By Freaker

As Rick kissed the now unconscious Ron, his massive left arm had to hold him steady when he started bucking at the hips. He was coming back to consciousness and it was Ron's Abs that were contracting rhythmically like he was being hit by after-shocks of the Earthquake pounding he'd just given me.

I, on the other arm was rubbed my Pecs into Rick's huge huge right bulging Triceps as I sucked the firm side of his boldly bulging right Pectoral.

But finally Ron settled down and Rick stepped back so I could approach. I gave Ron a concerned stare, and as I gazed into his eyes I could see the piles of Pec muscles I proudly called 'mine' and they reminded me that I've been Transformed. And I found myself flexing them and for a second I wondered why? But the answer was obvious. It was because I feel so horny all the time. Then I saw Ron's deep dark eyes were glazed over in a way that matched his behaviour. 'Ha!' I laughed to myself thinking how Ron's behaviour matched his state of mind. 'Poor old Ron! He was probably only one notch more out of control than me'. Which is why I was able to ask, "Ron. Do you know where you are"?

He blinked at me. Then looked around a bit before saying "Are we still in the kitchen"?

So! Ron really had no memory fucking me. He had been too stimulated by Rick's incredible body he went into a trance.

Then, behind us, we heard Rick taking in a deep and loud lung full of air. But we have to realise the geometry of his expanded lungs. Where normally, a man has a 2-3 litre capacity, Rick's development, being in 3 dimensions means his lung capacity is 'n' raised to the cube! And now his lungs were 4.3 times as wide, broad and deep so he has 4.3 x 4.3 x 4.3 = something like 80 x 3 = 240 litres of lung capacity and the air rushed into his enhanced Phase 2 chest and created a noise that was more than enough to distract Ronnie and I. Then Rick half yawned and smiled as he was noticing us gazing at him. Of course we were in awe. And of course, when he puckered his lips and sucked in that air he was a magnificent God of incredible muscularity! Then I saw a drop of saliva drip from Ron's mouth and run down into the cleavage of his Pecs .

Then I realised something. That with enormous lungs like Rick's, its hard to know exactly when his chest is "fully expanded". Its like as big as he gets he can always suck in some more air, if he wanted to. So it was no surprise to find he started up again after a brief yawn, inflating himself, making his lungs bigger. Turning him self into something teetering on the impossibly huge. With a grin on his face with his lips pursed into an O through which air was being sucked. He looked so handsome and so in need of a good kiss! Then some more sucking. And again it was so awesome listening to him and watching his huge lungs keep on expanding and we were noticing how his surrounding muscle kept adjusting. How his powerful Pecs adjusted by protruding even more, and how his Intercostals poped through his ribs and he took a step forward and trust his Pecs into our faces! And our open mouths, so we could suck on his massive rippling ManPecs!

It was like there was no tomorrow as Rick managed to relax his Pecs so we could suck in a complete mouths full of his hot firm Pec meat all full of striated banded goodness and for another full minute he just kept on inflating his lungs and making that loud sucking sound through his pearly front teeth!!

'Oh fucking hell', our mouths and lips could feel the power radiating from his body and our ears were being bombarded by the sounds of his inexhaustible powers. Our eyes were then awash with solid muscle everywhere before us as the rush of air infiltrated his lungs, expanding and expanding them, and our hands were free to roam the hot solidity of his body. His muscular massiveness was breathtaking and as he pressing against us the sound of the air rushing gave us a similar incredible lasting rush. We felt so erogenous as a rush so intense it became impossible to describe. And then suddenly, Rick stepped back a pace and strands us.

He then just stood there, with his huge body fully filling our visions. With his 6 foot wide frame, shoulder cap to shoulder cap covered in nothing but pure overpowering dense muscle covered in striations and a paper thin moist sensuous see through skin over which sweat beaded as fast as the duco of a new car. His body was awash with his natural body oil and in turn it was covered with eye popping veins that seductively beat to the powerful rhythm of his slowly beating, endlessly capable heart. And his veins also highlighted the power inherent in his muscles.

Then we instantly felt cut off! Isolated! Alone! Adrift!

But our isolation was broken when Rick turned what proved to be a side show of inhaling air into an impromptu and incredibly powerful full Lat Spread!! He gave us a big smile and a wink that sent butterflies through our stomachs. And what a Lat's spread he presented! It was fantastic, awe inspiring and so incredible our mouths gaped wider than ever. And I could see Ron's lips and the slightly pink inner mucus membrane as his mouth salivated. Then Rick stunned us!

