Magic Muscle



By Corwin

Larry awoke in a strange room. It was dark, except for a single candle that burned near the door. He realized that he was naked except for a silver jockstrap that contained his package. Guarding the door were Tom and Hank. They too were naked except for black jock straps. Their eyes were glazed over, like they were drugged or under a spell. Larry guessed the latter.

He stood and walked toward the door. As he approached, he was blocked by an invisible barrier. He looked down. A gold circle was drawn on the floor around him. He was trapped. He knew the rules. The circle was without beginning and without end, a magical force that contained all that it enclosed. He walked back to the center and sat down.

Larry closed his eyes, concentrating on his gods, his protectors and benefactors. They were with him, all but one. Utlunta was missing. The others sat motionless. In his minds eye, he saw that they too were trapped inside a mystic circle, unable to break free.

Larry opened his eyes and looked at himself. He stretched his massive 120 inch torso, flexing his bulbous pecs and winglike lats. He raised his arms to his head, and contracted his 70 inch arms. He felt strong. The gift of the gods was still his, uneffected by the magic prison he found himself in.

He closed his eyes again, trying to commune with his gods. Tears ran down their faces as they either couldn't or wouldn't reply. He was on his own, for now.

Larry thought about Jake, trying to contact him. He felt Jake's presence still with him, but it was like looking through a fog. The circle would not allow that contact either.

Larry sat, and he waited. He thought of spells he might use to protect himself, or free himself, or attack his captor. He planned, but how do you plan for the unknown?

After several hours, someone came to the door and opened it. Tom and Hank did not react. The figure who entered wore a dark, hooded cloak, his or her face concealed in shadow. The person walked to the edge of the circle.

Larry remained motionless.

"Ah, you're awake. Good," said the figure. The voice was deep and masculine. It was vaguely familiar.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

"Why, I want the same thing as you. I want power. I want strength. I want to be worshipped and to dominate others," he said.

Larry knew that voice, but from where? "I don't want that."

"Oh, you don't want it in the same way, but you want it. Look at you. You're that that wimpy geek anymore," he said.

"Sure, I want muscle. I want to be strong. Who are you and how do you know all this?"

"You always were slow, never willing to guess or take short cuts."

"And you were?" 'Could it be?' Larry thought.

"I do what I must to get what I want, when I want it. I want power. I want to rule, and you showed me the way."

"Drakna," Larry whispered.

The person removed the hood and pulled his long, blond hair over the cloak. "At your service," he said. He smiled, his pearly white teeth seemed to glow in the darkened room. His goatee was groomed perfectly and his perfect features displayed a certain confidence.

Larry noted the change. Stephan Drakna was more handsome and rugged looking than the last time they had met. "Still using the beauty charm, I see," Larry goaded.

"And more, thanks to you. I must admit, I never would have thought you clever enough to discover a ritual with so much potential for power. Stand up and let me look at you!" Stephan's smile had a sinister air about it.

Larry was skeptical, but he knew that the circle worked both ways. If Stephan breached it, Larry could escape or Stephan would be trapped. Larry stood, muscles flexing involuntarily as he rose. His massive pecs bounced a few times as he stretched his body.

"Very nice. You must have used some powerful men to get that type of sympathy. Too bad they weren't as powerful as mine." Stephan dropped his cloak, revealing his larger, more powerful body. He wore only a golden jock strap that bulged as it contained his massive snake. "Olympians are the best of the best, and that's only what I go for. The best gyms, the biggest of the big, and of course, the best muscle worshippers." Stephan glanced at Tom and Hank, who stood motionless at the door. "Wanna compare?" Larry flexed his arms, 90 inches of muscle bursting high. He smoothly transitioned into a massive most-muscular pose that showed every striated muscle and thick muscle-belly to its fullest.

Larry knew that Stephan was bigger than he was. Larry needed to grow. He closed his eyes, but still felt none of the worship he needed to fuel his growth.

"They can't help you." Stephan smiled. "They're as trapped as you are. But you can help me," he said slyly.

Stephan slowly tugged at his jock strap, pushing it over his massive 120 inch quads. Larry was amazed as Stephan's 3 foot python grew, hitting the handsome man in the chin and rubbing against his goatee. Stephan stroked its two foot thickness. He pointed it toward Larry, and a black smoke came from the slit in its head.

Larry held his breath, but the smoke forced itself into his nostrils and mouth. He was forced to inhale it. Suddenly, he felt light-headed. He looked at Stephan, and fell to his knees. He crawled to the edge of the circle and started to cry. "Please, Stephan, flex for me! Show me your power! I need to touch you. Please."

Stephan laughed. He whispered something, and the physical circle shimmered as Stephan walked in. In his mind, Larry felt his gods try to escape, but they were still bound. Stephan stood before Larry, and Larry started sucking his toes. Slowly, Larry licked along Stephan's foot, cleaning it with his tongue. Tentatively, Larry touched Stephan's huge calves, wishing his were as big and hard. Stephan obliged Larry and flexed his calf into unyielding hardness, it's diamond shape split into one massive head and one slightly smaller head. Larry moaned his approval. He lapped at the muscle with his tongue and felt it with his hands.

When he reached Stephan's knees, he licked the solid bone and around to the soft spot behind. Encountering his god's massive hamstring, he put his full mouth trying to engulf them. Larry's mind was full of muscular bliss as he worshipped the power in Stephan's legs. With puppydog eyes, he looked as Stephan who nodded his approval for Larry to rise.

Still licking, Larry's tongue traced a path over Stephan's balls and up his man organ. Larry felt each abs muscle, rocks arranged in a road to the mountains of Stephan's chest. Stephan began to lift the smaller man to his mouth, and they kissed, tongues wrestling.

"Now," Stephan said, "give me what I deserve. Make me grow!"

Suddenly, Larry began to feel weak. He felt Stephan's body push him away as his chest and arms grew more massive. At the same time, Larry's magic muscle seemed to be shrinking. He felt his soul and spirit begin to leave his body as his bis shrank to 60 inches, then 55.

In the back of his mind, he suddenly heard Jake's voice. "Larry, not your muscles. Not your beautiful muscles. I love you Larry. Please, wake up. Stop this."

With all the might in his body, he pushed against Stephan. The sudden rebellion caught Stephan off guard, and Larry made a break for the door. Beyond the door was a room, and Larry recognized a magic portal. He ran for it, seeing Stephan's now more massive frame coming into the room.

Stephan turned to his zombies. His chest was now 180, with 110 inch arms and 140 inch thighs. Muscle he had taken from Larry. On the psychic plane, he could see Larry's benefators imprisoned in the circle. "He can't get far," said Stephan, thinking out loud. "And without them, he's powerless to grow any more."

Larry emerged in Tom and Hank's apartment. He found a coat, and put it around his massive but weakened form. He ran, worrying that Stephan was in pursuit. When he was safe, he closed his eyes. Only Utlunta was there. "I have failed you!" he thought.

"You were tricked," the god replied. "We all were. We will have our revenge." Utlunta showed Larry a man looking at his picture on the internet, worshipping his body. Larry felt slightly stronger, his chest growing an inch around, but it was nothing like the growth he experienced when all his benefactors helped him.

Larry needed a plan. He needed another wizard to help him, to find away to defeat Stephan and free the gods. He knew he needed to call Clark. •

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