Doctor Wilton


By StudMscl

Dr. Wilton sat back and smiled with satisfaction. The latest batch of tests he had run on his genetic research project showed better results than he could have expected. At long last it appeared he had finally reached his goal - a chemical formula to increase muscle size and density. If the results in humans matched what he had been able to achieve with mice then he had the means the revolutionize medicine, sports, and overall the quality of life.

Though he was a doctor, Wilton looked more like one of the athletes he had studied in the course of his research. A former college football player, at 39 Dr. Wilton was in as good of shape as he had ever been when playing fullback twenty years before. The darkly handsome scientist had a full head of wavy black hair with just the beginnings of gray at the temples. His rough, manly features were accented by a day's worth of stubble he had neglected to shave that morning. Though dressed in the standard white lab coat favored by his colleagues, Wilton was obviously in far better shape than the other scientists at the university. The determination with which he attacked the problems in his research was the same he used in his daily workouts at the gym. At 6' 1" the doctor weighed in at 210 pounds of hard muscle. In fact, his preoccupation with weights and bodybuilding had been what had led him into research of muscle growth.

It was late and the rest of the staff at the lab had already left for home. Wilton knew he should forward the results of his tests to the Oversight Committee for review but he also knew that would result in weeks or months of delays as the tests were checked and rechecked for accuracy. Dr. Wilton had never been one to put off until tomorrow what could be done today.

He pulled up the list of college athletes who had been part of his research program and scanned the names. Randy Hofer, a back-up quarterback for the football team, seemed like a good candidate. Wilton called the blonde, college jock but got his answering machine. Frowning, he left a message for Randy asking him to contact him at the lab. Next he tried Daryl Washington but was told by one of his dormmates that the big, black defensive lineman wasn't back from the gym yet. Wilton left a message for him too then slammed the phone down in disgust. This was a waste of time and, admittedly, a potential danger to the students who up to this point had done nothing more dangerous than run on a treadmill while hooked up to a heart monitor. Very well, then he'd do further testing on himself. There was a door from the lab to an experimental exercise facility used by Wilton and other researchers to test the strength and endurance of test subjects. The doctor picked up a test tube rack from the table and headed into this facility which was lined with mirrors from floor to ceiling. Wilton saw several reflected views of himself as he walked to an open space at the side of the room and set the rack down on a side table. Shrugging off his lab coat he began to undress, stripping off his shoes and clothes until he was clad only in his black, bikini briefs. He paused to talk a look at himself in a nearby mirror and nodded appreciatively at what he saw.

Wilton had often thought that if the majority of his time hadn't been taken up by research he would have devoted it to competitive bodybuilding. He loved the look and feel of his well developed muscles which he now began to flex as he took in the view of himself. He had never chosen to shave his body but in all other respects he could have passed for a natural bodybuilder. His neck was thick with corded muscle that ran down into his broad shoulders. His deltoids looked like cannonballs and heralded the sweep of his arms from his 18 inch biceps down to his thick forearms. His pecs were thick and full stretching the tape at just under 50 inches. From there his wide torso swept down to his chiseled abs and 31 inch waist. His 29 inch thighs were massive, with striated quadriceps and thick, full hamstrings. His calves, large enough to strain the fabric of his pants, bulged out from his lower legs. As he took in his pumped up body Wilton felt a stirring in his groin and paused to run his hand over the hardening cock in his briefs. It was thick and full like the rest of his body and only got bigger as he admired the results of his years of weight training. Enough of this narcissism, he thought to himself. If his serum worked he'd soon have a lot more to admire than this. Turning to the side table he carefully selected one of the test tubes and held it up to the light. The amber liquid inside seemed to glow with hidden power, and despite his nervousness Wilton felt a rush of excitement. The time for tests was over and he would see in himself the results of his hard work. He raised the test tube to his lips and quickly swallowed the contents. The fluid was tasteless and slid easily down his throat. Wilton set the tube down on the table and turned back to the mirror to watch for affects.

For several seconds he felt nothing other than the sexual stirrings he always got when looking at his body. Then, in quick succession, he felt a waves of heat, dizziness, and nausea that caused him to stagger for a moment and bring his hands to his face. He leaned up against the side table, trying to keep his balance, and within seconds the strange feelings had passed, though he still felt a little warmer than normal. Wilton shook his head and glanced again at the nearby mirror but he looked the same as usual. His study of is own reflection was interrupted, however, as he felt his left thigh begin to jerk uncontrollably. With a gasp of surprise, the involuntary muscle contraction seemed to spread from his leg into his abdominal area, down into his right leg, and up in to his torso and arms. They were not true convulsions - he could keep his balance easily by keeping a hand on the side table - but they were disquieting nonetheless, and for a moment Wilton wondered if something hadn't gone terribly wrong. He had never seen such physical reactions in the lab mice.

