Sons of Hercules, The



By John

What! There is yet another one of the those amazing muscle "sons"! But this one doesn't seem to fit the mold - at least not at the beginning. More to follow in coming weeks. Enjoy. Respectfully submitted comments are always welcomed.

Small was the last thing anyone would have ever called Atlas. In fact, it would have been hard to imagine anyone much bigger. It was as if life was playing a terrible joke on him. Atlas loved to eat - and it showed. Towns people always taunted him because of his size.

"Son of Hercules!" they would shout at him in ridicule.

He wasn't addicted to eating but seemed to have no metabolism at all. It was not that he ate way too much, it was just that it all turned to fat. By the end of his twentieth year Atlas had grown to the size of three men in weight. His midsection girth almost matched his height. Yet for all the joking and verbal abuse, he was a pleasant and seemingly happy man. Atlas had loved and respected his mother dearly and she had raised him to believe in himself and to believe that his destiny awaited him. "His father and the other ancient Gods had something special in mind for him" she would always tell him.

It was not an easy life on the lower part of the Iberian peninsula but, with his mother's guidance and support, he lived his life proudly in spite of the cruel jokes others played on him and the way in which they would talk about him when they did not think he knew. In his mind, their jokes made them smaller, not him.

Atlas had spent the past five years as one of the cooks out at the local silver mine. He really enjoyed working outside the main entrance to the silver mine in the summer months. This was because the mine work was hard and most of the young men who worked there were strong and lean as a result. In the heat of the summer most dressed in as little as possible and this secretly appealed to Atlas.

Even though most of them did not pay much attention to Atlas, they were all pleased that he was a pretty good cook and took good care of them. Atlas didn't mind being left to himself by the others most of the time, at least he got to see these wonderful young bodies day after day and to dream of them night after night.

Then there was Carlos. He was not particularly handsome in his face, but he was very pleasing to look at. Carlos was as tall as Atlas but possessed the body that Atlas dreamed he could have. Carlos was lean with wide shoulders that rounded up with finely detailed musculature. His forearms were etched with pronounced veins wrapping nicely tapering sinewy muscles. His upper arms were pleasantly large and formed into neatly rounded biceps and extended to form sharply cut triceps.

Carlos had a small, tight waist that supported a wide well-arched and aesthetic upper torso. There were few others that showed more roundness and fullness across the chest, and you could see the several parts of the muscle that made Carlos pectorals. Carlos legs were equally developed and Atlas would dream of having them wrapped around him in the evening. Carlos, like so many others, wore worn leggings in the summer that stopped just below the knees. His butt appeared to be as free of definition hiding fat as the rest of his body.

More than anything, what made Carlos special was that he always treated Atlas as if he was no different than anyone else. On occasion, he would sit and talk for a while with Atlas. Every now and again, Atlas would risk that chance of letting his hand rub against Carlos arm as he handed him an extra left over from the days meal. It had seemed to Atlas that Carlos did not try to avoid this contact either.

This was a particularly warm summer evening. Atlas' dirty linen frock was glued with sweat to his heavily folded olive skin and his rough shorn straight brown hair was wetted to his head. The men began to exit the mine for the evening as Atlas was finishing his cleanup. All the men were covered in the same sweat that engulfed Atlas.

The young ones glistened in the sharp reflection of the low lying sun off of their hard wet upper bodies. Near the end of this exhilarating parade of lustful flesh was Carlos. He sat on a stump across the exit path from Atlas as the remaining few straggled out. Atlas' piercing blue eyes were caught in a direct returned look by Carlos followed by a brief smile. A bit embarrassed, Atlas turned his attention back to his work. A few moments later he heard a soft voice ask if there happened to be any thing left from the days meal. Quietly, he reached down and found the pot with the left over items that he had not yet discarded.

"Just a few odds and ends, I'm afraid." Atlas responded shyly to Carlos in a deep clear voice that seemed oddly rich for the bulky body.

"If you can spare anything, I would appreciate it." Carlos retorted. "It's been a really hard, hot day in there and I did not get a chance to eat much during the break."

"Sure." Atlas said as he placed a large ladle of the thick soup into a nearby bowl and handed it to the man. Their hands touched for what seemed an extended period of time. Then the shy fat man pulled his hands back almost apologetically and reached over to get a wooden spoon to give to Carlos. Carlos hand met his on top of the spoon. This time it was obvious that the hand stayed on top longer than was necessary for the task.

"I'm sure it's been a difficult day for you too." Carlos broke the uncomfortable silence. "Why not help yourself and join me?"

