Doctor Muscle

By Muscl4life

Hey Guys I am just posting this story which was actually one hot role play session between me and another member of this board, Huge_Fan, who happens to have the same taste for muscle, power ans size as mine! Anyway, the main character the DR MUSCLE is actually another member of this board, and his pictures are posted in another forum. he is muscle_d_2000 and his size, his incredibly good looking and especially his clever mind made me so hard i had to write a story about him. Hope you guys like it! Mayeb we can post a sequel if you want! Thanks Huge_Fan for his incredible ideas and muscle_d_2000 for, well for being so huge and muscular


Bradley O’Keefe slammed the door of his little apartment in the male students dorm. “FUCK! Another F!” He cursed as he kicked his sneakers away. Brad sat down on his bed furiously and tried to get calmer, but his situation was really dangerous. Brad got his full scholarship because his excellent High School football performance, but college was far more difficult than School, he couldn’t just beat one nerd to make his homework like he used to do, he also had so many talented athletes competing with him for his position on the main team! Many of them were actually stronger than his 6’2” 250 pounds!

And since Brad is literally flunking every discipline he was assisting, soon he wouldn’t be able t keep his scholarship and it meant he would have to drop college because his folks couldn’t afford him through college. It’s not he didn’t try harder, but Brad’s entire school life was a fraud, since he was a kid and found out he could just get the smaller ones to do whatever he wanted, or they would be beaten up, Brad noticed the key to fake mediocre grades and so he kept that all the way to college, and now he just can’t study on his own, he doesn’t have the capability, he is stuck!

Brad grabbed something to eat, and checked his computer, besides the usual crap he noticed this strange email. “Dear Mr. O’Keefe I am aware of your delicate situation regarding your GPA, and the consequents losses it may cause you; namely the loss of your scholarship. In case you don’t know, this institution is one of the many ones which are honored with significant donations all over the world, and since you are such a promising talent among the students, I am willing to include you on my special tutorship program. It means that if you accept my humble offer, you’ll be having private sessions in which you’ll be taught the whole program of all the disciplines you have, including a special session which will help you with overall activities. All I ask you in exchange is to keep complete secrecy about this notification, we don’t want the whole university wondering about mysterious people offering tutorship programs. If you are willing to enter the program, please print the directions given on this message, because this email will be automatically destroyed after you read it. Be at the rendezvous this Friday 11 o’clock precisely, if you don’t show consider this application withdrawn. DRM”

Brad didn’t understand exactly what this strange person wanted from him, but he knew it could be his last hope, the midterms were just about to start and he got himself in a dead end, this guy seemed to be reliable, at least he could just see what would be offered him!

Brad arrived at the “rendezvous” a quarter to eleven, he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t disappoint his mysterious mentor. The place was quite very far from the campus, but also very beautiful. Brad didn’t know anything about architecture but he thought this whole place was “big and beautiful!”. The warm night was causing Brad to pour more than never, he was really soaked in his white fitted t-shirt and his tight black jeans. The place seemed desert and Bad even thought he ended up in the wrong place, but at 11 o’clock precisely the lights were turned on and the main gate opened. “Good night, Mr. O’Keefe! Please follow go upstairs and follow the left isle till the end!” Brad did as told, noticing the richness and the luxury of the mansion, everything was just perfectly decorated, spotless arranged, and the jock wondered how could it be possible if there were no employees? But as soon as he visualized the room he was supposed to be interviewed, he forgot about everything else.

