Books of Prophecy

A Father's Love


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

From the Journal of Lawrence Morgan, September 26

Got a call from Mr. Rothman today. He asked me to come over. I could guess why. Eventhough he's been a friend of Frank's for years, and he certainly knows what goes on, lately, he's been real paterntal. I expected him to yell at me -- to tell me that I did something wrong.

When I got to his house, Jake answered the door. He was naked, with a towel wrapped around his waist. Sweat glistened on his hard body. "Hey Larry! Dad said you were coming over. We were just catching a workout. Come on in!"

I went inside, and Jake started walking downstairs. He took the towel off and threw it over his shoulder. "Get comfortable if you want," he said.

I was wearing a XXX t-shirt, but it was binding on me. My bod was just so muscular and strong. I guess part of me still isn't use to it. You know the problems I have at school, with the desks being too small for me or when I don't know my own strength and bend the frame or crush the cheap wood. I took advantage of the informality of the Rothman's house and removed my shirt.

"Damn, Larry. I never get over how huge you are," I saw Jake's cock begin to rise. I walked over and stroked his meat.

"Lookin' pretty huge there yourself," I said winking. "Better get downstairs though. Don't want to upset your Dad anymore than he already is."

Jake looked confused. "Dad's not upset at you, well, not that I can tell anyway."

We walked into the basement. Mr. Rothman was doing curls with about 350 pounds on the bar. Like Jake, he was naked. Todd was spotting him, but he wore a pair of underwear, his massive bulge evident through the fabric. I have to tell you, seeing this muscular hung family is a real turn on, and I felt my own meat begin to expand in my pants.

"8... 9... come on dad, one more...," Todd encouraged his father. "10." Mr Rothman put the bar down, then looked at me.

"Hi Larry. Thanks for coming," he said, walking over to me. He smelled musky and powerful, his body covered with a mist of sweat that made his massive torso glitter in the light. I loved the way his muscles bounced and flexed as he walked over, his monster cock bouncing between thick ripped legs. He extended his hand and I shook it. "Boys, I want to talk to Larry alone. You keep working out, OK."

Jake and Todd nodded. Mr. Rothman put his hefty arm around my muscular shoulder and led me back upstairs.

"Larry, I thought you might want to talk about yesterday," he said, sounding fatherly. "Are you feeling OK about what happened? I know that Frank..."

"Thanks Mr. Rothman," I interrupted. "but ya, I'm fine. I did what had to be done." He looked at me. I hesistated but decided to open up a bit more. "Frank taught me something. He taught me to trust my instincts. My instincts told me that Wayne was bad. He was bad for guys like me, you know, morphs. His way was wrong. I," I looked away, stumbled on my words, the looked him in the eye, "It's my time to take charge and change things." I heard a determination in my voice.

Mr. Rothman looked at me. Finally, he said, "I see." He seemed to think a minute, then spoke. "I know a little something about the, uhm, politics of your group. I can't say many people would approve. It would seem savage, barbaric to them. I guess I've come to understand it and accept it. It sounds like you've come to accept it too."

"Ya, I think I have."

"That's good. Larry, there's just one more thing. It's about Todd. I don't understand why you asked him to be your advisor? He's still just a kid and as his father I don't think he's ready."

I wanted to tell Mr. Rothman that Todd was my age. So was Ric. They were both on the new Council -- both my advisors as he called them. But, there was something in Mr. Rothman's voice. I think it was concern, like a father worried about his son. "I value Todd's opinion and friendship," I said finally. "I think he'll be fine."

"You live in a dangerous world, Larry," Mr. Rothman said sternly. "I'm not your parent, but if I were, I wouldn't be happy about the path you've started down. I am Todd's father, though, and I don't want anything to happen to him. I could forbid him..."

"No you can't!" Todd came bursting into the room. He must have been listening. "I'm growing up and I can make my own decisions about my life. You never asked us for permission when you hung out with Uncle Frank. I know what you've done -- what Frank has done. Come on! That whole thing with that Matthew guy. That's the tip of the iceberg! I'm not going to ask your permission about this!"

It got pretty loud after that. They argued for a long time. Some of it was real personal stuff too. They didn't stop til Frank showed up. He calmed Mr. Rothman down and Todd stormed out. I caught up with him later.

