Magic Muscle

The growing season


By Corwin

Stephan led Jake to the portal. "I have something to do. Will you help me?"

"Of course." There was no question in Jake's mind. He had to help. Stephan was his life. His only reason to be. "Will it make you bigger? Stronger?"


Jake was pleased. Helping Stephan grow defined Jake, now.

They stepped through the portal and exited on a beach. There was a workout pit, with weights and bodybuilders. Male bodies exercised under the sun, building muscle and making themselves strong.

"Wait here, Jake. And be prepared to access the portal." Stephan removed his robes, his vast body revealed. He wore only a swim suit, gold. His hair hung loose. He handed Jakes his robe.

Stephan looked around. Several men of little note were exercising. Yes, they had muscles, but nothing to entice Stephan. Then, he saw them. Three extremely muscular men. He recognized them from the mundane world. They were professional bodybuilders. Their names were Pierre, Paul and Craig. Each was huge. Paul, a black man was nearly seven feet tall. His musculature was extreme, even for a body builder. Yet, he did not compare to the frenchman Pierre, who was over 300 pounds of solid muscle. Craig was the smallest, except in one area. His briefs packed a package of enormous size, and his five foot nine inch frame contained nearly 250 pounds of muscle. Stephan walked toward the trio.

Craig was finishing a set of squats with over 800 pounds. The other two were encouraging him on. As Craig set the bar into the power rack, Stephan spoke. "Mind if I work in?" Before they could reply, Stephan took the bar from the rack and began curling it, his 125 inch biceps easily managing the leg-crushing weight. Showing off, he began to curl the bar with one hand, then the other. Finally, he set it down. He smiled at the bodybuilders.

Any apprehension they had vanished as they looked at the tatooed muscle god. Paul spoke first, "Wow. Man, you are strong. What'd you take to get that big?"

"That's a secret," replied Stephan. "Only my friends know."

"Mon ami, I'll be your friend if I could have that strength," said Pierre.

Craig said nothing, though the bulge in his briefs appeared much bigger now.

"Gentlemen, I didn't mean to interfere with your workout. I just needed to exercise these arms," said Stephan flexing and shaking his bis.

"Dude, no problem. We understand wanting to get big," Craig said, finally getting up the nerve to speak.

"Really? Would you care to know my secret?" queried Stephan, being charming and knowing that he could not be refused.

"Ya" "sure" "oui" said the three.

"Then come into the locker room and I'll show you."

As the three approached, and Jake activated the portal.


Clark and Larry got to the building where the wrestling matches would take place. Clark liked these matches. He had shrunk back to his normal size, and these matches allowed him to grow and be the biggest, winning and dominating the men who wrestled there. Tonight, though, Clark would not enter the matches. Larry would, and he would use his victories to rebuild his strength. Utlunta's avatar could have it no other way.

"Let me register you," said Clark, indicating Larry to wait.

Larry looked around. There were several men there. They were husky and bearish, but not in Larry's league. Stephan had stolen much of his powers, but he could take these men. He counted ten, so far.

Clark returned. "We may have a problem."

"NO PROBLEM," said Larry.

"The Terminator is wrestling tonight. That's why the small crowd. The man is undefeated. He's strong."

"I have the blessings of Utlunta. I am strength incarnate."

"Yes, magical strength. But the Terminator is different. He's a man of science. Some accident or chemical or something, well, it changed him. Magic doesn't work on him. His strength comes from science."

Utlunta spoke to Larry. "This is your final test," she said. "Serve me well, my avatar."

"I must win." Larry said.


The five men entered Stephan's sanctuary. "Now, we're alone." Stephan said. He smiled at each one. In every mind, Stephan demanded to be worshiped. Neither Paul, Craig or Pierre had ever wanted to worship another man. Indeed, they normally were the ones being worshipped. But now, Stephan beckoned.

Paul was first. He placed his hands on Stephans huge pecs and rubbed them, then squeezed. He wanted those massive pecs. He moved his tongue to Stephan's right nipple and licked. He bit. Stephan's smell was an aphrodisiac. He wanted more.

Suddenly, he felt himself being pushed away by Pierre's unenviable might. Paul resisted, but Pierre was stronger. He wrapped his huge arms around Stephan, or at least as far as they could go, and sqeezed them into the massive lats. He rested his head in the divide between Stephan's huge pecs. He felt his briefs being removed, then a sharp pain.

Craig had begun to insert his 11x8 inch erect cock into Pierre. Pierre screamed and bucked. Craig was prepared and stepped in to start worshipping Stephan. He dove for Stephan's huge cock and began sucking it. Both Paul and Pierre prepared to fight for their duty to worship the blond god that had brought them here.