Brad notice the HUGE wooden table and the tall chair, he got near the guest chair but he remained standing, until a loud powerful voice filled the place. “Sit down young man!” an enormous figure appeared in front of him. He was tall and extremely muscular, so huge beyond human possibilities and description. Brad in disbelief at the muscle god in front on me... someone that big... it's not possible “I SAID SIT DOWN” The huge man ordered. “I'm 6' 2" and not used to looking up at people to make eye contact” Brad tried to sound cleverer, but stunned, he stumbles a bit, and sit down, almost losing his footing, he can't help but stare at the man’s huge chest “Nice! You’re a nice young kid aren't you?” The man said as he took his comfortable seat. “Yeah, if you say so…” Brad said still shocked, he checks out the man’s biceps trying to figure out how big they must be. “They’re 40 inches around Brad” The man said revising some paperwork “40 inches!!!!! but that's impossible... no one could be that big!” Brad said out loud but then the huge man just flexed them right in his face. “Check them out boy!” The man commanded grinning “Oh my god!” Brad stares in awe, but then the huge man pokes him in the chest “You call me Dr. MUSCLE okay?” Brad reach out tentatively and touch the huge peak “Dr. MUSCLE? What sort of stupid name is that?” Brad asked smiling, but the impossibly thick man suddenly grabbed him by the collar with one hand “URK!” “What was that again?” Dr. Muscle asked with an angry tone. “I said, what kind of name is that?” Dr. Muscle turns him upside down with one hand and starts toying with him “HEY! PUT ME DOWN MAN, THAT'S NOT FUNNY!” Brad tried to protest, but it was useless, Dr. Muscle whatever his name was, surely had him completely under his power. “WE CAN DO IT THE GOOD WAY OR THE WORST WAY!” He said approaching Brad’s face near his perfect trimmed red beard, Brad begins to struggle, trying to wriggle free, but it only made it worst because the muscle giant hugged him REALLY tight! And to his greatest surprise, the mountainous man kissed the jock roughly even though he was fighting “Hey that hurts! Hey... stop it... I'm warning you!” Brad said still recovering his breath. “WARN ME?” The man said smiling meanly, then he increased his pressure and Brad struggled to release his arms desperately. “YOU'RE NOTHING TO ME YOU MISERABLE DUMB JOCK!” Dr. Muscle squeezed even tighter grinning from ear to ear! “ARRGH!” Brad screams in pain as he feels his lungs almost stopped from inhaling the air “YOU'RE GONNA BE KICKED OUT OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM AREN’T' YA?” “ANSWER ME!” The man demanded “YES! PLEASE STOP. PLEASE... THE PAIN” Brad begged dispiritedly. “YES, WHAT?” The man insisted. “YES, SIR!” The jock was almost suffocating. “THAT’S A WRONG ANSWER, KID” Dr. Muscle squeezed even tighter now tighter “AHHHHHHHHHHHH I MEAN YES DR MUSCLE! PLEASE, YOU’RE HURTING ME!” Brad screamed as he felt his limbs weakening. Finally, Dr. Muscle lets him go. “That's a good kid!” The behemoth commented as he watches the jock slumping down his arms and ribs they were really sore, but nothing is broken. “NOW YOU LISTEN TO DR. MUSCLE!” He says brushing the beautiful teenager face “YOU'LL BE MINE NOW!” “Yours?” Brad asked finally breathing normally “MY PUPIL!” The man looked at his still shocked young athlete. “You want to teach me?” Brad asked naively “MY APPRENTICCE!” He turned his back on Brad.. “Apprentice... you mean I get to be big like you?” “NO BOY IT MEANS I WANT TO RECREATE YOU!” The doctor said as he held up Brad’s chin “BRAD, YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN TRASH, YOU’RE SCUMB AND I AM PERFECTION, COMPLETION, REDEMPTION!” He continued almost hopefully. “HEY! I'M 6' 2" AND 250LBS WITH ONLY 8% BODY FAT... OTHER KIDS WOULD SELL THEIR SOULS TO BE ME!” Brad got offended and tried to show his huge doctor he wasn’t trash at all. Then Dr. MUSCLE flexed his arms in front of Brad’s blue eyes. “YOU DON'T DESERVE MY MUSCLES, TRASHBOY!” “OH FUCK.... IT'S HUGE!” Brad realized as he tried to touch them. “DON'T YOU THINK YOU ARE TRASH COMPARED TO ME?” Dr. Muscle said as he toyed with uncanny mounds of muscular mass he called guns. “HOW? HOW? DID YOU GET SO DAMN BIG?” Brad grabs his bicep and squeezes the muscle peak with my hand with all his strength. “LOOK AT YOU BRAD, YOU'RE A WASTE OF NATURE BEST ATTEMPTS TO CREATE A DECENT MUSCLE MAN!” Dr. Muscle said as he allowed Brad’s attempts to feel his superior mass and Brad instinctively breaths in and expands hischest, trying to look as big as possible “I'm proud of how big I am!” “YOU ARE NOT ONLY DUMB, AND IGNORNAT, BUT ALSO TOO FULL OF YOURSELF BECAUSE IF YOU WERE HALF AS BIG AS YOU ARE STUPID, YOU WOULD BE TWICE YOUR SIZE!” Dr. Muscle commented with an arrogant tone “Hey! That's not fair... I work out every day to keep this body in shape!” Dr. Muscle looks at Brad and inhales, expanding his chest to an incredible 90 inches size! “YOU WORK OUT? THAT IS USELESS! YOU DON'T WORK OUT! YOU DEDICATE YOURSELF TO YOUR BODY AND YOU DON'T "WORK OUT" THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BODY, BRAD!” The man said with his hands on his hips Brad can’t help but place his hands on the huge pecs, feeling them swelling as the freaking doctor flexes. “YOU COMMAND YOUR MUSCLES TO GROW!” The behemoth said almost as a prayer. He looks at Brad and for the first time the jock feels comfortable being near such titanic figure of power. “What? I don't understand!” The jock asked already getting the idea that this man was now his master, his mentor, his role model. “OF COURSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND...YET” Dr. Muscle continues as Brad’s hands drift down to his stomach, feeling the hard cobblestone washboard abs, and poor Brad can't help but stoke them. “your unbelievable!