"OK" Atlas surprised himself with his own response. He always liked those times that they could sit a talk for a few moments before Carlos would have to head off into the village. Atlas stayed up by the mine in a small structure with the other cooking staff. Being summer, the sun would still be up for a while. Perhaps Carlos would not have to go off as quickly tonight.

Atlas filled a second bowl and lumbered over to a second, larger tree stump letting his bulk pile down onto it. His girth consumed the broad flat surface and spilled loosely off to the sides. In the evening light Carlos body, even layered in streaked dust stains from the mine, looked wonderfully desirable. Atlas could not help letting his gaze drift across the defined torso. He enjoyed how the tight skin pinched playfully along the abdominal area and disappeared invitingly into the rope knotted leggings.

Carlos, noting the attention, sucked in his abdominal area in response. The top of his pants loosened in the action and slipped down exposing a thin line of hair leading toward his still hidden crotch. Putting the bowl and spoon down, Carlos placed his hands down against the stump and pushed his upper body forward. The result was a display of finger-sharp lines extending boldly across the width of each of his roundly plated pecs and the visible hardening of the lines of his abs.

Atlas enjoyment of the site was quickly replaced embarrassment. He turned his head and focused on the contents of the bowl resting on top of his large stomach. A gentle hand reached across to his multiplied chin and pushed the head back up. Carlos reassured Atlas with a sincere, touching smile.

"I'm sorry." Atlas said at last. "It is not right for me to stare at you the way I did. I can only dream what it must be like to be trim and full of energy. I am just a big, fat man and, while I accept that fate, I hope you are not offended by my thoughts."

"It's all right, Atlas." Carlos reassured. "Fat or thin, what does it matter? As long as you are a good man of heart and spirit. And you, Atlas, are a good man. I have learned that in our short talks but, mostly, from how you treat all of us."

"Oh, I just do my job while you do the hard work." The shy man responded.

"What you do is just as important!" Carlos replied steadfastly. "And, whether you know it or not, we I look forward to the end of the day because of you."

"Huh!" Atlas was surprised.

"Atlas, our work is hard and tiring. We sift through pile after pile of crushed rock and dust until we are sore and broken. Yet, when the day is over I know that you will be standing there as I come out with good food and, of much greater importance, a welcoming smile. You know that, don't you - you are always there with a smile. No matter how hard the day has been, we can count on your smile to show us that what we do is cared for."

Carlos hand reached out again and came to rest on top of Atlas' nearer hand. In a natural reaction of surprise, Atlas moved to pull his own hand out from beneath that of Carlos, but the lean man grasped harder until Atlas let their hands remain together.

"Come, let's walk." Carlos restarted the conversation as his lithe body rose up from the tree stump with his hand pulling on that of the larger man.

Atlas struggled and stumbled up. He did not know what to make of what was going on. Surely the crisply muscled next to him had no physical interest in a hugely fat cook.

"You don't need to stay with me, Carlos. I understand it is getting late and you need to get into the Village. I will just slow you down." Atlas offered as a release to his friend.

"No, I want to spend this time with you, Atlas." Carlos spoke definitively. "I hope now that I am not being offensive but I believe I have seen more than just friendliness in your glances these many years. I want you to know that that is OK with me."

Atlas stood absolutely shocked. Finally he spoke with unexpected honesty.

"I cannot deny what you have observed." He started. "But, look at me! I am nothing but a clumsy fat man. Look at you! You are vital, well- formed and desirable to many. What is this mean trick that you play on me now - I always thought you better than all those others who would joke with me in this fashion."

With that, Atlas moved to break away from the quicker Carlos. Carlos raced around the turning bulk and came face to face with Atlas. Without hesitating, Carlos moved in and placed a totally unexpected kiss on the lips of Atlas. The stunned fat man stood transfixed as he felt his entire body tremble with confused excitement.

"I know what you look like, Atlas." Carlos demanded. "But I also know what you are like - here (pointing to his heart) - where it really counts. I like what you are. Looks come and looks go, but the heart remains."

The heat of confused excitement continued to grow within Atlas. The layers of loose skin poured with renewed uncontrolled sweating and his body reacted to an attention he never would have dreamed possible. As he stood there trembling, Carlos untied the cord holding his own mine-encrusted pants on to his taut waist.