He made a display of muscles that swept us off our feet! And our eyes boggled as his outer Pecs spread wider and wider until they pushed hard into his biceps and were practically screaming at us to suck them! Screaming at us to take up their incredible power in our mouths using our lips and tongues as they bulged, full and fat with solid powerful muscle that protruded more than a gigantic foot from his incredible Intercostals and ribs!

Then I realised his massive arms had not been properly measured as there in front of me I could see how his massive arms were being completely supported by his Lats. They were also being thrust forwards as his massive, indescribably beautiful Lats forced his arms up and forwards so he was standing there mesmerising us like he was about to reach out and give us a bear hug andit was so tempting to lung forwards and fall between his massive veined forearms.

And his Lats were the epitome of his Torso's power! Their masculinity framed his god like face like it was a boat set in an ocean of muscle.

And look at those Lat muscles! Talk about massive! They deserved to be worshipped in total isolation! And they were so massive they were like buttresses holding up his InHuMan body. And cum to think of it, he looked as big as a Cathedral.

Clearly, Rick was a place of muscle worship. And clearly Rick was real beyond belief. With slabs of muscle fighting other slabs for the real lack of space to fit his enhanced skeleton. And with a face as handsome as he was I could so easily imagine him being the pretext needed to launch a thousand ships, should he ever need rescuing.

In fact he was all too real. All too beautiful. He was the epitome of masculinity taken to an extreme. And when I speculate on what Rick, what I and Ron and the others will look like after a Phase 3 Transformation, my mind boggles so much it hurts!

In fact, Rick is so beautiful to look at now, I have to continually restrain myself. Control and restrain my many impulses with Pecs over 2 incredible FEET thick. So powerful and immediately accessible and covered in steely striated muscle fibres that constantly tempted me to acknowledge them, individually! And they even tempt me to count them! But oh my fucking MuscleGod, Rick's pink hot & smooth striated Lats were starting to take off. He was expanding and expanding them as he performed and perfected the Lat spread!

His Lats were growing. Growing into huge wings of pure thick power. They were becoming wings. Or screens! Only they were very very thick. God only knows what he looked like from behind. And look at those big Balls! Testicles attached to the root of his huge Cock! And then there was the way he spread his legs apart and showed off his massive inner thighs!

And our minds boggled as those wings of desire continued to form up. To spread. They were like louvres unfolding, slowly, one after the other. Fold after fold of Latissimus Dorsi. Broad bands of muscle covering his lumbar region emerged from the massive thickness of those buttresses as slowly, his Lats combined with his 2 huge arms of incomparable power to form 2 huge arm pits like enchanted caves! And Rick's lungs were still expanding! Growing. Filling up.

Is there no end to his incredible size? As his already huge lungs just keep on expanding and another large bulge of Lat muscle explodes sideways from within muscles 2 feet thick.

And a gob of Cum oozes form his DickHead!

At this rate his Lats will spread as far as his elbows!

Rick then started flexing his upper Pecs.... "Ooooooo My Muscle God!! Look at them bunching" I call out and Ron and I looked at each in more amazement. This was something to celebrate so we kiss as Rick's Pecs stareted mounding up from his already fully flexed lower Pecs. 4 more thick bands of muscle to go as he flexed them from the bottom up! One after another the thick bands of muscle flexed and mounded over a hugely inflated chest forming a 10 Pack of magnificent muscle covering his Torso in 5 Bands of solid glistening muscle. Then slowly, ever so slowly his incredible Lats started spreading again. YES! Again! Seducing us as he flexed them wider and wider, further and further until they flared thick and spread to wider than his elbows with his arms held half forwards in a most stunning Lats Spread we saw his thickly spreading Lats lifting his massive arms even more!! His Lats spread forwards and out, filling his arm pits with muscle as he turned into an unbearably intense sexy, smooth skinned muscle monster and he had the perfect god like Celtic face that matched his pink skin and dark blond hair with deep blue eyes.

'Oh my muscle god', we could only guess at how wide his Lats now are. But they looked at least 8 feet wide and I imagined how his torso must be over 5 feet thick! He was almost as thick as he was tall and wider than he was tall. Much wider! And he was magnificent! And in so creating this incredibly huge lung expansion, two enormously huge and gaping jewel encrusted cavernous arms pits were being thrust in our faces and they reeking with his intoxicating aroma. The scent of a MuscleGod.

