Sons of Hercules, The



By John

And yet another one of the legendary "Sons of Hercules" seems to have stumbled into an ominous situation. More to follow in coming weeks. Enjoy. Respectfully submitted comments are always welcomed.

It had been a long, tiring trek down the Nile from the land of his Nubian tribe just above the second cataracts to this desolate stretch of sand north of the famed temples of Abu Simbel. The dark shadow cast across the sand and rock by the god-like Nubian made him look even bigger than his actual enormous stature. It was not that Goliath was any taller then his fellow tribesmen, he was just so very, very much more muscular. It was this astounding volume of muscular development, unlike that which any had ever seen, that gave him the name of Goliath in place of his birth name, Shaka.

Even the distorted lengthening of his shadow in this late afternoon sun could not hide the breadth and width of his indescribable shoulders nor impact the astounding taper down to his trim, flat waist. The swell of his upper legs as cast onto the ground grew back in width to match the size of Goliath's undistended, but wing-like lat spread. He had just completed his meal including the blessing of a small rodent-like creature that brought welcomed protein into his system. Goliath saved the last vestiges of the meat and the drippings for later.

He rose stretching the aches from his joints and turned toward the shadow his body cast upon the ground. Goliath permitted himself a bit of folly. Tomorrow, he hoped, would finally be the day he caught up to those petty thieves who had taken the gold and jeweled scepter of his tribal king.

Placing his hands upon his trim hips, Goliath thrust his inhumanly muscled shoulders forward bringing his latissimus muscles out into their gloriously full sweep. As they spread, the small patch of sunlight peering through between the round mooned shadows cast by his magnificently rounded bulging biceps and his lats disappeared. It was as if the back muscles had grown large enough to eclipse the sun.

Goliath turned to one side while keeping his head in the same viewing position. The lines defining the waist area grew narrower and narrower until the dark streak just below his navel area was no wider than the width of his upper forearm. Above that, the darkness spread out in both directions as the arc of the voluminous triceps and the globes of the biceps and enormously muscled chest pronounced their presence on the ground.

He loved the feel of the strength of the rich back muscles as they thickened to their fullest degree while forcing his shoulder blades back. Even at its maximum fullness, the mighty back shadow was still partially obscured by the rounded bulge of the thickest portion of the triceps expanse. Removing his hands from his narrow hips, Goliath reached down and back straightening his lower arms and watched as the triceps curved dangerously back and, ultimately, totally obliterated the cast shadow of the middle back muscles with their unbelievable fullness.

Pushing his hands back as best as he could, Goliath let the sun pour through the space between his narrow waistband and his thicker forearm shadow. Again, the shadow of the triceps jumped back even further as Goliath felt the cavernous valley inside the horseshoe shaped muscle became hand deep. Even with the shadowed distortion, Goliath could see, as well as he could sense, the hills and valleys of the bundled parts of the triceps muscle as they cut themselves into a sharp presence on his arms. He flexed and reflexed repeatedly watching the bowed triceps muscle shape dance broadly across the hot sand.

The flexing image of the triceps caused the image of the large round dome of the pectorals to undulate up and down as the massive, protruding chest muscle flexed within from bottom to top and back again in response to the constrictions of the rear arm muscle. The pecs shifted like blowing waves across the wide Nile as Goliath focused his attention on the shadow of these most astonishing muscled breasts. Soon he found himself entranced by both the visual imagine of the waving motion and the internal feel of muscle fiber against muscle fiber as he flexed first up and then down along the length of the marvelously mounded muscle.

From many earlier self examinations, Goliath knew that the volume of densely packed muscle protruding proudly from his chest exceeded than contained within either one of his enormous biceps. Now, in the shadows, it was impossible to determine which projection consumed more space - that of the undulating pecs or the sweeping arc of the bulbous triceps. Goliath's rear hand moved up to cup the image of the moving chest meat. The shadows of the fingers and palm seemed so small in relation to the area that the mooned breast monster occupied.