More and more sweat poured off of Atlas as he reacted. Carlos cock began to spring up into its hardened stance. It was a full hand span long and appeared as wide around as a man's curled hand. Then, just as amazingly as this encounter, the pants that Atlas was wearing fell loosely to the ground. His upper tunic still hung far down toward his knees, but Atlas noticed that it hung much flatter over his stomach than it normally did.

Carlos took his own stiff cock into his hand and began manipulating it. Atlas' breathing grew more eradict and sweat soaked every part of his being. Carlos hand movements caused his upper body to put on a joyful display of rhythmic dancing of his tightly defined musculature. This pushed the larger sweating man into more convulsive sweating as his body began to jumble in contorted movement. Atlas could feel his heart pounding almost dangerously within him.

The tunic now hung loosely down past Atlas upper torso to his lower legs. All of a sudden Atlas sensed that there was something very different about this. He could not recall when his shirt covering ever hung loose around his waist. As he continued to watch and respond to the image of Carlos hard, lean body pumping his inflated organ, Atlas could feel the difference within his body. Fear seized the now uncontrollably convulsing large man and he turned suddenly and ran toward the nearby forested area.

Carlos had begun to detect the quivering reactions of his friend and, once Atlas took off, he pulled his leggings up and knotted them around his hot waist as rapidly as he could and ran off in the direction of the lumbering form calling out as he did. The trail of broken twigs and crushed grasses was not hard to follow. Yet, it was some time before Carlos came upon the view of the ballooned tunic covering the still shivering body on the ground. He move closer slowly calling softly to the heavily breathing form.

"Stay back, please." The huge heap on the called back. "Something is wrong, all wrong!"

"It's OK, Atlas, I am here for you and with you." Carlos reassured.

"You don't understand! It's not what you think!" The voice called back and added, as it rose up. "Something very, very strange has happened. I can feel it! I can sense it!'

The draped image that rose up I front of Carlos was still that of Atlas, but there were, indeed, keenly observable differences. The tunic that had been so tight around the waist now hung flapping with extraordinary looseness around the midsection but clung, even stretched, harshly around the upper torso and clung to the legs just above the knees as if being forced outward by the flesh below.

And then there was the face! It was Atlas, but it was a boldly beautiful face. One carved and etched in handsomely pulled olive skin across wide high cheekbones accenting the always alluring crystal blue eyes. The straight nose poised neatly above lips made for kissing. The brown hair still swept back straight and rolled lightly down to two sculpted, muscular side neck muscles that framed the sharp, cleft chin perfectly.

The tunic swelled out broadly at a downward angle to each side from the neck and mounded up as if two rocks had been tied to Atlas' shoulders before rounding down to the extending arms. There was a fullness in the huge cloth that indicated a struggle between fabric and upper arm that had not previously existed. Now at full attention, the body standing before Carlos slowly began to pull the long hanging tunic upward.

The first sign of the amazing transformation was the appearance of a pair of calf muscles that were as big around as Carlos own upper thighs. These were not the large enshrouded calves of a typical fat man that had been pumped by the weight they carried. They were cut crystal marvels of exposed muscle so dense that the skin served only to provide the muscle with a consistent shading of olive tan. Just the small movement within them as a result of the shifting bulk above caused striated veins of muscle to cast individual shadows over their sheered volume.

The tunic moved off of the lower legs and unveiled a cross-section of defined muscle fibers overshadowing the calf muscles in every imaginable way. They were more than double the size of the calf muscles at their widest point. Angled row after angled row of corded and bundled meat appeared as the tunic moved higher and higher over the vein tied masses. The cantilevered muscle overhung each kneecap by a full hand width. Nowhere on the exposed flesh was any sign of the fat that used to compose most of the man's former bulk.

About a hand length above the top of the knee, the equally heavily muscled back parts of the two gigantic upper legs were forced together by their amazing size. Just at this point another elongated rounded globe began to appear. Four fingers later, it had announced itself as the head portion of the giant cock that now belonged to Atlas. Then the wide soft tubular flesh began to appear. Even in its flaccid state, the circular flesh resembled a mans' forearm in size more than a cock. The tube began to arc back over top of the two orange size testicles brimming with maleness.

The shoulder-wide thighs cut in sharply to embrace an unveiled waist narrower across than either one of the thighs. Then rows of clear cut abdominal rectangles appeared in matched, brutally strong pairs. Finger after finger of individually etched obliques muscles held the impossibly narrow width of the sides together until the lower portions of the lat muscles forced there way over and shot out almost horizontally past these fingers as broad flares of supporting back muscle promised unbelievable upper body width.

