Books of Prophecy



By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

The Books of Prophecy

These are the holy books handed down from generation to generation since the beginning of the third age. The duration and prosperity of the past 1,000 years has been due to the prophetic fulfillment of the Curse and the events of that time.

Every tyrant must fall. Everything that is stolen must be returned. Victory when the five shall lead as one. -- The Curse of Julius

The end of the Age of Darkness was sudden. It is only through the fore thought of The Righteous One, Harrison van Dyke, that the thoughts of The Great Ones can be known. As a Disciple of The Council, you will at all times show the proper respect for these stories, or you shall die.

From the First Council of Masters by order of Supreme Master Larr

August 29

Dear Diary,

Something happened in gym class. I changed my clothes in my corner without attracting any attention from the jocks. I kept my back to Eric and Todd, the guys from yesterday, and I only heard "faggot" and "wimp" once or twice.

Class started out terribly. I got assigned to weight lifting. Eric and Todd were my partners. Eric bragged about breaking 400 lbs on the bench press, but wanted to warm up with 150. Eric had the bigger muscles, but Todd had the huge dick.

Todd pushed me to stand over Eric. "Spot him." I wanted Eric's muscles. I longed for his strength as I watched him lift the bar with ease. As he moved the weights, his chest came to life, pumping up as he lifted and stretching wide as he slowly lowered the bar to his chest. My body and soul ached to be like him.

That's when it happened. Our hands brushed, and I felt a surge of power. My body felt on fire with unstoppable energy. I had never felt anything like it before. I felt my shirt get tight around my chest and arms. My legs felt tight in my pants. I looked in the mirrored wall of the weight room, and I didn't recognize myself. I was as muscular as Eric.

The amazing thing is no one noticed a difference. Todd and Eric coached me on like they always expected me to match Eric in strength. They even began joking with me, not picking on me! When Todd spotted me, he stood so I could see the huge bulge in his jock. After class, they invited me over to Todd's house this weekend. Eric says its a man's weekend for guys only. I've never been a guy before.

I don't know how it happened, but it happened when I touched Eric. My body somehow changed to become as big and strong as his. My chest is now 48 inches flexed. My arms are 18 inches. My legs are 26. I have a tight stomach with those bumps -- Ric (that's what Eric told me all his friends call him) says that they are 'an eight-pack'. My dick even looks a little bigger.

I have to admit I love the feel of my new body. My chest is fleshy, and my nipples are real sensitive. When they rub in my shirt, its like electricity shoots from the contact to my dick. My arms are hard, and make a good sized ball. My legs have fantastic definition.

There's something a little funny though. I feel really strong. I don't mean just normal strong, I mean like a superman or something. Eric said he could bench press 400 lbs. I think maybe he lied.

Maybe I'll experiment more tomorrow. ---- August 30

It worked! My dick is now a solid 9 inches of thick power thanks to Tony.

Tony is an Italian kid with lots of girls always hanging around. He likes to brag about his big dick. Todd was the one who told me about his endowment. He had heard Tony bragging about 'his huge cock', and Todd was in the mood for some fun. So Todd and Ric walked over to Tony and confronted. Todd said that Tony had nothing but a little boy's dick, and challenged him. Ric forced Tony to go behind a tree and pushed down his pants. Todd did the same. Needless to say, Tony didn't compare. Todd lifted Tony off the ground and was about to beat him to a pulp, but Tony begged and cried. Todd told Tony if he sucked Todd off, he wouldn't kill him. Tony begged to touch his dick, and then tongue bathed him. (This sounds like fun.)

When Tony saw the three of us, he told his gaggle of girls that he had to leave and started to walk away. Ric called his name, and Tony froze. I guess he knew what was coming.

I wanted to experiment. I had managed to get Ric's size and strength when I touched him. Would the same thing work with Tony? I got near him and put my big arm over his shoulder and thought about his dick. My underwear suddenly felt uncomfortable, and I knew it worked.

