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By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

From the Journal of Eric Young, September 27

Mr. van Dyke. Right now, I'm sitting at my computer naked, flexing my massive muscles. My body is so fucking hot. Even more hot than it was this morning. Damn, I love feeling the way the muscle bellies hang from my bone, the way the dense flesh is soft one second then flexed into incredible rippling hardness the next, all under my control. I'm rubbing my hand over my ripped abs, feeling how each of the of the bulges meet in the deep ridge that runs from my huge dick to my pecs. They're like this perfect mountain range formed by raw power. My abs roll into a deep valley on either side where my steely intercostals are. My stomach is so hard, so muscled and so thin. Damn, it gets me hot to feel it. Now I'm rubbiong my hand over my rock hard thighs, feeling how the muscles bulge, rising and falling as they push into each other like tectonic plates. My quads must rise like six inches over my kneecap. My calves are so thick and heavy. I'm moving my hands over them, feeling the weight of the muscle, pressing into them. It feels like a foam pillow, so thick that I can press my finger in inches. Then SNAP, diamond hardness at my command, pushing the fingers out. They must be nearly 18 inches wide and thicker than both your wimpy legs combined. Damn, I am a stud. Bet you're jerking that puny dick of yours just thinking about my power, aren't you van Dyke?

Well, let me tell you. I thought I was hot stuff before, but after tonight, damn, I am amazing. So fucking big and strong. See, there's this guy Frank. Knew he was strong and stuff, but I had no fucking idea. Todd came up with this plan after he saw Frank and this other guy Joe turn his Dad into a muscle jock. Figured if it worked on his Dad, it would work on him too. I guess what he didn't figure was how it would effect me. See, Todd knew Frank and Joe wouldn't muscle him up voluntarily, so he had to trick them. He knew Frank was hot for his monster cock, so Frank was easy. Joe was my responsibility. Joe is strong, but not as strong as me. So, I kinda forced him into position and had to hold him there. I did that with my man meat pushing into his tight ass. His position was fucking Todd who was fucking Frank. Real hot orgy action, let me tell you.

Suddenly, there was this tidal wave of power. It came at me through Joe. Man, I had never felt anything like it. Suddenly, I knew that Frank was like ten or a hundred times as big and strong as me. As I felt the power, I felt something else. It was changing me. I was becoming the power, getting that strength. I felt the explosion, the muscle power growing in me -- becoming me. I could see Todd getting bigger too, but he's not like me. Me, I was keeping the power, making it my own.

I'm flexing my huge arm now, Mr. van Dyke. Damn, look at the cuts in that peak. It's so hard, I bet it could deflect bullets.

So, when we were finished I looked at Frank. He's top dog and he knows it. I decided to play, though. Told him to punch my abs. He whaled on me, hitting me with his best shot. Ya, it hurt but he couldn't break them. Gave it all he had too, and zippo. Nothin'. That's when he realized what happened. He and I, were're muscle twins now. Both of us are top-dogs in the muscle kingdom. Frank's cool, though. He knows that I respect him.

So, Todd got what he wanted. Man, his Dad looked down -- real depressed like. Todd is so much bigger. We went up to his room and couldn't find any clothes to wear. Finally, we found a couple pairs of his Dad's workout shorts that fit us like second skins. That's when I took charge, telling Todd we had to go and test this new muscle of ours.

You know that new highway they're building. Well, they're gonna have to start again on some of it. Todd and I went to one of the construction sites. First thing I came across was this huge truck used to move dirt. The door was locked, but I could see keys inside. No locked door can withstand my arms, so I ripped it off and told Todd to get in. I walked to the back of the truck, and Todd started it up and tried to drive it forward. I grabbed the back, dug my legs into the ground. Todd gunned the engine, but that truck didn't move an inch. Instead, I started walking backwards, pulling it. It was kinda depressing. I thought maybe the truck would be a challenge, but it wasn't. It was easy for me. I did put dents in the steel with my grip. That was surprising, I guess. Didn't realize I was that strong. Heh.

So Todd jumped out of the truck. I pulled it over to this little mound of dirt that they must be moving. I tilted the truck up then got under its center and lifted it up over my head. Kinda heavy, but not heavy enough. I held it with one hand, then decided to show off for Todd. I wanted a challenge, and this wasn't it, so why not put on a show for him. I began to do one-armed presses with it. Did eight reps with my right arm, then eight with my left. Todd thought it was funny. So I carried the truck up this little hill then tossed it off so that it landed upside down. Boy, those dumb construction geeks are gonna wonder how that happened!

Todd decided to try his new muscle and picked up an I-beam. It seemed kinda heavy for him, but he was able to bend it a little when he tried real hard. I smiled and told him it was OK. Took the I-beam and twisted it into a pretzel. No prob for me.

Bet you'd love to run your hands over my muscular arms, wouldn't you van Dyke? You'd love to experience all my strength. Too bad I'm too much of a man for you. You're just gonna have to live vicariously, stroking that small dick of yours as you read my stories.