It was aroma therapy and it suddenly hit us like those cavernous arm pits were tossing tiny droplets of his masculinity straight up our nostrils where they exploded and made our nostril flare. We almost whinnied as we shoved our heads inside of his muscle caves and surrounded ourselves with his muscle power! He beckoned us to inhale though he didn't needed to. And yes! His arm pits were so large they completely envelop our heads.

We nuzzled our noses into his tufts of thick short straight dark blond hair. He was sopping wet with perspiration that was any thing but offensive. Instead it was like the fresh breeze at the sea shore as our lips sought out and quickly found the most powerful and strong emblems of his incredible muscle power. We sucked on his short thick strands of steel strong tendons that ran a short distance from the end of his super long muscle bellies and made their appearance at the surface inside his arm pits.

They connected so much muscle to his shoulder bones and sucking them was like sucking on heartstrings! Rick's tendons were the strings of a fantastical musical instrument that needed to be played and plucked. Then, Oh god!! Our tongues! They slivered and our lips nibbled on those steel cables and we felt them vibrating as he flexed his massive biceps over heads and then our tongues caressed and our lips sucked on the other ones, the powerful anchors that connected his powerful Pectorals.

And Rick was surveying his worshippers in the mirror now situated inside of his armpits and he could see just how wide he was. It was like we had put our ears against a large shell and we could hear the Sea! We could also smell it! His armpits reminded me of a happy day at the beach. It was his aroma. It was the aroma of a surfer fresh from the ocean plus his highly intoxicating manly fresh musk and it filled our lungs until it was like we had become one with our MuscleGod.

Then he relaxed his pose and our heads were enveloped by muscles and we were wrapped up as our heads were compressed by the weight of his muscles .It was like going back in a womb as we drifted off for who knows how long, in a state of total intoxication. A state where every breath we took brought us a mixed bag of feeling ranging from surges of muscle power to the soporific cradle as if in the arms of a MuscleGod.

Then suddenly, Rick grabs and hugs us. Probably just before we collapse and he abandons us! He steps back. And just leaves us like 2 lost puppies and I have to place a hand on Ron's Pecs to stop him falling from the kitchen stool......'Oh my muscle god", Ron mutters and then out loud, "Kevin! Look at him. He's so....huge....fucking huge....I.....can't believe...it...." And our 3 Cocks glistened so much they seem to glow!

I stood and Ron sat as we salivated in the after glow of Rick's captivating caves and Ron breaks into a cold sweat where his pitch black skin is soon shimmering with beads of sweat. But he is anything but cold.

Then I realise how I'm a mirror image of Ron. Our muscles have gained such a pump. A side effect of our Phase 1 transformation and we're lusting just to touch Rick who seems to be making a decision. And I think he's going to put an end to our muscle madness! Especially Ron's muscle madness. And he suddenly bends forward and kissed us and gives me a smile and I seem to understand instantly what he's about to do. Its feels like he's about to make us an offer. Maybe an offer we can't refuse. Like the opportunity to possess him completely. The chance to enter him? To pour out our accumulated frustration, once and for all? To get him out of our systems? 'Ha! Fat chance' I thought.

Well, maybe enough to enable us to think about having breakfast! And then Rick started to pose for us. For probably 2 of the world's most dedicated gay male bodybuilders of all time, the duo BBING lovers Ron and Kevin! And if I may say so, we are now 2 handsome Phase 1 Black DemiGods who are being systematically seduced by a smooth and handsome pink MuscleGod covered in fine blond baby hair. A MuscleGod who's covered in striations even when relaxed. And for us, his posing routine is the most powerfully erotic foreplay possible as Rick sets about hitting all the Body Building contest poses. One after another. "Do you like this one", Rick asks as he hits a pose and holding it long enough so we can suck and kiss the muscles being flexed for us.

"Side Triceps, boys" followed by us grunting our approval. "You like another Lat spread", always a stunner! Then he hit a double Biceps, and a single side Biceps, then a most muscular where his Torso exploding 6 feet thick!! Magnificent!! Calf raises! Rear Lat spreads! Side Chest! Then Ron and I finally fell to our knees and just gaze up at him and watched the most magical muscle show on earth. Sweat glisted over full pumped muscle bellies and several incidental, unavoidable it seems, shots of Rick Cum shot high and well directed, almost hitting the ceiling and falling in graceful arches into our open faces so all we had to do was move our heads slightly to catch Rick's rich tasty morsels of muscle growth factors rolled into a ball.