The sheathed arms lifted the cloth ever higher as the lats began to curve upward while continuing the ever-outward trend. By the time of the first glimpse of the creased lines defining the lower extremity of the pecs, the back was over three times as wide as the waist. The lats appeared like large, expansive water-rounded boulders set under the glow of the thin skin. Only the lining of veins gave away that they were flesh and blood instead of tanned rock.

The center part of the tunic found itself hung up and pinned to the undercarriage of the massive pecs. Finally the wet cloth ripped itself free as two huge, smooth melons of meat pushed outward and upward. Two hard, dark round nipples interrupted the globe-like quality of the fleshy moons. Each protruding mounded male breast was as wide across as the widest portion of the amazing thighs below and, even stretched as they were by the rising arms, cantilevered over the abdominal cavity by a hand-width.

By now, Carlos' disbelief in what was being presented to him had caused him to shed his leggings once again and he was busily pumping his painfully aroused cock. Atlas' actions did not preclude him from seeing, and reacting, to this action. The dangling cock began to pull itself away from the front of the legs as the main shaft both inflated and lengthened. Atlas could feel the weight of his cock as it secured more and more mass and moved ever upward against the pull of gravity.

Finally, the cloth passed by his head and began to come off of each arm. The shoulders stood much wider apart than half the height of a man. What had seemed like two smoothed boulders on the shoulders under the fabric became two sharply defined massive balls of densely packed, striated meat when exposed. The power they each contained was unfathomable. Suddenly, two more upper leg thighs of muscle appeared. Or, at least that is what each astounding upper arm looked like at first sighting.

The unsheathed biceps were so huge and so round that they pushed themselves in front of Atlas' handsome face obscuring most of its beauty from view. As the hands went ever higher, the tops of the pecs moved up to the bottom of Atlas' chin, thus framing his entire face in a ring of muscled arms, shoulders and pecs. The arm movement caused the biceps to spring into gloriously hardened mountains of muscle each crusted with the reinforcement of cord-like veins. Then the tensed meat split itself into separate heads and lined itself into banded metal.

The triceps bowed out broadly way beyond the already unbelievable width of the fully inflated lats. The lines of meat within them spiraled down from elbow to underarm and expanded to twice the volume of the enormous biceps. Finally, the leg-size forearms came forward looking as if they were assigned to carry all the spare veins that any of the other impressive body parts may ultimately need.

Carlos' load of cum splashed hot and hard against Atlas' upper thighs as he moved in to caress the impossible vision of muscle now before him. Then, Carlos went immediately to the full enraged cock. The shaft projected almost two hand lengths and was capped by a crown another hand width long. The hot cylindrical surface was so hard that it refused to yield under the pressure of his clasping hands. It took both hands to reach around the circumference of the iron-hard tube. Carlos began the long, repetitive stroking of the beating tool. It responded by almost breathing itself fatter and harder with each stroke.

While continuing the loving hand manipulations, Carlos knelt down immediately in front of the beckoning crown and began to lick the sensitive cap. Unused to this kind of treatment or action, Atlas was quick to react as years of stored creams jostled inside of his loins and then erupted in an explosion of cum accompanied with a sense of orgasm so fulfilling as to be memorable. The hot, thick steaming cum found its way to Carlos waiting mouth as he gulped down volley after delicious volley.

The last memory Atlas had of that wonderful evening was the feeling of the slumbering head of Carlos' nestled in the cleavage of his magnificent male breasts as they lay together through the night in the forest near the mine.

A sensation of wetness awakened Atlas in the morning. Looking down, he could not believe the vastness of the pectorals that greeted him. They were broad and fully rounded but, even rested, showed a series of clefts that defined the various bundles of cut muscle contained within them. Over the top of one of the global giants Atlas could see the top of Carlos head and feel as Carlos tongue and lips suckled on an invisible nipple. Atlas tensed the waiting monster of muscle into clenched hardness causing the surprised feeder to jump back suddenly.

Carlos began to knead the heavy breasts of muscle as Atlas toyed with undulating flexing and relaxing. The sensations shooting through the body of the dense muscle stimulated the gargantuan cock to spring into full mast position. One of Carlos' hands began to caress the bulbous head. Once again, it was not long before an avalanche of cum filled the air landing heavily on Atlas pecs. Lapping up the spilling, Carlos delighted himself with a filling liquid breakfast of perfect male protein.

