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By Also_KnownAs

Stefan had never felt anything like this. Probably, no one had.

Immediately, he felt like he was floating, or lifting into the air. A feeling of release and freedom suffused him, and he signed deeply and opened his eyes.

The doctor was trying frantically to get a video camera running, while simultaneously watching what was happening to Stef as each second ticked by. "Holy fuck," he said softly, pausing to reach down and adjust his cock.

Stef smiled and pulled in a deep breath, feeling as if the air was inflating him. He caught a glance of movement in the corner of his eye and turned toward it, realizing it was his own reflection that attracted his attention. Then he said, "Holy fuck," too as he watched himself change.

It felt so good. So powerful and pure and beautiful. He could feel himself growing, feel every muscle expanding with strength and size. He watched his legs bloom, the thick wedges shoving against each other and swelling outward. His chest ballooned, the bands of might expanding thick and proud and fat under his skin. His nipples were blooming, too, growing bigger as his chest expanded.

His belly arranged itself into a display of raw power. The skin seemed to suction onto a six-pack of abs that were getting bigger by the second. Then another pair of muscles started materializing low on his waist, between his hips, and then he noticed that his waist was compacting.

He started to look more and more like Mitchell. The amazing taper of that guy's torso was manifesting on Stef, his lats spreading and thickening, serratus and intercostals and obliques swelling into beingm then defining themselves, deeply etched, thick and amazing, arranging themselves like arrows that pointed toward his crotch.

He was developing so fast and so big that what was happening between his legs almost escaped his attention, but the sheer weight and the tingling, throbbing, fantastic heat of the tool drooping thicker and longer from his loins made him stare at what his cock was becoming.

Rich was dragging the video camera over to capture the action, repeatedly whispering "Holy shit," and "Jesus Christ," and "Fuck me," over and over as Stef changed. He focused the camera down on Stefan's cock and zoomed out, because it was growing so big, so fast, he had to take it all in.

It was a beast, growing into a monster. Stef's golden pubes were growing thicker above his developing meat, and it looked like some fast-motion film of a zucchini growing from a thick golden forest.

Stef reached down, noting how his forearm was a mass of clearly defined muscular perfection, and placed his hand against the shank. An electric thrill of orgasmic bliss erupted through him and he sucked in a shuddering breath. "Fuck," he whispered, and he stroked himself lovingly and shook with erotic passion. His cock began to plump and rise, inflating with inhuman speed. His balls swelled and dropped, churning with manly power. They inflated with seed like balloons, and with just another stroke he started pumping a thick, full load of creamy white spunk against the mirror.

He came and came, stretching his head on his neck and closing his eyes, surrendering to the sudden, overpowering orgasm. His body was still growing stronger and bigger, seeming to accelerate instead of slow now that he was fountaining a hot load of cum all over his reflection.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned, stroking himself slowly, feeling his hot load coating the thick inches of his tool. He could feel it growing in his grip, pressing against his fingers, forcing his hand wider to accommodate it. He reached up with his other hand to pinch his nipple, having to search for it first on his still-expanding chest. He dug his fingers through the forest of hair that covered his pecs until he finally located the fat cap of his right nipple and, pinching it, a new shock of sexual pleasure erupted hard and fast.

He moaned, a deep heavy sound, and his orgasm renewed itself, he was pumping quarts of hot cream from his unstoppable balls, his body was growing stronger and bigger with every passing moment and he felt beyond masculine, beyond powerful, beyond strong.

It felt like it would never stop, and he never wanted it to. Bigger and bigger he grew, every muscle redoubling its size, bulging against his skin, stretching it to the limit. He was taller now, too, he knew that when he opened his eyes and looked down at the doctor. They had been eye-to-eye before, but now he was at least a head taller, and growing taller still.

He stroked and milked himself as he looked down at his developing body. He raised his arm, the bicep he had displayed earlier to Rich was now at least twice as large as it had been. Was it 18 inches? 20? How big would it get. It glistened against his tight skin, and he twisted his arm to watch the cables bulge and grow.

His cock was still growing, too, so large now that he couldn't fully encompass it in one hand. The tip was rising ever higher, and still erupting, his orgasm continuing to build in strength and intensity with the rest of him. God, he felt like Superman, so strong that nothing was beyond his powers, and like he could fuck the whole world and never stop.

He felt a mouth on his cock and he looked down and the doctor was sucking at his fountain. He grinned and reached down and placed his hand against the back of Rich's head, pushing down on his manhood. Yes, he thought, drink it in, suck it up, take it all. Suck on me and grow. Become more than you are. Grow powerful and masculine and strong.

He pumped himself into Rich, feeling as if he was controlling what was happening now, that he could come as long and as much as he wanted to. Or needed to.

He looked ahead at the stained reflection of his growing body, watching his chest expand, his waist contract, his face resolve into one of perfect masculine beauty, so striking that he was falling in love with himself. His upper body was spreading beyond the edges of the mirror, now, his shoulders a yard wide, his chest bulging forward farther with muscular power, his lats inches thick and still growing.

He was still coming, he rubbed at Rich's head like a good pet, pumping himself into the doctor's guts. His traps rose and spread, the lobes of his shoulders separating and rising, his arms 22 inches and growing. He was unstoppable.

How much did he weigh now? How strong was he? How big was his dick? His ass was tingling, hungry, needful. "Rich," he said, his voice deeply powerful, resonant and strong, "you gotta fuck me." Rich looked up, cream running down the sides of his mouth. "Fuck me, Rich. Right now."

Stef's still spurting cock came out of Rich's mouth with an audible pop. "Yes, sir," he answered, and he rose off his knees and started unzipping, pulling his throbbing prick out and circling behind the huge, muscular monster.

From behind, Steff was just as impressive. His back was a mile wide with massive, thick bulges of muscle everywhere. His ass was round and firm and huge, a shelf of male beauty dripping wet, ravenous, needful. Stef bent slightly and his pink hole opened for Rich like a welcoming tunnel. A sudden wave of man musk swept over Rich as he leaned his pelvis forward and kissed the tip of his stiff prick against Stef's perfect hole.

Dr. Carmichael's body was shook with a deep, all-consuming tremor of erotic pleasure. The merest touch of his cock to the huge man's ass made him feel like he was coming buckets, released and powerful. He swooned and sighed and pushed forward, the feeling of sexual release building higher and higher the deeper he went until, all the way inside, he could feel the man grab onto him and the fucking truly began.

Stef grabbed hold of his fountaining tool and leaned down to suck it into his own mouth, drinking down his salty spunk as his unending orgasm grew even more intense. He closed his eyes and concentrated on giving Rich all the pleasure he could deliver, controlling the muscles of his ass to massage and squeeze and caress the doctor's dick.

And still he grew. Bigger now than any other man on the planet. More powerful and stronger and more beautiful.

And the camera recorded it all, every inch of muscle that grew, every inch of cock that swelled, the two men pleasuring each other, sucking and fucking, growing stronger by the second.

Stef released his own cock from his mouth and straightened, looking at what he could see of himself in the mirror, and he slowly, effortlessly, flexed every muscle on his body into hard, bulging, perfect relief. Rasing his arms, making his shoulders press upward, his biceps and triceps bulge ouward, his whole body a roadmap of overwhelming muscled glory.

Only he and the camera saw this. The perfection of the male form, every muscle perfect and bulging, his monster chest arching away from his body, the fat muscles of his 8-pack, the thick obliques pointing downward to the huge prick shooting stream after stream of hot cum. Getting fucked in the ass as he posed, feeling fulfilled and satisfied as no man had ever been.

Perfect. •

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