Magic Muscle

No one messes with my Jake


By Muscl4life

Larry punched the coffe table and barely pulverized the small furniture, but he was too damn pissed to notice his last display of stength. All that mattered was his Jake, his best worshipper, his most dedicated friend had been severely injuried and it was all because of him. "Jake, please stay here and don't enter my room! I'll need complete concentration!" Larry kissed him and entered his room, qucikly drawing a mystical pentagram to invoke his magical powers, he needed a solution for his problem - How could he protect Jake, without resigning the pleasure of being worshipped by other men? He wanted Tom and Hank just as much as he wanted Jake, all of them were his muscle source! Soon, a mystical figure appeared in Larry's visions. It was an old thin man, with fire orbs for eyes and silver snakes for hair. "You are seeking for an answer you already have young man! Your desire for power and muscles is stronger than any feeling you may have, but you care about this other man too much to see him injuried becasue of you!" Larry took a deep breath and focused, he tried to remeber everything about his magical lessons and suddenly, he realized what he had to do. Jake was still sleeping when Larry returned from his room, after three hours of intnse meditation. The living colossus had a little ceramic cup in his hands. He woke up Jake with a kiss. "Hello, sweetie!" Jake said as he opened his eyes, the blond man rubbed his muscle master's chest. "Jake, please drink this!" Larry offered the cup and Jake drank with no further questions. The blond man felt weird, and then his mind entered a whole new world, he felt his body going lighter, and his senses sharpening, it last no more than one second, but it was like eternity to the young man. When he woke up, he was in Larry's arms. "What happened?" Jake whispered regaining his breath. "In short, I've made you a part of me!" Larry said holding his chin "W-what?" Jake asked a little puzzled "That was the only way I can be sure you are safe all the time! No matter how far we maybe anytime you need I'll be there, do never worry!" Jake heard the words but he noticed Larry's mouth didn't move at all. "Don't worry Jake, I am here with you!" Larry spoke once more in Jake's mind "whatever you feel I will feel, you are mine now Jake, forever!" "WHY DID YOU DO THIS? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" Jake exploeded in anger and fear. "I couldn't take the risk of getting you hurt again, you don't understand sweetie, my quest for MUSCLE is eternal!" I'll never NEVER be satisfied with my muscles! Once my body can't pack any moremuscle, I'll find a way to keep growing more muscular, Tom and Hank are just the tip of the iceberg! Once i handle them, many other dangerous beings may cross my path, and they realized you are my weak spot!" "Me? Why?" Jake asked still not used to the telepathic link which bonded them. "I am in love with you Jake! I never thought it could happen so fast, when i saw you I only wanted to be worshipped, but you gave much more than that, you love for muscle made me completely fall in love with you, and I can't deny it!" "I- i..." Jake tried to speak, but he couldn't "You love me too, I know that, I can feel remember? this is the reasoon the magic worked! Only soulmates can establsh this kind of conection!" Larry approached him and kissed him, and they both felt the kiss multiplied many times. "You feel my kiss, and i can feel you kissing me back, twice, it is kind of a chain reaction!" Larry said brushing Jake's hair. "W-what about them?" Jake asked in his mind trying his new power. "Don't worry about them! i will handle them, later!" Larry said as he flexed his enormous 52 incehs arms. Jake knew what he had to do, he barely touched Larry and the monstrous man grew almost fifty pounds in less than thirty seconds. "WOW! I've never thought you felt this way about my muscles! The telepathic feedabck actually magnified your power to make me grow more muscular!" Larry projected into Jake's mind Jake said nothing, he just went down to Larry's monster cock and start blowing him, making him grow freakier each second. Jake felt each vein on his cock, he massaged the hard pefection of his muscle pillars and felt the warm hardness of Larry's butt. Larry was lost in his feelings, he only moaned as Jake made him grow more and more, making his enormous muscles swell in size and power, hardness and defintion, his skin turned almost inot bronze, so thin it became, his chest inflated and the magnificence of his arms increased. At a certain point Larry felt only bliss, but then he felt his orgasm building and his growth