By Freaker

Damn! I lost count. But look at Rick. Oh my muscle god, what a sight. He was an enormous muscle cake covered in Cum icing and he was absolutely delicious looking as he started laughing. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha" a masculine laugh so infectious at the thought of how he had broken the Olympic bar in 2 places leaving him leaning back in the incline position with his hands up in the air! "Ow", Rick suddenly dropped the bar! "That's hot" and started laughing again! "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha". The Olympic bar had gotten hot where it broke right next to his hands and then he sat up and his Arms were so pumped he couldn't bend them"!

"That was amazing Rick" says Ron, looking at one of the piles of 50Kg plates on the floor, half of which had come loose from the bar. "How do you feel", I asked, noticing the big smile on his face, the sweat, the white icing that covered his face and body and he smiled at me first before flexing his Pecs when more cream oozed out from between his 10 pack Pecs. Remember? His Pecs were formed out of 5 distinct bands of muscle! And 'oh my muscle god', I went weak in the knees. And then Rick said, "Fantastic", my knees finally buckled as Rick uttered that one word with so much confidence, so much certainty, even though he was breathing hard and it was hard to believe the sound of his voice, the sight of his incredible muscles, his pumped Pecs, his pumped arms, his incredibly narrow solid muscular waist, his huge 90" thighs and amazing 35" calves, to name just a few! God!!!!! And his whole masculine package that was covered in Cum, and was dripping with cum, put me on my knees before him.

Rick's huge thighs rolled over each other as he took one thunderous step forwards and thrust his Crotch into my face and I lost it for a while as my face was warmed by his cream covered Balls before I looked up into a mountain of hot sweating, pumped, handsome 6 foot wide, almost 6 foot tall and 5 foot thick God that was demanding I worship him any way I felt like it!

Ron saw this and became stupefied and just stood there next to me staring into our God's eyes. He became expressionless. And then Rick looked at him and started to try and flex his arms into a double biceps. But the huge pump he had from the inclines made it hard to bend his arms from the total pump his triceps were enjoying and as Rick struggled to raise his arms tensing his Biceps, making them turn into massive stringy striations Ron, standing there expressionless started cumming with his body as stiff as a board and loads of cum exploded from his vein enveloped Cock like it was a huge fireworks and Cum went in every direction before he collapsed in a heap of Olympian muscle!

Rick tilted his head looking at Ron's prostrate body before looking down at me and tilted his head in the other direction. He smiled at both of us and wondered how I was going to react and smiled again when I started gobbling up the delicious cream that was still running off of his huge Balls. And as I worked my way up his Abs diving into his Abs cleavages with my probing tongue that was getting quite a good workout, Rick spread his legs a little and turned his attention inwards to read his body. He noticed how he'd survived that ordeal pretty well intact, apart from a slight burn to the outside edge of his palm and started to alternately flex and stretch his muscles gently as he tried to comprehend the impossible pump he now had.

His upper Pecs were so pumped they were huge and solid and rose up over the tip of his nose and he stuck out his tongue and licked both left and right upper Pecs and swallowing a pool of Cum in the process. While I worked my way up through the cleavages of his Abs and sucked his intercostals feeling the incredible power of his body. "Kevin", he called as my tongue reached his Pecs. We couldn't see each other. I had a foot of pec muscle over my head. "Yes", as I continued consuming Rick's sweet protein filled cleavages "Help Ron"....."Ok".

Ron didn't actually need any help, as such, but his conscious presence was needed. Rick was hungry, and not only for food. He was hungry for the love of a six times Mr. O and as I stretch Ron out on to his back and lay on top of him I whispered in his ear, "Wake up handsome, wake up' and kissed him. And at first he didn't move, except for a slight smile. "Hey! Handsome!! Wake up.. Rick needs you", and then the smile grew and he opened his eyes and immediately grabbed and kissed me. But then he went wild and turned me over and his Cock was exactly as it had always been. Raging, as he grabbed my legs and lifted them up and started fucking me with his eyes closed. I had to go along for the ride as he just went for it. Besides, there was no way of resisting him. He was a wild man with powerful muscles. And I didn't want to burst his bubble as he humped me hard with his 12 inch Phase 1 Cock and wrapped his arms around me as he pound my crotch with his hips. Our Balls collided and our Chests thumped together in his frenzy of lust unleashed like this is what he would have done moments ago but he became stupefied and stiff as a board! And for 10 minutes we were 2 balls of muscle bouncing off of each other and he came and came and I came and came in more than just sympathy. Ron's Phase 1 12 inch Cock worked its magic well enough again and again and before we were done he lifted me to a near vertical position as he humped me and suddenly stood up carrying me and even as he walked me to a mirror he humped me and then pressed my Back against the mirror where he roaring with lust as he pounded my insides and each thrust massaged my prostate as he thrust my Back up and down the mirror using the power of his narrow hips and 10 pack Abs and I yelled, and he yelled, and even Rick yelled in orgasmic delight and over Ron's shoulders I could see Rick massaging his Pecs and his Cock was flexing in sympathy with each and every thrust of Ron's hips as he humped me up and down the mirror and I broke into a double biceps and Rick tried to match me but his arms couldn't get to 90 degrees because of the intense pump in his Triceps. But he moved closer so he could stare into my eyes over Ron's shoulder and I felt like I was riding on a huge wave of muscle in the night with all the milky way radiating out from Rick's eyes now focused on me!! And finally, when Ron's fuck pole was exhausted he was too and he fell on top of me and still I could see Rick stretching and struggling to get his arms elbows to bend. And finally after several attempts he managed to get his arms to 90 degrees and was able to hit an incredible full on double biceps and as his upper arms exploded and his forearms blew up his Biceps' peaks kept on exploding until they passed "incredible", and he finally stopped trying when his fists touched his Biceps balls!!! That was when his Triceps were able to extend enough to facilitate the most amazing double biceps anyone had ever witnessed. Including Rick himself!!

"Its time", says Rick! •

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