“YOU'RE SO PATHETIC BRAD!” He says as he grabs Brad by the collar once more “YOU WANNA WORSHIP THAT BODY? YOU HAVE TO EARN THAT PRIVILEGE!” He throws the jock back in the chair “What do I have to do?” Brad says with a noticeable hard-on in his shorts “FIRST YOU'RE GONNA LEARN EVERYTHING, LIKE YOU'VE JUST REBORN” Dr. Muscle says as he unbuttons his pants and the huge 24 inches long 13 inches cock flops down, revealing the last detail of that musclemonster! A huge 7'6" 700 pounds behemoth, marvelously smooth body including his magnificent bald head but with an impeccable trimmed short red beard, 40 inches guns and 90incehs chest, 65 inches quads, 4'8" wide of pure muscle his shoulders are like basket balls and just the sight of his huge cock, makes Brad feel small and inadequate “I AM GONNA RECREATE YOU LITTLE BRAD, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT COMPLETED WASTED BUT YOU ARE GONNA HAVE TO OBLIGE EVERY SINGLE ORDER I GIVE YOU” Dr muscle looks at him tenderly. “YOU'RE NOT JUST MY PUPIL, FROM NOW OWN YOU'LL BE MY SON, MY MAID, MY SLAVE, MY BOY TOY YOU'LL ONLY BREATH IF I SAY SO!” DR MUSCLE LEANS HEAD FORWARD TO LOOK CLOSER TO HIS BOY TOY “I'll do anything to be as big as you” he can't take my eyes off you huge cock... just hanging there… “YES WHAT!” The insanely huge doctor grabs Brad roughly and squeezes his neck with my hand “YOU MISERABLE TWEED!” “YES DR MUSCLE!” “NICE…” he lets Brad go and comforts the poor jock almost immediately resting the head against his huge chest “THAT WAS YOUR FIRST LESSON, LITTLE BRAD YOU'RE MINE NOW, AND I AM VERY SEVERE ARE YOU OKAY WITH THAT, LITTLE BRAD?” “YES DR MUSCLE” He replies right away “NICE BOY” Dr. Muscle fondles his pupil “Please tell me what to do!” Brad says a little more secure Dr. Muscle gets him on your his feet and the huge doctor’s cock is now almost 27 inches long “YOU DID VERY WELL BRAD, NOW LOOK AT MY COCK IT IS YOUR MASTER JUST AS MUCH AS I AM!” The man says in a low but thundering voice. Brad looks down at the monster “you're not going put that in me are you?” Brad asked nervously “It's sooo big!” and Dr. smiled “ALMOST 30 INCHES LONG NOW 17 INCHES THICK!” Dr. Muscle says meanly, it's so huge, the head rests against Brad’s chest. “NOT NOW BRAD, YOU ARE WEAK, YOU'LL NEED TO LEARN YOUR OWN POWERS FIRST BUT MY COCK, IS YOUR MASTER!” Dr. Muscle brushes the jock’s jet black hair. “I don't understand” Brad mumbles as he feels the hand of his master fondling his nice muscles, then Dr. Muscle lifts his chin “YOU'RE GONNA CHANGE BRAD!” “change?” Brad asked excited. “BIGGER, TALLER, MORE MUSCULAR, STRONGER, INHUMANLY HUGE, BUT NOT JUST THAT YOUR MIND IS GONNA DEVELOP!” Dr. Muscle says with a glint in his eyes. “my mind?” “SO MUCH POWERFUL, YOU'LL BE ABLE TO CONTROL YOUR BODY LIMITS YOUR MUSCLE SIZE YOUR STRENGTH!” The man said thrilling in joy and excitement “You mean I just have to think myself bigger?” Brad asked puzzled. “ALMOST, BUT IT IS NOT SO EASY BECAUSE YOUR MIND IS STILL FULL OF CRAP!YOU ARE TRASH, REPEAT IT!” Dr. Muscle says getting his bossy mood. “I am trash!” Brad repeats without complaining “GOOD LITTLE BOY, NOW LET'S GET MORE INTIMATE TO YOUR NEW MASTER SHALL WE?” “yes Dr Muscle!” Brad says eagerly he looks down at the 3 feet long 19 inches thick cock and Dr. Muscle commands “WORSHIP IT!” Brad reaches out with his hands, grasping the cock between the two of them, it is so huge, his fingers cannot meet, Brad is marveled but also so scared at the power of his master. “YOU REALIZE MY COCK ISN'T THAT BIG EVERYDAY, I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW MY POWERS, YOU'LL BEGIN WITH AN EASIER STATE” Dr. Muscle comforts his pupil “huh?” The dwarfed jock asks each