Magic Muscle

Teaching them a lesson


By Muscl4life

"WOW! Look at you! You're even bigger than this afternoon!" Hank said as he opened the door. I had to manouver a little in order to enter the place - "Fuck Hank, you could have larger doors in this place!" "I had just enlarged those door for me and Tom..." he mumbled as we shook hands. I looked at my chest exposed. "DAMN! I just bought these! Do I have to go naked now?" Tom came from the kitchen with a huge plate of pasta and tuna. I just grabbed it from his hands - "Great! I am starving!!" I sat down at their couch savoring my plate. "Say, you skinny's have a good place here!" "We are not skinny!" Hank replied flexing his 23 inches guns. "Oh, yeah, I am sorry, you are big very big..." "Well, at least we don't get paid for fucking that Jake queer!" Tom said trying to sound provokative. I just stand up showing him how much bigger I was and said. "Getting paid for fucking Jake? FUCK you guys couldn't be more wrong! I was the one who begged him to date me!" "You're a fag too?" Hank saked in disbelief. "WATCH IT PAL!" I said grabbing him by the collar and easily lifted him from the ground - "Unless you wanna have a piece of mind too!" I said with a mean grin in my lips. I dropped him on the couch and belched. "Well are sissy sisters gonna train or what?" I asked looking for their gym. "O-over here! Hank said leading me to the place. I smiled as felt my muscles growing even bigger. "Those guys are almost as good as Jake!" I thought as I finally got to their home gym at the second floor. "Nice toys you have here! Can I play with them?" I asked smiling. "Yes, but remember you said your arms were stronger than our legs? We wanna bet they're not!" Hank dared me and I just laughed. "Sure! What are we betting?" "If you can do bicep curls with the same cargo we lift for leg press, we'll pay you one thousand bucks!" "And if I lose?" I asked pretending to be afraid of their scheme "You're gonna tell us what are you in!" Tom said "What?" I asked acting naivety "Come on man! We know you're into somethign! No one has such big muscles as you! We wanna do it!" I smiled, those guys couldn't even picture what kind of thing I was "in" but I decided it would work perfectly. "Fine, but you keep your money!" I said with a mean glow in my face "If I win, I want something else!" "What?" They asked in chorous. "Why worry about that now, you guys are sure you can win me right?" I offered my huge hand and they just shook it. I gained five pound from each one. I looked at the watch and noticed Jake's recovery time had passed, he could make me grow again. I rubbed my hands and said "This is gonna be fun!" Just then the bell rang. I smiled gusseing who it was. Hank oppened the door to Jake, who entered the room and rushed into my massive body and kissed me. I felt my pecs inflating and my arms balloning when we kissed. "Seven hours, at last!" He said in my ears and I smiled. "everything set?" I asked him referring to the muscle worship site and he just blinked at me. We kissed another time and I just lifted Jake from the floor and nursed him in my arms, turning to Hank and Tom. "Isn't my boyfriend the cutest man ever?" I said with the queerest tone I could fake, and Jake laughed. "So are we gonna do this or what?" Hank asked impatiently. "OK!" I said putting Jake on the floor. "Would guys want to weigh in before we start it? Just for fun!" Jake said rubbing my triceps. "Fuck off! We don't have time for this!" Tom said loading his cargo. "HEY PAL! Don't you dare talking to my Jake like this!" I poked him in the chest. The picture is really funny. I am 5'9", Tom is 6 feet even and Habk is 6'4" but I completely dwarfed them. "Where's the scale?" I asked going to the corner where it was set up. I went up and they got scared at the read. "438 pounds!" That can'e be ture!" Hank said checking the read, he asked me to go down and he weighed himslef - 274 pounds his actual weight. "That can't be right! No one can weigh that much in muscle!" Tom mumbled right at my side. "Larry can! In fact he'll be even bigger in no time1" He said feeling my 8 ultra ripped pack. "Sure babe!" And I wne to the leg press machine. Hank tried to focus. "Let's make it more interesting... You two can sum up the cargo you leg press and then I'll try to curl it all, okay?" Hank went quiet, he gave up asking how could it be. Tom tried fiorst he could lift almost 500 pounds and Hank did 550 pounds. "That's 950 pounds! You sure you can curl it?" Tom asked in a mocking tone. "You guys have all this weight?"Jake asked realizing the number of the plates. "Not for dumbells, of course!" I said, then I asked Jake to help me load their bench press bar. "Hey tou said that you could curl those in one arm!" Hank protested. "Who said i am not?" I asked preparing my self to curl the 950 pound. Just when I was about to start I stopped. "Jake, let's go for 1000 pounds!" He added 25 pounds in each side and i grabbed it with my right hand. Only my huge paw could balance the big bar loaded with so much weight. I grinned at Jake and curled the ten first reps, with Hank and Tom watching at me in awe. "You know what? This is too light!" I lowered the bar and Jake added another 100 pounds in each side - 1200 fucking pounds and here I went curling that whole amount in one fucking arm. Jake was completely hard now, and I could feel my power augmenting from afar. I nodded with my head and he came near me. Tom and Hank were completely blown up by incredible size and power. The moment Jake touched me I just moaned as incredibilly 50 extra pounds packed at the same time! They could notice it! My skin tight weatshirt just ripped as I inhaled, due my 62 inches chest. My giant thighs finally broke free of their cramped place, showing their 45 incehs perfection. My arms