Then Rick's massive muscles just kept bursting into ever more incredible prominence as he stared at himself in the mirrors. He was so handsome it brought tears to his eyes and when he looked back at me I smiled and threw him a kiss and a wink. And he resumed his display and with hugely capped muscular shoulders 6 feet wide his Deltoids flexed over 2 feet from, and as high as the tops of his ears! His Traps enveloped half of his ears and his Lats spread to 8 feet wide producing an impossible to believe taper. And 'OH MY MUSCLE GOD', its impossible to believe how narrow his waist has become. If his shoulders were normal width, his waist would have been 3 inches wide. But in was in fact 10 inches wide at its narrowest, which was at his navel, and his waist was densely packed with muscle....Look at him as long as you like and still that waist is anything but a wasteland!

And even though his waist was very narrow it was chock-a-block full of the most powerful muscles. They look like they're made of steel! Spring Steel at that, and look at his waist and all you see is total "FLEXIBILITY"! With Abs of solid oval shapes they glistened like polished balls that had been formed into a dazzling 12 pack array that drip with drops of sweat, one oval of solid muscle to the next and as our eyes follow his sculpted body downward our pupils were bombarded by an incredible vision of his masculinity. Then suddenly his thighs seem to explode with thick cords of muscle that all stayed tightly packed together.

He no longer had a typical thigh formed from the 4 major muscles. Ricks thighs were now built up with 18 muscle bands. Instead of one Vastus Medialis (Tear Drop) he had 5 that rubbed together when he walked and practically covered his knee caps sticking out forwards over a foot thick. And instead of one Rectus Femoris (middle thigh) he had 10 Rectus Femorii! They seemed to be exploding with power over 2 and a half feet thick and instead of just one Vastus Lateralis (outer thigh), again for Muscle God's Sake he had 10 distinct powerful bands of outer thigh that spread his thighs to over 5 feet wide. YES!! He looked incredibly massive AND instead of just one Adductor Longus (inner) and one Pectineus (also an inner thigh) he had 4 of each! A total of 8 inner thigh bands that exploded with mass and thickness so much they formed shelves of muscle exploding from his narrow hips that met in the middle and upon which his huge testicles sat like ripe cantaloupes on dinner plates out of which rose his imponderable Prick of solidity and masculine power.

So Rick has 33 massive muscle bands where a normal man has but 5 by which to win a Mr. Olympia! And he had so many duplications of all of his upper leg muscles it looked like his thighs were never going to stop spreading!!! In all directions!! His inner thighs seem to explode from his incredibly narrow hips almost horizontally! They exuded power, and it was like they were begging us to kiss and suck on their majestic power as one slab of muscle after another packed itself into those huge massive thighs. And I couldn't start to describe Rick's Ham Strings. They were at this moment out of view. Behind his 2 tightly packed thighs that filled a space that filled my eyes with muscle stretching for more than 5 feet across!

Then, at the top of Rick's massive thighs rose an incredible erection like an Eiffel Tower. It was set in the middle of a city of muscle so perfect and pristine and clearly, these thighs were capable of holding up and propelling the immensity of his upper bodies musculature? And then there were the CAlVES!

They were simply monstrous and beautiful to behold! They were complete tangles of inter woven muscle. Just like the rest of his inhuman anatomy. They redefined what it was to be HuMan and Ron and I were now totally spell bound as he did some toe raises and that Cock of his twitched over our heads. Then Rick confidently and cockily performed yet another Lat spread for us. Only this time he stepped forward and tormented Ron by centring himself on me! It was like he was ignoring Ron as he planted his feet wide apart and offered to me a CockHead that went straight into my face and gestured with his eyes, looking down at mine. But unlike before, when he was doing those incline bench presses, this time he would let his Cock cum free of his possessive Pecs so my hands reached out before I had made any such decision and grabbed Rick's hard hot rigid appendage by the upper middle and at the base of his protruding Pecs where I managed to insert some fingers behind his Cock through a cleavage of his Abs.

And this is where his Cock was thickest. Over 2 hands full! Though I should point out that Rick's DickHead was much smaller. Small enough that is, to fit into my mouth. Though too big for many another man's mouth. And since his Phase 2 transformation was completed yesterday, it has mostly remained embedded, inside the thick cleavage of his voluminous powerful striated Pecs.