Funny thing, though, I didn't feel the same sorta rush I felt when I touched Eric. With Eric, it was like electricity powering my body. I felt like I could do anything. With Tony, I felt my underwear get tight. It was fun, just not in the same way.

I just measured it. Its now 6 inches thick and over 9 inches long.

I also feel stronger, like I added Tony's strength to my own. I think its time for more experiments. The weekend is only a few days away.

Nothing new in school.

--- August 31

Today was awsome. After school, I went to a gym I've seen. It always has lots of really muscular guys. Some of the guys at school say its a fags' gym. That's what I want.

I paid for a workout and went in the back to change. I brought a tank top and shorts. No jockstrap today, I wanted my new meat to be free.

When I came out, only a few guys were working out. But one was enough. He was a guy about 30, with big muscle. He had dark black hair that he parted on the left side. The first time he looked at me with his saphire blue eyes, I thought a lightening bolt had hit me. He had thick swatches of hair on his chest. I walked over to where he was benching 200 lbs. I took the bench next to him and started my own set at 200. He seemed to notice me, and raised his to 250. I matched him, and raised it to 275. He skipped that and went straight to 325. I had to raise it to 350, and pretended to barely got out eight reps. The guy did 12 at 400. I decided to play with him, so I put another 50 on the bar and did eight reps. I don't think I was struggling as hard as before. I think I wanted him to know that I was playing.

That's when he did something I wasn't expecting. He put another four plates on the bar, and did 20 reps like the bar was nothing. He sat up -- he hadn't even worked up a sweat! -- and winked at me!

"Don't worry kid, you'll get there." He was extremely handsome. I thought about matching his weight, but he asked me to spot him. He smiled at me and I felt like melting. So much for showing off. I spotted him on his benchpress as he played with over 600lbs on the bench. We followed up with flies, and he gave me some tips on working my chest.

We also just bullshat. His name was Joe. I told him I was 20. He said he just broke up with his boyfriend, and needed a new workout partner. He invited me out after the workout. I accepted. He was perfect.

In the locker room, he wasn't shy about showing his body. He took off his shirt and flexed his pumped chest. He was huge and ripped, the two hemispheres of muscle bulging in ripped perfection for my amusement. I did him one better and took off my shirt and shorts. I stood next to him naked, and began to pose. I made my pecs bounce and flexed my biceps. Like our competition in the gym, he matched my poses. In the mirror, he was clearly the winner. His muscles were thicker, larger, stronger. I was like a boy next to his manly form.

"Damn! Look at those arms. How big are they?"

"I'll let you measure these guns when we get to my place. And anything else you want to measure." he teased.

I didn't understand til he had taken off his pants. His legs were easily 30 inches and very defined. But the surprise hung between his legs. He was easily as big as me, probably bigger.

I needed to touch him. I felt a physical need to touch him. I decided then and there I would add his strength to my own, but I wanted his size and definition. And I wanted his dick. It may not be Todd's, but it was big enough for now.

As we showered, I was mesmerized by his body. His wet hair pressed against his massive torso, and I could truly appreciate his size. Each pec was a mound of thick flesh that pulsed with his every move. His biceps jumped up and down as he lathered and rubbed his mass. He bent over and washed his thick calves. The last thing he cleaned was his dick and balls, rubbing and tugging on them as he lathered. With his every motion, the urge to add his power to my own increased.

I thought I had my chance after we dressed. He told me to follow his truck, and patted me on the back. Damned clothes, it didn't work through them. It must need skin to skin contact.

I got in my car and followed him. He had some weights set up in his house, and it was a nice place. I suggested we continue our little comparisons, and pulled off my shirt.

"Wait here."

When Joe returned, he was naked. He had a tape measure. He threw it to me.

"Measure yourself."

I took the tape and wrapped it around my arm. "17 and a half inches." I moved to my chest, and I noticed Joe's dick was coming to life. He was otherwise motionless as I announced "49 inches". I wrap it around my waist and flex. "29 and a half." Joe's dick became parallel to the floor, and still not fully hard.

