Magic Muscle

You would never guess!


By Muscl4life

Larry stood up and looked at Clark. Both of them were just impressive, muscles beyond imagination, stronger than thousands of men together, their magnificence and beauty coming out thorough the pores. Larry was even more massive than Clark, after all he was Utlunta’s avatar, strength incarnated, his arms were back to his previous amazing size and even bigger, his chest was the picture of power and his legs were so thick he walked funny trying to adjust to his new 6’5” tall, 1580 pounds of muscle frame. Larry hugged Clark tightly the way only Clark could handle – “Thank you my friend, we now have the power to face Stephan and finally rescue my Jake!” But Clark seemed a little sad – “Once you get him, you’ll forget all about me, won’t you?” Larry kissed him deeply – “Once I free my other protectors, I’ll have all my powers back, and I’ll need you more than ever, I wanna keep growing, endlessly!” “Larry, I know you’re the incarnation of Utlunta’s power, but even so, be careful, you have no idea how tricky the Lords of Forbidden Realms can be!” Clark warned him. “I am ready to take it all! Jake is my priority, I got him into this, I gotta free him!” Larry said as he finally the arena, with dozens of exhausted worshippers were lying on the floor, whispering their desiring words to Larry, who could still feel the buzz of his last growth. Clark, in the other hand, remained worried, he knew Larry was a powerful wizard, but what he had in power he lacked in experience, Stephan was much more strategic than him, he would never be unprepared for Larry…

Meanwhile, Stephan was sat on his throne, thinking on the missing details. He had Jake still sucking his cock, and he kept growing with him, this boy was definitely special. Stephan looked at him, admiring the size of his muscles, Jake had the power to refine his extremely huge physique, making him more ripped, he had not even one gram of in his enormous body, all muscle, all POWER! He was 7’3” tall weighing close to 3000 pounds in demonic muscle! The warlock was this close to make his dreams come true, he wanted to become the most powerful being in this plan, but not just this, he wanted to be the most beautiful creature ever born. His light golden blond hair was flawless, his face was handsome and beautiful at the same time, his body was power sculpted in muscle, he stood up and watched his image on the wall sized mirror, and the thing he liked the most was Jake kneeled and sucking his cock, he was actually a little uncomfortable, since Stephan was too tall for him to suck his cock while he stood up, but the worshipper was dedicated, nothing would disturb him. Stephan smiled and grabbed him, and Jake quickly changed his position to suck on Stephan’s giant sized nipples, but the warlock was satisfied for the time being. “But Stephan, I don’t want to leave your side, ever!” Jake cried, he begged at his feet, and the warlock grinned – “You would die for my muscles, wouldn’t you?” “Yes, my love, you know I’d die for you, if I could save you!” Jake said with tears in his eyes. The warlock was marveled with his influence over this young man, he not only had replaced the image of Larry in his memories, but he actually created a feeling of intense love between Jake and his muscles, the bigger he got, the more Jake loved him. “You’re a good boy, Jake, and I will let you make me even bigger, but first you gotta do something for me…” “Anything, my love, anything!” Jake replied immediately. Stephan felt the dark presence of Gakira, Lord of Oblivion, at his side – “IT’S TIME DRAKNA! I DEMAND THE SOUL OF THIS MORTAL!” “But Master, I will need him, he has amazing powers on his soul, I’ve never seen anything like this before!” Stephan tried to gain more time. “YOU THINK I WOULDN’T NOTICE THIS DETAIL? THIS BOY HAS MORE MYSTICAL ENERGY WITHIN HIMSELF THAN YOU’LL NEVER HAVE!! THAT’S WHY I’LL DRAIN HIS SOUL TO ME!” Gakira said in Stephan’s mind, and it made the warlock freeze with fear and anxiety. Would it be possible? Would Larry be so imbecile he didn’t notice it before? Why these things only happened to him? “Stephan? What’s wrong my love?” Jake asked smiling, but Stephan didn’t pay attention to his words. “Dear Lord, please let me increase my powers once more, you know Carter is approaching, and he had managed to strengthen his powers, I have to be prepared!” “FINE! YOU’LL HAVE THIS LAST OPPORTUNITTY! ENJOY WHILE IT LASTS!” Gakira said returning to his dark domains. Stephan woke up from his trance, he realized Jake worshipping his muscles, he needed more power, he needed it ALL! He grabbed Jake and nursed in his arms - “Jake, my love, would you sacrifice yourself for me?” “Of course, my beloved, please do whatever you want with me!” Stephan realized Jake wasn’t just under the influence of his spell, he knew Jake would never risk his life, not even if influenced by any kind of spell, he truly loved Stephan, or at least the image he had of Stephan. Jake felt his eyes getting heavier, he quickly fell asleep on the mighty arms of his beloved warlock. “Perfect! I’ll prepare the things here! Hank! Tom!” The warlock yelled and the sinister henchmen appeared out of nowhere – “Take my Jake to the other room and prepare him to the ritual!” The musclebound zombies nodded their heads and took Jake along with them.