--- From the Journal of Todd Rothman, September 26

Dad and I had a huge fight today. I guess I should have known something was up with him. When Jake and I got home, he was downstairs working out. He was going insane with the weights, pumping hard and lifting heavy. Said we should join him, but we had problems keeping up. Man, Dad is one strong mother fucker. I mean, I know he's huge, but he was really pushing himself -- getting sweaty and a huge pump. He must have been curling over 300 pounds, forcing rep after rep, making his bis grow huge and fat with power. When he finally saw me, he looked at the bar and flexed his arm, checking out his size. "Put another 50 pounds on the bar Jake," he said totally determined.

I guess I wasn't really surprised to see Larry when he came by. Dad stopped his workout and the two of them left to talk. I know I shouldn't have listened in, but I did. When I heard Dad try and tell Larry that I should be left out of the action, I freaked. I'm not a kid anymore and I don't want to be treated like one.

I probably said a lot of things that I shouldn't. Dad did too. I think he was surprised when I threw a punch at him. I hit him in the chest. I knew Dad was big, but it was like hitting a brick wall. Damn, he wasn't even flexed. Ya know, you don't really ever think of your father as being a stud or anything, but he felt harder than Ric. Almost like Uncle Frank.

It was probably instinct, but Dad grabbed my arm and twisted it. I tried to fight, but he has too much power. I guess when I screamed it got to him. You know, reminded him that I wasn't just some random punk, but his punk son. He let go and I ran, grabbing some clothes and slamming the door on my way out of the house.

I didn't go anywhere in particular. Wandered a bit, fuming about being treated like a kid. Went to the mall and some babes hit on me. I wasn't in the mood so I told them to take a hike. Met Larry later. He told me he had confidence in me. Calmed me down some I guess. Anyway, I must have been away for a about six hours. When I came home, Jake was asleep and there was a note for me.

"Todd. Sorry. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Dad."

I went upstairs, and heard voices from Dad's room. I peaked in, and saw Uncle Frank, Dad and Joe. Frank and Dad were naked, and obviously had been making out. Joe was stripping off his pants. I know that Larry likes Joe, with his smooth muscles and handsome face. I think Frank is sexier. He's got all that hair which has no hope of hiding his massive, striated muscles. His ruggedness and self-assured nature backed up by incredible power is such a turn-on. I can't help stare as he strokes dad's huge cock, his arms flexing. Dad is tongue-bathing his chest, teasing his nipples. Damn, Dad is so lucky. I almost forgot how mad I am at him.

Joe stands there naked and watching them. He starts stroking his cock. Pretty big, but not as big as ours. Joe's pecs bounce as he watches Dad-- maybe he wants the same treatment.

Frank turned his attention from Joe to Dad. "Mark, are you sure you want us to do this? We've never done it to a normal before. I could kill you, or hurt you severely."

Dad looked up. "I've lost my wife and my dad to them. I'm not going to lose my son too. Ya, I'm sure. Let's do it." A shivver ran through me when I heard this. Dad didn't like to talk about how his dad or our Mom died. Hearing them linked like this, well, it scared me. I want to ask him about it, but then I'd have to admit to spying on him. He's mad enough now. I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Frank looked at him. Joe nodded. "OK, then." Frank put his muscular arms on Dad's waist and lifted him. He eyed Dad's long fat meat with a hunger in his eyes. Frank lifted Dad up and down, Dad's cock pressed into Frank's face as he inhaled, smelling the strong musky odor. Frank continued to lift Dad, licking his meat, then sucking him. Dad's cock was hard and huge, obviously turned on by the Frank's might and the attention he was getting.

Not to be left out, Joe came over and began to rub his hands over Dad's muscular body. He bent and put his face near Dad's glutes. He moved his face close and began licking. Dad shivvered as Joe's tongue found the tender areas, and he let out a soft moan. Joe's hands found Dad's balls and he began to tug on them. Dad moaned a little louder.