time more curious “REMEMBER COMPLETE CONTROL?” The doctor said still sounding very scientific to Brad’s taste “Uh yeah... if you say so!” The jock says a little impatient but Dr. Muscle focus and his cock “shrinks” back to more reasonable 18 inches in no more than 30 seconds. “Wow! that's amazing!” Brad says in awe “YES BRAD, I CAN FUCK YOU WITHOUT KILLING YOU, IF I WANTED TO, BUT NOT TODAY BECAUSE YOU STILL DON'T DESERVE IT!” the cock quickly returns to its previous giant size. “Yikes!” Brad laughed as he felt the cock poking his chest just like a few moments back! “LICK IT!” Dr. Muscle commands and Brad obliged more than happy! He gets on his knees and place my tongue against the head of Muscle’s cock and begin to lick, roughly, as hard as he can “GOOD BOY” Dr. Muscle moans. Brad is holding onto the giant’s cock with both hands, pulling down on it, but Dr. Muscle simply flex his cock and the 250 pounds jock from the ground, Brad tries and get it in his mouth but it's too wide, he manages to hang on and once he is lifted in the air his knees are dangling off the ground “HAHAHA!” Dr Muscle laughed hard as he saw his pupil struggling to keep pleasing his monstrous cock “YOU SEE BRAD, YOU ARE STILL TRASH” Dr. Muscle says while his pupil is still licking it as instructed. “AND I AM REDEMPTION!” pre-cum is leaking out of Brad’s 9” cock is relatively puny Dr Muscle grabs Brad’s cock and squeeze it hardly. “AAARRRGGHHH!” the jock screamed but Dr. Muscle slapped his face immediately. “YOU DON'T BREATHE! YOU DON’T CUM UNTIL I SAY SO!” Brad instinctively bites down on Dr. Muscle’s cock as he is squeezed. “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!” but it feels like biting iron plates Dr. Muscle grabs Brad against chest and hold him with one arm jerking off with the other and, when suddenly Brad feels his master’s whole body shaking, he was growing more muscular right there. Brad wraps his arms around the marvelous chest to feel his master growing. His arms growing to almost 50 inches and the chest surpassing 100 inches around Dr. Muscle grabs Brad around his waist, looked deeply into his eyes. “FUCK ME BOY! FUCK ME!” He ordered and Brad thrills at the feel of Doc’s mighty muscles pressing into his ones, totally dominating them, Dr Muscles’ legs are almost 70 inches now, when he gets on four and flashes the giant prick. Brad stands behind the enormous doctor, placing his shaking hands on the steel hard ass cheeks, trying to spread them apart, but the density of those muscles are too much for the little jock. “Harder brad, you gotta be stronger!” Dr. Muscle says as his mass swell in size and strength, Brads feel motivated so he pulls with all his strength, while Dr muscle grows to almost 800 pounds now. The behemoth gets impatient and he screams. “IF YOU DON'T FUCK ME I WILL SPLIT YOU IN HALF!” and his growth more than Brad’s puny efforts provide the necessary room, and the jock slams his very hard and sore cock into the doctor’s ass, he begins to thrust into Muscle. “YES BRAD, CAN YOU FEEL IT? I AM POWER, GLORY REDEMPTION!” The doctor’s huge paws reach for the jock’s cock grabbing it, stoking it pulling on it as the young man thrusts harder and harder. “CAN YOU FEEL IT? FUCK ME BRAD, MAKE ME GROW BIGGER YESSSS!” Brad pumps away, pulling his 9" all the way out then slamming it back in again and again, long deep thrusts, growing stronger and faster as he builds to his own orgasm, noticing that his feet are being suspended as the body on Dr. Muscle grows taller!” “YES!” Bradley cries “YES!” He holds on to Muscle’s hips to prevent form falling out Dr. Muscle stands up revealing his glory and squeezing Brad’s cock inside his butt the jock places his legs