Larry returned to Tom and Hank’s place, he knew the remains of Stephan’s magic portal would still be radiating their dark energy, and he could track the way back to his place from there. Just when he was about to reopen the portal, Clark appeared, with his magical weapons. “What are you doing with this? This battle is supposed to be fought in MUSCLE and MAGIC!” Larry emphasized. “I don’t have one tenth of Stephan’s power or even yours, but I have my smartness, my experience, and my knowledge and those weapons are my leverage against Stephan’s dark powers, you can’t forbid me to come along with you Larry Carter!” The wizard said in his loud and powerful tone. “Fine, but don’t get in my way! I am too powerful to worry about consequences of the usage of my strength!” Larry said as he focused to reopen the portal. The energy grew brighter and Larry looked to Clark – “It is time!”

Larry and Clark arrived at the strange room where Utlunta’s avatar had escaped from Stephan’s threaten. They looked around and the place was empty. They searched a little more and nothing, it seemed someone had cleaned the whole place. “DRAKNA! I AM HERE TO FINISH THIS! GET OUT AND FACE YOUR DESTINY!” Larry yelled as he walked around the place. He heard a sinister laughter which grew louder and nearer. Clark was prepared for anything his eyes and ears were ready to detect anything which approached him, he was sure of that. Suddenly a figure appeared near him, it was HUGE and powerful, Clark barely had time to blink and he felt his mind overtaken by shadows, he didn’t see anything in front of him. Suddenly he saw the same figure who appeared a little ago, he had to destroy it, he had to help Larry. Larry was worried about Jake, he had to free him, he looked around but no sign of Stephan. “Can you sense anything, Clark?” He asked to his friend but he had no answer, when he looked back he saw the wizard launching his body against him, attacking furiously. Larry barely had time to escape from the attack, Clark hit a wall, destroying it. He woke up and his eyes were pure rage, he shouted and once again he attacked Larry. “Clark! It’s me, Larry! You can’t do this!” Larry tried to stop Clark, but the wizard was powerful and he had nothing in mind except Larry. “I am sorry, pal!” Larry said as he approached the raging wizard and hugged him tightly. Larry lifted him from the ground and squeezed him in a powerful bear hug, Clark screamed in pain, agony and rage, but Larry was sure it was the best to protect his friend from Stephan’s influence. Larry squeezed him with all his power, and Clark stop breathing, he struggled for sir, but he couldn’t breath, quickly he passed out. Larry grabbed his body and took along with him.