He relaxed the tension within the pillow of chest meat and enjoyed the feel of the weight as the slab of muscle was carried to overflowing within his grasp. The shadowed mounding pushed ever higher and forward as the billowing muscle cut the light off in the image between his upper pectoral and his chin. Each of his massive man-breasts outsized the accumulated tissue in all the breasts of his king's harem of wives. But his cleavage was solid, dense and hot, not soft and pliable like that of the women.

The feel of his own cupped muscle and the image of his manipulating image caused that most special of muscled areas to begin to react. The shadow in front of his groin area began to bulge ever more forward. Soon it pushed the darkness defined by his tied waist-cloth out as far as his torturously delicious gluteal mass shadow. His ass muscles began to clench and release in almost involuntary response. Their image combined into the undulations of his pectoral shadow and the ridged lines of his constricted triceps.

Internally, Goliath could feel the crashing together of the impossibly dense ass cheeks in the vertical crevasse between the marbled muscle. The piled striating of the marveled globes stimulated his sphincter to remember the joyous feel of penetration by the largest of the male organs possessed by some of his Nubian brothers. Goliath's inside channel begged for that feeling of internal fullness again.

His gargantuan muscular size combined with his erotically handsome features had been wooed by most all of the tribal women since his coming into manhood. Goliath was not as dark in skin as many of his tribal brethren. His skin was more the color of a ripe coconut shell. While the dark hair on his head possessed the traditional curls, it was much softer to the touch and could be seen shifting in the gentle, warm desert breezes. There was no other hair on his body to disguise the expanse or definition of all of his glorious musculature. But there was the one other uniqueness of his being - his sky blue eyes.

His mother, it was told, had conceived him in her ritual of fertility with a northern god named Hercules. Even at birth, Shaka, as he was then called, was large and vigorous. Seeing the capacity for his mother to bear strong male children caused the Nubian king to select her as one of his primary wives. She bore him three sons of his own. The oldest of whom would, one day, become king.

Shaka respected and loved his half-brothers but, because he was not of royal blood, there was no possibility for him to ascend to the throne. Because of Shaka's mother's position as mother of the future tribal king, he was permitted to remain close to the king. After his transformance, he became even more valuable to the king as a scout and guard. It was this position that caused Shaka to be the lead scout on this expedition to retrieve the stolen scepter. Even now, the king and his personal guards would be less than a day behind him.

As with every man in the tribe, it was presumed that one day Shaka would wed. It was certain that his larger structure would blossom into the vestige of a desirable mate and, as such, his offspring would help ensure the continuation of the strongest and bravest possible lineage. Young Shaka, however, found that he had no desire to pursue this direction. His attention drifted to the men of the tribe. He found that a number of the other young men enjoyed engaging him in challenges of strength. This outlet served the interests of the emerging body of a healthy young man like Shaka well.

With each passing challenge, Shaka grew stronger and stronger. One day, he found himself responsive to the contact with an older and very well-developed tribal member. The cocky younger man, silently stimulated by the image of this older warrior, tossed a playful challenge at the veteran. The wrestling match that took place that day was, indeed, memorable. It lasted all through the morning and into the middle of the afternoon. The warrior had cunning and wisdom working for him at first but Shaka had a special surprise. A surprise for both of them.

The more they fought, the stronger Shaka became. At first it was obvious that the older man would be victorious. Soon, Shaka's strength had increased to match that of the challenged one. Then it was noticed that his stature had grown too. Not just a little, but considerably. Before long, Shaka found himself facing two, then three of the best tribal warriors. He continued to grow to match their combined strength. The high priest even came out and, upon witnessing the sight before him, proclaimed this transformation as a sign of growth and prosperity to come for all the Nubian people.

