Sons of Hercules, The



By John

Just how many sons did the legendary Hercules father? We seem to have found yet another one. More to follow in coming weeks. Enjoy. Respectfully submitted comments are always welcomed.

As the gargantuan body of muscle walked toward the last small section of trees to clear, Argolis still mourned their loss. For hundreds of years these trees had stood and provided fuel for the cold winters in their Lapland Village and shelter for the animals. The natural balance had been disturbed by the poachers who were decimating the valley's precious raindeer population.

Argolis, like everyone in his clan, loved all that was natural but understood the need to create this clearing in the pass between the two sharp hillsides at this inner end of the fjord. This way, no one could get across to their land and the valley without having to go through the clearing. He needed to work fast and get done before the poachers returned. Others had done what they could, but the bigger trees that remained were his challenge.

Axes and regular men could only work so fast. The muscle that Argolis possessed could accomplish in two days what it would take a small army of men to do in a month. It was approaching late afternoon and he had been hard at work since shortly after sunrise. The Norse summer days were very, very long but pleasantly cool. Still, all the work had saturated his glowing body with sweat to the point that he had discarded most of his coverings.

His long blond hair was tied back to bring some relief and his creamy white body had been turned rich with the deep tan of summer. Since he worked alone most of the time all of his body shared the same image enhancing tone. His sun bleached hair offset the acquired brown of his skin and pulled out his brilliant blue eyes. As Argolis stepped over the felled trees in the small open field he had created, the hard worked muscles on his body reflected the vastness of their pumped accomplishment.

Argolis had spend most of his twenty and six years harvesting trees for ship building, tool making and fire wood. The results of all that work showed on his magnificent body and was the envy of the entire clan. His mother claimed him to be the son of a foreign God named Hercules who was reputedly known for his strength and stamina. Whether the legend was true or not, Argolis' strength was a certainty.

He could not deny his own admiration for the perfection of his being. Argolis wore his pride as well as he wore his muscles and without disdain for others. Having just finished working on more than two dozen trees, Argolis had earned a brief break and stopped to take time to enjoy one of his greatest pleasures - himself. The flush of blood that filled every muscular fiber of his body to its maximum glory also provided him with the ability to feel the very density of his being from within the belly of each marvelously over-sized meaty creation.

Argolis stopped and began to throw his enormous arms out to each side and back causing a fantastically needed stretch across the volume of his prominent pecs. Then both arms swept forward as the pectorals and extended biceps fought each other to occupy the same impossible space. The four meaty protrusions smashed together in a display of incalculable power. The constricting pecs ballooned ever forward as the massive upper arms trapped their vastness in a squeezed position. The meat moved from perfectly global mounds to swelled hills and formed a central cleavage so deep that a mans hand would be lost up to the wrist if inclined to embed itself.

Horizontal lines of cabled flesh formed extending from top to bottom of the hind-quarter sized breasts bearing the stamp of work induced solidification. Argolis repeated the swinging arm motion several times feeling, and seeing, the increased mounding of the constricted pectorals with each pass. The equally hard biceps flesh rubbed harshly against the excited nipples on the underside of the mountained pecs passing the sense of arousal deeper and deeper into his body.

Sensing that his pecs were about as full and prepared as they could get, Argolis began to bend each arm in at the elbow with the goal being to secure a solid handful of the pumped chest meat with each hand. As the arms bent more and more, the pressure of the fight between the biceps and pecs began to exert itself. Soon the biceps formed into their own breast-sized balls of dense fibers. The pronounced hemp-sized veins that helped feed arm curling masses pumped and shifted in the stretched space between the body of the meat and the thin browned skin.

The outer biceps, the upper biceps and the front biceps portions separated themselves into equally defined sections and each refused to yield any of the space they chose to claim to any other part or muscle. Finally, from Argolis perspective, it appeared as if four gigantic rounded boulders were being carried by him inserted under his own skin. He began to tense all the affected muscles simultaneously and relished, as he had many times before, the internalized feeling of raw impenetrable power. Every piece, ever section, every fiber of the concentrated muscle pushed and jockeyed with each other for supremacy.

His hands cupped and endeavored to fondle the hot, exploded sharpness under his smooth, wet skin. Even using all of his own strength he could neither dent nor displace a single fiber within any one of the luscious muscles. Argolis' fingers moved lovingly from distended veins to sharpened nipples to solidified flesh as they sent signals of uncontrollable arousal through his body and into his loins.

Knowing what would happen without taking the proper precautions, Argolis relaxed the absorbing meat and let his hands wander down to the strap that bound the remaining cloth to his extraordinarily compact waist. Without looking, he released the fabric and let it fall to the ground. The massive figure stood naked to the world around him and moved back to the lustful fondling.