After a few more moments of shared passion, Carlos suggested that Atlas would need to stay here today so that they could begin to figure out how to explain this unbelievable change. They agreed and Carlos headed off to the mine. Atlas, still stunned, began an exploration of the body of muscle that was now him. He had no idea how long this study went on until he was shaken by a series of sudden jolts followed by a flurry of shouts and screams from the direction of the mine. A second series of jolts shook the ground.

Without thinking, Atlas was on his feet and racing toward the mine. In his rush to action, he completely forgot that he was nude and about the transformation. The huge vision of muscle that was now Atlas burst out of the forest near the opening to the mine. Streams of dust were everywhere in the air and men were scampering about in total disarray. The vision of this pylon of muscle arriving from nowhere brought an instant halt to everything.

"What has happened here?" Shouted the god-like image as it emerged. "Tell me! What has happened?"

"There's been a cave-in." A small frightened voice returned. "Three men are still trapped inside the mine." Then the scared voice added. "Are you hear to help us or to hurt us?"

"Who is trapped?" the muscled monolith demanded.

"Julio, Geno and Carlos,." Another small voice answered. "Who are you? What are you?"

"It's me, Atlas!" the image replied and then, as if realizing the fear his new presence had caused, added "There is no time to explain everything now. Someone lead me to the collapse. . .NOW!"

Most of the men still stood in awe and shock. Finally the first small voice approached and offered to lead the hulking muscle form into the mine. Again, the rest of the men stared silently as this man, if that was what he was, who claimed to be their fat cook, Atlas, disappeared into the dust of the mine entrance. None could believe the sheer size and glorious beauty of the muscled creature that had come upon them.

Atlas followed the small man until they came to a pile of rubble and rock. Here, he was told, was the second of the collapses. The first was several paces beyond this one. They were all trying to get out when this second collapse occurred trapping those few, they believed, in between. Atlas immediately began reaching out and casting aside torso-sized rocks as if they were melons. He ordered the small man to get help and to start removing the smaller pieces.

It was not too long before they made their way to create a small hole connecting the two mine sections. They called into the hole and heard a weak response for help. Just then, the ceiling of the mine where they were digging began to rumble and shift. Atlas instantly reached down and grabbed a large section of collapse wooden beam and hoisted it over his head placing it across the back of his neck and shoulders. Planting his two feet solidly, he forced the beam up until it, and his enormous shoulders braced the creaking rock above. Not knowing how much time they would have, he directed the others to dig until they made the hole big enough to rescue those trapped on the other side.

And dig they did. At the same time, the men could not help but be aware of the astounding image before them. The gigantic muscles of the unbelievable creature had already grown sharp and hard from the work against the rock. His arms were the size and appeared just as hard as the biggest tree trunks in the forest. The stretched pecs, biceps and triceps quivered with immeasurable strength as they struggled to keep the wooden beam and the layers and layers of rock above from collapsing on top of them all. The shoulders seemed to blend in size and texture with the very rock they supported.

The muscles in his upper and lower legs pounded with vitality and flowed in endless waves of muscular contortions as the veins grew more and more pronounced with the demand of the muscle to process more and more blood. His ass muscles flexed and re-flexed as they locked themselves into flesh harder than the densest rock encountered in the mine. Crisp striations cross-cut themselves through the monumental gluteal masses.

As if aware of the impact he was having on those working around him, the sweating and convulsing Atlas found that his cock began to respond to the sheer feel of his enormous strength and from the show his muscle was providing for the workers. His cock responded as quickly as it had under its two previous stimulations. Soon the organ acquired a totally rigid state and a size giving it the appearance of a third support post.

The working men noted that there appeared to be no difference in the apparent strength of the cock from that of any of the astounding muscles on the human brace. The man of muscle became as visually solid as the rock he was carrying. An array of veins fed untold quantities of muscle As the men rubbed against parts of the inhuman flesh, they could feel the heat and were astonished by the impenetrable hardness of the muscle. Then the cock began to pump with its own sense of anticipation as the men made the opening larger and larger and as the fathoms of rock above began to force the wooden support past its limits.

Atlas shrugged. Finally, when the pain and stress was challenging the breaking point of the newly muscled giant, the men were able to pull two of the trapped men out through the hole. They returned as quickly as possible and went through to retrieve the last man. Just as they dragged the dust covered limp body out there was a loud crack as the beam failed followed by the renewed groan of the shifting rock above.

Knowing what was in store, the men ran as fast as they could leaving the prone man and the beautiful muscle sculpture to deal with the inevitable. As the beam split in two across the straining massively muscled shoulders, Atlas noticed that the body below him was, indeed, that of Carlos. •

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