Books of Prophecy

Coming of Age


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

From the Journal of Todd Rothman, September 27

I had it all arranged. I talked to Ric at school. He was into it, but thought Larry might be skeptical. Ric agreed to help, and I agreed not to tell Larry of the plan. I don't want to admit it, but I do feel kinda scummy. I'm tricking my own Dad and lying to a good friend. Damn it! Dad deserves it. I'm not a kid anymore, and I won't be treated like one. I'll prove to him that I can take care of myself.

When I came down to breakfast, Frank and Dad were sitting at the table. They were wearing boxer shorts. I came in dressed for school, and Jake was right behind.

"Fuck Dad, what happened to you?" Thank god for Jake. I knew what happened, but Dad didn't know that. Almost blew the plan before I could even start it.

Dad smile. "Well, boys. Since you are growing up," Dad looked at me, "thought I needed a little something extra to take care of you. Make sure you remember who the adult is." Dad stood up, and struck a crab most-muscular. Damn, he could barely bring his arms across his massive chest. "Like it?"

I grunted yes and got some cereal. Jake stood there wide-eyed.

"Ya Jakey, Dad's got the muscle but I got this," I said, cupping my huge cock. I looked over at Dad, and saw the way his cock poked out the left leg of his boxers.

He looked at me. "Right," he said, with just a tinge of jealousy in his voice. He knew I had him there. "We still need to have a little talk, though."

"Ya sure, later." I said, not letting my voice betray anything. I turned my back on Dad and looked at Frank with puppy dog eyes. "Frank, you gonna be here when I get home?"

"Show some respect to your father, boy," was all Frank said. I knew he'd be here. I saw the way he was glancing at my tool.

"Ya," I said. 'When he shows some respect for me,' was what I thought. I got up and headed to school.

The day went pretty much like every other day. Ric, Larry and I hung out, not taking shit from anyone. After school, I took my time getting home.

It must have been about six when I finally wandered in. I ran upstairs and stripped, heading for the basement. I knew Jake and Dad would be there. Frank was there too, just as I had hoped.

All the men were naked. Dad had a tape measure over his arm, and Jake was taking measurements. Frank sat in chair, looking bored. Jake wrote down the last number, 36 1/4 inches. Dad seemed stoked. Dad rubbed his bi, "fucking huge!" he said.

"Ya, whatever," said Frank.

Dad walked over to Frank. He put his arms behind his head, and flexed his muscular body into statuesque perfection right before Frank's eyes. Dad was huge, almost twice as large as Frank. Frank looked up, raising an eyebrow in skepticism. "You know you want this," said Dad, nodding toward his body. Unflexing, he lowered his arms and grabbed his cock. "And this."

Frank laughed. "Ya, whatever," he said, reaching up to stroke Dad's snake.

"Ahem." I cleared my throat. "Gee Frank, if it's a man's meat that you want, why settle for *second* best." I looked at Dad. "I've got a *man*'s meat right here." I emphasized 'second' and 'man'. I was still pissed at Dad treating me like a kid. I was going to show him.

"Todd, I told you to show your Dad some respect." Frank was angry.

"Sure. Always. Dad, didn't you forget a measurement?" I pointed to the chart on the wall.

"Todd, that's next week."

"Why wait?" I said, stroking my meat into rigid hardness.

Dad was about to say something, but he was interrupted as Ric and Joe came walking in. "Hey dudes! How's it hanging?" said Ric, not being very subtle. He was shirtless, and his massive body was ripped. He looked over to Dad. "Whoa! Mr. R! You are looking huge!"

Dad grinned.

"Not everywhere," I said. "Come on Dad. Show us 'how it's hangin'. Did you just grow muscles, or can you compete with this *man* now."

"Todd, stop it! Look, I'm sorry that you're still angy, but you are my son and I worry about you." He looked at me sternly. "You may not understand. Yes, you are a young man now, with young being the operative word. I want to see you grow to be an old man, raise a family, have kids of your own. I..." his voice faded off to a whisper. "I promised your mother."

"Mom's not here. She didn't see, couldn't know. I've grown up and I can make my own decisions. I may make mistakes, but you have to let me. Larry trusts me. Ric trusts me. I bet even Joe and Frank trust me." I looked at them.