increasing, then it felt like he was burning, the need to cum was overwhelming, but the pleasure of growing unstoppably was even stronger. Larry tried to look at his beautiful Jake, but his chest had grown so much thicker, he couldn't see over them. He looked to his sides and his deltoids were almost at his ear level, he felt Jake's hands rubbing his abs "Don't worry, I am here!" Larry felt bliss as his mind was touched by Jake's, he felt his power increasing, his strength magnifying, his muscles, growing, his pleasure reaching inhuman standards. Larry grabbed Jake with one hand and turned him upside down, Jake quickly readjusted his mouth around the cock of his lover, and Lary engulfed his harder than ever manhood. The two 69'd each other for over ten minutes, untill they both flooded each other with their love juice, of course Jake's load wasn't near once tenth the amout Larry had fountained down his thorat. Jake almost fell unconsious as he finished sucking on his giant lover, but Larry was right there for him, grabbing his love figure easily and nursing in his arms - "You rest here, I have business to attend!" Larry said as he walked out of the room. The wizard looked at himself in the mirror. "FUCK! Jake you're turning me into a monster!" Larry said out loud as he looked at his figure - he was still 6 feet even, but now he weighed 980 pounds! He was 5 feet wide and his chest stood at 120 inches, while his thighs were 84 incehs and his biceps peaked at incredible 70 inches! His mamooth sized cock now reached 2 feet long and 14 inches thick, his balls were mellon sized and his shoulders looked like basketballs, his stomach now seemd a quarry so cut and ripped it was. Larry looked at his face and realized how much manlier he had become, his jaw was sqaure and stronger than ever! He smiled, but it quickly vanished from his lips, he had to straight things with the guys who hurt his lover...

Meanwhile, Tom and Hank were walking down the beach looking for the object of their lust, the man who meant MUSCLE, they wanted him to please and worship, not matter how it costed. "What if he finds out we did that to Jake?" Tom asked worried. "How? The guy is almost in a comma! He'll never think about us! Meanwhile we can comfort him as his tiny queer is at the hospital! It is the perfect plan!" Hank replied with a mean look. "He already knows about you, you stupid foes!" A voice came from behind the musclebound duo. They looked madder than ever, as they say the tall, thin blond man looking at them with an arrogant look. "Who the fuck are you?" Hank asked shocked "Stephan Drakna! He bowed and smiled "And what you from us?" they asked in chorus. "We should take this to a more private place!" The blond man made some gestures and sudenly the three of them were sitting in a dark strange room. Stephan was sat behind the huge black marbel desk filled with spooky objects. Tom tried to stand up, but they found out they couldn't move, they were stuck! "You'll be able to move when i think it's apropiate!" The man smiled and kept talking. "The man you seek is an old friend of mine, from the Achademy, we used to study together, he always tried to look like he was the best wizard among all, but I am much more powerful than he can imagine!" he said as he wondered around the room. "Larry?" "Yes, you miserable creature, he is a wizard, a magician, whatever you prefer! That's how he got his muscles!" The man said furiously. "all my life he tried to make me pass by a loser, but it will change from now on!" Stephan continued "I've been trying to take my revenge against Larry ever since we graduate, but he was pretty good in hiding from my powers. I discovered he had realized a very dangerous ritual in order to achieve powerful and ever growing muscles. Stephan was actaully very tall and built, 6'7" 200 pounds of extremely lean muscles, his black cltohing really matched his milky complexion and his goldden blond hair. "Since Larry was always an ugly skinny man, I understand why he had to look for muscles! But if he wants to become so muscular, my perfect revenge will be showing him that he is no longer the biggest man!!" The man had a mean glint in his hazel eyes. "What you want from us?" Hank asked shocked. "I know you'd give ANYTHING to be bigger than Larry wouldn't you?" Stephan asked mischeavously. "YES! CAN YOU DO IT?" They both said in chorus. "Great, now follow me!" Stephan orederd and the guys felt they could walk again, the tall wizard entered a large door and they all ended at a huge state of the art gym, both of the guys recognized the place, it was the most famous gym in world, where only the heaviest and biggest bodybuilders trained. It was empty, but