I wrapped the tape around the thickest part of my thigh. "26 3/8". My calves were a respectable 17 and diamand hard. The last thing I measured was my dick. I put the tape measure along the top, and read out "9 1/8" as I pushed as much blood into the prick as I could. Joe grinned.

"My chest is 53 inches, unflexed. My wings and pecs, flexed, make me 61. These guns are 22 inches, unflexed. My waist is 30, and my thighs are 33. My meat is a foot long and hard as steel."

I began to approach. I needed him. But he told me to stop. I was shocked to hear him say, "I know what you can do. It's OK. But don't do it right away. Let me enjoy you first."

I was startled. It took me a few moments to figure out what he was saying. "You know?"

He looked a little taken aback. "Yes, I've meet genetic musclemorphs before. That is what you are, right?"

I didn't understand.

He explained that there were other guys like me, with greater or lesser ability to gain muscle or change their body structure. That's all he knew. He knew he had a bod of death, and guys sought him out. He didn't mind, as long as they didn't actually drain him (some could, he heard), all he wanted was to have his fun first.

What could I do? I let him make love to me. He was beautiful, a pure man. He felt my body, and we played. I struggled against him, but he easily overpowered me with his brute strength, yet soft touch. He pinned me to the floor, and held me with one hand. He made a fist with the other and began pounding my stomach. I flexed my eight-pack. Luckily he wasn't using his full strength or I'm sure I'd be in the hospital.

He rubbed his huge dick across mine -- his shaft much thicker and longer than my own. I felt small next to him, weak in his strength. I grabbed his chest. His pec was meaty, firm yet pliant. I messaged his chest, and looked at his face. Our eyes met, and he grinned. He flexed his chest, and taunted me through his gaze to squeeze. I did. I couldn't budge it. As I strained, he wrapped an arm around me and kissed me. I tried to pull away, but couldn't. I couldn't think, I was being overwelmed by my senses. I came. I shot a huge load all over Joe. At the same time, I felt his cannon discharge. We shot again and again between our two hot bodies.

When we finished, Joe spoke. "I'm a lot of man, little morph. Better get started." I didn't understand, but I felt the need for his strength in me. He flexed both his biceps, creating huge mounds. A vein pulsed at the top of each. I placed my hand on it. Suddenly I felt power like I had never felt. With Ric it was electric. This was atomic. I felt it all. Strength. Manliness. Virility. And the body! I rushed over me and didn't seem to stop. While I had taken Eric and Tony instantly, I held Joe for seconds before I duplicated his essence. I felt more and more powerful as I held onto Joe's massive biceps, and I felt my body expand. I felt heavier. Denser. I was supercharged like never before. I felt like I could take on the world and win. Then, just as quickly as the feeling had began, it ebbed away. I looked into Joe's face. He looked amazed.

"Wow, that was fast." He looked me over. "Dick and muscles. Never saw that before. And it isn't show. You're strong now too."

I grinned... "Stronger than you, now."

I walked over to Joe and stood chest to chest. Equals. Joe stepped back and grabbed my pec. I flexed. His grip gave way to steel muscle. I grabbed his pec. It wasn't the unyeilding hardness I remembered from minutes ago. It was flesh now, flesh I could crush, and I did. Joe's eye widened at the realization. After a minute, I let go.

"Meausre me." I commanded.

He started with the dick. "A familiar twelve inches by eight inches." The other measurements were the same. As he declared my 24 inches biceps "familiar", I grabbed him and kissed him. He forced me onto the floor, eventhough I was stronger than him. We wrestled, naked, for several minutes, but now I was too much for him. I pinned his arms and battered his abs as he had bashed mine. I had my way with him. The way he moaned as he felt my now foot-long cock penetrate his tight ass really got me turned on. We both had multiple orgasms that night.

We're meeting at the gym again tomorrow. •

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