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By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

>>From the diary of Lawrence Morgan, Sept 1

School was great. I zapped the strength of our gym teacher and some of the other guys at school. They didn't feel anything like Ric or Joe. It was like a spark of static electricity with these normal guys, but with Ric and Joe the muscle power felt like lightning.

I had the most fun of the day with Todd and Tony, though. I told Todd I wanted to play with Tony. He knew what I wanted. I'm still not use to nobody remembering my old bodies, although Joe didn't seem to be affected.

We approached Tony after gym class. He was in the next class, so Todd and I just hung out in the locker room. Tony came parading in, until he saw us. He always kept his distance from Todd since his equipment was bested by Todd's huge schlong. We escorted him to a dark corner. Todd spoke.

"My friend here thinks you got a puney dick. He wants to compare against his monster." At this, Todd grabbed my crotch. My dick began to harden in his hand. "And when his monster whoops your pathetic little dick, he doesn't want to hear you braggin about how puney you are. Got it, now strip, little dick."

We all stripped down in the shower area, away from the others. Todd's monster swelled at the sight of mine. I returned the favor. It was like a race to see which cock could grower bigger faster. Todd's face looked strained until mine slowed and he easily grew longer. Todd was longer, but I was just as thick, now. Thanks Joe.

Tony's 9 inches was big, yet small compared to Todd and me. Todd laughed and we jerked off and came all over Tony. He tried to seem unimpressed, but when Todd and I exploded, I could see in his eyes the envy and jealousy of having two muscle bound studs cum on him. To add insult to injury, he has to make up the gym class he missed.

I'm off to the gym to work out with Joe.


Joe was waiting at the gym for me. He smiled and shook his head when he saw me.

"Gahd. Just the way I remember you. Gotta keep reminding myself that you're a morph. I wrote it down, see."

"So, you did forget."

"Oh, ya. I can't even remember what you looked like before. That's what happens sometimes. Never met a guy who could do as much as you, though. You copied me faster than anyone. Normally it takes minutes or even over night. And not only do you look like me, but your dick is big like mine and you're strong. That's pretty special."

I didn't understand, so we started to work out as Joe explained. It was leg day, we started with some warm ups. I began to notice a lot of guys looking at us. No surprise, two big muscle monsters like us. I wasn't really paying attention to the weights we were using, but come to think of it, it had to be a good couple of tons.

Joe said that there was a force in all men. It was the force that made men strong, hairy and 'manly'. Every man had it, some more than others. Working out, sex, some drugs, they all could effect the amount of energy a guy had. Some men, like Joe or me, could manipulate the force. Joe called himself a "battery", or a man that produces and can store the male force. I could copy another man's energy and add it to my own. Some guys could actually steal the energy. Joe didn't want to talk about them.

"Just be careful. I don't know much about you morph guys. You're a pretty secretive lot." With that, we walked over to the squat rack. While we pumped our legs, I asked Joe more about what he knew.

Joe said that any weights in this gym were just toys to guys like us. Joe knew he could lift several tons. I could too. When I asked why I didn't do it already, he said, "You didn't think you could." Well, I do now!

"Guys like you with the power seek guys like me out. That is why I thought you came on to me." The more questions I asked, the more it seemed like like Joe didn't wanted to talk. When we moved on to leg extensions, I finally coaxed Joe's story out of him.

"When I was young, about 12 or 13, I wanted to start working out. As I grew, I found I gained muscle easily. Some guys my age bodybuilt, but I was always bigger and stronger than them. I also noticed guys looking at me in the locker room. My dick was bigger than most of theirs, even though I was just a boy.

"One day, when I was about 16, an older guy and I were the only two working out in the gym. He was big, benching over 400lbs, then going right into tricep extensions. He wore a muscle shirt, showing off his big arms and a big hairy chest. I was struggling with 275 lbs, when he walked over and began to spot me. I thanked him, and continued to work out.

"When I finished, I went in the locker room. My spotter followed me in. He walked over to the mirror. I could see him perfectly from the bench where I was changing. He was impressive. He pulled off his shirt, and his hair was matted to his chest by the sweat from his workout. He flexed, checking himself out from the front and the side. That's when he asked me what I thought. He was preparing for a contest, and thought he was too small. He encouraged me to strip to my jock and pose next to him. He wasn't small compared to me, and my dick began to make a bulge in my jock. That's when he said that he thought I liked what I saw, and so did he. He pulled his jock down and showed me his dick. It was erect, sticking straight up, but pretty small, especially compared to mine, and I wanted him to see that, so my jock came down. I was hard, but I was still young and probably only about 10 or 11 inches. It still got the result I wanted. He invited me to his place to continue our exploration.

"As we showered, talked and drove to his house, I had this strange feeling. I now know this is how I feel around you morphs."

I told him I'd been having feelings I can't explain. I'll have to pay attention to that aspect of, well, whatevers happening to me.

"When we finally got to his apartment, we immediately stripped. I felt his hard body as he easily lifted me to his bed. As he lay there feeling my body, kissing me. I felt his big arms, that changed from firm flesh to solid rock when he flexed. I also noticed he was getting bigger. It was slow, but his arms were definitely growing, as was his chest. He kept muttering about 'my power'. He tried to suck my dick, but I was too big for him. He could only swallow about 6 inches before he'd gag at my size. I loved sucking his cock. It was hard, and easily fit in my mouth. I loved the feel of the hair on his chest, and his hefty nuts. We sucked and fucked for over an hour, when I started to notice my buddy looked strange. He suddenly came all over me, then pushed me away. He told me I was too much -- too powerful for him. He was at his power limit, and couldn't take anymore. I had so much energy I was actually hurting him. He flexed his big powerful body and thanked me. He then explained to me about human batteries and morphs."

"So there's a limit to my strength?"

"Maybe. Most guys have limits, and I've only met two that could take me, well until you. One guy trains here. In fact, that's him over there. His name is Frank. Real nice guy."

The guy Joe pointed to was built, but he was smaller than either of us. He wore a tank top and shorts. His muscles were cut and clearly visible. He looked very dense, with each muscle chord vibrating as he moved. He was curling 200lbs, strict form.

"Frank morphs strength. He's stronger than all the guys here, combined. He spends his day in here to hide his talents. He doesn't have your ability to erase minds when he morphs, and he doesn't want to draw attention to himself. In here, he's just another musclehead."

"Would you introduce me?"

"Can't. Frank helped me out once, but he's made it clear that he approaches people, not vice versa. Don't want to get him mad."

Joe's body language changed, and I knew he didn't want to talk about Frank anymore. We finished the workout doing some leg extensions and ham string curls.

It's about 8 o'clock now. I've gotta go to Todd's house for our guy's weekend. I can't wait. •

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