Cigar Box, The

By smiley

I look down at the Cigar box wondering why on earth Jamie had left this to me in his will. It wasnt the kind of thing someone left for another person-a cigar box-. Still ajmie was my closest and dearest friend and was a shock when was killed. I always wondered how i came to be friends with Jamie. Jamie was the kinda guy who would sooner dump me in a trash can then give me the time of day. But jamie was different, to me anyway. Jamie was your A grade jock in school. 6'5 built like a brick shit house! Muscles! Huge muscles rippling from everysection of his body, not that he didn't work for it, but he just seemed to have a god given talent for working out and building muscle. whereas me, huh, i was the geek in the corner who everyone picked on. The only muscle i had was misbalanced. My right arm was stronger then the left as that was the one i used to jack off with! thats it! That was the extent of my muscle.

Jamie once said that he and i made the perfect guy, My brains his Brawn. Together we would be unbeatable! One day he said he was going to beef me up and then I wouldn't need him anymore i'd have the brains to go with a killer kickass bod filled with rippling muscles, legs that would be mistaken for tree trunks, arms with gunns big enough to be arrested for carrying a weapon and a chest that would span a state wide! But words can only do so much. Days turn into weeks and weeks to months and years.Colledge then work and time interveens. Ten years had past since high school but Jamie never forgot. Every year on my birthday and at xmas i would get a card from whatever new and exotic location he was in, saying his well wishes, but each not ended with when i get back ill keep my word and make you the man i said i would. i would sit there behind my desk in my cubicle, read the card and think when. i didnt change much over the years still a scrawny little runt of a guy 5"4 with nothing on me. my nick name at school was Jockey as in rode a horse thats how little i was. my muscle had barely increased with age no matter what i did, although my right arm was starting look good from my one handed disco!

On that fateful day when i got the call, my first thought was there goes my chance at being a man. or so i thought. When i got home from the will reading i thought what in hell has he left my a cigar box for, i dont smoke. Jamie did he loved his cigar it was one of the things he said that kept him,him. He would never be without it. i opened the box and inside was a soletary Cigar and a note from Jamie. The note was written on a back of a Cgar shop Pamphlete in Asia. The Note read "Dear Mike, Buddy if your reading this it means i never got to make you a man. But i cinsider myself i man of my word and muscles. even though you dont smoke take this cigar and atleast think of me." Jamie As my eyes filled with tears i picked up the cigar and walked to my back porch. No i didn't smoke but for the life of me for that short period of time i would look the part smoking Jamie's last cigar and remember him. I sat down in the porch swing and prepared the cigar. "to Jamie" i said as i stuck the cigar into my moth and struck a match! I held the flame to the end and toted on the cigar until it caught. i enhaled and coughed almost imediately. like i said i was no smoker but that wasnt going to stop me i was going to look the part, so stop whinning and smoke the bastard i said to myself!

I took another puff on the cigar and felt the thick balck smoke roll down the back of my throught and exhaled through my nose. Shit it thought im learning fast. Thats when it hit. A sensation rolled through my body like a heat wave. It pulsed up and down through mu goin and back to my head i could feel myself growing, gowing growing!!! I held out my hands in front of my face an throught he thick smoke i could see them start to grow into thick muscular hands. i felt the heat move to my arms. the sound of fabric stretching and tearing was music to my ears and cock as it began to swell with excitement. I looked at my arms they were no longer pencil thin the were weapons as jamie always said they would be, thicker and thicker, veins were buldging. My jeans could not hold together any longer the erotic sound of denim tearing as my trunks of legs emergeged. I could hear a slow cracking noise and before i could do anything i realised that the porch swing had broke under my new found my weight and i was now on the floor of the porch. A twang as my jock strap broke releasing my new formed penis, pulsating to its evergrowing size of 9,10, 1,12, 13 inches of hardness oozing precum begging to be grabbed. I exhaled the last puff of cigar smoke and suffed it on a pailing of a one hanging porch swing. I stood and stretch my new founds muscles, felt them, stretch and strain as if i had just had a heavey workout. i released a mighty roar of which frightened my self and many of the neighbouring dogs as it was much more deeper and manly then my pip squeek voice had ever been. I thudded to the back door ducking and turning side ways to enter with my new broad 6"6 frame. As i thuded up my stairs to my bedroom where i had a full legnth mirror the sound of my thuds made my rock hard penis bouce with excitement and drip pre cum on everystep. i reached the mirror and confirmed what i already knew. I dont know how but Jamie had kept his promise and turned me into a man. worhty of his memory. with that knowledge i knew of two things. The first was that on that pamphlet held an address in Asia which i would be visiting to ensure my pewny self would never return. The second was that looking like this my right bicep mite equal out as i could get others to saisfy me know i they'd dare! But as i looke in the mirror at my new found body i realised the my right arm would be need atleast one more time.... •

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