the equipment was stil there, arraged in a funny way around an heptagram, where red candles were lit inside black cups filled with a red liquid. "I just bought that place, you don't need to know the reason!" Staphan said without looking for them. "How can you make us bigger?" Tom asked nervously. "You wouldn't understand if I told you, so you'll have trust me okay?" Both of them nodded and Stephan smiled cleverly. "First I'll need you two to shave off your hair, completely, head, chest, groin, armpits even eye brows!" Stephan ordered producing the razors and cream. Hank and Tom looked at each other, but since they were cluleless, they decided to do as told. After they had finished shaving, they were completely smooth and bald. "Good, the spell requires your body hair!" Stephan commented putting all the cream and hair inside a huge black pot. "Why are you doing this?" Hank tried to figure out. "We can help each other, I'll give you the power, and you two will get your revenge on Larry, and we are even!" Stephan said and the musclebounds agreeded. "Great!" Stephan snapped his fingers and two tiny creatures brought a chest, filled with, with used posing trunks? "I've gotten the posing trunks from every and each Mr Olypmia champion from the last thirty years, even those who were part of private collectors!" Stephan dumped the trunks and they turned into a dark goak. He looked at his bald muscle men and smiled. "You can drink it!" He gave each one a cup of the goak and they looked puzzled. "Drink if you want to grow!" They obliged, the taste was terrible but, soon as they finished they felt their bodies enlarging quickly! "Tom, look at me I am growing!" Hank said he was now close to 400 pounds and Tom reached 375. They looked completely muscular and perfect. Their already impressive muscles only augmented as the time passed, soon each one was well over 500 pounds and still growing! "We're gonna fuck Larry's ass!" Hank said flexing his biceps "Hank, i am too horny!" Tom said stroking his 17 incehs cock and his growing friend did the exact smae thing. They were filling thei upcoming orgasms buidling and Stepah suddenly ordered "Cum in the pot NOW!" The grwoing guys obliged filling the magic cauldron with their spunk, volleys and volleys of powerful cum was added to the sinister misture. Stephan smiled and suddenly both Tom and Hank felt their hearts accelerating, almost unbearble, the pain on their chest was just too much! They barely had chance to realize what hit them, as soon as they came insde the cauldron, the gargantuan duo simply collapsed at the floor, their hearts exploded inside their bodies, and they fell dead at Stepah's feet. The dark wizard laughed "Hear me Lords of the Forbidden Realms! I come to you offering the souls of those foolish mortals!" Stepahn yelled and suddenly a vortex oppened in front of him. Bizarre creatures tried to escape through the passage, but then an incredibilly beautiful man face appeared. His hair was red and his complxion very pale, he had bat wings. He smiled and simply vanquished the other creatures. "You summoned us, now you explain the reason!" The man said calmly. Stephan kneeled "Oh, great, Gakira, Lord of Oblivion, I offer you and the other Masters these two souls, but not just that! I am willing to give you all the souls you want!" "And what you ask in favor?" The red haired demon asked with a tender face? "POWER, my LORD! I want you to give me PHYSICAL POWER beyond discirption! I want to become the biggest and most muscular being in the universe! And not just that, I will steal the souls of those who desire my titanic body, and each time it happens I will become bigger and more powerful!" Stephan said without looking to the eyes of the beautiful creature!" The demon closed his eyes for a brief moment and then the vortex got bigger and Stephan knew ALL the Masters of the Forbiden Realms came to his presence, surrounding the blond dark wizard. "You listen, Stephan Drakna, you promised us the eternal souls of those charmed by your muscles, and we shall give you what you asked for! You'll become more powerful and more muscular than anyone in this universe, no matter how! The souls you drag will fill your muscles, and our power over this dimension, we shall give you what you wished for! But remember, if you fail on us, your very soul will be ours!" Grakira said. "We'll give you the wrath to be stronger, We'll give you the rage,, the smartness and the courage to fulfill whatever is neessary to gorw and and grow even more muscular, and once you manage to charm a person with your muscles that person will have its eternal sould dragged to this dimension, and you will grow more!" Then, a blood