Drug Test


By Also_KnownAs

Technically, the doctor was still trying to fuck Stef when the young man decided it was time to find Mitch. Delirious with pleasure, hard as a rock and starting to feel the effects of being with the newest God on the block, Rich's dick was streaming jets of cream as Stef left him in the exam room.

It was useless to even consider clothing, as big as he was. He'd paused long enough to stand on the scale again, to see how much muscle was now packed on his much larger frame, and after fiddling with the little metal blocks, sliding the back and forth in the little room accompanied by the sounds of the doctor's fevered moans and continued ejaculations, he finally managed to figure out he now weighed nearly 300 pounds. And he judged his height, based on what he knew about doors and ceilings and his old normal dimensions, to be in the neighborhood of seven feet tall.

He could hardly fit out the door, and as he strode into view, all activity stopped dead. His monster prick, slick and pulsing, drooped from between his heavily-muscled thighs, jutting forward over the lemon-sized nuts that hung fat and ripe behind it. He was leaking thick strings of heavily musked precum, a steady drizzle of sexual supremacy in search of one man.

The nurse stared at him, and within moments his dick had inflated in his pants and he was coming, staining his jeans darkly. His breath was short and when Stef looked at him, into his eyes, he came even harder and leaned against the wall for support.

The huge beauty strode down the hallway, his hand reaching for the knob and accidentally squeezing it into a wrinkled pulp of brass. So he merely pushed against the door with his massive shoulder and it fell forward, into the lobby, and he shoved his bulk through.

The red-headed receptionist started to rise but found his knees suddenly week, and he too was spouting a flood of cream into his shorts within seconds. Stef smiled at him as his fingertips stretched through the deep blonde forest stretching across the massive globes of power surmounting his chest, and the guy blew out a fast exhale and collapsed back into his seat, his hands clawing at his fly to rip it apart and get at his own meat.

It was all innate to Stef, everything he was doing now. He was tuned in to some new, heightened level of awareness, and he could make men come just looking at them, just being in the room with them. He was overwhelming, more than possible, beyond masculine.

He paused at the door and looked down and his own cock was instantly hard again, inflating with heavy, hot blood, the head bulging and darkening and he smiled and he was coming, shoving a fast, thick tide of his potent cream from his never-empty balls. His flow erupted high and hard, plastering the ceiling and spraying in a fat arc across the ugly paintings that hung on the walls.

He sighed with contentment, allowing his dick to deflate as quickly as it had erected itself, and he left the doctor's office.

A heavy flood of masculine essence flowed around the God that Stef had become. It was invisible but potent, and every man he encountered, no matter what age, gay or straight, was similarly affected. He took the stairs, worried he would no longer fit in the elevator but unashamed of his nudity, his glory, and emerged into the sunlight next to the medical building. The warmth felt fantastic against his exposed flesh, and he, again, made himself hard with pleasure and contentment, his cock thickening into massive magnificence, the helmet freeing itself from the foreskin and growing fat and shiny and another heavy load of cum erupted from him and arced high into the air, splattering onto the sidewalk and lawn.

He moaned contentedly and shoved another tide free before allowing himself to deflate. He could maintain an erection indefinitely, he knew, but it made walking rather awkward. As it was, his gait was now emphasized by the sheer size of his legs, and having a two-foot high prick wagging like an upside-down pendulum was a little unwieldy.

He could smell him. He was out there. They were joined, now, in something unique and amazing. Mitchell was waiting for him.

He strode across the lawn and the parking lot toward campus. His naked body glowed like some liquid metal deity, the absolute supremacy of his masculine prowess evident in every inch of his unbelievable muscularity. His barrel chest and yard-wide shoulders balanced effortlessly above a waspish waste, tightly packed with hard, bulging strength. The golden curls of fur that grew across his form accentuated his size and dimensions, shining like spun gold.

In the parking lot, he paused as a door opened and he looked over at a guy, about 60, emerging from his pickup. He smiled at him, the towering God, and the man shook and fell back, his crotch full with seed he didn't know he had. Stef left the old man with a satisfied smile on his face and grinned with delight when two more men spontaneously erupted at the mere sight of him.

"You're welcome," he said, his voice a deep growl, and he reached down and caressed his monster. It swelled in delight, leaking a thick river of clear honey along his leg.

He reached the campus 10 minutes later, leaving a trail of soggy underwear and deeply fulfilled gentlemen in his wake. He came twice more on the way, the second time grasping his beast in his rough paw and sucking it into his hot, wet mouth, gulping his own salty cream like a starving man. He tasted good.

He reached a small group studying on the lawn. Of course they were already staring in his direction, how could anyone not stare at a 7- foot tall, 3-foot wide super muscled hunk of prime masculine meat walking leisurely across the campus, his monster cock swinging heavily, strings of shining clear precum varnishing the grass as he came?