So, we did kid stuff like that for a while. Todd had the idea to call Larry on the cell phone -- see if he wanted to join in the fun.

While we waited I decided to tear down one of the overpasses they had completed. You know, just to see how long it would take me. I wasn't toying with it like I was the truck. I put my all into it from the start, tearing metal and breaking concrete as fast as I could. It took me all of three minutes, if you're curious. It would have been faster except it took a few seconds to get between the pylons that they had built. First, I jumped up and grabbed on of the support beams. Hanging from it, I muscled into it, twisting it in place til it dropped. Probably would crush a normal guy, but not me. I absorbed the fall with my legs like I had jumped off a stair of something. Did the same thing to the other beam, watching concrete and road surface tumble into a heap with nothing to support it. That's when I attacked the concrete supports. One punch each pulverized them into dusk. Boom! Ya, these arms are damn strong.

I walked back to Todd, grinning, a fine powder covering my massive chest and arms. That's when I saw Larry. He was standing next to Todd. The wifebeater he wore strained to contain his thick pecs and wide lats. He wore a pair of shorts that ripped along the sides, unable to contain his powerful legs. I felt his eyes on me. Larry was smiling too, but not because of what I had done. No, I felt it in my gut. Larry was smiling because he saw me as a challenge -- someone to take down a notch. The problem for Larry was that I saw him the same way. I walked up to him, never breaking eye contact.

"Hey big man!" I said. "How's it hanging?"

"Just fine, Ric. Mighty fine." He looked at the destroyed overpass. "Having fun?"

"Just seeing what this bod can do," I said. "No real challenge, though." I snapped my arms up into a double bi. I turned to look at the right peak, then slowly turned and look the left. Smiling, I turned back and looked at Larry.

Larry didn't say a word. He looked at my right bi, then left. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and smiled. Slowly I saw his cannonball delts come to life, raising his arms parallel with the ground. He brought his forearms up, forcing his peaks to rise high. "Nice arms, Ric," he said, "but not as big as these guns." Larry's arms peaked half again as high as mine, and were at least twice as thick. His tris hung down low and I could sense the power radiating from his body.

I didn't care. I held my ground.

"So, that's the way you want it?" Larry asked. He unflexed his peaks and took my fists in each of his hands. I felt him begin to push my arms down, trying to get me to unflex.

"NO WAY!" I told him, forcing more power into my bis and locking my elbows in place. Larry put a steady pressure on my arms, and I willed my bis to counter it. I held off for five seconds, then ten, but no longer. I felt my strength being overpowered by Larry's might. My bis fought, but my arms began to move down. I wanted a challenge, and here it was. It's name was Larry Morgan. Damn, he's like superman or the hulk or something. Probably stronger than both of them combined. I screamed, but Larry forced my arms to my sides. I struggled, but he held them there.

In a soft voice, Larry said "Way." I gave up the fight.

I looked at him, and then started laughing. So did he. "Let's go cause some real damage. Not like that pussy-shit stuff you were doing before," he said.

Guess they'll just have to start over building that road. Ah well, construction jobs are good for the economy, right Mr. van Dyke?


From the Journal of Lawrence Morgan, September 27

Started off as a slow night. Did my homework and was watching some TV. Thought that I might hit the sack early when I got a call from Todd. He and Ric were looking for some action. Todd said they had a surprise for me and to meet up with them where they are building that new interstate. I grabbed a tank top, took Dad's car and left.

Ric and Todd were doing some road work when I got there. Something had happened to Todd. He was huge. Way more muscular than before. He and I watched Ric make some improvements to this bridge and Todd explained that Frank and Joe had this power to make normals like him grow. He didn't know how it worked, or maybe he didn't want to tell me. Guess it doesn't matter.

Ric made short order of the bridge and came over. Man, he had grown too. His bod was muscular perfection. We decided to play a bit. He challenged me, so I showed him what real strength and muscle was. Nothing too much, just show the kid who's boss. Besides, it gave me the opprotunity to feel all that amazing muscle he's got. A couple months ago and I would have been on the ground worshipping him. Now, he's small compared to me, but only compared to me. Compared to everyone else he's a musclegod.

So the three of us hung out for a couple hours, until we got bored playing construction workers. It was good to let off some steam. Things have been pretty serious recently, and I needed to cut loose. The only thing was, well, I had this feeling like maybe we were being watched. I looked around and couldn't see anyone, but I just couldn't shake that feeling.

Todd said he was going to spend the night with Ric. On the way back to Ric's parent's house, I got to thinking. It's time to start planning. I needed to get my Council together. I know that Frank and Joe have some secrets, and they need to come clean. Especially if it effects the upcoming war. I said goodnight to Todd and Ric and told them that I'd like to have a meeting after school tomorrow.

I decided to spend the night with Joe. I went by his apartment. He was still up and acted glad to see me. I told him that I wanted to meet with he and Frank after school, and he said he'd tell Frank.

Joe and I had sex, then he held me in his arms while we slept. I felt safe and loved. It was a good night. •

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