"Men, please. There is enough of me for all of you."

"I need you, Stephan," said Pierre.

"I must have you," said Craig, taking his mouth off of Stephan's dick to plead for more.

"You are everything I've always wanted to be," said Paul.

Stephan extended his arms and pulled the three toward him. Pierre and Paul each began to suck and bite the huge biceps that held them. All three licked and worshipped at the mighty man. Stephan used his strength and size to hold the men, and to please the men. All felt the hardness of his body, the ridges of muscle and the thinness of the skin. All were aroused and wanted him more than life itself.

As Stephan became more aroused, his tattoos seemed to glow. The three worshippers began to feel weak, but why shouldn't they in the presence of such a mighty man? It seemed to them that Stephan was growing, becoming over 7 feet tall and much more muscular. His biceps seemed to be 150, no 160 or 170 inches now. Their's were so much smaller. Stephan's chest was huge, each pec like a massive mountain rising for a desert, and the mountains were growing. All were envious of the mighty legs that seemed to be becoming more ripped and more massive. When the three worshippers felt as weak as new borns, the darkness descended upon them as they were sacrificed to the nether regions.

Jake watched as Stephan grew bigger and stronger. He was at least four times as large as that liar Larry had been. When the three bodybuilders were taken by Gakira as payment, Jake ran to Stephan.

"Now, may I make you grow, please. I love your huge muscles," Jake begged.

Stephan smiled, ready to be bigger still.

--- Twenty men had entered the contest. Some were small, insignificant men. "They like to be beat up," said Clark. "It gets them off." Larry had to wrestle one of these to prove his worth and move up to the next round. The man did make him grow, though.

Larry was admiring his 50 inch biceps, strength regained from his first victory, when he saw the Terminator. The man was huge. He had 80 inch arms, 130 inch chest of solid muscle leading to a 50 inch, rock hard waist. His legs had no gap between them and were 90 inches around each. The way the tournament worked, Larry would face the Terminator in the final battle.

In the second round, Larry took on a seasoned veteran. The man was big, but not huge. His 18 inch arms were solid, and he had a 47 inch chest covered with dark black hair. His legs were toned, and he had a nice six pack. His most impressive feature was his 11 inch dick. As they wrestled, the man kept fondling Larry's monster cock, distracting him sexually as he tried to gain the advantage. As Larry got erect, so did his challenger. Soon, they were carassing and hugging more than wrestling. This was fine with Larry, as he felt his muscle begin to grow again. The challenger loved Larry's size, his manly bearing, and his power. The worship of the challenger was what Larry needed to grow, and grow he did. He felt stronger every minute as the man loved his muscular body. The challenger submitted, and Larry gained another 100 pounds of muscle.

Larry's growth continued during the next two rounds. His biceps regained their lost size, as did his chest, abs, lats and quads. Finally, he felt himself again, but he wanted more, and he was about to confront the Terminator.

The final bought began, as Larry and the Terminator circled one another. With cock self-assurance, the Terminator suddenly stopped moving. He stood tall, and struck a double bicep pose, flaring his lats and flexing his chest and legs. "This is what strength looks like, little man. You cannot beat this."

Larry dove his massive shoulder into the Terminator's flexed abs, and bounced off. The man laughed, placed his hands under Larry's pits and lifted him up. Letting go of one hand, he slammed Larry into the ground, nearly knocking Larry out. Larry looked at the man. He seemed slightly bigger. Larry kicked at the man's legs with all his might, but still The Terminator remained standing. There was a slight tremble in the man's legs as they grew a bit larger. 'The energy of my attacks is making him stronger,' thought Larry, and he was right. Whatever science had changed this man, he now took kenetic energy and turned it into pure muscle. Any direct attack would not work.

'My avatar, you must win, for me. He must worship us.'

Larry looked at the man, seeking a weakness. The man's muscles were huge, but his penis looked small and atrophied. Could it be?

Larry stepped back and began stroking himself. "Man, you are huge! I do love that muscle!" he goaded, as his massive tool grew into its full erect size.

The Terminator watched, and his member also grew, reaching its full six inches.

Larry stepped forward, and wrapped his hand around the Terminator's cock. The Terminator did the same to Larry. "Man, so huge. Damn, I wish..." was all the Terminator said. Clark was right, Larry felt nothing of his growth power, but he did feel the man's lust and envy for his big dick. The Terminator dropped to his knees and began to suck at Larry's meat. The judges rang the bell. The match was incomplete, no winner, though the Terminator refused to let go of Larry's cock. "Man, gotta have you. Would you fuck me, please. Gotta feel that hot cock and that muscle body."

Larry felt Utlunta's blessings upon him. He had passed the test. Now, he needed to free Jake. •

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