The match continued on with four, then five and, finally, ten men against Shaka. It ended when the tribal council declared Shaka the victor and stopped the contest. Over the following night, Shaka could feel the continued growth in his muscularity. When he arose at dawn and left his hut, those present could not believe the sight of this amazing "new" man. Shaka carried muscularity the size of, perhaps, three of the biggest and strongest men in the whole kingdom.

Many rushed up to feel if this image was real or just a mirage. He was real, indeed, and his size was only part of the change, the density of the muscled fibers covering his magnificent frame were many times that of any man. No one, not even Shaka, knew the limit of the strength these gargantuan muscles possessed. Yet, for all the astounding size, he was magnificently aesthetic. Both the women and the men visibly swooned over this brutally gorgeous image. Shaka found himself as equally aroused.

It was not long before the newly named muscular giant "Goliath" figured out that several of the other men were driven by the same erotic desires for physical contact that he, himself, possessed. Goliath responded to these overtures with equal interest. The mere exposure of his enhanced male genitalia finally ended his need to cover the lack of desire to pursue the tribal women. Work spread quickly of how the size of his inflated endowment could only serve to damage or destroy any woman seeking internal contact.

This story, true as it was, was all that Goliath needed to permit him to pursue his own youthful self-fulfillment without unwanted repercussions. Besides, his mother had always insisted that he should be cautious of his familial ties to their tribe because his true father had warned her that his ultimate future laid with him and not with his Nubian brothers.

Now, years later and several days journey away from his home, the sensual feeling of his own muscular proportions in the fading light of the early evening sun had driven the shadowed image of cloth- contained cock to it's maximum potential. Tugging at the tie-band, Goliath unwrapped the waist-cloth and released his male organ to pursue its' heated goal. Immediately the arced mass shadowed out past the image of his enormous pectoral mounding.

Soon the coconut sized testicles hung in a independent spherical outline below the expanding tubular shaft. As the lengthening shadow began to assume hammered iron straightness, it broadened to match the width of the shadow for the waist. The head formed into a cabbage sized relief at the end of the ankle thick tube. As the driving blood of arousal forced Goliath's cock to the hardness of the strongest tree trunk, it shaped into a gently sweeping upward curve from the lower groin ending with the tip of the head pointing up toward the heavens.

The shadow of Goliath's male rod reached its' zenith and now extended out from his groin about the same distance as the length from his hip to his knees. Constricting his ass and groin muscles simultaneously, releasing them, and then repeating the motion caused the shadow of his cock to wave excitedly to its viewing master. Moving his focus from the entertaining shadow onto the amazing projecting tool he possessed, Goliath realized how he never ceased to enjoy the wonder of its existence.

As he peered down, he could only see the foremost third of his throbbing manhood beyond the fullness of his massive pectorals. The endless dark surface of his cock reflected the long rays of the low sun and exaggerated the array of veins that fed this precious muscle. From experience, Goliath knew that the dark surface, when properly motivated, emitted a thick array of warm cream the color of the meat of the coconut and that his own vast testicles contained enough juice to fill any available coconut shell.

Continuing to cup and fondle his right breast with his left hand, Goliath reached down with his right hand to enjoy the pleasure of his cock. It carried the hard feel of the wooden trunk it represented. Yet, the sheer skin supplied a suppleness to the touch that heated the tool to erotic stimulation in the frictional contact with his pumping hand. The size of his human log made it hard for even Goliath to apply enough manipulation to push his beating meat to orgasm.

As he continued his self-applied cock massage, Goliath moved over to a thigh-high boulder with a relatively flat top dragging his travel bundle with him. He found two head-size rocks which he took in each hand. Goliath used the cooled grease drippings from his meal to moisten the boulder and rocks into slippery tools. Then he polished the enormity of his manhood with the same grease until it glistened. Extending his cock out along the lubricated top of the large boulder, Goliath encased the shaft by positioning one of the smaller rocks on each side of his male weapon. A rocking motion resulted in pushed his huge instrument back and forth within the harsh triangle of rock.