The room got lighter and Larry saw the energy circle which imprisoned his protector gods. Right next to it, he saw Drakna’s outstanding figure towering over him. He was even bigger then the last time Larry had seen him. MUSCLE in its most extreme definition. “WELL, CARTER, I SEE YOU GOT A LITTLE BIGGER, BUT UNFORTUNATELLY TO YOU, I GRE MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU!” Stephan said approaching him. Larry was frozen, not by any magical power, but from his own amazement. He never imagined Stephan could master his own ritual, he had managed to become even more muscular, ripped and powerful that Larry ever dreamt of! “WHAT’S THE MATTER, CARTER? YOU FINALLY REALIZED I BEAT YOU AT YOUR OWN GAME?” Stephan said flexing his 200 inches biceps. Larry only could moan “Shit he’s huge!” Stephan laughed. “That’s right Carter!” Stephan said as he grabbed Larry and pinned him to the ground, dropping Clark heavily in the floor. Drakna used his height difference to manhandle Larry, soon his giant demoniac cock was oozing that strange dark cum which invaded Larry’s nose and burnt his entire organism within. “I AM GONNA DRAIN THE LAST MUSCLE YOU HAVE!” Drakna announced as he spread his legs and prepared to insert his giant 4 and a half long dong up into Larry’s prick. Larry screamed in pain, but he noticed his muscles weren’t deflating; he kept just as big as he was, and soon Drakna noticed the same thing – “WHAT?” “I am not just a wizard anymore, Stephan!” Larry said as he managed to break free from the huge warlock’s grip – “I’m AVATAR OF UTLUNTA, GOD OF STRENGTH!” Larry yelled as he rolled over Drakna’s much thicker figure and got atop of him. “My muscles are a gift from my god to me, you miserable demon!” Larry said as he tried to keep Drakna under him, but it wasn’t too easy, his enemy was just too damn strong! “HAHAHA! YOU THINK IT’S A THREATEN TO ME? IJUST LOOK AT ME I AM MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU YOUR MISERABLE BASTARD!” Stephan yelled as he threw Larry against the wall, and it crashed over him. The blond behemoth laughed as Larry tried to stand up once again! “DON’T YOU GET IT? IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU’RE AN AVATAR! IN THIS REALM THE MUSCLE DEFINES THE STRONGER, AND YOU CAN SEE I AM MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU, LITTLE LARRY!” Stephan yelled and grabbed Larry by his throat. Larry tried to break free, but he was too hard to focus, his own cock realized Stephan was everything he wished to be! “IT ENDS NOW, LARRY!” Stephan yelled.

Clark woke up, his own mind was still very dark, but he knew he had to do something or Larry would be destroyed. He looked at his side, noticing the endless circle, he only had one chance, he had to free Clark’s protectors. Focusing hardly, he wished for Utlunta’s guidance. He pronounced the words of the Dismissal Spell, he enchanted them out loud. Stephan smiled, he finally had Larry where he always wanted. Then he realized the other wizard, the one he had charmed, he was walking towards the mystic circle. He pronounced the words Stephan knew so well. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Stephan yelled as he saw the circle disappearing. The deities were quick, as soon as Clark managed to break their prison, they returned to the side of their pupil. Larry felt his blessings back, he could hear every man who had worshipped his muscles, the hundreds of emails he didn’t check, but now he could feel them all, he could see them all, he could touch their minds, and feel his own power increasing. Soon, Larry was gaining more muscles than he never imagined, his ritual had finally been restaured, soon his biceps had grown to 150 inches, his chest read 220 inches and his legs were now 175 inches around, he weighed close to 2200 pounds. “THAT’S RIGHT STEPAHN! I AM BACK!” Larry yelled as he broke free. Drakna punched him in the stomach, but Larry just kept packing muscle as he walked, he had thousands of worshippers all over the world . His power would only grow stronger. “THAT’S FOR KILLING TWO INNOCENT MEN!” Larry yelled as he kicked Stephan’s gut throwing him over 200 meters away. Drakna stood up. “I WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN, YOU WEAK MAN! I STILL AM MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU MISERABLE BASTARD!” Stephan defied as he launched himself against Larry, who just prepared his powerful fist. “THAT’S FOR DISREPCT MY GODS!” The blow made Stephan spit blood, but he kept trying to fight Larry’s growing powers, he managed to punch Larry’s face and the wizard got a little dizzy. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW POWERFUL I AM!” Drakna yelled as he stroke powerful blows on Larry’s stomach. When he was about to strike again, Larry managed to lift him from the floor. “AND THAT’S FOR USING MY JAKE!” Larry threw Stephan with all his might, and the enormous body of the enemy seemed to be launched to other galaxy, it destroyed five huge walls during his voyage! Larry stood there enjoying his powers, he helped Clark who was still dizzy from breaking Drakna’s powerful spell. “ARE YOU OKAY?” He asked feeling his voice even more powerful “Y-yes, Larry! I am okay!” Clark replied noticing how much stronger his friend had become, he was now 6’6” tall weighing close to 3000 pounds, just as massive as Stephan was but since he was shorter he seemed even more muscular and thick. “WE GOTTA FOUND JAKE!” Larry said as he searched for his beloved. They walked through the corridors, looking for any sign of Jake, but it seemed useless, it was like Jake had simply vanished form this realm. “Larry, you gotta try your link with Jake! Stephan obviously took him to another place!” Clark said nervously and Larry focused as hard as he could, trying to find his love, he caught a weak feeling, almost distant, he wasn’t even sure it was Jake, but he had to try it anyway! “Come on, Clark! We have to find Jake!” Larry said as his mystical powers gathered the energy to perform the spell, soon they were wrapped in blue light and vanished in the air.