And then I thought, 'This upper middle part will give my hot wanting Ass such a good sphincter stretch before it plunges beyond my rings of fire!...But then its designed for the genetically enhanced. Where it can fill the muscle lined chamber beyond. And fill it up in more ways than one, too' (I imagined). And now I was pulling with a least 100 lbs of my biceptual contractions before his powerful mainmast was set free. Yeah!! Finally I had it prized free enough but then it accidentally slipped from my fingers and slammed into his protective Pecs with a considerable THUD!!

I repeated the feat of strength and again it slipped. And again and again it slipped until finally, on the 4th attempt I forced my fingers around his hot piston and locked them together. Then I was confidently pulling his cock down from his Pecs and kissing it. Then pulingit, then kissing it. But the more I pulled it away from vertical the more force I needed to exert and it was like I was doing cable rows!! But now I'm pulling with the full force of my body weight. At least 300 lbs of pulling force and I can feel my Lats getting a good workout. But still, try as I might, putting my back into the task I only managed to extricate his Cock about 45 degrees from his Pecs and Rick is just standing there not even flexing his Cock. I can tell by the grin on his face. Or is it the way he licks his lips, slowly? God, he is so fucking handsome I want to kiss him, but then his Cock again slips from my grip the mighty phallus slams into his Pecs so hard I could have used it to demolish a watermelon if, one was available.

Then Rick grabbed his steely erection to show us how it's done and his massive Triceps and Pecs explode with power. His Pecs bunched thickly as he managed to push his fabulous Prick down all the way until it reached horizontal where he let go as he executed a pirouette like he'd been taking ballet lessons and we heard a thud that was more like a sharp crack that nearly shatters windows. The whole room reverberates with the sound of rolling thunder and suddenly he presents us with an invitation we could not refuse.

It started with his huge Back muscles. They rolled around and bounced about from the percussion produced by his phenomenal appendage. And his Ass seemed so full, yet relaxed and striated. And he boomed, "Who wants to go first", as he flexed his sassy butts cheekily making them dance with an erotic motion and also did a double biceps and he kissed his right biceps right in the middle. Then, as his Butt muscles settled into 2 of the most perfect pair of pink Glueus Maximus topped with thick and high rising Gluteus Medius muscles they seemed like they had been wrapped in glad wrap! It was stretched over shredded bands of muscle fibres and we could have counted them had we the time. I certainly had the inclination to, but this magnificent Ass was topped by a complete set of powerful Back muscles that glistened and bulged. They were like 2 symmetrical (mirror imaged) mountain ranges that finally disappear into a distant horizon and WE COULD SEE a dark blond moon rising with just the tips of 2 ears visible to the sides.

Rick bent over just a little bit so his Gluteus and hamstring muscles formed and presented to us, the most muscular combination of sinuous power imaginable. Then he quickly bent over and touched his toes and suddenly exposed the red rose bud of his desiring. A bud normally set deep inside his now spread wide whitish Butt muscles and the sharply defined muscles of his Ham strings delineated by the many cleavages that set the bands this muscle apart combined with the visual treat of huge and massive calf muscles with their distinct vertically aligned bulging striation, all of which lead our eyes to that rose bud of rose buds! A bud that tempted me to draw close and indeed as I did there was a smell of roses with a touch of mint wafting about Ass Butts. Absolutely incredible!

Every posterior muscle seemed to point with their striations to that one orifice. Or am I suffering an illusion? I blinked......No way! I knew what I saw was real. Rick's muscles were a work of art and it was like that tight pink bud was the entrance to the very centre of his being and then it started to open as Rick flexed his massive Torso in this bent over position, making his Lats again spread and they formed 2 huge horizontal landscapes of unavoidably mountainous muscle as he delighted in the pleasure of flexing them and his tight sphincters started to open.

One by one, like a succession camera lenses until it was a one inch wide open invitation that exposed a darker pink muscular chamber full of mucus lined massaging muscles. Then, suddenly it shut tight as Ron jumped up and leapt on top of Rick kissing and sucking his Lats and rubbing his considerably thick Pecs up and down Rick's massive huge mounding Back muscles and he started to cum.

Several loads exploded from his raging Mr. O. muscle Cock wetting as far as the nape of Rick's neck as Ron rubbed himself up and down with his 12' Cock sliding along Rick's muscle lined spine. A spine that was covered in a protective cleavage of colliding and spine supporting muscles!

