Books of Prophecy

Prologue 2 (Todd)


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters


>>From the Journal of Todd Rothman, August 28, 2000

This is the journal of Todd Rothman. It is part of an assignment for Mr. van Dyke's English class. I think its shit. The only thing I gotta do every night is pump up my muscle and jerk off my big dick. Ric, that's Eric Young, and I lift in my dad's gym every night. Ric is the only guy stronger than me at school, and he loves my big dick.

Every guy in my family has a big dick. We even have a family chart that goes back ten generations. I remember when Dad first showed it to me. We worked out every day, even then. My Dad is 6 feet, 280 lbs of muscle. My mom died when I was born, so Dad raised us. He had always lifted weights, even won a few contests when he was in high school. After mom died, it became his ritual, his daily work out. We watched him when we were young, and we were allowed to join in when we were about 8. It was during one of these workouts when he told us. I was ten, and my brother Jake was twelve.

"Well, looks like I can't put it off any longer," Dad announced. "Jake here is pushing the issue. Son, I gotta talk to ya about your dick."

"Dad, I already know where babies come from."

"Not that. Son, ain't no other way to tell ya, but guys in our family are blessed with huge cocks. Jake, you'll be hung like a horse. Now, I know you can't understand this right now, but this takes on a big responsibility. Y'all can't just be whipp'n your meat into anyone that comes along. You'll hurt'em." I didn't understand it then, but this really got to me. The idea that my dick could cause someone pain really turns me on.

At this Dad stood up and dropped his pants. We had seen him naked lots of times, so we knew his dick hung halfway down to his knees, even when it was soft. Dad lifted his meat in his hand.

"When this is hard, son, it measures over 15 and a quarter inches and 8 and a half inches thick. This is a man's dick son. All the men in our family have'em."

That's when he pulled out the chart. Dad is the second biggest in our family. Our dead grandfather was the biggest at a little over 16 and a half. The smallest was the first guy on the page. He only had a 12.5 inch cock.

"It's tradition to measure you ever 3 months from 12 until you want to stop. I haven't stopped yet. I like my rituals." We laughed.

Then Dad showed us how he takes the measurements. He closed his eyes and began rubbing his hands over his abs and pecs. He flexed his muscles and pinched his nipples. All the while his other hand played with his dick, stroking it from its soft 9 inches. Its veins began to pulse as blood made it grow past 10 inches, then 11. It slowly began to rise as it grew past 12 into 13 then 14 inches. As it reached its full length, it stood straight out and even began to point up. "There are muscles here too son. Gotta work'em and keep'em strong."

He walked up to the chart and put his cock over an outline. It matched perfectly. The ruler marked 15 and a quarter.

Your turn Jake. Jake was already hard, but his dick didn't compare to our Dad's. He walked over to the chart, and our Dad quickly drew its outline. "Respectable son. Looks to be a solid 11 and three quarters. Smaller than I was at your age, but pretty respectable. And you'll grow."

Two years later, when I measured in for the first time, I was 12 and a half inches. "Damn, that's bigger than me at that age!" I remember his hand flew to his cock, which seemed to explode in size. "If you grow like you should, shit..." his voice trailed off and his cum flew out of his cock. Dad had never lost it in front of us before. It was like a volcano spewing lava. Dad shot a good foot into the air before it trailed off. His nuts, which normally hung low were pulled tight, and every muscle in his body tightened. Who the fuck needs Muscle and Fitness with my Dad around?

Last time we measured up, I beat Jake. His puny 13 and a half inches was whooped by my 13 and three quarter. This caused Dad to cum too. The only other time was when I began to beat grandpa in the scale. You see, with the growth spurts I should have this year, I should have the biggest dick in my family. It's my goal. And when that happens, Ric and I have some plans to fuck with some of those geeks at school that think we're nothing but dumb muscleheads. ---- >>From the diary of Lawrence Morgan, August 28

Dear Diary,

Mr. van Dyke has assigned us the task of writing a diary. He says that the only way to learn to write is to do it.

This is my first week in the new school. I'm scared. I've always been small and bookish, and there are some tough looking kids around. They call me faggot. A couple have even threatened to beat me up already, or maybe worse.

We have to undress for gym.

I don't think I like it here.

Gym class was awful. We just stood around all day while the teachers talked. We had to change in the locker room. I tried to hide, but instead I fucked up real bad.

I went to the furthest corner and began to get undressed. Just as I got my shirt off, two of the bigger guys came over. They opened a couple of the lockers and took their shirts off. They were huge! They both had really defined chests and shoulder and hard 8 bulges across their stomachs. I tried not to stare as I continued to change. They didn't seem to notice me.

I lost it when they took off their pants. One guy had a huge dick. It hung down real long, bigger than anyone elses, WAY bigger than mine. I must have made a face or something cause the next thing I hear is the guy saying, "What ya looking at faggot!".

I quickly turned away, but not before I heard his fist slam into the locker. "That could be your head, faggot." Then he began to laugh. "Bet you'd like to have a cock like mine, huh?"

It was weird, though. All the while it was happening, I felt really strange. Maybe that's how you're suppose to feel right before you get your face bashed in. •

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