Joe and Frank worked on Dad for minutes, raising his level of erotic pleasure to the max. Dad's dick had become so hard, long and fat, Frank seemed to be having problems taking his fifteen plus inches. Frank thrust Dad's monster down his throat one last time, drawing back slowly and stopping at the fat sensitive know of the end. Dad shook with excitement as Frank gently chewed on the sensitive area. When Dad let out a soft scream of pleasure, Frank stopped. Grinning, he put Dad down.

"I think he's ready," Joe said.

Frank nodded. Frank turned around, flexing his back into wide wings, lats and traps bulging with pure man power. He bent over, positioning his pleasure hole near Dad's iron pole. Joe stroked Dad's monster and positioned the sensitive head at the entrance to Frank's ass. Joe held Dad as Frank took control, forcing Dad's massive meat into his muscular body. After the first ten or so inches were in, Frank began to moan his pleasure, telling Dad, "Mark, I love your fucking huge meat. Damn. Fills me up. Feels so damn fucking good." Frank took it all and began to ride Dad. He tamed Dad's monster like a cowboy would tame a wild colt.

That's when I noticed Joe. He was stroking his fat cock, positioning it at Dad's butt. He spread Dad's ass open and slowly inserted his meat inside. Dad tried to jerk, but he was controlled by the two muscle men that were now expertly controlling him from both sides. Dad may be strong, but his power paled to Frank's and Joe's.

I continued to watch as all three men pleasured each other. Dad reached around and squeezed Frank's massive pecs and felt his powerful arms. Frank's muscles couldn't be dented by Dad's grip, which really seemed to get to Dad. Dad rubbed down Frank's back, reaching over and pinched his nipples. Joe did the same to Dad.

I could tell Frank was beginning to lose control. It was like when I fucked him. His head snapped back and I could tell waves of power began to flow into Dad's body. Dad had experienced this before, and Frank said that it became harder and harder to add more power over time.

It came over me as fast as it did Dad. There was this wave of energy in the air. Power like I had never felt, and it was coming from Joe. His face was grimaced as he tried to retain his control -- trying not to be overwhelmed by the orgasmic feelings brought on by the man-sex. But just as Frank could give Dad strength and power, so could Joe. Except Joe was a battery, not a morph. He was the living manifestation of this ability. He had given Frank the strength to defeat Matthew simply by touching him. Now, something similar was happening with Dad.

They were like a 150 watt bulb, the three of them. I could sense it and feel it in the air. Power flowed from Joe through Dad to Frank and back again. Frank's body surged with power, but so did Dad's. I watched as Dad began to get bigger. He moaned as his fingers dug into Frank's muscles, denting them for the first time ever. Dad's whole body flexed, his forearms titanium cords forcing his fingers to compress. Dad's bis thickened and his delts became massive boulders. Joe had to take a step back to accomidate Dad's growing torso, his pecs and back demanding more room. Dad's legs, already tree-sized, became like redwoods, thick and ripped. The power flowed for minutes as the three fucked, Frank and Joe feeding Dad's growth. Finally, as the power began to ebb, the three came together, squirting jism all over the room. Frank fell exhausted to the ground. Joe sat down, his huge pole softening and extending over the edge of the chair.

Only Dad remained standing. He started to flex. As he raised his arm, his bi bulged, blocking his forearm. The mountainous muscle nearly reached his wrist. "Fucking huge," he said, eyeing his new massive peak. "Must be nearly 36 inches. Fucking strong!" He rubbed his hands over his torso, feeling the powerful mass he now had. He flexed his legs, his pendulous cock hanging down to his knees. He walked over to Frank and slapped him on the back. "Thanks man!"

Frank stood and looked at Dad. He tighened his torso, flexing his abs. "Take your best shot," he commanded.

"Are you sure? I could hurt you."

Frank didn't say a word. He just glared at Dad. Dad pulled back and let loose with his new power. He knew not to hold back. Frank would know if he did. Dad's fist made a loud crack against Frank's abs, which rebuffed the force with ease. Like lightning, Frank grabbed Dad's arm. Dad fought, but Frank twisted it behind his back.

"Mark, you may be strong. You can probably hold your own against them now, but remember this. You'll never be as tough as me. Never." Frank smiled and Dad looked at him. They kissed.

I left then, having seen enough. I knew what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it. Tomorrow. •

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