Stephan entered the dark temple of Gakira still feeling the powerful hits of Larry in his body. He looked at his zombies and smiled – “You may postpone you loss Larry, but it is inevitable!” The warlock approached the altar. It was built with human corpses of bodybuilders who had been drained by Stephan, atop of it, black candles, and some of cum. Stephan was pure rage, muscle and greed. Lying naked in the altar was Jake, he was sleeping and Hank and Tom had marked his entire body with unholy signals. “My love, it is time!” Stephan said at once and Jake opened his big blue eyes. –“Yes, Stephan, I am ready!” He said and walked towards him. Stephan remained naked at the center of the profane place, Jake arrived and they kissed one last kiss. “I give you my life, my powers my soul, my beloved!” Jake said and thunderbolts surrounded the place. Stephan opened his arms and laughed out loud. “YES, GIVE IT TO ME! EVERYTHING YOU HAVE, WITH THE POWERS OF THE LOST WIZARD I WILL BE INVINCIBLE!” Stephan laughed.

Jake said nothing he placed his hands on Stephan’s enormous chest and felt his powers flowing to the warlock. Faster than ever, stronger than never, more powerful than ever, that’s how Stephan felt as he was being recharged. He grew more powerful at each second, as Jake’s soul filled his power, making him the incarnation of power. Suddenly the unholy gates were blown up with one mighty punch. Hank and Tom, were covered in the dust, Larry and Clark entered the temple. “TOO LATE, CARTER! I’VE MADE IT! THE POWER OF THE LOST WIZARD IS MINE!” Stephan said as he kept growing bigger and stronger. His shoulders were enormous and his arms were thicker than Larry’s uncanny chest. Meanwhile, Jake’s pale figure kept transferring his energies to the titanic Stephan. “JAKE!” Larry yelled as he ran towards the two of them. He used all his mighty to punch Stephan but he couldn’t even reach them. A powerful force shield surrounded Stephan and Jake, while the transference continued. Stephan grew stronger than ever, he was close to 8 feet tall weighing 6000 pounds of muscle, his arms were 300 inches, his chest 400, his legs were 350 inches and his cock now stood at 5 feet long, with three and a half feet thickness, his shoulders were almost seven feet wide. As he kept receiving power from Jake, Stephan only grew more beautiful, his features become now almost ethereal, his eyes shone and his face was like the sunrise, filling the heart with beauty. Finally, Jake’s figure fell limp in the ground. And then his tiny weak body became nothing but dust. “JAAAAAAAAAAAKE!” Larry screamed and he managed to break through the shield. He rushed against Stephan but now even his most powerful blows couldn’t even hit him. Stephan became so strong her just absorbed Larry’s power and got even more muscular. Larry kept crying, he would never forget himself, he loved Jake, and now he was gone! He tried to beat the crap out of Stephan, but he knew it was useless, it would never bring Jake back to him. Meanwhile, Clark fought against Hank and Tom. Although they are two, Clark was much more powerful, he managed to destroy them with his powerful spells. But when he looked at Stephan’s newest form his knees went weak, he couldn’t fight such beautiful creature, he would never harm such perfection, such muscle, such power. Clark just felt his own cock going harder and he came without even touching himself, he only moaned at the vision of Stephan’s perfection. Larry, in the other hand, only kept trying to beat him, but it was useless. Stephan finally got tired of that play and grabbed Larry, and hugged him tightly. “IT’S OVER LARRY, YOU LOST! I AM INVINCIBLE! YOUR WEAK PUNCHES ONLY MAKE ME STRONGER!” Stephan’s voice sounded so terrifying, so scaring, and yet, so calm and tender. Larry only wanted to cry, he had killed Jake, yes he did, if it wasn’t for his selfish desires, Jake would never got into all of this! Larry lost his motivation to fight, his protectors were shocked, he