hurricane appeared from the center of the vortex and Stepahn felt the POWER entering his body! His muscles grew bigger, his power increasing, the growth was a mix of pain and pleasure, each time more and more intense. Stephan was lifted from the air, his arms opened and his muscles growing freakier and more powerful, his hair grew longer, his his chest ballooned, his legs thickned, his power was obviously increasing tenfold. Then, it increased even more and Stephan felt his own cock growing each time longer, his balls filling with power, he came fiercely a strange kind of cum, covered in black smoke, he kept growing and getting each time freakier. The dark wizzard only laughed as his muscles increased abnormally huge now, and then he got even bigger and more ripped, more powerful, his shoulders widened and his abdominal ridges popped out. Slowly, the blod hurricane slowed down, and then it faded out. In the middle of the heptagram a HUGE naked figure was kneeled between the corpses of Tom and Hank. He stood up, trying his new size, his new muscles, his absolute POWER! Stephan stretched his neck muscles, adjusting his figure and looking even more impressive. He stood at amazing 6'10" weighing magnificent 1870 pounds. His shoulders were 5'11" apart, his arms were 90 incehs, his chest read 150 inches, his legs were 120 inches around, his devil cock reached 3 feet long and 2 feet thick! His whole body was now marked with dark runes, sinister symbols tattoed over his biceps, his groin and his spine, each mark represented one of the Masters of the Forbidden Realms. Stephan became even more beautiful than he already was, his hair now reached down his back, and he had grown a diabolic goatee. His eyes were filled with rage and hate. He smiled and felxed his enormous guns, laughing and cumming his strange deamon cum. splattering all over the bodies of Tom and Hank, who suddenly stood up and kneeled before his muscle master! "POOR LARRY! YOU WERE JUST TRYING TO BECOME MORE MUSCULAR, BUT YOU GAVE ME THE PERFECT IDEA HOW TO RULE THIS ENTIRE DIMENSION AND GET RID OF YOU AT THE SAME TIME! YOUR PATHETIC RITUAL HAD JUST BEEN UPGRADED, I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR BEING SUCH A LOOSER! RIGHT BOYS?" Stephan looked at the faces of Tom and Hank- they had no expression at all. Stephan grabbed them each by the neck and lifted. "You are now, my slaves! Your souls are trapped in the Forbidden Realms, you have no will, no thoughts, no life at all! But you'll serve my purposes!" Stephan focused and they quickly shrank back to their previous sizes. "You will come back and bring Larry to my presence! You won't be able to feed his powers because you have no will of your own!" Hank and Tom said nothing, they just walked out of the room and disappeared in the air. Stephan remained there in the middle of the gym, laughing out loud and trying his new enlarged version, he had to drag more souls and grow more powerful...

Larry went back to Hank and Tom's place, simply punching the door and destroying it, he entered quickly, he was furious with them, how could they hurt the man he loved. Both Hank and Tom seemed calm, actually too calm to Larry's state. "LISTEN YOU PUNKS! YOU AREGONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU DONE TO JAKE!" Hank came nearer him. "Larry, we only wanted to please you, he was the one who teased us..." "YOU FUCKING LIAR! JAKE NEVER SAID IT TO YOU!" Larry said as he slapped Hank and sent him to the other side od the room. Tom tried to calm him down! "Larry, we were just too scared, we want you, but Jake seemed to be in charge, and we are not used to that!" He seemed sincere and Larry felt like he could use more power in his muscles, he reached out and grabbed Tom. "YOU SWEAR YOU WILL NOT HURT JAKE AGAIN? HE'S MY MAN NOW! GOT IT?" He asked and Tom obliged quickly. "GOOD! NOW COME AND MAKE ME GROW!" Larry demanded and both of the guys came near him with a smile . Each one hugged Larry, surrounding him with their muscle and power, and the wizard could already feel the POWER entering him. All of a sudden, Larry felt a sinister energy surrounding him. He felt that his muscles weren't growing, he felt cold, he felt scared, something was wrong! "Who the HELL ARE YOU?" Larry asked trying to break free, but as soon as he brought his arms together trying to pull them away, he felt his mind dizzy, he couldn't focus, he just collapsed atop of the two men. But soon they were able to open a portal and managed to carry the enormous bulk of Larry through it. Larry could only think on his beloved Jake, he feared for him, he had to protect him someway, some how! •

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