The sensitive hands swept up over clearly etched and defined pairs of abdominals and around and across sharp ribbons of obliques. His waist was so trim that even with his thumbs set on each taunt muscular side, Argolis could still bring his fingers to touch together at his naval. The joyful hands moved across each other as the pecs began to mound forward again in the forced crunch. This time the hands continued on into the compacted space between the arms and the side finally discovering the base of the flaring lat muscles.

These spreading eagles of voluminous flesh winged ever outward without surrendering to any thinning. Closed giant clam-shells of meat formed and ribbed themselves from the central back as the lats ballooned to an upper width more than half of the mans' height. The wheels of meat crashed into the striated sides and, crunched themselves into stone-quality consistency upon request.

Argolis let his hands glide down and uncrossed again. Each continued around to his lower back on its respective side. Then they tripped slowly over his own evergreen tree of lower back muscle and came to rest on top of the two beautifully prominent ass mounds. Concentrating his efforts on the contorting each piled gluteal mass, Argolis sent his state of arousal into overdrive with the sensations issuing from within the bronze-cast results.

While he had permitted his inner self to be penetrated in a variety of joyfully satisfying ways, once pushed into rock-like formations, his ass muscles could defy entrance without limit. The knowing hands dwelled on the marvels of bundled cords of muscle as they moved into the cliff-like clefts centered on the side of each rear cheek. Relaxing slightly, the leading fingers of one hand found their way to the ring of promise and began to titillate this especially sensitive area.

As the hand travels of rediscovery continued and moved toward penetration, Argolis organ of maleness traveled along its own familiar path. His cock, when fully excited, could not be considered like any other male organ of which anyone had knowledge. Like his body, it was a tool of legend already. Those who had seen it unsheathed and primed had yet to convince others that its magnitude of being could actually exist. None who had seen it in its perfected glory had ever been able to fully taste of it.

Argolis' well developed sense of self security and mere presence of stature had permitted him not to disguise his preference for male companionship. Not even the bravest of seafarers from his clan dared to challenge his selection of desires. It had not been difficult for Argolis to secure companionship when sought but those who had partaken so far found that the size of his member permitted them only to assist but not to consume.

The cock flesh began to feed heavily on the hot pumping blood as his heart and body responded to the hand applied stimulation. The shaft pushed outward and upward in a growing curving arc. As it lengthened, it also broadened. Soon the base of the column was as wide across as Argolis' ankle and the tube structure began to take on the visual appearance of his vein encrusted forearm. Veins encircled and extended in abundance along and around the hardening mast.

The head appeared as a mushroomed globe out beyond the cantilevered mass of his hilled pecs. Then more and more of the shaft material came into view as the cock moved toward its final monstrous proportions. In the end about half of the full glory was visible beyond the mountainous breasts. Argolis could feel from within that his cock had finally achieved the length of three extended hands along the top from groin to tip of the hungry reddish cap.

His free hand came to rest heavily on top of the upward curving shaft. The skin encased muscle of his male member felt as solid and rooted as any of the other brutally developed muscles on his body. Heat emanated from the core of the trunk-like post. Argolis could already sense the stir of his cum inside the two exposed fist-sized testicles suspended solidly below and near the base of the immovable shaft. He pushed down hard on the top as he began the caressing and stimulating stroking that this beast demanded in order to push it to shoot out its endless white fire. Even his own enormous strength failed to dislodge the human ramrod from its mounted position.

One finger on the hand playing at his rear pushed into the channel previously protected by the sphincter and gluteus muscles. The cock jumped higher and pumped itself still harder in response to the pleasure. Soon a second finger entered the cave of delight and the stroking hand pushed longer and further along the vein roughened surface of Argolis' cock as the heat of passion from within demanded. Then a third finger poked its way inside and Argolis bent his enormous upper body forward to create more opportunity between his muscular ass cheeks.

His pecs hung down heavily but in solidly formed inverted domes with his stiffened nipples pointing toward the ground. The plumed meat of his breasts undulated in waves of reactive muscle as the hand driven heat of self-lust consumed his body. The biceps and triceps separated and re-separated their individual strands of muscle into sharply defined creations as his upper arm mass assumed the size and density of a full-grown tree trunk.

Precum issued largely from the mast-head of his cock and Argolis removed his rectally embedded fingers long enough to secure a goodly amount of the lubricating fluid. Upon return to his posterior access location, four fingers moved inside the passage followed soon by the thumb. Argolis pushed harder as his knuckles reached the entrance. His cock jumped again in joyful response and moved from wood to iron consistency. The rest of the enormity of his muscular being responded similarly.