Joe didn't say anthing. Frank looked at Dad, then me. "You're one tough kid, but this is your father's call. Leave us out of it."

There was a silence, but I knew what I wanted and what I had to do to get it. "So, Dad," I said, stroking my dick again. "You gonna show me if those big muscles made you bigger anywhere else? Or do you want me to go first?" I began to walk toward the chart.

Dad came forward and grabbed my shoulder, stopping me. "Fine." He began to pull on his meat. In seconds, it was rigid as steel and standing nearly straight up. He walked over to his outline. His cock was bigger, stretching a good quarter of an inch longer than it had three weeks before. He flexed, forcing more blood into his massive tool and getting to a good fifteen and three quarter inches. Dad turned to Frank.

"Way to go big man," said Frank.

Dad turned to me. "Guess I'm the biggest again, huh?"

"Don't get your hopes up." My cock was at full mast. I walked over to Grandpa's outline -- the biggest in our family. I put my meat up against it. I turned to Dad, who nearly shot his load. I was a good half-inch bigger than Grandpa had been.

After my night with Frank, I had felt it begin. My cock had grown everyday, becoming bigger and fatter. Not only did Frank give me size and strength, he gave it to my cock too. Each day when I jerked off, I could feel it getting heavier. I didn't measure it. I didn't need to. I knew.

Jake came running over. "Holy shit! That's almost seventeen inches!"

"And still growing," I said matter-of-factly.

Dad's hand was jerking his meat. His forearm was amass of rippling muscle as he squeezed his thick dick, trying in vain to match the power that I had. I walked over to him, putting my length against his, proving that I had the superior organ. My manhood was the biggest our family had ever seen.

Frank came over, pushing Dad's hand aside and stroking his meat. "Nice, Mark," he said. Then he began to stroke mine. "Ya, real nice." Frank's dick was growing now, and I could tell he wanted some action.

Dad was sweating. He put his mouth to Frank's, kissing him passionately. Frank squeezed our cocks in his iron grip, and Dad was eyeing the two huge cocks in Frank's hands. I saw Dad flex his abs, trying to force his dick bigger. He tried to compete with my size, and couldn't. Suddenly, Dad began to explode, shooting cum everywhere. His body tensed and shook as the uncontrollable orgasm took him over. His eruption lasted for a good 15 seconds, his cum hitting the ceiling, dangling, then falling.

"Heh, looks like you got to your Dad," Frank snickered, letting Dad sit after in his post-cloital daze.

"Ya, looks that way. But I'm ready to go," I said. I looked at Ric, who was jerking his dog. "I think Ric wouldn't mind playing either."

Frank eyed Joe, who stood watching the action, acting coy. "Ya, Joe wants to party too, don't you big boy."

Joe grinned, nodding slightly and walking over. He positioned himself behind Frank, and began kissing the muscle-god's neck. Joe wrapped his arms around Frank's torso, rubbed his chest and began playing with his nipples.

"Ya, you know what I like, don't you Joe." Joe didn't say a word.

Ric went behind Joe, giving him the treatment he was giving Frank. I bent down, taking my cock from Frank's hand and putting his in my mouth. His cock was wet with precum, and it was clear my huge meat was turning him on. I squeezed my length between my pecs as Frank watched, then slipped it out and let the huge knob rub against his low-hanging balls. Even though I was kneeling low, I had the length to do all this, and Frank knew it. His iron pole slid down my throat, and I sucked on it with all I had. Frank groaned his appreciation. I stroked my pole so my hand rested on the head and fingered his nuts, which hung huge between his thick thighs. I ran a hand down his massive hamstring to his wide calves, feeling the tight skin against hard muscle.

Next, I ran my hands back up his strong legs, then wrapped them around his perfectly round glutes. Slowly, I pulled my mouth from his cock and looked up at him. "Want me to fuck you?" I asked. I knew the answer.

Frank stepped forward. Putting his hands under my arm pits, he lifted me like I was a baby. "Ya, you're a man," he said, kissing me. "Do me right good." It was a command.

Frank bent over. Reaching behind him, he took my cock and positioned it. He backed into my organ, taking inch after manly inch into him. I knew I hit virgin territory when he bucked, nearly an inch left to insert.

