Rex's Dream


By mgt33139

Rex was having this dream - there was an earthquake. The weird thing was, no one was alarmed or upset, in fact, everyone seemed to like it. It wasn't a regular earthquake - things were just moving back and forth. Nothing was falling over. People were walking, cars driving by. Actually, it was only Rex that was swinging, and now harder and harder. As he started to realize it was a dream, he woke up to find Magnus fucking him again! On his side, Magnus giant cock was slamming him. Rex looked down - he had already sprayed! Magnus just grunted louder and louder slamming harder and harder. Finally, he came with such force that Rex thought the bed would break.

After a short rest, Magnus bounded up, holding his Rex like a joey. With both men now standing up, he pulled out his cock. And pulled. And pulled. Already softening, it was easily a foot long.

Before Rex could say anything, Magnus looked down on him and declared, "You will move in with me tonight. You will give me your ass as often as you can, and you will love it!" Rex simply nodded approval.

Rex was now his complete slave. Within days, he knew how much and how often his master needed to eat (even though he was always eating more). He spotted him (that alone was a big workout) and when they figured out they could live on Rex's income, Magnus stopped working so he could work out and eat more.

When Rex explained that he was HIV negative, the condoms were dispensed with. Magnus fucked Rex anywhere from 4 to 10 times a day, depending on a few things.

Two months after The Day, Magnus was 6'6" and 130 pounds heavier. He now weighed 457 pounds - almost double Rex's 245. Thanks to the constant fucking and stretching, Rex could still easily take Magnus's 15 1/2 inch monster. It was like being fisted, but so much better.

Magnus was hairier than ever as well. Hair covered his chest, his back, his arms, his legs. Despite his larger height, he looked thicker than ever. His arms were over 30, and his waist had thickened immensely to almost 50. Still he had an hourglass shape, as his chest was now almost 80 inches around.

His balls, now the size of grapefruits, were constantly putting out huge amounts of cream. Even though Rex was always there, Magnus was going to the local bathhouse twice a week just to beat off. He could now beat off ten times consecutively before feeling spent.

The other big change was that EVERYONE acted like Rex did to him - submissive and subservient. While easily the biggest guy around, he loved how even the taller ones would stick their fuckasses out, with this look in their eyes pleading to get plowed. When he was in a good mood, he would.

Every month or so, Magnus and Rex would go to Nordstrom. The salesman would give him the shoes now - Magnus just let him smell his crotch. After three months, Magnus wore size 19 - 8-E. •

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