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The weekend begins


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

>>From the diary of Lawrence Morgan, Sept 3

Wow! What a weekend. It was a weekend of fucking man sex and power. It was great.

When I got to Todd's, he greeted me at the door. Todd was wearing only a skimpy pair of speedos. Eric was already there and pumping up. He was jealous of my strength, Todd said. He wanted to get stronger, and was working like a horse to do it. Todd put his arm around my shoulder and told me he liked me just fine the way I am. He took me to the basement which had weights set up, some mirrors and a shower.

"Get comfortable, big man." I stripped to my jock, grabbed some dumbells and started to curl.

"Hey, that's like 250 pounds each!" Eric exclaimed. He came over and felt my arm. I dropped the weights and flexed my 24 inch biceps for him. Eric ran his hand over my muscle, touching and squeezing it. "Damn" was all he could say. That's when I knew. Eric was like Joe. He was a battery too. I could feel it when he touched me, the same sense of power I get from Joe.

"Now don't go start'n anything without us, boys." Todd's dad entered the room. He was wearing a business suit. "Your uncle here yet?" he asked as he pulled off his jacket.

"No. He called and said he got caught up at the gym. Said he'd be by around 9 or 10."

Todd's dad grunted, and removed his shirt. It was slow, and difficult, as fabric bunched over muscle. He was a big man, with large dense muscles. He stepped out of his shoes and pulled his pants off, again having the problem of fabric bunching on muscle. Finally, he took off his briefs revealing a large, soft dick at the base of his 8-pack of abs.

"Saw you flexin' when I came in. You must be Larry. I'm Mark, Todd's dad." He extended his hand, and I when I took it, he forced it up. "Where's that muscle?" I flexed. "Good. Almost as big as mine." With that, Mark put his arm behind mine. In the mirror, it was like a big shadow behind mine. "25 inches, unpumped."

Just then we heard the door. "That'll be Frank." I turned, and there was the dense man from the gym. He stood there in his shorts, shirtless. Every muscle in his torso was defined like a living anatomy chart. The hair on his head was wet, like he had just had a shower.

"Frank, old man... have you met Todd's bud Larry?"

"Saw ya work'n out with Joe today. Kinda looks like him."

"Ya, but we know who's got the muscle." With that, Mark grabbed Franks shorts and gave a quick snap. The force of Mark's arm and the suddenness of the jerk were too much for the fabric, which snapped off completely. The action had no effect on Frank, who didn't move at all. He stood completely relaxed and completely nude.

His body was incredible. He wasn't as big as Mark, but boy was he cut. Each fiber of his muscles looked like a cable. As he breathed, his chest expanded and contracted, causing his thick chest to bounce. There was a clear distinction between his abs and his intercostals. His main divide was deep. At the base of his abs was his cock, and it was just as beautiful as the rest of him. It was about 4 inches, soft, but also thick. His balls were like small tangerines. He wasn't hairy, but his bush was grey and black. His legs were fitter than any runners, and large. His calves were perfect diamonds.

I stared at Frank and Mark as the greeted each other with a not-so-casual kiss. Both men were completely nude, but they hugged and patted each other's butt's and backs. The the conversation turned to muscles. Mark was bragging about breaking 25 inches on his biceps. Frank smiled as Mark flexed. Frank then flexed his arm, mocking Mark. "Bet my little 17s are stronger," he said with a sly smile.

At that, Mark flexed both arms. Frank flexed both of his, then broke the pose and took hold of Mark's wrists. The veins in Frank's arms visibly pulsed as Frank applied pressure to Mark's pose. Mark's face and torso turned red, and sweat dribbled from his pours. Mark's arm began to move. "Mark, you look tired. Let me help you straighten those mountainous arms of yours," Frank gloated. Frank's breathing remained constant and he showed no sign of exerting himself. Slowly and methodically Frank forced Mark's arms down. Frank toyed with Mark, giving and inch only to casually take it away. Mark's face was straining with his effort, his muscle's powering against a force they could resist, yet Frank was totally cool.

Frank forced Mark's arms down to his sides, then to his back. Frank stood pec-to-pec with Mark. "Oops. What's that? Did I do that to you Marky?" Frank quickly changed his grip, holding Mark's thumbs with a single hand behind Mark's back. His right hand now free, Frank moved aside and grabbed Mark's erect penis. I had never seen one so large. It extended above Mark's belly and ended just short of his pecs. Frank was gripping it lightly at the base.

"Larry. You look like Joe everywhere?" Frank's question made me realize I had been staring at the the whole time. I quickly looked around. Todd and Eric were behind me. They were jerking off!

"Come on boy. Give us a show!" Frank yelled.

I took the cue. I imitated Mark, pulling my jock from the waist with one quick motion. My 12 inches popped like a jack-in-the-box and made a loud SMACK as it hit my 8-pack.

As I approached, I felt Frank's power. Not in the way I had with other men. Frank's power felt different -- off limits. I touched Mark's body and felt Frank's presence there too. I tried to take Mark's strength, but nothing happened! At that moment, Frank said, "No funny business, kid."

"I'm more of a man than he is." I motioned my head to Mark, and twisted my arm to flex make my bicep jump.

"Hey Mark, the kid thinks he can unflex ya. How's about I suck on your huge meet while the kid tries?" Mark smiled, and Frank let him go.

Mark flexed his arms, stretching his biceps after the defeat to Frank. The pump had swelled them. "Frank still has his 17s, now I have these. Bet ya thought I was the loser." Mark grinned as he eyed his arms. I flexed mine next to them. His were at least 2 inches more peaked than mine now.

I grinned and grabbed his wrists as Frank had, but from behind. Frank was pleasuring Mark in other ways around front. I wasted no time, no toying with him. Marks faced showed the strain from the second I applied pressure -- pressure he could not resist. His arms straightened as fast as if he had no biceps at all. I looked at Frank, who stopped slurphing on Marks monster.

"Wanna try me now?" I flexed my arms.

Frank slowly walked over and placed his right hand on my left bicep. He squeezed, yet remained expressionless. He took my wrists, and suddenly I felt his strength and power. My arms came down as easily as Marks had come down under my strength. He pulled me close to him, and whispered "Ya need to be taught a few lessons, and I guess I'm just gonna have to be the guy to do it."

He then announced, "Mark, suck the kid off. It's the least he can do for ya." Mark came over and grabbed my dick. I could see the muscles tense and he tightened his grip. My dick expanded under the strain. Mark knelt before me, and in one gulp, took my full length. The sensation of his soft throat tightening around my shaft was like lightening striking me. I was delirious with pleasure. I pressed against Franks body, unyielding hard muscle, yet warm and silky. I gave up fighting him, and enjoyed the experienced men as they did things that had never been done to me before. I liked it. •

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