had given up worshipping them, he blamed on them the death of Jake. “Go ahead, Drakna, finish me!” Larry said in a low tone. Stephan laughed, he had finally made it! He won, he was the most powerful being in the universe! He lifted Larry’s enormous weight with two fingers. “YOU’LL BE MY SLAVE! FOREVER!” He said as he approached Larry to his mouth, he never knew why he wished to kiss his worst enemy, but he suddenly realized Larry was the closest thing in beauty, besides him. “KISS YOUR MASTER!” Drakna ordered and Larry suddenly felt the urge to kiss those lips, like he could reach peace through them. Larry obliged and they kissed. It was then Larry felt in that kiss something different, Drakna would never kiss him, he could fuck him, rape him, but never kiss him, and the kiss felt better than ever. Larry felt a voice calling in his mind – “Larry, help me!” Larry opened his eyes. Stephan was lost on the feelings of the kiss, he only had one chance. The avatar knew he could never win Stephan in his latest form, but he knew his weak spot. He kicked Stephan’s arm and the towering behemoth dropped him for a brief moment. It was all he needed, Larry looked at the altar, it was the source of Stephan’s power, his worship to Gakira. He ran up the stairs with Stephan right behind him. “IT WON’T WORK CARTER, I WILL CATCH YOU!” Stephan was almost reaching his slave, when he felt his own arms stopping. He couldn’t move, and no one was casting a spell over him, he stopped in his own choice! Larry heard in his mind – “”HURRY! I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN HOLD HIM!” The avatar hurried, he reached the altar and he figured out what he had to do! He went to the black candle and tried to pull it off, but he felt a powerful discharge over him. He felt stunned but he knew he had to it! Stephan managed to recover the control over his body. He rushed to the altar. “NO! YOU CAN’T DO IT!” Stephan tried to reach him. Larry felt that candle was the heaviest thing on the universe, it was like trying to lift the sky, he wasn’t strong enough! “Yes, child you are! You’re strength incarnated!” Utlunta said in his mind, he renewed his confidence as the other gods gave him their blessings, and finally he heard Jake’s voice. “You can do it, Larry! Only you can!” The avatar screamed as his muscles pumped even bigger, he was never this strong! He felt the candle finally giving up. He managed to crush the unholy symbol of power in his bare hands. The entire room was covered in this red bright. Red like blood, the light came from the center of the altar, the dimensional gate opened and Gakira, Lord of Oblivion, appeared, he wasn’t as beautiful as he used to be, his eyes were filled with blood, and his skin now seemed to be on fire! “FOOLISH MORTAL! DRAKNA, YOU’VE BETRAYED THE TURST OF THE MASTERS! YOU LET THEM DESTROY OUR LINK WITH THIS REALM!” He screamed in an agonizing tone. Gakira reached his hand out of the portal and suddenly something start to leak from Stephan’s huge body. “YOU PROMISED US SOULS! NOW I SHALL HAVE YOURS!” “NOOOO! MASTER PLEASE! IT WASN’T MY FAULT!” Stephan yelled as his own soul was dragged to the portal. Stephan fell unconscious on the ground. “LARRY CARTER, NOW YOU’LL PAY FOR YOUR SINS!” Gakira said and left, but almost immediately the portal turned into a vortex, dragging everything into it! Hank and Larry were the first to be dragged, and Clark would be the next if it wasn’t for Larry, who managed to grab his foot and pull him near him. But Larry couldn’t resist much longer. He was too close of the vortex’s eye. He felt even his powerful muscles were loosing the battle, he had to escape from there. It was he remembered Jake, where was he anyway? If Drakna’s soul was dragged by Gakira, where was Jake’s and how would he ever rescue Jake? Such thoughts kept Larry from his most urgent target, survival. He lost his balance and felt his own body being dragged into the vortex. It was the end, that’s for sure.

