Drug Test


By Also_KnownAs

Dr. Richard Carmichael recovered from his encounter with the muscle god and slowly straightened. His body ached, and as he managed to get to his full height, a discernable tearing noise accompanied his movements.

Everything hurt, but it was the good sort of hurt, the kind after a hell of a workout which he no doubt had just experienced. He smiled as he looked down at himself and saw the seams along his arms and legs splitting apart. Other sudden loosening constrictions told him that the seams on his back and across his shoulders were similarly experiencing some very violent rending.

Skin broke through his clothing and he started, slowly, to flex his muscles, bending his arms and tensing his chest and shoulders. He was Hulking out of his clothing, stretching his arms wide so the buttons flew off his chest and his shirt split open, exposing the bands of strength still slowly building upon themselves across his torso.

He reached his hand to the broad, bulging hemispheres of his chest and his bicep broke through his sleeve. His hand touched the tight skin struggling not to be torn apart like his clothing, and the rush of erotic pleasure raced through his body and zeroed in on his crotch, where his dick still hung semi-limp out of his open pants.

That passionate current inflated his prick all over again and the sheer weight of it surprised and thrilled him. Its heft and mass made him feel charged and it grew heavier still, tingling with delight and throbbing with hunger. Hunger for a touch, for a caress, a stroke, a suck. He watched himself thicken and stiffen, mesmerized by his own improved cock when his smock and shirt split wide open down his back and the sudden release of pressure aloud his muscular back to spread its wings of thick power.

He laughed, giddy with excitement and sexual anticipation, thinking of what he had just seen and experienced, wondering where that huge and beautiful young man was right now, feeling himself growing heavier and larger with every beat of his heart when his attention was drawn to the open door and his intern, Jeff, was there, his crotch wet and sopping, his face coated in sweat.

"Dr. Carmich…," he began, but then he saw what was happening to the man he was spellbound all over again. Rich's chest, burst through his shirt, was building into a mammoth display of pectoral wonder. His smock and shirt hung in tatters off a set of wide, thick, amazing shoulders, and a fat, juicy, hard prick angled up from between his legs, still wet and shiny, dripping precum like a salivating snake.

The doctor said nothing. He started to slowly rip the ragged clothes off his growing body. He bent arms overwhelmed with muscle and pulled the shirt off, revealing a torso of amazing vascular might, covered with hard bands and cables of power, fed with veins snaking over his muscle. His belly was a cobblestone street, and the taper of his whole upper body pointed straight toward that huge male appendage throbbing with desire, the helmeted head dripping honey that covered the whole tool and coated his churning balls.

The doctor breathed in slowly, his expanding chest rising and falling, dark curls of thick masculine hair spreading quickly across the tight, dark skin. He put his hand to his cock and stroked himself with slow, intense pleasure. His cock responded by suddenly swelling to attention, and he said, softly, in a voice like a Harley's cut pipes. "C'mere. My dick is hungry and my balls are full."

Jeff took a couple of steps, but Rich wasn't about to wait for him to come to any decisions. He reached out, the muscles of his arm twisting and bulging around each other, and grabbed the young man, spinning him around and, with the video camera still rolling, shoved him over the exam table and tore his pants off his ass, digging his fingers into the seams and physically ripping his way in. The scent of his intern's cum, pooled inside his shorts, acted on the doctor like an aphrodisiac and he shoved his hugeness to Jeff's tight hole and plunged deep, deep inside his hot ass.

Jeff yelled from shock and pain, invaded by the fat prick of his boss but the heat and hurt was quickly replaced by something quite a bit more welcoming, as the serum that was now living inside the doctor in a somewhat diluted version acted in its way, easing the way inside another host and making the ordeal not only palatable, but pleasurable.

Jeff's ass tingled with erotic bliss. He'd never felt anything like it, the feeling of satisfying fullness accompanied by the same feeling of erotic sensation that radiated from his cock when he was fucking someone else. His own prick inflated suddenly, almost painfully hard, throbbing insistently until, of its own and with no external stimulation, he was coming again, his body jerking from the doctor's insistent ass fucking and his own inescapable drive to pump a fresh load of cream free.