I knew what Frank had in mind. He wasn't going to loose control again. He and Joe had given Dad a charge of muscle power last night. The last time I fucked him, he had done the same to me. This time, it wouldn't happen. Too bad for him I had other ideas.

I slammed the rest of my meat into Frank. He groaned as his muscles fought a fight they couldn't win against my size and thickness. I pulled out and thrust back in, driving with all I had. I nodded to Ric.

Ric had been getting to Joe, turning him on with his expert love making and incredible power. Joe, in return, was feeding energy to Ric in the way that batteries do to morphs, giving Ric enough strength to totally pleasure him. Ric whispered to Joe, and Joe let Ric behind him, ready for a master fucking. Instead, Ric lifted Joe up and thrust him into me, his dick entering my manhole. Ric drove his organ into Joe. The four of us were now one huge fuck fest. The force of Joe and Ric caused me to thrust into Frank.

I don't know whether it was Joe's battery power or the force of the thrust, but Frank lost it. He cried out, but he couldn't control it. The power flooded through me into Joe then Ric and finally back again.

Last night, I said I felt the power. I was wrong. I felt the residual. Now, I really felt it. I felt the totallity of Frank's strength, and Ric's. I felt the energy in Joe. We all shared it. It was amazing. I felt like Superman or Thor or something. I could tear down mountains with my bare hands. I could cause the earth to quake by stamping my foot. The power seemed infinite, and it was mine. I was growing!

I felt the weight of the men diminish, not because they were getting smaller but because I was getting bigger. I felt my body push into Frank and Joe, demanding more room. I felt my cock press into Frank, pulling up as it became harder. My abs were like steel, and Frank's steel hard body became flesh and blood in my fingers. My arms felt heavy with new muscle, and I hugged Frank's dense body, loving the feel of man's form.

Frank was sweating. So was Joe and Ric. I must have been too, but all I could experience was the power flowing through me. The feeling of growth overwhelmed me. There was a smell of musky man sex, and I could tell Dad was trying to do something, but he was powerless now. I was experiencing the power, the growth. I loved it. I wanted more. I wanted to be bigger, and I would be.

I felt a new thickness in my arms, and my back and chest were bulkier. I loved it. More! As we had sex, I felt the power of the universe. I was a super nova exploding with energy and size. My body expanded, driven by explosive power.

I heard Frank cry out, then Joe. Frank's load shot out like a rifle bullet, breaking plaster across the room where it hit. Joe exploded into me, and Eric's cry indicated he had cum to. It pushed me over the edge and I lost my load. It felt like forever as I shot and shot. As we climaxed, the feelings of power and growth ebbed, replaced by orgasmic bliss.

We fell the ground and broke apart, drained by the incredible experience we had. Frank was the first to get up, then Ric. Joe and I followed. I looked at Ric, and he stared at me.

"Ric, you're massive! Shit!"

"Dude, so are you!"

I raised an arm, unable to bend it fully because of the massive muscle. I flexed, and my peak pushed my wrist aside, demanding room. My pecs jutted against my chin, and I couldn't see my legs. I knew they were there because they pressed against each other, forcing my nuts out.

"Shit," said Ric, who was rubbing his hands over his chest and abs. "I thought I was strong before, but you guys super-charged me! Man, I'm invincible!"

"Think so?" said Frank.

Ric walked over to Frank. Ric was three times as big as Frank, and his muscle appeared super-dense. Each muscle was ripped with thick striated muscle. Ric flexed his abs. "Give me your best shot," he challenged Frank.

Frank pulled back and his fist was a blur, making a thunderous crack as it hit Ric. Ric didn't move.

"That all you got?" Ric taunted.

Frank grabbed Ric's arms. Ric tried to raise them. There was a struggle, Ric lifting his arms and Frank forcing them back down. Both men groaned and grunted, the strain evident on their faces. In the end, they had to call it a draw.

Frank spoke. "Ya, looks like you're strong as me. For now."

"For ever," said Ric, rubbing his wrists where Frank had held him.

I walked over to Dad. I was clearly bigger now. Every muscle was larger than his, and my dick showed it's superiority as it hunger farther down my leg.

"Thanks for everything, Dad, but this man can take care of himself now."

I nodded to Ric and we left. Dad tried to come after us, but Frank stopped him. "He'll be back, Mark. Give him time."

Ya, I'll be back, but on my terms. •

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