exploded as they reached 36 fucking amazing inches around. And my 13 incehs long cock now tapped at 15 incrediblly veiny inches, ripping all the way through the underwear. "DUDE! What the hell is happening to him?" Tom asked Hank. "Oh, that's easy!" Jake said still making me grow. "Anyone who worships his mass, his muscles is gonna make him grow, more and more! Interesting huh?" he said as he rubbed my giant biceps and they packed even more sheer size. "He found me after you two trashed me at the beach! So, I think I should thank you for being such assholes with me!" Hank was the first to approach me, but Jake stopped him. "You won't get to touch him so easily!" He said shocking both Hank and even me!" "You'll have to earn his attention, you'll have to beg him to worhip his muscle!" Hank looked at me puzzled, but I felt Jake had some issues to solve - "You heard him Hank! Don't you wanna worship that?" I flexed my now 38 inches guns. It was Tom who dropped in my knees. "OH PLEASE! LET ME TOUCH YOU, LARRY!" He begged reaching his hands to touch me, but I smartly took a step back. "why should I?" "Because I'm gonna make you grow so fucking HUGE! I wanted you at the moment I saw your bulging figure!" Tom said almost in a despaired tone. "And you Hank?" Jake asked looking at the 6'4" musclebound and he was already on my back whispering in my ears "I'm gonna make you grow so huge, Larry, I will make you completely titanic! I wanna serve you, worship your mass and adore your incredibilly muscles, you know I will make you much bigger than that toothpick Jake!" "HEY! You can't make him grown bigger than I can do..." Jake protested and he touched me on the chest. "You know how mcuh I made you grow, don't you babe? You know I am your favorite guy!" Jake said looking at my expanding arms and he kissed me getnly in the face. "HA! I am gonna make him grow you idiots!" Tom said as he attacked my huge and grwoing cock! Hank was behind me already ripping my pants off - "I will show you what's worship for real!" He said as he inserted his own 11 inches cock into my virgin ass! "WHAT? I will show you what's growth!" Jake quickly used Tom's shoulders to reach my mouth and he sat on my shoulders inserting his own 8 incehs cock down my thorat. So here I was, being fucked, sucked and sucking at the same time. The amount of muscle pakcing on my body was amazing! I lost the track of reality, feeling my mass expanding, my arms ballooning, my chest inflating, my legs thicknening, my cock growing long and thicker down Tom's throat and my butt tightnening arond Hank's ass. "Yes, Larry, grow for me! Get huge honey! i wanna feel the size and hardness of your muscles!" Jake said as he thrusted his cock deeper in my throat "I am making you grow bigger Larry, me, and you know what I am talking! Larry said as he increased the pressure on his pounding rhythm. "You two are stupid! We gotta make him bigger! Let's just work together!" Tom said as he recovered his breath from blowing me! Hank and Jake exchanged looks and nodded. They changed their tone as they worshipped me! "Larry, you're so big, but Iwe want you to grow more, more and more!" Jake said massaging my arms. "YES! HUGE!" Hank said as he fucked me hard, his rhythm was amazing, each pum gave me more size, more muscles and more strength. And tom was surely doing a great job on my blowjob! I've never felt in my whole life. Having three guys worshipping me was too much intense for me! I didn't even know how could I keep there stadning, and growing MASSIVE! Finally, after what seemd hours, Hank, Jakeand even myself came at the same time! We exploded in cum, sweat and saliva. I had to grab Jake to avoid him falling over Tom, who had already unloaded on the floor. Hank was still pumping on my ass mumbling " Grow, grow, grow!" I easily unplugged him from my muscular bubble but. "YOU CAN STOP NOW! GREAT JOB BY THE WAY!" I said with extre power in my voice. When they could actaully take a look at me, they strated jacking off almost immediatelly. Soon, they were cumming once more and I just smiled as I grabbed one by one and thanked with a deep kiss. "Oh, Larry, you're amazing!" Jake finally said. I had to see myself! I ran to their wall sized mirror and almost fainted! I was in a word HUMONGOUS! I had gained two inches height, so I could accomodate such mass! I tried to hup on the scale, but it only could read to 660 pounds, and i was obviously heavier than that! I focused on my magical powers and finally knew - I was precisely 746 pounds of increibilly huge and developed pounds. Being now at 5'11" I was almost four feet wide and it only made me look even bigger. I barely blinked and Tom and Hank appeared, each one carrying a measuring tape. "50 inches arms!" "95 inches chest!" "60 incehs legs!" "10 pack washborad stomach!" "Only 29 inches waist!" "OH MY GOD! 18 inches long cock!" I smieled and thanked the boys, but I would have to leave now, we would catch up later, they tried to convince me to stay, but I expained them the 7 hours rule and they understood. I grabbed Jake by the waist and carried him all the way to my place. I got stuck at the door at first, and Jake fell down the ground laughing out loud. "HAHAHA!" I said as I pushed into the door frame and the thing just ripped of the wall - "You'd better get used!" We both laughed hard of this and I went to the kitchen. "I bought you 500 dollars in food, hope it's enough!" Don't worry Jake, you don't need to spend your money on me!" "What's the reason to be a billionaire heir?" "WHAT?" I asked in disbelief "Eat your food and then let's check your email account!" "Why? Do you thin there are already messages? He grabbed his notebook and showed the window! "You've got mail!" I grinned "It's showitme!" •

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