But then somehow Ron regained his composure! Admittedly only after he'd cum a good 8 times all over Rick's muscular Back and made 'same' very slippery. Still, from past performances I thought it was 'unbelievable' to see Ron raise he head back and arch his Back. He stretched himself like a Cat and the way his Pecs flared as he did was an open invitation so I sucked them. And as I sucked he kept on stretching!

I was so surprised to see Ron still able to keep control instead of simply collapsing into unconsciousness. And he would have probably stayed there, on top of Rick's Back stretching and offering his big succulent nipples to my lips had he not slid off as his cum trickled down between himself and Rick whose broad Back muscle not only bulged with mountains of deliciousness but flexed so his hard smooth muscle spread the cum around like it was being churned into butter.

After he dismounted, he just stood there with his Cock throbbing like a light house. Only the whole light house beamed!! And he seemed to be trying to work out what next, and how to do it. And as Ron thought about things I made a move. I slipped down in front of Rick and knelt so that I could look up and kiss him. I found him smiling down at me with his big broad masculine smile. A face full of muscle that made him look so strongly masculine, yet disarmingly charming. He turned his head and my eyes follow like a slave. But Rick could turn me into a slave by the mere raising of an eyebrow, if he wanted to, and we could see Ron at the rear reflecting in a mirror and he was starting to have another go with his 12" erection in hand. He suddenly bent over showing just how flexible is a Phase 1 spine and kissed the tip of his Prick and a ball of Cum shot out over Rick and fell into the crack of my Ass!! "Good one", I called out and Ron smiled, reflected in the mirror and did a double biceps, inflated his chest and rekissed the tip of his Prick and let go another load like the smartaleck he was becoming, more and more and again it hurtled over Rick's muscles and I cought it with my teeth and kissed Rick and shared it! It was so delicious!! And as we kissed, Ron straightened up and on his way up drooled a dob of spittle into his piss slit before pushing hard to force his Cock down to make it point at Rick's muscular love chamber entrance.

Rick then winked at me as we kissed and another big broad smile filled my eyes like a vista as he lifted his head back and up. If he had breathed on me I would have fainted for sure because he was such a handsome Celtic God. But for Ron, Rick's incredibly muscular Phase 2 body presented so much to fuck, to admire, to suck, to survey, to lick, to maul, and to hold, and Ron had so much of his own throbbing musculature to rub into Rick's set of broad firm smooth hot Back muscles, it became increasingly difficult for Ron to control his hands, which started to shake! And Ron became caught in a 3 way tussle. Was he to ram his Cock in and out of Rick's hot anus and striated muscular hot hard Ass with the distinct possibility his Cock would get stuck like Excalibur driven into rock, or, should he jump back up and rub his broad thick Pecs into Rick's magnificent muscular mountain ranges and his Cock up the cleavage of his spine and suffer the convenience of that spinal cleavage that previously surrounded his Cock like firm massaging muscles, like multiple hands massaging the length of his full 12 inches of manhood, or let his shaking hands do the job?

But finally his dickhead managed to touch down and his shaking hands kept rubbing it back and forth over Rick's sphincter! This really made a big impression on Rick as I saw him wincing and then I saw 2 drops of his magic TIT MUSCLE MILK exude from his ever ripe pumped nipples and hang there like they were waiting for me to suck them up, which is exactly what I was compelled to do. Instantaneously I felt a strong surge of power throughout my body and my heart started to pound and 2 successive bursts of fresh breath flavoured mintiness flooded my mouth and I felt my lust for Rick's muscles expand 10 fold as I reached up and grabbed hold of his Cock with both hands and wrapped myself around his pole and embraced it. I pressed it into my Pecs and 'Oh my Muscle God', this felt like the most brilliant thing to do and soon I felt the power of Rick's Prick exceeding its size as he flexed the cannon I clung to, his rod, his mighty Prick! And straight away he easily flexed his Cock, and so hard it lifted me up and he kissed me! Though he had to arch his neck to reach and I had my huge 29" arms wrapped around the base of his Cock so his DickHead was wedged tightly between my lower mounds of flexed Pecs. His magnificent Cock became a sausage in a large bread roll of muscle. A fantastic thick sandwich made of Pec Meats and my powerful thick Lats had to be flexed so hard just to keep me there attached to that incredible Cock. To keep that hot "Rick Prick" wedged tightly between my Pecs.