His testicles slapped repeatedly up against the larger boulder as the mass of his muscular thighs threatened to crush his powerful scrotum against the unmoving rock. The movements increased in stride until the length of the stroke brought the two hand-held rocks into erotic contact with the large head of the prodigious member. All of the massive muscle shrouded body clenched and flexed and quaked and vibrated in the heat of the movement. Pecs, lats, biceps, triceps, shoulders, thighs, forearms, calves, and ass cheeks offered a spectacular show to any lucky viewer.

The rhythm increased in intensity and the level of arousal and excitement matched movement for movement. The heat of self-passionate fulfillment was all that mattered to the writhing pylon of muscle called Goliath. The coconut cream blended itself into a hot lather and flowed into position for expulsion at the base of the tree-trunk cock.

The mountain of meat became a vial of heat as the first line of white jism spewed ever outward from the blood engorged head of the inhuman tool. The arm-length of juice was still airborne when the second onslaught erupted. Even the third volley was no less powerful than its predecessors. The thick cream drew line after line of wetted white on the golden tan sand.

After what seemed like an eternity of explosions, the spent muscular creature collapsed to the ground against the larger servicing rock in fulfilled exhaustion. This would be as good a place as any to catch good night's sleep. Goliath reached out to his bundle of travel goods and untied the rough blanket he used at night. It was not long before sleep consumed him.

As he was settling down, two pairs of eyes that had been hidden from his view crept slowly away. Once far enough removed, the two men releaved their own hard cocks of their heavy loads. They had never witnessed such an amazing sight before and, even with all their lustful wonder, shared an unexpressed concern over what would happen to them if this muscled giant ever caught up to them. Perhaps the taking of the Nubian King's jeweled scepter had not been the best of their ideas.

After they had cum, the two decided to put a bit more distance between them and this astounding man before daybreak. As they walked in the moonlit darkness, they hatched a plan that was better, in their minds, than this endless chase. Tomorrow, they determined, it would be best if they simply lead this muscle-god directly to what he sought. Then, it would be easy to take care of this man - even as big as he was. The two men changed their course toward the bank of the Nile and camped for the night by a small collection of falucca.

At first sun the two men crept through the papyrus reeds and stole away across the Nile in one of the parked falucca vessels to the death side of the River of Life. They headed back down stream until they came to the small sandstone valley containing the ancient plundered tomb in which they had hidden most of the treasures they had stolen over the past several years, including the Nubian king's scepter. The men made sure that they left just enough of a trail for the muscled giant to follow along their way.

The stone that guarded the entrance to their stolen treasures and the relative remoteness of the place made it a great hiding place for the plunder of their band of thieves. Usually, they could only gain access when at least twenty of them gathered together to view or add to their contraband. Today, they expected, it would be different. They positioned themselves and waited for the inevitable arrival of their monstrous bait.

Goliath woke about the same time as the thieves and set out immediately after finishing the last of the meat from the night before. He felt particularly strong today, which he attributed to the recent meals. Not far from his camping place, Goliath picked up the trail of those he pursued. The trial was relatively fresh. Unaware of their spying in on his show of manhood last night, Goliath figured that he must not have been far behind these thieves when he had finally bedded down.

Within no time, Goliath came upon the collection of falucca and a small group of fishermen who were arguing over who had taken one of the boats. The site of the image of Goliath brought the men to instant silence. Never before had they seen such a site. Here was man the color of moonlit darkness and composed of pure muscle. Several suggested that this monumental compilation of muscle must be one of the Gods of the night coming to collect his tiding. Playing upon the opportunity, and sensing that his goal now lay across the river, Goliath directed them to take him to the far bank of the Nile.

Normally, no man would willingly agree to travel without cause to the land of death but, this, after all, was the direction of one of the vessels of the Gods. Because of his weight, Goliath was given his own falucca tied to two others. Four of the fishermen then steered the ships skillfully across the width of the great river. They begged his blessing as they left him on the far side. Not wanting to disappoint them, he offered an obscure prayer for them and sent them away.

