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Am I sore! Hell yeah. Did a tremendous thighs workout yesterday. Did 2 sets of 10 squats with 90kg (200) and 4 sets of DEEP squats with 100Kgs (220) s well as 3 sets with 3 inch steel chains attached to the bar so that when I went down, the chains hit the floor and the weight reduces. Its what happens when you ask the man who maintains the gym "what's that bin full of chains for". Then. Afterwards I ask him who else uses them and he tells me "1". They're effective for hittting the lower thighs but upwards of say 180 lbs they don't make that much difference. And tonight I drank my usual litre of water before gym, plus another half litre half an hour before and did a tremendous workout. Lats, flat bench press, inclined bench press and decline, and pec machine and preacher curls and lateral raises and calves. My body is so sore. Feeling huger every day. So I'll take tommorrow off if I can. God I love gym. Now, back to the story. Episode 6 of Rick

Rick loomed large as I gazed up over Ron who had passed out at the peak of his fucking frenzy with me against the mirror. Now I'm pinned down by a set of huge Mr. Olympia Pecs pressing into me and I'm thinking, 'Ron had no idea who he was fucking'?

But I knew one thing. That it was Rick's magnificent body that turned Ron into an animal Mr. Olympia slamming my back up against that mirror and fucking me so completely. It's a wonder I'm still awake! I mean, I've never been fucked like that ever! Not ever. And never so hard and never so thoroughly. And as Ron's orgasmed Rick finally managed to flex his arms into a double biceps in defiance of his incredibly pumped Triceps that refused to let his elbows could bend enough. But when he did, he hit a double biceps that bulged so amazingly he beat all previous records!

And now, here I am, still holding a double biceps and feeling the ribbons of Ron's steel belted Pecs rubbing against mine. Plus his 12 inch hard manhood inside me. Pity Ron's eyes aren't open. But he fainted, again! And it's so fascinating how even when unconscious, Ron's muscles hold their incredible firmness with his head resting on my right shoulder. And in the mirror I can see his beautiful black nostrils flaring as he breaths heavily and rhythmically over my Pecs.

Rick still towers over us with his huge, hot, pink, glossy, smooth, rippling Pecs covered in their quiescent striations, bold and powerful that only a Phase 2 can be. And behind his towering Pecs he still holds up those record breaking double biceps and god I need to measure them. God I wish Ron was awake.

"It's time", Rick calls out and I give my left biceps a quick hard flex and a good kiss n suck before I brake my pose. So does Rick but with 2 loud pops of his lips against both of his massive walls of biceps muscle, and I bring my arms down into a most muscular pose I see Rick having trouble, well not so much trouble and a distraction adjusting his biceps over his lats. But I'm going to play with my big black muscleman asleep on top of me for a few moments. So I start flex my Pecs so that Ron's huge body rises and falls several inches and it feels so incredible even to be a Phase 1. Its awesome. And then I find myself wondering 'Will Ron be able to cope with a Phase 2 transformation'? After all, he's fainted twice and become so hyper horny he lost his sense of reality and fucked me so I'm almost delirious now that Rick's gone Phase 2. Still, it is reversible. Yet look at Ron now! He's like a rag doll. Except he's one incredible rag doll!

So with his primal Prick still very much a part of me and that means all of it, its swimming in a pool of his own making but its rapidly disappearing into the mucus lining of my muscular rectum. I can feel how some of Ron's seminal essences has mingled and penetrated my blood stream. I can feel how a whiff of Ron's enhancements are coursing through my veins. Doing interesting things to me. Though at this stage its mainly reving me up. Like Rick is augmenting and enhancing me via Ron. No! I know I'm being transformed by Rick's second hand Phase2 essence. Yes!! I have no doubt and it's one of the factors keeping my Cock so rock solid. And Ron's too! And I can feel Ron's pounding heart. Its like his is an echo of my own beating heart. But then they are only a half a foot of muscle apart.

And above us Rick is holding that records breaking double biceps pose because, yes, he realised he couldn't let it go. Not after he sucked and made his lips go pop! And 'Oh my muscle god', I have to kiss Ron! Asleep or not asleep. I just have too! And for a fleeting moment I manage to open his eyes as overhead Rick become fully engaged in a self worship session admiring his massive powerful striated, oh my muscle god, look at him. He's huge. He's Magnificent, stupendous, incredible! And those fabulous huge arms he so sensuously flexed as he starts attacking them from different angles, turning, twisting to effect the perfect pose, the perfect angle, the perfect view in the mirror and he starts kissing and sucking, and sucking and kissing his monumentally magnificent upper arms that are full of power and framed by his freaky vein covered forearms. And who can blame him?

Who can deny him some time to self worship? To be fascinated? And my eyes become fixed on his eyes as I follow those deep blue clear eyes likewise being fascinated by the large powerful veins that run down the middle of his medicine sized split biceps topped by that record breaking bulging peak and topped again by a huge peaky vein with cascading veins feeding his huge arms.

Then Rick brings both biceps in close to his face and lifts them up over his Pecs so he can turn his head left and right, right and left to compare them. To examine their power and their masculine beauty. And its enough to make a grown man cry and his eyes tell me he feels like curling thousands of pounds as he sizes them up, admires them in the mirror, looking at himself over the top of the peak and throws himself into kissing and sucking them. Who can blame him?

Look at those arms! Look at how much power they stand for. Arms that set a new standard of size and shape and power and I can't help wonder 'how much weight can he curl'? And then I restrike my 29 inches double biceps pose and I manage to distract Rick and show him how mine can glisten like they are glad wrapped. But my 29 inches can't compare to Rick's arms which are the eighth, ninth and tenth wonders of the world wrapped in one!! God I have to measure them! Though as far as wonders of the world go, this particular wonder is a total secret. Only we few know about Rick.

"Its time", Rick repeats with a little more determination in his voice.

"Time for what", I ask?..."To measure me of course", says Rick a matter of factly and bends over and just picks Ron up by the waist which pulls Ron's Cock from me with a POP and throws him over his shoulder so that his stiff Cock fits snuggly between Delts and Traps and then extends me a hand and lifts me to my feet with a kiss.

But Ron's big black glistening Ass holds such an invitation I have to slap him and he feels so incredibly solid! And as I do, I also grab Rick's erection now that it can finally be separated from Rick powerful embracing Pecs and this time I embrace the 1 inch piss slit with alacrity as my lips completely envelop his dickhead and my tongue massages that 1 inch and I feel it swelling as I give him the best suck he's had so far and Rick goes stiff and starts to groan ominously. Its like his body is rumbling and I'm about to strike a vast reservoir of cum when his Cock explodes in my face and a cup of Cum goes everywhere, not just down my throat and I recoil gasping before a second load but only a half cup hits the ceiling!

"Now you bugger, you've made me really hungry", and he bends me over and ejaculates 5 times up my bum slapping my big muscly ass as he does and then turns me around, kisses me, shoves my head back down over his cock and unloads 3 manageable loads down into my belly and then picks me up and carries both of us to the kitchen. And all this time Ron was asleep over Rck's shoulder.

Now its time for breakfast and we almost break a doorframe on the way!

When we arrive, he drops me off and sits Ron on a kitchen stool and holds him steady. Then lifts his head with one hand and kisses him 'till his eyes opened and Ron gets this big smile and as soon as Ron consciously sees its Rick staring at him, his body jerks a few times like he's still ejaculating!

"Sorry. I must have passed out" Ron apologises ...."You sure did", I chirp in. •

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