Magic Muscle

The need for size


By Corwin

Larry sat down at the terminal.

He read the first e-mail: 'Man, are you hot. Oh man, what muscles! Damn, where are you? I'd love to get together with you and see what happens.' Larry closed his eyes. The goddess Urjani appeared to him. He saw a man, about 35 sitting at a computer. The man was jerking off to his picture. Urjani smiled and Larry suddenly felt a wave of unbelievable strength.

He opened his eyes and opened the second message. There was a picture of a guy, pretty big with a tape measure over his bicep. The tape read 19 inches. The message read, "Thanks man. Wish I could be as big as you. What's your secret?" Larry closed his eye. This time, it was the goddess Cista that came to him. He saw the man, naked, sitting in front of his computer. He was flexing his bicep, stroking it and moving his hand to his pec. His 6 inch dick was erect. He could hear the man moaning about Larry's size. Cista smiled, and again Larry felt a rush of strength.

Larry had 16 mail messages. One called him a faggot, but with the other ones, a goddess appeared to him and showed him a man worshipping him from afar. With each, he felt incredible strength.

Jake came over with a rack of pork ribs. "Man, Jake, I feel awesome. I could never imagine." Larry flexed into a most muscular pose. He was ripped, and each muscle looked like it was made of titanium.

"Larry you have to eat."

"Ya, right, but after, I got to test myself. And I want more. Now that I've tasted being this big, I want more. I want to see how strong I am, and I want more." Larry grabbed the ribs and seemed to inhale the meat from the bones. He was like a barbarian.

As he finished, his computer dinged a new message. "Wimp. Think you're big? Think you're strong? Bet I could beat you. Fingered you at your ISP, so I know you're local. If you're interested, meet me at 1919 Liberty in the Strip at 9 tonight." It was signed 'superman'. Larry closed his eyes, and saw the goddess smiling at him.

"I am so there," he said, opening his eyes.

"Larry, I got a bad feeling about this," said Jake.

"Hey little man, don't worry. You wait here, I'll be back by midnight." Larry walked into his room. None of his clothes would fit him now, but that wasn't a problem for him. He chose some shorts and a t-shirt, a simple conjure and the clothes grew to fit his massive muscular physique. Jake continued to protest, but Larry left.

Larry got to 1919 Liberty exactly on time. It was a warehouse, cinderblock with brick exterior. There was one security door. The door was solid steel and locked. Larry made a bicep and looked at his 50 inch arm flex with power. He felt strong. He put his hand on the door and pulled. The steel squealed its resistance, but Larry's muscle wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. The door flew open. Larry continued to pull, and door broke from it's hinges. He placed his hands on opposite sides of the door. Larry's pecs and shoulder's burst into muscular relief as the door bent in on itself. "Oh ya! Fucking strong!" Yelled Larry as he tossed the door into the alley. Next, Larry noticed that the door way was too small for his massive frame. "No problem," he snickered. He made a fist and bashed it into the wall next to the door. The facade collapsed and the wall crumbled against his big fist. Hitting the other wall, he created an opening large enough for him to walk in.

Inside the building was a single man. He was watching the door, and looked nonplussed. He wore a wrestling suit. Larry noticed that he was thin, but toned. There was a superman's S tatooed on the man's right shoulder.

"You're bigger than you're pictures," the man said.

"I've been working on that," replied Larry.

"Transmorph spell, I presume."

Larry was a bit surprised. "What do you know about it."

"Know that it hasn't been done before. Hard magic. Dangerous too. Me, I'm not into size. I'm into strength. You can call me superman. I think I'll call you Hulk. You're kinda big and bulky like the green guy," said superman.

Larry approved. "Whatever floats your boat."

"Superman is stronger than the hulk," said the little guy.

"Hulk stronger," replied Larry.

"Prove it, wimp." The two men began to circle each other, spiralling in toward a common center. The guy calling himself superman raised his arms above his head. Larry dove toward his midsection, sending them flying to the floor. Larry pinned the man's arms to the ground. Larry noticed that the S tattoo suddenly began to glow, and the wrestler below him began to grow. No, he began to inflate, like a balloon. His arms bulged with muscle and his chest expanded. His abs hardened into 8 distinct bumps His legs expanded and Larry felt himself being lifted from the floor by the man's ever-more-muscular body. In seconds, the wrestler was every bit as big as Larry. With a jolt, he tossed Larry into the air and got to his feet.

"Oh man, you are one strong mother fucker!" The guy flexed his 50 inch arms, and struck a most muscular posed that expanded his 95 inch chest.

Larry recovered quickly and clasp his hands together. He swung his joint fist into his doppleganger's abs. Superman was prepared, and an impact that could bring down a building had little effect. The man calling himself superman returned the blow with a series of punches to Larry's chest. They too had little effect.

The two behemoths continued to fight, slowly destroying the building around them. Larry threw his opponent into one wall, bringing it down on top of him. The man threw bricks and blocks at Larry like bullets. They crashed into the other walls, embedding themselves or crashing through into the street. It was obvious that Larry's opponent was another wizard who enchanted himself for incredible strength. That's when Larry got an idea.

Larry charged his opponent and got him in a bearhug. He squeezed the massive man with all his strength, and feeling the hardness of the other man's body. He rubbed his hard muscles into and against this superman, and he felt his opponents reaction. The man struggled, but Larry barely contained the power equal to his own. And the man's dick began to get erect. He started to moan, 'oh fucking strong. oh ya.' The man was getting off on his own flex and Larry's strength. Larry started to grow as his opponent worshipped his power. superman was too caught up in the feeling of Larry's overpowering strength to activate his own transformation spell. Larry's arms grew to 60 inches, and Larry's height increased to 6 feet. His chest expanded to over 100 inches and his strength seemed to triple. Finally, he felt his adversary's dick throb and a wet spot appeared on his wrestling costume. "I give. Hulk is stronger." Larry grinned.

The other wizard's name was Clark, and he and Larry agreed to get together again sometime soon. Larry went back to his apartment.

It was slightly before midnight, and Larry was surprised to see his door open. The lock had been kicked in, and Jake was lying bloodied and unconscious in the middle of the room. Larry ran to his medicine cabinet and grabbed some healing balm. He applied it to Jake's wounds and the bleeding stopped. It would be a few hours, but the wounds would close and heal thanks to the magic balm. Jake groaned.

"What happened!" Larry demanded, concerned for his friend.

"It was Tom and Hank. They came looking for you. They wanted you all to themselves, and they attacked me. Larry, I was so scared. They hurt me."

Larry knew that it was time to deal with the problem that Tom and Hank had become. •

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