Magic Muscle

Stephan's attack continues


By Muscl4life

Jake woke up at once, and he didn't know why he was crying. He

felt so sad, so incredibilly sad and impotent. He had this horriblke

dream with Larry, why? Why couldn't he feel his lover like he was


Jake looked at the clock, almost 2 a.m. where was Larry anyway?

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door.

"Larry, is that you?" Jake asked, he barely opened the door, and

a HUGE figure stood inside the apartment.

"Jake Feldens?" The voice was sweet and smooth. He had the most beautiful smile he ever seen.

"Y-yes, may I help you?" Jake asked a little blushed.

"Only I can help you, Jake!" The man said as he lowered and held

Jake's chin with his finger. The seer beauty of his hazel eyes

were almost hypnotizing. The man wore nothing but a dark green

velvet cloak, but he looked so much massive.

"You are being used, my dear Jake! Larry only wants to use you

as his muscle battery!" The man said at once.

"W-what? How do you know? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Jake

asked nervously.

The man sat down at the couch "I am Stephan, I am the guardian

who was sent to capture Larry CArter!"

"NO! It can't be true! Larry is a good man! He helped me, he

made me a part of him!" Jake confessed.

Stephan grinned "I know all about the link you two have, but my

powers are protecting you! He established this link to control

you, he want to bes ure you don't turn him to me!"

"Turn him to you? Why would i do that!" Jake asked

"Because he is afraid of me! He is a warlock Jake, and he had

brainwahsed you!"

"Brainwashed me? It can't be true!"

"Jake! It's me STEPHAN! Can't you remember me? OH GOD, what has he done to you, My love!" Stephan said holding Jake tightly.

"What? No! I never met you!" Jake struggled but that man was

just to powerful.

"Jake, it's me Stephan! I found you at the beach remember? Hank

and Tom remember? You made me grow this BIG!"

Stephan flexed his 110 incehs guns and suddenly Jake felt his mind weakening.

"You're not Larry!" Jake said with his voice weak

"But I am better than him, aint' I?" Stephan looked even bigger now. He hugged Jake once more!

"Baby, Larry had fooled you, he wanted to trick you, you're mine lover, you know that!" Stephan's face was too beatuiful to be

avoided, his face was just perfect, his smile was absolutely remarkable.

"I know that!" Jake replied automatically.

"Larry is the enemy, you can't feed his powers, never more!"

"I can't feed his powers!" Jake mumbled

"Because you love me" Stephan continued

"I love you!"

"And you only worship me, Stephan!"

"Only you Stephan!"

"Good, now make me grow!" Stephan oredered. Jake's eyes were completely blank now.

Jake rubbed his muscles and Stepahn felt hismelf growing bigger than ever, his muscles expanded, the black fog surrounded his body and he grew each time bigger and more powerful.

"You are really incredible, Jake! I Think I will keep you for fun!"

Stepahn said as he magically imprisioned Jake in a energy ball

"Take him with you!" Stephan ordered and Hank and Tom

appeared out ouf nowhere.

They grabbed Jake's imobilized body and vanished thorgh a door.

Stephan laughed "Larry, Larry, Larry! You sure found a special guy to you! He'll make me so fukcing HUGE, I'll be ruling this whole realm in no time! And since you'll be looking for him soon, I will let you something for you to remember me!" Stephan transported himself to his magical hideaway.

Jake was trapped in a force bubble floating in the middle of the room.

Stephan sat in his throne, and slowly he lowered Jake back at his feet. He stood up and gently he hugged Jake from behind.

"Jake, you feel so nice, your ass really turns me on!" Stephan said brushing his hair, he grabbed Jake in his arms and sat him in his lap, as he went bakc to his throne.

"You'll be here with me, increasing my powers, making me more powerful!"

"Yes, master! I'll do everything for you."

"Yes, you will, now suck my cock!" Stephan grinned. Jake went down at Stephan's huge cock and quickly he was sucking the beautiful warlock.

"Oh, fuck! You have a hot mouth on you, my dear!" Stephan moaned as he felt his sinsiter orgasm building.

Soon, Jake got all Stephan's load inside his mouth. The semen was impregnanted with evl forces and Jake swallowed hardly, intoxicated witht he feelings.

Stepahn pronounced some strange words and soon Jake stood up completely changed. He looked so dark, so mean.

His cute face remained there, but now his features were mainlier, stronger and more pronounced. Jake's cute green eyes were vague, his boyish face was gone, now a man was there no doubts. His hair got lighter and Jake now had a tattoo near his left eye, a symbol of Gakira, Lord of Oblivion.

"You're mine now Jake! FOREVER! Stephan announced as he begun pumping into Jake's ass. He fucked Jake merciless, not caring to his bleeding ass, and the frown on Jake's face as he felt the enormous cock pounding him violently.

Meanwhile, Larry finally made to Clark's place. "HELP ME! PLEASE!" He said before he collapsed at Clark's feet.

Clark helped him entering his place, and after he regained consciousness Larry told him everything.