Suddenly, he felt a HUGE paw grabbing his arms. It was STEPHAN! How? Gakira had taken his soul, hadn’t him? Anyway the enormous Stephan said nothing, he just pulled Larry’s body and hugged him and Clark’s unconscious body with one arm. He managed to protect Larry and Clark turning himself a little, Larry quickly managed to place himself on Stephan’s enormous back. He protected Clark, who was beginning to come around – “HOLD ON!” Larry screamed to Clark who didn’t understand what was happening – “STEPHAN?” The towering figure nothing said in reply, suddenly Larry heard some words, it was an Exile Spell, a powerful spell only known by a few wizards, but it could never be used against such powerful deity like Gakira. “HEAR ME, LORD OF OBLIVION! YOUR DAYS OF BETRAYAL ARE OVER! I COMMAND YOU! BE GONE!” Stephan’s voice was filled with power and the demon appeared once more, his face was pure rage, he cursed but the vortex’s power was slowly diminishing, Gakira was disappearing, bringing all the other masters along with him, the entire place was being dragged into the vortex. Just as soon as it started it ended, Larry noticed the dark temple returned to its original state, an abandoned old church. He looked around and Clark was still holding on his arm. “It is okay now!” Larry told Clark, but then he remembered he was holding on Stephan’s back, he quickly jumped to the ground and got ready for another round of their battle. “YOU MISERABLE WARLOCK! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO JAKE!?” Larry demanded to know, but the enormous man just kept smiling to him. The avatar got mad and tried to beat him, but once again, Stephan managed to block his every movement easily. And Larry was exhausted, he tried to punch, kick and struggle, but it was useless. Until Stephan managed to immobilize Larry, who only could cry remembering all his efforts didn’t bring Jake back. “Jake, I am sorry! I don’t deserve your love!” Drakna pulled him closer to his face, he smiled and kissed Larry with all his power. The wizard knew that mouth, he knew that taste, the tenderness, the sweetness, the love. “JAKE? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME DRAKNA?” “Just kidding, Larry, I can’t believe you still didn’t understand!” Stephan said out loud. “Understand what?” Larry struggled but he couldn’t escape from Stephan’s grip. “Larry, remember Stephan had dragged Jake’s soul inside of him?” Clark said a little more confident, he was actually smiling. “YES, I DO! What’s the catch?” The muscular wizard said at once! “IT’S ME LARRY! YOUR JAKE! I LOST MY BODY, BUT NOT MY SOUL!” The giant man said throwing Larry up and down. “NO! IT CAN’T BE TRUE! YOU’RE LYING!” Larry refused to nurture hope again. Stephan put him back in the ground, and looked into his eyes. “You only have a link with me remember?” Larry’s mind was flooded with the images of their moments together. “MY LOVE!” Larry yelled and they kissed. It was like being born again. After almost ten minutes of passionate kiss, Larry broke the kiss. “WOW! You’ve managed to keep Drakna’s body! And you’re looking eve bigger, how come?” Larry asked confused. “YOU ASK ME? I JUST WOKE UP AND SAW YOU BEING DRAGED, I COULDN’T LET THAT HAPPEN!” Stephan/Jake replied. “If you look closer, you’ll see Stephan’s tattoos are gone too! He is completely free of the demoniac influence!” Clark concluded. “HOW?” Was all Larry could mouth. “The lost wizard? Stephan said he had the powers of the Lost Wizard…” Clark approached Jake and suddenly he figured it out. “Larry, you are one lucky bastard, that’s for sure! In the search for one worshipper, you actually found the soul of Zaemon – the lost Wizard!” Clark punched his chest “WHAT?” They both said in chorus. “Zaemon, is the most powerful wizard ever born. In fact, he is so powerful his immortal soul is the main source of Magic in this realm! Our powers come from him. Since he is too powerful, decided to stay out of the wizard’s world, feeding the other wizards instead of using his powers on his own. “That’s why you gave me so much power, I could feel you feeding me like never!” Larry said amazed. “BUT I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING OF THAT! I JUST FELT IN THE NEED TO HELP MY LOVE!” Jake said brushing Larry’s hair. “That’s why Stephan drained you, but since your soul is too strong to be dragged by him, you managed to be trapped inside his body, when Gakira drained it, you were safe inside of Stephan’s huge body!” Clark said. “You can say that again! LOOK AT THE SIZE ON YOU JAKE!” Larry said feeling his cock hardening. 8’2” tall close to 7000 pounds, Jake was more than twice heavier than Larry, and each muscle he had was at least 50 inches bigger than his beloved Larry. Not to mention his beauty which only seemed to be increased, after abandoning the demoniacal influence, Jake stood up revealing his power to the world. He towered Larry, and the wizard honestly didn’t feel good about this. “Okay, but how could I cast a spell? I know nothing about magic!” Jake said still nothing believe he was this so called Lost Wizard. “THAT IS SIMPLE, MY LORD! YOU ARE MAGIC IN FLESH! YOU DON’T NEED TO LEARN TO USE IT!” Clark said at once. “Please, don’t call me Lord, I am no God!” Jake said embarrassed. “Hey let’s get out of here!” Larry said uncomfortable.