Not a far walk downstream brought Goliath to the tied stolen sailing boat. He had seen the adjacent hills from across the river a couple of days ago and recognized the dark lines of the ancient tombs of mid- level aristocracy. The trail lead into a small sandstone valley. Goliath proceeded with caution but without fear. He had lost all sense of fear as he became more and more familiar with his seemingly limitless strength.

Finally, he came upon two men laying spent in the heat of the sun. Seeming astonished at the colossal image of manliness before them, they begged weakly for mercy and water. Instantly Goliath knew not to trust these two. From the description of others in his tribe, these appeared to be the men he sought. Without regard for their begging, the muscular giant hoisted one of the two up high into the air as if he had no weight and promised to use his body to smash that of the other into the afterlife if they did not confess to their theft.

The sly men put on a convincing show of fear as they baited their trap. The one suspended over top of the column of muscle immediately acknowledged their guilt and assured Goliath that, now, they were simply weary from their unwise running and that they only wished to make amends and be granted continued life. Goliath demanded them to take him to the scepter in exchange for their lives and for the water they sought. The men begged for just a few drops of water to give them strength to lead him to his request.

Out of compassion and figuring that now that he had caught up to these two scoundrels, Goliath gave them a bit of water. He put the raised man back onto the ground and dragged the other to his feet. Goliath lashed the two men together and created a leash out of part of his own waistcloth so that these men would not be tempted to run away. Together the three men moved further into the tomb valley.

The thieves turned toward one of the many shadowed vertical ridges in the sandstone valley walls. As they approached, the shadows yielded to bring them into a small ravine opening. The three went through the narrow, winding passage and came out into a small open cove. Half hidden to one side of this natural arena was an obviously ancient small temple. Here the men stopped and advised their captor that this forgotten funeral temple was the place he sought and begged to be let go. Not accepting this pleading, Goliath assured them that they would gain their freedom only when he held the stolen scepter in his own hands.

The temple had no access openings. What must have been the entrance was blocked on the inside face of the opening by a large single stone as tall as Goliath and just as wide across. In the center of the open arena area was a large carved stone wheel laying flat on, but just above, the ground. The stone wheel was at least the length of two men in diameter and had four tree-trunk arms, each as long as a man was tall, extending from the chiseled sides of the wheel parallel to the ground and about waist high.

The two thieves explained to Goliath that this was a sacred place where, in ancient days, emissaries brought the bodies of the noble dead to prepare them for their trip to the afterlife. To protect this place, they had created this giant wheel which was connected to a great iron chain running through a small opening under the sandstone. The only way into this place was to turn the giant wheel which, in turn, would lift the huge rock door and permit admission to the room behind it Since the stone wheel was so huge and rotated atop another stone base, it took many, many men to force the cave to be opened.

Perhaps, they suggested, Goliath, in consideration of his enormous musculature, could do this himself. At first, the muscle behemoth figured he might just be able to lift the opening stone up high enough to gain entry but he could not find any available hand-holds and turned his attention to the giant wheel. Threatening to end the meager existence of these two slimy creatures if what they were saying was not true, Goliath planned his assault on the entrance device. He retied the two men to one of the protruding wheel spokes and moved to the one in front of them.

Goliath's naked upper body was already dripping with the sweat of the heat of the day and his muscles felt secure and ready for any challenge. He grasped the wooden arm with both hands and, slowly, began to push. Nothing happened. Goliath applied more pressure on the handle but still to no avail. Then he took a short step back and leaned into the post grabbing it, yet again, within his mighty grip. Goliath pushed with all the might he could summons. This time, the wheel began to turn. After a brief moment he stopped only to be surprised as the wheel screeched loudly back to its original position.