Rich was perfectly aware of what he was doing. Was it still rape if the victim was willing? He could feel his strength growing, knew there was literally nothing Jeff could do to stop Rich from taking anything he wanted, doing anything he wanted. He loved watching this muscular body fucking Jeff's full, round butt. Shoving his fat cock in over and over, plunging deep and full, feeling the young man's tight bowels hugging his enormity, and he was letting go of load after load of his cream as he fucked him, so much it gushed back out and splashed hot against his loins. His thighs were ripping his pant legs open, but those same monster thighs were holding those pants up, too big to simply fall off. His ass tingled and throbbed, hungry for a cock like Stef's, wanting more of what that man could give.

So he fucked on and on, harder and harder, feral grunts leaving his throat as he pummeled the intern's ass.

Jeff grabbed onto the exam table, knuckles white, teeth clenched, hardly able to withstand the power of what was happening to him, his body overwhelmed with sexual bliss… and starting to grow.

Seann, the red-headed receptionist, sat satisfied in his chair, his dick in his hand, the strong scent of mansex permeating the waiting room. He'd squirted his load all over his shirt and was drifting in the afterglow when a man cleared his throat and Seann looked up at the face of the UPS guy.

This was a face he knew very well, not to mention the arms, ass and legs. Fred, the UPS guy, was a daily delight for the man who's job tended to expose him to disease and illness all day long. Fred wore his tight brown uniform as if it was painted on, the sleeves grabbing hold of thick biceps grown strong from hefting boxes for hours and hours. His ass was tight and pert from carrying those same boxes up stairways, and the rest of him wasn't bad either.

He had close-shorn hair, dark, and a thick neck, almost as wide as his head. His mouth was small but his lips were full, and he had a small nose that looked like it had been broken at some point. His eyes were piercing blue and he always smelled of sweat. Thick dark hair covered his forearms and when he wore shorts, like now, Seann could see that the body fur seemed to extend everywhere, down his legs for sure. More curls erupted over his collar and he looked like he needed to be shaving his jutting chin almost constantly.

Fred was grinning as he eyed Seann's fat prick, and he said, "Am I interrupting?" Seann started frantically tucking himself away, but Fred's next sentence stopped him. "If you need any help with that, just say the word, baby."

Seann's embarrassed blush turned into one of excitement. "Actually," he said, "I could use a hand."

Fred set down his delivery, a small white box, and leaned over the counter, reaching his thickly muscled arm down to Seann's dick and grabbing hold, rubbing his rough thumb across the head. It plumped and jerked, and Seann bit his bottom lip as he arranged himself so Fred could get a better hold.

The sound of two men fucking made its way down the hallway, a series if heavy pounding thumbs and a very deep, very masculine grunting and moaning. Fred smiled as his eyes narrowed, and he leaned in closer. "Sounds like a busy day." Stef's thick load of cum dripped down the walls and Fred sucked a deep breath in through his nostrils, his chest expanding with the sexual scent. "Smells like it, too."

"We've been.. ooh, ung, Jesus Christ, right there. Yeah, ooh, yeah. Been busy. Huh, uhhh, oh God." He felt close again already, his excitement heightened both by the public nature of the handjob and that one of his Fred fantasies was actually coming true.

"I love a big dick, Seann." His manipulations were making that very clear. "Wish I had more time but… you know how it is." He stroked harder and faster, his face close to Seann's. "You know I've always wanted more than your signature, right Seann? You know I've wanted to fuck you hard and fast." His stroking echoed his words. "You almost there, baby?"

Seann was gritting his teeth and curling his toes. He nodded slightly.

Fred's grin turned into an open-mouthed smile, and he hopped on his belly upon the counter and went down on Seann's hot cock, holding the base in his fist as his lips started sucking with delight. He was rewarded almost immediately with a thick load of salty cream. Fred gulped greedily, sucking Seann's dick until he was again spent, then hopping off the counter and wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of his hand.

Seann collapsed back into his seat, eyes closed, a beatific smile on his face. "Oh, fuck."

Fred chuckled. "Love to, but I've got other deliveries to make. I just need one more thing from you, baby. Can you sign right here?" He tapped his electronic pad. Seann scribbled a more or less straight line across the sig field and sat back again. Fred reached out and pressed something into Seann's shirt pocket, saying "Call any time, Seann." Then he left.

Seann felt a glow all over, his spit-slick cock in his hand, the sound of Dr. Carmichael and Jeff's eager fucking still pounding its way through the walls. The small white box sat on the counter. The label read: Caution Medical Supplies. It was from Sapient Research, manufacturer of a new male enhancement drug. Inside was a small bottle of clear fluid. On its label were two words.

Phase Four. •

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