with each pulse. His hand didn't remain there though, his exanding lats lifted his arms away from his torso. It now brought his attention to his also growing biceps, he watched his arms beefing out to almost ridiculous size. His thighs had been growing as well, in only minutes they seemed as wide as his freakishly huge chest. His ass expanded under this techno-magic spell, it grew large and solid, not to mention perfectly shaped.

His abs were fighting for room on his midsection, they ended up creading around his bellybutton, then bulging out quite far above his groin. His chest was becoming so massive that his nipples had folded undernead the overhang, and were probably pointing the complete opposite direction from normal. His neck was barricaded from much movement by the huge muscles on each side. His shoulders looked like bowling balls holding up extra large watermellon biceps. His thighs truley were tree trunks and what seemed the best was his lats pushing his arms out to a perfect 90 degree angle to the floor. He was almost a foot shorter than me, but he weighed 150 pounds more.

Unable to move at all now, Kev collapsed with a thunderous boom. He struggled to move with his 535 pound mass, but packing it all into such a short body created massive, hard muscles that just couldn't move around one another. "Guess you'd better type in that dos command again Kev." I said with a slight chuckle. •

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