And when we kissed all thoughts and awareness of the effort involved to cling to his Cock just blew away as I wrapped my toes around Ron's ankles and pressed them into the thick base of his massive Calf muscles and Rick's lips tasted so incredible, so solid yet soft, so hot yet warm. They filled me with an incredible sense of fulfilment, yes even happiness and contentment. I could stay here kissing this magnificent specimen of white muscle, forever. And his lips tasted like sweet cherries.

But Ron was able to steady his hands so his Dickhead stopped stimulating Rick's sphincter and a certain intensity left Rick's kiss and I started to descend towards the floor as Rick's might Prick relaxed ever so slightly and I looked sideways and in a mirror at 45 degrees to the rear I was able to see Ron's hot piss slit moving towards Rick's rectum! Them when they collided I saw his Piss Slit blossom and then his PrickHead swelled up like it would burst! But only Rick's outer sphincter welcomed the Union!

Rick's complete set of sphincters didn't embrace this erection that headed their way, and when Ron persisted and tried a forced an entry his probing Prick ricocheted off the rose bud and flew up Rick's muscle clad Spine as fast as a ball hammer hitting an anvil at an acute angle. Then the power of Ron's thrusts half lifted Ron's chest up and over Rick's incredibly muscular wide and spreading Back. A Back that Rick had so conveniently bent over and was now flexing so that from Ron's point of view it looked like a bird's eye view of the Himalayas.

So what started out looking like a pair of lips about to kiss turned out to be, surprise surprise, no open door policy as Ron's Cock only got through the 1st of Rick's 10 rings of fire. From here on in, something more was being demanded. Like a password or something. But Ron tried again, no doubt thinking he just missed the mark. But thrusting over and over and harder and harder was to no avail and he soon became frustrated. But he kept trying anyway.

But Ron was clearly not going to be let in when finally the dark blond, pink skinned Phase 2 Transformed MuscleGod interrupted, "Ron" and Ron's Cock admitted defeat and again it slipped up through the cleavage runnign up Rick's spine and he slumps heavily on top of Rick, defeated, for the moment. Then, as he sighed, his Cock started repeating like an automatic gun going off firing bullets from Ron's hips that bucked away as his seed filled the spaces between his chest and Rick's Back muscles with several loads of hot white cream, and smiled a certain smile in defeat that read "I'll be Back".

"Hhhmmmm...", Ron finally manages to reply. His breathing still a little heavy in demigod defeat....."Are you hungry for breakfast" Rick continues?..."Yes. Very" says Ron, thinking there's probably no alternative on offer just now seeing his entry has been made a little too difficult. Then he looks me in the eye. "And Kevin"?.. "Only if you kiss me again", I try him on, and he obliges without even hesitating. And seeing I'm back crouching in front of him means my Cock isn't far away. In fact its been a tad below Rick's lips for a long time, and he dips his head for a sustained suck that lasts 20 seconds before I blow several loads1 "Awe fuck!!!!!! Ggggrrgrhhhh, Oooohhhgggghhhh" louder and louder as my wads go straight down his hungry throat with his Adam's apple gyrating up and down in big gulps. Then, when my Cock pops out we seal our love making with a kiss and he adds, "But I'm still hungry" with a wink.

Then suddenly he changes tack, calling out "Ron! Do you love me" with a degree of insistence? And a puzzled Ron hesitates to reply as he thinks about the question. "God yeah.....I love you more than my Pectorals development". He tries the light hearted approach and with a serious smile, adds "I fell in love with you the moment we met. And for me it was love at first sight. And now, I know I love you even more. I love you so much I would be happy to die for you, if it meant saving you in return. (pause)..Yes, I do love you Rick. I really love", and kisses Rick's thick and rapidly spreading lower Lat muscles and adds, "And I love Kevin too".

"And you, Kev" staring into my eyes with the face of a god? "Ditto, my huge fucking incredible MuscleMan" and I kiss him again and smile and flex my right arm for him.

"So, we all love each other"? "Yes"! we shout together and I plant another kiss, only harder and longer and Ron hugs Rick from above and behind as he wraps his arms around that tiny waist of steel and goes about sucking all the peaks of all of Rick's mountains of Back muscle. Then Ron continues. "We've told you before and I'll say it again, we love (suck suck) you as much as (kiss kiss) I love Kevin and Kevin (lick lick) loves me. And now that (suck, kiss lick) you've a Phase 2 (munch), I've falling in love with you all over again! (kiss). Rick"!!! Ron exclaims. "You're now an absolute MuscleGod and I love you more than words can describe", and his hands roam all over Rick's Abs where his fingers discover nothing but solid folds and prominences of muscle.

