Full Circle?


By mgt33139

Six months after The Day, Magnus could tell that the growth in height was trailing off. He was now 6'8", but his weight increase was still accelerating. He had put on another 130 pounds - 590 pounds. More than double the size of his little muscle boy.

After a year, he knew he had reached his new "adult" height. 7'5" - some 25% taller. He had widened almost as much as he grew in height, it seemed. His waist was now 70 inches, and his chest was nearly ten feet around - 120 inches.

Somehow, Rex could still take his cock! Now it was nearly two feet in length, and measured almost 7 inches wide - 20 inches around. The huge amounts of hypermale come that Rex ingested each day had caused him to muscle up significantly. Rex weighed just over 300 pounds, the weight gain mostly muscle in and around his ass, which made him look funny the way it stuck out so much.

Yet next to Magnus he felt like a little girl. Magnus weighed triple what he did - 900 pounds. Magnus had so much muscle on his frame that his head looked tiny next to it all. His neck (what there was of it - his shoulders were so huge) was over 40 inches. His arms stuck out almost vertically, his back was so thick and broad.

Magnus now had legs that were permanently crouched like a catcher's, because they were so thick with muscle - crowding the other out as they both came out of this giant, yet comparatively tiny waist. When he walked, each huge tree trunk would lumber around the other. Still he had this freakish cat-like walk, and could still run and jump. Once he did a standing jump over a 12 foot fence, just to see if he could.

Magnus had about 50 times normal testosterone levels (which made sense - pre-pubescent boys have about 1/20th to 1/100th normal adult testosterone levels) and was even stronger than his size would indicate. He now just pumped his own muscles, and lifted cars and other huge objects for his biceps, etc.

Rex couldn't be happier. He got plowed every hour or two by a muscle giant. Magnus could probably fuck twenty men a day, but believed in honoring his boy. No one but Rex was allowed to touch him.


On Magnus's 50th birthday, he and Rex and some friends celebrated! Magnus weighed 1,000 pounds!

Rex had prepared to celebrate - he fasted all day and now was ready for a whole weekend of getting fucked by his giant man. Still he remembered the old days, before he met Magnus, when he topped just about everyone he met. He loved fucking as much then as he loved getting fucked now. Still, he seemed like his role in life was already determined.

Magnus loved fucking, but to be honest, he was a little tired of being the giant freak top. He got out his old notes on his Experiment, almost five years ago. Going over them, he noticed a few errors in his work. Nothing too serious, but the new formula would probably work some 30 - 70% better than the old one. He decided to give his boy a special gift . . . time for Rex to grow up and be real man! •

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