His testicles rocked with spasms as the entire hand disappeared inside and tickled the prostate to action. Every visible muscle covering the amazing body joined the action by fissuring themselves into hot breathing stone. Only the quivering and pumping movement and gyration of the entire body signaled its human origin. Even his preciously guarded balls tensed themselves in anticipation of the completion of their important task. The stroking hand moved with a speed controlled only by the passion driving it.

The orgasmic explosion of cum bespoke the glory of the body from which it came. The first brilliant stream cascaded to the ground more than a body length from the organ that issued it. The second explosion began before the first had finished and pushed the sense of orgasm higher and further resulting in a cry of pure delight that carried well into the valley pass. The stroking hand moved out in front of the fountain head and caught the equally prominent third ejaculation and waited to catch the fourth and fifth as well. As the endless cock pumped out the remainder of the diminishing volleys, Argolis pleasured himself with the taste of his own manhood.

Spent and fulfilled, the primed muscular giant finished off his well deserved break with a final set of muscle-defying contractions. To him, this was the very epitome of being. Every breathtaking fiber of his muscle-consumed body was hugely perfected beyond imagination. Argolis could actually feel the density of his muscular mass right into the very core of each individual, gigantic, meaty muscle.

Break over and still hard and naked, he resolved to move his mindset back to the tree removal task at hand.

Argolis strode up to the first line of about twenty trees. These on the edge of the opening were younger and smaller. None of these trees were any larger around than his own massive forearm and were only about four or five times his height. Approaching the first tree, Argolis pushed his still hard cock to one side of the trunk. Stretching his pecs wide, he positioned the tree trunk in the valley of his defined cleavage. Slowly Argolis wrapped his huge arms around the trunk pinning the wooden object between his bulbous pecs.

Once his hands were clasped together on the far side of the tree, Argolis flexed his pecs and biceps as hard as he could. The pump that he had just fed into the muscles sent the clasping meat back into its iron-hard mode. With one swift last crunch, the bark, and the wood itself splintered and shattered between his striated breasts. Keeping hold of the upper part of the trunk, Argolis lifted the tree off of the stump from which his pecs had just severed it. He tossed the full volume of the tree over his shoulder as it crashed loudly onto the ground behind him.

The second and third trees followed quickly. The fourth was just a small sapling only about half the size of the others. For this one, Argolis simply positioned the trunk in the crook between his bicep and forearm. He began to curl his forearm in toward his chest. The forearm turned to veined stone as the pressure of the wood tried to exert itself on the closing flesh. Argolis' bicep curved into a ball the size of his head and half again as big. The veins within the rounded mass slithered like snakes under the skin as more and more muscle filled the arm.

The outer and upper biceps pushed ever forward and ever outward seemingly unaware that they were supposed to be encountering dense resistance. The wood of the trunk began to groan at the agony of its own fate. Bark was pushed into the wooden core as the muscle became increasingly victorious. A sharp clench of the fist turned the muscle into a stone grinder and the trapped wood powdered like crushed grain. It only took one hand to toss this small victim aside.

Again, Argolis felt the chill of compassion as he moved on with his task. To him, every living thing had value. While he admitted the lustful joy in feeling the ability of his unbeatable muscle to defeat the strong wooden shafts, he despaired their meaningless loss. The fate of these trees was not being caused by the value needed to support or sustain others. Rather, this work was being done to prevent unscrupulous invaders from further destroying the greater balance of the entire valley.

He forced himself to recognize this need and moved on in his endeavor. Tree after tree gave in to the power of his flexed muscle. Soon over half of the trees in this small glen were laying on the ground.

Argolis approached the rear half of the area needing to be cleared. The cliff walls on either side were exposed to sunlight that the trees had stolen from their surface for many, many years. The largest of the trees now faced his might. The lowering sun cast large shadows of the trees along the ground. Argolis' own shadow swallowed each of the trees as it passed over them. Now would come the true challenge of his strength.

Approaching the first and largest specimen, Argolis set his mind and his work hardened muscles to the task. The tree was as large around as the chest of an average man. Argolis guessed that his own torso was more than twice the circumference of the tree and that his own upper arm was probably as big and solid as the trunk he faced.

His hands stroked the broad trunk almost lovingly as he assessed his assault. The strong rough surface felt somewhat erotic. As Argolis hands clasped the stiff surface, his pecs bulged up into knotted piles in both response to the applied pressure and crowing excitement. Soon the muscled woodsman sensed his always hungry and still exposed cock scraping against the rough bark as it grew to the challenge.