Goliath turned to yell at the two bound men who, again, begged his forgiveness but advised him that the weight of the entrance stone would, of course, force the wheel back once it was free to drop again under the force of gravity. They pointed to a block of stone with a hole in it at the base of the wheel and another wooden shaft lying on the ground not far in front of where Goliath stood. Once he had the rock gate up, all he needed to do was to place the wooden post into the hole and it would serve as a stopper to keep the stone gate open.

Angered but understanding, Goliath turned to begin again. Knowing his challenge, Goliath put all of his enormous strength into the effort. The wheel began to creak loudly and turn slowly as the brutally muscled human began his conquest over the resisting rock.

Goliath's back and shoulder muscles swelled to gargantuan proportions as he applied more and more energy into the task. The sharpness of the rock around him slowly began to look weaker than the muscle within him as fibers flared out and crystallized under his wet Nubian skin. A series of veins cut the visibly separated muscles of his back and shoulders into broad rich sections. The various upper back muscles pulsated and gyrated under the shifting movement of his weight as one foot moved in front of the other and the push continued.

Having yielded much of his waistcloth to serve as a binding strap and leash on his captives, not much remained to cover the loin area of the writhing giant. The combination of sweat and ass movement pushed the remnants of fabric up over the top of his ass cheeks exposing them in all their muscled maneuvering marvel to the now excited men being forced to follow around and around. Both globes of muscle alternately extended and then contracted into sheered, lined granite- like meat as one leg passed the other. Even when viewed from behind, he upper leg masses visibly shook themselves into unreal proportions as they locked the feet back down onto and into the ground with each grueling step.

The bulbous triceps formed into richly cut horseshoe arches of spring coiled muscle as they attacked the stiff wooden pole. The foreshortened view that the two thieves had of the colossal upper arm masses served only to exaggerate their overly immense size. The valley that formed within the curve of the triceps as each individual head pronounced itself to the world appeared as deep and the one they had all just walked through.

The ass muscles continued their inviting rhythm bringing both tied men to full erections under their loose fitting tunics. The heat, sweat and effort had a similar affect upon the muscled assaulter. Soon Goliath's prodigious cock was back to its raised position and as hard as the wooden post within his grasp. Because of its amazing length, the huge head of Goliath's cock pounded loudly against the wood pole with each thrusting step.

None too soon the heavy rock passage door was raised to the height of Goliath's shoulders. On his next pass by the waiting wooden staff on the ground, he placed one mighty shoulder against the post in the wheel, reached down carefully, and shoved the post into the waiting hole. Letting go slowly, the wheel moved back loudly until the vertical and horizontal post seemed secure together.

The anxious muscle-god stepped cautiously away from the wheel spoke. The wood screeched out its stress, but held. Goliath turned to check the status of his two captives. For the first time they got to see this massively muscled giant up close and witness the scope of his commanding male instrument. The view of this most amazing of male images caused them both to cum again as the wet areas of their tunics around their groins expanded visibly. Their reactions being of no immediate interest to Goliath, he moved to the waiting entrance. Adjusting to the dusky darkness in the small entry chamber, he saw the scepter, seated among a scattering of other stolen goods and moved to reclaim it.

Once Goliath was out of site, one of the thieves retrieved a small, but effective blade hidden in the lining of his tunic and cut both of them free. They rushed over to the wedged wooden vertical post and using all the strength they could muster, pushed the wheel spoke back against it. Long ago the thieves had learned that, because of the weight of the hanging stone door, it did not take much to destroy any mere wooden post trying to hold it aloft. They had replaced the real stone anchor with this wooden one earlier. The vertical post smashed into an array of splinters and the stone began it's slow descent.

Neither of the thieves spared a moment to look back as they ran back down the valley. As they left, they could initially here the screams of the trapped muscle giant and the screeches of the descending stone tomb cover. It was, indeed, a pity to waste a man of Goliath's astounding muscle and beauty but, it was him or them. Some day, they joked, they would enjoy the chance to untomb his body with their friends and reclaim their spoils. •

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