"DRAKNA? His familly is composed by powerful warlocks, why did you have to mess with him anyway?" Clark asked scared

"He was the one who always messed with me!" Larry protested.

"Truth is, he managed to duplicate my ritual of MUSCLE, but he changed it, he made it demoniac!"

"As far as I can tell, you used your protector gods to gather the sexual energy from those who worship your muscles and convert into mass."

"Yes, that is the machanism!" Larry agreeded. Clark suddenly concluded "Oh boy!"

"What?" Larry asked nervously

"You said his body was marked by tattooos, like those?" Clark produced some images, and Larry analyzed them.

"I am not sure, but this one I remember quite well, Larry said pointing to one symbol.

"Oh, FUCK, we are so screwed! That is the symbol of Gakira, Lord of Oblivion!"

"The leader of the Masters?" Larry gulped

"The one and only!" Clark nodded.

"But waht are they doing with Stephan, they don't bond with mortals!" Larry asked.

"The Masters of the Forbidden Realms are poerful entities who dedicate the eternal lives to cause disgrace among the realms, they don't care for antyhing else, but it doesn't mean they know how to negotiate, especially with someone so despaired after POWER!"

"Those masters are stronger than my Protector Goddesses?" Lary asked nervously.

"Almost, but they are warrior deities, and it can be used at their favor!" Clark commented.

"Why can't they free themselves?"

"They can't do anything unless you manage to reach the power, Larry! They only reflect the power you gather for youself!"

"So, as Stephan drained me, he managed to strengthen their prison?"

"Exactly! And they won't be able to help unless you help yourself!" Clark concluded.

The wizards held their hands toghether and focused, soon they were brought into Utlunta's presence!"

Fortunatelly, Utlunta is the God of Strength, the same deity Clark worshipped and he couldn't be captured by those demons.

"My children, you seek my help, but things are not so easy!" Utlunta is a titanic figure, a berded bald man, with huge muscles, his arms are thicker than oaks and his legs are as hard as moutains "The Masters of Forbidden Realms are powerful, but there's one thing which is even more powerful, your love for Jake!"


"It was that same love who prevented you from being drained into Oblivion's realm, it was his love who protected you!" Utlunta said to his two worhsippers.

"Jake! Larry suddenly realized his link with his lvoer was no longer there! Did he die?"

"No , child! But he is in the hands of your enemy!" Utlunta made them look into a window and they saw Jake being transformed into Stephan's fuckt toy!

"NO! NO! IT CAN'T BE!" Larry puncehd his chest crying.

"Don't worry, Larry we'll get him back!" Clark said confident

"Things are not so easy, dear child!" Utlunta said "See the mark on his eye, it's is from Gakira, Stephan had promissed the soul of your lover to the Lord of Oblivion, in oreder to make him forget all about you two, and use his habilities to muscle worhip for his won purpose! As time passes, Jake remember less about you, and his mind is flooded by Stephan's false images, soon he won't be able to love anyone, but Stephan!"

"How can we help him, Utlunta? I don't care the cost!" Larry said in despair but the god calemd him down

"You can't, right now Jake is making him so powerful, not even you on your previous size would be able to beat him!"

"There has to be a way!" Clark said at once

"There's a way, but the cost.."

"Please Utlunta, I'll do anything!"

"No mortal can win Drackna's power, but I, the lord of Strength can!"

"But Gods can't work physically on our realm!" Clark asked.

"Yes, we can't but an AVATAR can!" Utlunta concluded.

"I'll become your avatar, Utlunta!" Larry said kneeling before the god, but Clark tried to stop him!

"Larry, you don't know what that means! You'll lose your mortality, but your feelings, your emotions, your humanity, everything will be gone! You won't be able to feel anything, no love, no hate, nothing!"

"But I'll have the power to save Jake, that is all that matters!"

"I accept it! I wanna do it!" Larry said at once.

"Farewell! I make you, Larry CArter, my avatar, you'll have ALL my POWER, and it only will increase as you'll make other men worhip your muscles! You'll become my hands, and my legs, you'll make live among the mortals forever! I grant yu the POWER!" As soon as it started, Larry was imersed in blue light! He grew amazingly beautiful and powerful, his muscles expaned astronomically!

Soon, Clark realized his friend was merging with the GOD of STRENGTH - Larry's features were now so beautifully, his hair become longer, and his muscles were growing inhumanly huge now!

CLark realzied Larry was GIGANTIC now, over three miles tall and seeming even wider. Clark weas scared, but soon Larry was back at his formal heigth.


"Larry, why did you do that?" Clark whispered


Clark got surprised , and AVATAR wasn't supposed to have feelings for no mortal, it was then Larry's smile shone in his face.


They both returned to the real world. Larry still loked the same, but he FELT different, he knew that.

He stood up and hugged Clark.

"I gotta GROW! BIGTIME! Jake needs me!"

"There's a hot place near by! A place whre men challenges other to wrestle in the nude!" Larry said with glint in his eyes.

"Let's go there! I'll be so huge Drakna won't stand a chance! I'll show him no to mess with an AVATAR!" •

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