As Argolis' hands extended their stroke length and pressure along the wooden shaft, his own shaft grew closer and closer in consistency to that of the challenged forest element. The pressure between cock and trunk grew and grew as the hardening of his manhood rooted itself more horizontally in his groin. Argolis stepped back slightly to give his expanding organ the room to grow that it was demanding.

Within a few short moments, his cock firmed its position to aroused readiness. His cock refused to bend, curl or yield in any fashion even when Argolis leaned his full weight onto the trunk with his cock head impaled against the surface. His balls sent their internal signal to Argolis' brain that they were prepared and ready to forward another issuance of seed-filled cream.

The irrepressible muscles tingled with anxiety to do their job on the waiting tree. Reaching down to the human ramming pole that had formed in place of his cock, Argolis used his considerable strength to pull it higher and closer to his heavily heaving abs. Then he quickly stepped in closer to the tree trunk so that his cock and groin were trapped between the tree and his own solid abdominal cavity. Clenching his lower back into an array of evergreen shaped muscle and his ass into piled slabs of rock, he forced his groin up against into the trunk.

Argolis reached around the full diameter of the wood he was to challenge as the wood that had formed in his own cock pushed its head up in between his colossal pecs. The outer end and the liquid ejector slit appeared as a rigid circular mass trapped I the middle of his meaty cleavage. He began to squeeze the trunk harder within his enveloping upper torso. Argolis could feel it as the vastness of his lats blasted outward to encircle almost half of the trunk girth. The outer reaches of these hardened flesh wings almost flexed all the way into direct contact with the wooden bark at each side.

The pressure applied by his trapped, rigid cock to move to the horizontal position of arousal caused the muscleman to keep his ass and lower back severely constricted into a series of striations bordering on dividing the affected muscles into individually bundled components. The constriction threatened to crush his testicles in erotically painful entrapment between wood and muscle.

His brilliant cock head experienced a similar fate as the masses of his hugely inflated and challenged pectorals hardened to a density deeper that that within the core of the tree trunk. The shaft of his cock slid with arousing roughness in between the dragging bark and the ridges of paired abdominals. This sliding turned itself into rhythmic thrusts as the muscular body melted onto the resisting wooden form.

Argolis shoulders ballooned forward as his mind and body sensed the increased need for more and more strength in order to succeed over the stubborn tree. The angry delts divided themselves into as many fibrous bundles as now described the marvelous ass cheeks. The masses of the front deltoid and the upper pecs competed to occupy the same enormous space while exchanging victory and defeat for this space as the body of muscle gyrated and undulated in controlled spastic movement.

The extended biceps peaked up in several separately defined sections until they rose above the highest part of the bouldered deltoids. Then the outward extending triceps chiseled horseshoe shaped valleys surrounded by their cabled muscular forms. Argolis applied more and more concentrated pressure focusing on the core of every active massive muscle. The bark began to yield in loud pops as it fractured from the surface of the tree trunk.

As his body solidified and pushed the outer layers of muscle into the very wood of the tree, Argolis cock screamed in passionate and painful delight. He could feel the array of veins feeding the surface of the iron-stiff cock meat pumping anxiously against his writhing abs. Using his astoundingly responsive ass muscles, Argolis forced the reinforced pipe of his cock shaft deeper and deeper into the very wood of the tree.

The tree creaked and groaned louder and louder as the cells of wood fibers exploded under the inhumanly applied pressure. Argolis' pecs continued their self-absorbed massage of his upper cock and sensitive cock head as they, too, dimpled the very wood they challenged. Sweat of hard work turned to sweat of unbelievable erotic passion as the man began to defeat the tree. His balls threatened once again to explode under the pressure if they could not release the juices stirring hotly within them. The slitted hole at the end of Argolis cock smiled widely in knowing anticipation.

Placing his forehead against the failing trunk, Argolis was able to catch much of the initial eruption of cum in his hungry mouth. The volume of white cream was so full that he could not swallow as fast as it was offered to him. Flows of white liquid mixed with his sweat and ran down onto, over and through his upper torso. The end of the first volley signaled the orgasmic spasm of the second onslaught of cum. The orgasm jolted the entire body of muscle into contorted iron and the massive form literally sheered the trunk and tree from its roots.

The immense weight of the tree extending up several body lengths above the muscular image began to fall back over the top of the still shooting animal of lust. The mass carried the man's body back as it twisted in a failed attempt to control the gravity driven movement. Both fell toward the ground together in the direction of the still remaining trees and hit the ground simultaneously.

As Argolis' back landed on the ground, he heard the new swishing sound as the netted ropes were tripped releasing the hidden trap that had been set by the valley invaders.

"Damn!" Argolis thought to himself as the flying ropes drew the waiting netting into the air surrounding the still cum-spewing muscle giant. •

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