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A little older…A little bigger

Simon clicked on 18 years old , he wanted to see what he would be like when he graduated from high school. First there was nothing, and it was silent, but simen felt odd. Simon got up out of his chair to see what was what. He noticed then that his pants were feeling small, a little short , and a little tight. "what?" he said , inspecting his pant leg, there he saw his angles and the bottums of his legs sticking far out of his jeans "woah, i wondeEEr.." just then his voice cracked, squeeking a high pitch in mid-sentance. His pants felt tighter still...

As he wandered into the bathroom and stared at the mirror.There he found an older boy , maybe 14 maybe 15 looking at him , with intense eyes. it looked though simon was growing a little moustage over his upper lip, and then he seemed to have gotten even taller. his pant were now just too tight , he quickly shed his jeans. He then spoke gently at first "Holy...its working!" his voice much deeper now, still undergoing the effects of puberty. Hair was now sprouting quickly from his armpits, As he took his shirt off he notice his body had grown larger too... His arms and chest seemed less scrawny somehow. He watched in shock as his armpit hair fulled out. "jeeze, im getting hairy..." his voice deeper now, sounding more adult , more masculine. His legs were now sporting hair all over them , thickening by the moment, and growing darker , and longer.his sholders began to widen, become larger and more muscular.

Simon was much taller now, he was about 5'7" and hitting a growth spurt. He wached his reflection in the mirror as it grew larger, taller, more manly. 5'9",5'10",6',6'1"

he was now around his 17th year it looked , and hair started to spurt out of chest, Simon was starting to grow hair around his belly button, reaching higher to the middle of his stomach, still thickening , getting darker,...longer. the hairs sprouting out of his chest also thickened, speading across his whole chest and up towards his neck, his once pencil thin moustashe was now fully covering his upper lip, spreading now down to his chin, and up his jaw line, he looked like he was growing a little beard. His chest pushed out, his arms thickened. Simon now felt the full force of the testosterone surging though his young body.

Finally 18 years old, now a hansome young man. Simon stood a total 6'2" with a thin, yet muscular body to match. Simon loved his new body, but wanted a little more, there was something he wanted to chnage... •

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