Stef was smiling and as he came closer, he watched the physical reaction his presence caused. A couple of the guys had arched their backs and rolled their eyes in their skulls, already lost in an orgasmic bliss more powerful than they'd ever felt before. Another guy had his cock in his hand and was stroking for all he was worth, spurting several streams across his fist. The women's reactions, from what Stef could judge, were no less dramatic, for they were either rolling in the grass, or trying to attack the men in the circle, or digging between their legs as they stared at him.

He smiled and those with eyes locked on him seemed to reach a mutual and sudden crest of their ecstasy, many moaning or shouting or groaning as their crotches exploded with orgasmic climax.

Stefan flexed his muscles for them. He bent his arms so his biceps bulged with obscene and unbelievable power. His skin was shiny with sweat and the scent that lingered about him grew stronger as he posed, displaying the awesome new dimensions of his massive body. He looked at two of the guys who seemed to be in some worshipful haze and he said, "You ready, fellas?" They made no indication that they weren't, so Stef got hard and let loose a fat, thick fountain of his powerful cream all over them. He came like a flood, and they went crazy, licking it from their faces and clothing and swallowing his cream hungrily, wanting more and more. He could see their arms starting to bulge before they knew what was happening.

He walked on. A guy on a bike, seeing the huge naked man, nearly crashed into a tree. Stef thought to help him but before he reached down, the guy's crotch darkened and his body shook with ecstatic bliss. He left him panting and creaming his shorts. He rounded a corner and three more guys came, two of them started to grope and kiss each other with fierce need as the third tore open his jeans and used the creamy load inside to lube his frantic whacking. Every man he passed, it was always the same. They all came in an instant, some swooning and collapsing from the sheer power of his sexual onslaught, others turning to those nearest for sensual sustenance, others finding their own firm hand the only available outlet.

He was near the dorms now, standing beneath a large oak. Mitch's scent was stronger here. He recognized it from before, but now it was a clarion, calling to him. He rubbed his touch across his nipple and closed his eyes, feeling a deep thrill of orgasmic bliss erupt through his huge body. He could feel his arm swell against itself, huge and hard, and slowly, slowly… still growing.

It was true. He could feel it. It was there, mingled with the never- ending thrum of erotic bliss that now swam through his blood every moment. That thrill would build to eruption when he wanted it to, and thinking of it now it happened again. He stood there, legs set wide, arms now relaxed at his side, and his cock pulsed and throbbed and inflated with blood, extending and rising and bloating bigger and bigger, the head swelling, the eye dilating, his balls churning and then he came again, and again, and again.

He was still growing. He came again, shoving a flow from his body. He was getting bigger. Stronger. More beautiful. He came again. His muscles grew more powerful each second. He grinned. He sucked in a deep breath. He exploded with a flood of hot cream from his fat, huge, hard tool. He came and came and came.

"Mitch," he whispered.

His ass ached to be filled. His muscles throbbed with power. His cock sizzled white hot, hard as stone, thick as a normal man's arm, and he came. And he came.

He opened his eyes and smiled. A flood of cum surrounded him. It hung from the branches of the tree and puddled on the pavement and sank into the grass. He could smell himself in it, his own masculine scent. He was calling. It was a signal. He was ready, and waiting, and wanting. He sucked in a slow deep breath and felt his cock harden to steel solidity and he came again, a high, thick fountain of bright, hot cream. He sighed and came again, pumping another heavy load from his boundless balls. They swelled with his power, fat and round, and he opened his eyes and came again. It flooded from him now, here, close to his ultimate lover, his balls swelled and drooped with the load of it, and he came over and over, each new fountain accompanied by a deep, rich, powerful orgasmic rush of erotic bliss.

Then he saw him. Unmistakable. His broad, beautiful profile pushing open the doors and stalking across the campus toward where Stef stood, naked and perfect. Mitchell strode with determination and purpose, and as he approached he was ripping his own clothes off, letting his hard prick bob as he jogged toward where Stefan waited for him.

"Mitch," he whispered again. It rumbled from his broad chest. He squirted another thick stream. It sprayed across his body, it shot into the sky.

Then they were together. Stef towered over him. Mitch's eyes were fierce and feral and the shock of erotic heat that always occurred when their eyes met was an explosion, a vast fireworks display, an atomic bomb.

"Who's the little man, now?"

"Holy fuck, Stef! Jesus H!" His mouth was on Stefan's in a moment. Stef could feel the other man's hot prick pressing between them. He wrapped the man's muscled form in his own overwhelmingly powerful arms. Finger-thick veins pulsed with blood. He felt himself swell against him, still growing, still stronger, still bigger. Mitch moved his mouth to Stef's ear, his thick lips warm against his neck, and he whispered, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me." •

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