"I mean look at me" he continues! "I think I've been acting a bit funny, don't you think", a rhetorical question. "And I'm worried.....I'm worried that I might not be able to get used to you being so big. You make me feel very weird. Just looking at you makes my mind go blank. Yet not blank. Obsessed perhaps is the word. And I'm on the verge of Cumming all the time". There's a slight pause. Then, "Have you noticed? (pause) I think I could Cum all the time if I didn't blank out. (pause). I feel like I'm losing control, even now". Then a deep sigh... "Its hard to accept what you are. What you've become....Its very hard even to look a you! Fuck!!! Look at you"!!! And he hugged Rick so hard all of his Back and Arm muscles explode with extreme tension and striations.

Rick waited 'till Ron's hug started to relax before he suddenly rose up and his massive proportions swung over my head and Ron had to jump back to be clear of Rick's rotating shoulders and Rick then just envelops Ron in this amazing warm loving huge hug and forcing Ron's face deep into those 4 foot wide, 2 foot thick massive muscular Pecs before picking him up by his narrow waist and lifting his face over the top of his Pecs so he can plant a sustained big Man to MAN kiss into his Black lips as Rick's super charged "talking about love" bright pink Cock slips smoothly into Ron's super hot pink Ass priming it as it enteres with pump like precision of precum and then the fucking really starts!

Ron's now so high up and planted firmly on top of Rick's Prick though only about 8 inches deep as he steadies himself by placing his hands over Rick's wide Deltoids and his knees rest on Rick's Pecs as he leans down and continues the consumating kiss.

And while Rick's Prick holds this triangulated arrangement together, I start circling the mighty duo of muscle and notice Rick's widely spread legs offer up a set of sphincter now fully relaxed so the tunnel to his deepest recesses is now open and expressive. An obvious invitation to my 12" throbbing member and without even a pause I plunder him with more enthusiasm than any HuMan to date could have been capable!! God!! How could this be so good? Be so real? As themighty muscle linning Rick's rectum bear down like a well greased vice. And the total weight of these 2 is so great my mass and my hardest thrust makes no difference to the stability of mountain of muscle as we all go at it none stop and even when Rick reaches out and grabs pitchers of pre prepared protein shakes and starts passing them around as we continue to fuck with lustful alacrity.

And Ron is having such an enjoyable time. I can tell as he's fully alert! I see his face wincing with excruciating joy and as pitcher after pitcher gets drunk, all the conveniently prepared thick shakes are consumed in an orgy of muscle and fucking. And again, as hard and as erotic as it is to fuck Rick, I could hardly budge their combined bulk with the full force of my loins. God! Rick was being weighed down by the weight on the end of his Cock! By Ron! And between the kisses and the thick shakes of protein we keep swearing our love for each other, over and over as we feast and fuck for a full hour.

And finally when done, we kissed and sucked and cuddled and form rings of 69. And FLEXED!!!! And as we suck and kiss eachother's muscle we feel ourselves growing. Growing bigger and denser. Leaner and more handsome.

"Hey", rick calls out. "When are we going to measure me"?


Freaker here.

I've just written this 7th part and done 2 sets of 50 then 56 (my age btw) push ups.

I want the world to know what it is to be a MuscleGod.

And by the way. My audience is a very limited one. The episodes of this story are not meant for general publication but for Yahoo groups' "MuscleGrowthStories" readers. Or similar. That is, for the enjoyment of gay men who love bodybuilding more than any thing else and who especially love to flex, pose and worship as a matter of course while enjoying personal sex. Not just fucking and rimming or going even further. For me it's all about muscle, BodyBuilding and the Workout!

And I figure there are about one in 10,000 gay men in Sydney into BBING but only 100 who are oriented as above. And I am yet to meet any one of them, knowingly. Though I did meet one 25 years ago. But he proved to be a little crazy and difficult to form a friendship with. Oh well, such is life?

And tonight I'm almost mesmerised by how big my Pecs are getting! Talk about FLEX Wheeler's Pecs blowing up when he gets pumped! My chest is now 48.5 inches after the push ups and when I bounce them they feel so fucking solid and full!

PS: Excuse the swearing. •

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