It took only 20 or 30 seconds for the doctor to realize his concern was misplaced because the spasms started to abate and with a start he realized his muscles were starting to grow. His chest was where it first became apparent, and he watched with wide eyes as his already muscular pecs began to expand before his eyes. The feeling as the muscles began growing was incredible. It was the pumped up, blood engorged feeling he got at the gym multiplied many times over. He had always been proud of his hairy, built up chest but now it was becoming even more massive. And even as he reveled in the growth he realized he was starting to feel the same physical sensations all over his body.

He looked back to his reflection in the mirror and watched with awe and mounting excitement as his built body proceed to get bigger and more massive. His neck and shoulders were growing up and outwards, his traps and deltoids becoming larger and more rounded with each second. He flexed and turned his arms trying to get an overall view of his bi's, tri's, and forearms which were expanded and inflating. When he flexed his biceps he gasped with amazement as the already big heads grew noticeably bigger with each passing second, adding inches to the circumference of his upper arm as he watched. When he let his arms drop, Wilton was amazed to realize that his expanding lats didn't let them hang straight down, and were in fact forcing his arms upwards as his upper back grew more and more freakily wide. His pecs, first to start this amazing display, were growing larger yet, and he began to smile as he watched himself flex and roll them, the cleft between them deepening with each passing second. He grabbed his left pec and was gratified to feel the rock hard muscle writhing under his fingers. He felt a jolt when he rubbed his nipple, which was becoming bigger and more prominent, and was beginning to turn downward due to the massive growth of his chest. Running his hand from his chest down to his stomach his already rock hard abs were becoming even more dense and striated, two twin plates of armor running from the bottom of his chest down to his groin.

If the sight of his body before had been enough to bring his dick to life before, the view he had now of what was already the body of a massive pro-bodybuilder, and a still growing one at that, was enough to have him hard as a rock and dripping besides. With a start, Wilton realized that one aspect of this chemically sponsored growth had never been apparent in his work with rodent test subjects. His dick, tenting the front of his bikini briefs, was obviously far larger than it had ever been before, and as he slid his underwear down to the top of his increasingly massive upper thighs it swung free and pointed straight towards the mirror. He grabbed his cock with his right hand while trying to shove his briefs down further with his left but by now it had become apparent that his growing thighs was making that impossible. With a grunt of frustration he yanked at them and they ripped from of his legs, allowing himself to see all of his newly huge body in the mirror.

With both hands now on his dick, he was shocked to realize that it must be almost a foot long and still growing longer and thicker. He pulled it up to his chiseled stomach and it reached well above his belly button, leaving a streak of pre-cum on his upper abs. He let it fall to bounce once or twice before standing stiff and still at a right angle to his groin. Turning his attention to his legs he adjusted his stance so as to allow his growing thighs room so that they weren't as mashed together, causing him to assume the stance of one of the massive pro's he jerked off to in the workout magazines. He shook and flexed his legs, watching the mass of his thighs first shake and then snap to attention, the veins crisscrossing the striations of his quads. Then he turned sideways and lifted his lower leg until it was parallel to the floor, pointing his toes to flex the thick, diamond heads of his freaky new calves. The growth period lasted for perhaps two minutes and then slowly abated. Through it all, Wilton flexed and posed, running his hands over the huge amounts of muscle mass being added to his frame. Even when it ended, he couldn't stop himself from admiring his big, new body. It was incredible feeling the huge muscles moving under his skin, bunching and flowing as he flexed and fondled body part after body part. He had always liked being built, and had always gotten a rush out of being bigger and stronger than his partners. Now that he had almost magically attained the size of one of the huge pros, if not become even larger, his mind reeled at what it would be like hooking up with other guys now.

The exercise facility had instruments for measuring all the physical attributes of the athlete test subjects studied in Wilton's experiments. It was difficult making some of the measurements on his own body by himself but he managed and was astounded by what he learned. He now weighed just over 280 pounds, a mind blowing gain of over 70 pounds. Interestingly, he found that he was slightly taller too, though it appeared only by an inch or so. As for his overall body stats, they were like something out of a dream. His chest, with his big lats and pecs flexed, was almost 65 inches around. His biceps peaked at 24 1/2 inches, bigger than most of the guys in competition. Luckily, though his abs were significantly more developed, his waist had actually shrunk a bit down to a fatless 30 inches, but below that things got huge again. Quads, flexed, were an awesome 34 inches around, the striations in his quadriceps so amazing he had to stop his measurements for a moment and admire them again. His calves, hugely prominent on the back of his legs measured out at 23 inches, almost as large as his arms. And as for his dick, the list of numbers had brought it back to life so that he measured it at it's hardest and was stunned to find it was 12 1/2 inches long and over 6 inches around.

Realizing just how big he'd become was too much for Wilton and before long he had one hand on his dick, stroking it's amazing new length and thickness, and another on his pec, massaging the muscle and pulling at his nipple. It didn't take long for the all that muscle and dick to put him over the top, and with a yell he began to shoot, spraying cum in a shotgun patter all over the floor. •

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