on the back of the giant’s calves to hold him up “AAAAHHHHH!!!!! So tight! crushing me!” Brad screams in pain and ecstasy and Dr. Muscle flexes his butt and manage to play with the jock’s nuts “THAT IS IT BRAD CUM! I LET YOU FREE!” Despite the pain, Brad is in heaven, he’s never felt so much pleasure, finally able to release a gout of cum into Muscle’s ass. Several more big wads follow in the after thrusts, and he sink to his knees exhausted. Dr Muscle flexes his guns and turns to Brad. “prepare for your first shower Brad!” He yells “oh my god! you're bigger than ever!” Brad says as he feels himself getting stiff again he grabs his master’s thighs, feeling those GIGANTIC quads, looking up at his monster cock. Dr. Muscle smiles and takes ten steps back, aiming Brad in the mouth, and the jock opens his mouth in anticipation. “SHOOTING BRAD!” Dr. Muscle cums without even jerking off, there gallons of hot creamy fresh cum, and Brad feels it already working, he’s feeling himself heavier, but not just that he knows he is different; his mind is sharpening, he can hear better, he can smell better. There's so much, he can barely keep it down. it pours from his mouth, splattering over his body. Brad rubs the cum into his body, like oil drinking as much as I he can, Brad’s whole body shakes as he tastes the intensity of Dr. Muscle’s orgasm. “WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?” Brad gasps “YOU'RE GROWING SLOWLY BUT STEADY YOU'RE DEVELOPING BRAD! YOU'RE MY PUPIL NOW Dr. Muscle grabs the jock in his arms nursing him Brad flexes my arms they were 18" before, but he recons they are at least 20" now, nevertheless he is still puny compared to his giant Doctor, who squeezes him hard. “SECOND LESSON KID - I ALWAYS REWARD IF YOU DO WELL, AND MY REWARD COMES IN CUM! IF I WANT, MY CUM CAN GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO GROW, YOU ARE GONNA FEED FROM ME TO START A NEW LEVEL, THEN WE'LL WORK ON YOU UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO NEXT STAGE” Brad squeezes the huge pecs once more feeling once again how hard they are!” “NICE BOY! I KNOW YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW BIG I AM!” Dr. Muscle kisses him and place him on the ground, then he starts flexing. He is 7'10" weighing 874 pounds 55 inches biceps, 118 chest, 65 legs, 12 pack stomach! “YOU REALLY ARE DR MUSCLE!” Brad gasps in total awe “I AIN'T DONE YET KID! I WILL JERK OFF OVER THIRTY TIMES UNTIL THE END OF THE DAYAND I WILL GROW EVEN BIGGER!” Dr. Muscle brags. “I WANT TO BE AS BIG AS YOU DR MUSCLE! PLEASE!” Brad is begging. “AND YOU HAVE TO BE BIGGER BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE READY WHENEVER I FEEL LIKE BEING FUCKED IN THE ASS!” Dr. Muscle laughs then grabs Brad and kisses him rewarding the dedicated muscle jock. “I WANT TO GET BIG AND STRONG FOR YOU DR. MUSCLE!” Brad says “YOU HAVE TO PROMISSE THAT!” Dr. Muscle brushes his cheeks “I WANT TO POUND YOU IN THE ASS UNTIL YOU SCREAM WITH PLEASURE!” Brad says in the verge of madness. “YOU WANT TO BE AS BIG AS DR MUSCLE?” The behemoth asks “I want to be BIGGER!” Brad finally admits “THAT'S WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR BOY!” and he kisses Brad like only Dr. MUSCLE can do taking his breath away, Brad feels his world spinning, slowly drift away in his master’s arms, slowly passing out, Dr. Muscle gently nests him in his giant arms, and Brad snuggles in closer. “REST MY BOY, YOU DID FINE!” Dr. Muscle kisses his forehead “yes dr. muscle.. “ Brad murmurs “BUT DR, MUSCLE STILL HAS MUCH WORK TO DO ON YOU!” Dr. Muscle nurses the jock in his giant bed where he'll be sleeping from now on… •

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