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Becoming a Hunk…

By cloudheart52

Simon knew what he wanted. To be a guy. Not too old, just old enough to be everything he wanted. Trembling, he entered the desired stats into the device, and stepped back, ready to accept the dream he'd been having night after night for years...


He felt hot, very hot. He tore off his shirt and began to pant. His penis throbbed against his pants. As he looked around him, his room started to sway, his eyes tearing up slighty. It felt like something was running around inside his tiny chest, trying to be let out. He began to breathe, harder and harder.

He took off his shoes, and started pacing a little bit. He hadn't really grown yet, but...unh! Suddenly a pain hit his abdomen. It was his belt! It was cinching his waist! He undid the belt, and soon felt the burn of denim on his thighs, and realized as he walked over to the mirror, after he undid himself out of the pant legs, that he was an inch taller than he normally was barefoot looking at the notch on the side of the mirror.

He felt his arms were tightly knotting up. He was now in his underwear. His penis throbbed. He could feel it was...growing. Little by little, but it was. Then he began to notice his legs were spreading outward little by little, second by second.

"This is so cool!" he said, his voice cracking. "I don't believe's hair!"

And indeed, hair was visibly darkening his legs now, which were looking like a seventeen year olds. He looked up and was shocked. He was a foot taller! His legs had grown enormously! He looked like a little boy on a seventeen year olds legs!

More hair started sprouting upwards in a trail along his stomach. He doubled over, feeling his back stretching up and up and up! It was trying to escape his head, it felt like a bunch of birds pecking at his neck! His chest throbbed! It felt like every muscle was stretching! The pain was exhilirating. He felt like he was rowing oars a thousand times every few seconds! He could feel summers of compounded exercise heating him, heating him, sweat beginning to pour out of the pores and cake his chest, which was now twice the size it once was. It looked like a minor slab, but it was still going.

Dark walnut brown hair crawled out and stiffened. What was once a thin line of buzzed hair started sprouting. It offset his stubble nicely. Stubble??! He licked his lips. What was at one point fine sable, thinner than thin soft kitten whiskers, was now brisk and cowboyish. He immediately thought that's how he was starting to look like. Like a rough cowboy, or a military brat.

His arms began to extend. He felt like someone was pulling them and they were clay. And then they felt like they were burning. His butt clenched. His legs stabilized even more. They were beginning to look quite adult. *Adult*!

Yes!, he thought. Oh yes! His jawline was now hard and jutted away from his chin, a fine chin which symmetrically dipped down just enough to give him a mix of a manly and boyish charm of a smile. What made him look truly stunning was the beard line. Not too thick, but dark, and obvious, as it scattered over his developing face. It wasn't the face of a mere boy.

But he hadn't stopped growing. He realized how small everything looked, but it was growing smaller. He grew taller, not stopping at 5'10" or 5'11" or 6'.

"This is so awesome!" someone shouted. "Whoa!" the voice of a class A Hollywood stud answered. "My voice. I AM a man!"

But not yet, for he was not done! His chest heaved, and dipped, and then dipped again. His shoulders were still broadening. He flexed a muscle. It seemed...not as big as he'd...aaaaaugh!

His bicep began hurting, intensely. He pumped it towards him, fury in his eyes, the intense orgasm that was his body intesifying with every second. He got down on the floor and tried doing push ups but it wasn't enough! Too easy! He made fighting moves, did some faux bosing around the room, reveling in his newfound freedom that this body was allowing him. He was on fire! His body shook as he found himself constantly moving, just wanting to break something! His arm muscles contracted sharply, and then relaxed, contracted sharply, then relaxed, repeating this pattern over a dozen or so times, and his eyes blurred. He was unable to keep track of how much he was growing. By the time he was 6'4", he found himself looking like a Playgirl centerfold. An Olympic coach's dream. A Hollywood actor that could bring in ten million easy. He decided to put on a shirt. He hadn't seen himself in his finished form and was stunned by what he saw.

Blue eyes. Blue burning eyes in narrow eyes, bordered by jet, angular brows that came over in just the right amount. The white T shirt was so strained on him it only covered him up to his middle pec. Both pecs were beautifully shaded to lightly ever so tanned, as he had been before. It felt like a BRICK apron was being worn on him. But it WAS him. He could break things, he knew. He could stand up. He felt like he needed some of his dad's clothes now, for sure! He couldn't even describe how sexy he looked. His penis was jutting out of his underwear now, which was very binding and several sizes too small.

He could have any-one and do any-thing.

Anything. •

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