Two weeks later, Larry woke up on Jake’s lap. They had fucked all night long, it was absolutely magnificent, but Larry missed one thing, he missed being the one worshipped, he still had his powers, but he didn’t pack one single pound ever since they came back from Stephan’s dungeon. Jake now had become a Muscle God so fucking huge, Larry simply realized he would never be able to be the bigger man again. Besides, each day Jake only increased his skills, becoming the most powerful entity in the universe, and it really bugged Larry because he liked the effect he had on Jake, every time he performed one of his spells or whenever he packed his muscles, but now it seemed useless, Jake was o much bigger, so much stronger, so much more powerful, after all he was the SOURCE of magic in that Realm. The wizard went to the bathroom of their mansion, well Jake’s mansion. Despite being the POWER in flesh, he was also the only heir to the biggest fortune in the world. But now being 8’4” 7500 pounds of muscle, Jake doesn’t get out of the mansion very much, he had learnt how to make the entire house work by magic, he needed no help, he was perfect! And once more it bugged Larry. When Larry came back from the bathroom, he looked and Jake’s enormous figure was admiring the sunrise. He looked even more magnificent this particular morning. “Good morning, Jake!” Larry tried to disguise the unhappiness on his voice, but Jake could feel it. “Larry, I am leaving you!” Jake said without looking at him. “What?” “You’re too weak for me, honey! I need stronger men, you’re just a weak little man!” Jake said approaching him “I ain’t no fucking little man!” Larry flexed his arms, but Jake eclipsed him easily.! “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, you’re so weak! Maybe someday when you’re big enough we can meet again!” Jake said vanishing in his white smoke. “Fuck you Jake, I will show you who’s the strongest!” Larry said as he looked for his books, he would become the strongest one after all!” •

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