Doctor and the Musclegods, The

A Continuation Of The Mario Trilogy


By caligula

Mario took a deep breath and exhaled. God, he felt so much power coursing through his physique! His muscles felt like they had a life of their pumped and flushed. He felt like a Greek God and the lines of Coke broke down all his inhibitions. He wanted to walk naked in the streets and sexual lust spiralled from his cock as it strained against his tight posing trunks.

Sean stared at Mario and secretly admired the fantastic developed body. Wow...that midsection is ripped to the bone..he mused. But he challenged Dr. Schmidt's commands. "Hey Doc, can you give me some of that cocaine. I'm not into making out with another guys bod." The Doc walked over to Sean and ran her fingers through his hair, I could hear her whisper in his ear. "Oh Sean, do this for me..OK? It's very important that you learn to reciprocate. I know you like being on the receiving end but you need to learn how to give pleasure to others. You are still my number #1 musclegod, don't worry." she smiled.

"OK..c'mon Mario. It's showtime. Karen and MJ want to see some action. Let's do it!!!" yelled Sean. Mario walked over to the free weights and warmed up with dumbbell curls...isolating each bicep with slow deliberate movements. Then he immediately went to the preacher bench and did barbell curls. Mario's biceps became totally flushed with blood and the veins stood out like thick straws. He pumped to exhaustion until he thought the skin would burst...then he let his audience view a front doublebicep pose. "Yeah...way to go Mario...look at those sharp peaks..those biceps are 19"...and blown up like ballons" Karen cheered. Even I had my mouth wide open in awe.

"Lick them Sean. Worship those arms. Kiss my biceps." commanded Mario. Sean went and stood before Mario. He let his fingers roam and caress over each bicep then gently kissed the tops. Now he ran his tongue all over the flushed arms and into Mario's armpit, tasting his manly scent. "Ohhh, yes! That's it baby. It feels sooo good. Lick real good."..groaned Mario. Sean started to enjoy the humbling act. Knowing there was an audience watching him, inspired him to worship Mario even more. He continued for several more minutes and Mario gasped with pleasure. The coke was making him horny as hell. A wet precum spot formed on his trunks. A precursor of things to come.

Mario stepped down from the posing stage. "Time for the ultimate worship scene. My pecs and abs..Sean. I want you to really show me how well you can lick them" grinned Mario. Sean wet his lips in anticipation of the act. He was getting into the whole scene. He would show everyone how hot he could be performing for his Master. "Yeah, Mario. Bring it on. Make me worship your body. You have excellent pecs and abs. C'mon dude, get those muscles good and ripped." replied Sean.

Mario went to a mirror and examined his front torso. Man, he was hot and knew it! Even the Doc greatly admired his genetic propensity for pec and abdominal development. The washboard abs were layered like an 8 pack with sharp creases separating and defining each ab. The belly button was tight and indented, barely visible and the obliques stood out like the handles of a chair. They perfectly framed the gorgeous midsection and narrow 29" waist.

Mario's Pecs stood out like large round plates of armor. Fully pumped and engorged with inner striations and defined muscle fibers connecting to his sternum. They had a beautiful full rounded sweep with tiny rounded flat nipples. Sean looked at the nipples and immediately wanted to bite them. They stared back at him like 2 small eyes inviting him to explore Mario's physique. An ancient Greek sculpturer would have immortalized Mario forever!

"I'm going to warm these up for you Sean" Mario responded. He went to the incline bench and started to press 5 sets. His pecs expanded as blood flowed and filled every cell of muscle tissue. Sweat rained off his chest and rolled into his abdominal 8 pack. Mario then went to a weight bench and placing his feet on the seat, back on the floor, he concentrated on abdominal crunches. Slowly he kept doing reps to the point of failure...until each ridge strained against the skin and ached with pain. Mario stood up, panting and gasping for breath. He posed before a mirror hands behind his head...letting everyone see the magnificent abdominal ripples that stood out in relief. "Goddamn, Mario. That's incredible. And I thought I had great abs." cried Sean. Karen whistled from her seat. "Mario, Mario, do it. do it." she urged.

"One more exercise, check this out!" said Mario. He went to a chinning bar and proceeded to do hanging leg raises. Again, very slow, holding both knees to his chest then slowly bringing the legs down...but always keeping the abs tensed. When he finally stopped he flexed once more and it gave the finishing touch to a midsection that would win the Mr. Olympia. Not even a surgeon's scalpel could make such deep washboard cuts. Mario leaped back on stage and held both hands behind his head, elbows pointed forward, displaying the pecs. "Now Sean, do it! Worship my beautiful bod while they watch you." commanded Mario.

Sean went before Mario and gently grasped him, pulling him close. He started licking away at the pec muscles and nibbled playfully with the baby small nipples. Sean's long silver blond hair brushed down Mario's chest as he worked his kisses in the direction of the abdominals. "Ohh, God Yesss. That feels fuckin good!! moaned Mario. "My blond muscle slave. Yeah...lick those abs, Run your tongue over each separate ridge, baby." Mario went into another ab pose crunching them for Sean. Sean was losing himself in the worship session. Now he wanted to do all the things Mario did to him. He dipped his tongue and probed the young male bellybutton. The flesh was so warm and inviting. Mario's salty sweat mixed with Sean's saliva and it drove him crazy with lust. Sean let the tip of his tongue glide over each ridged ab then he tried gently biting the abs feeling the hardness of the muscle flesh.

"Ohhh, fuck, rub your golden hair on my abs. I can't hold it any longer." Mario yelled. He collapsed on the stage and Sean pulled the posing trunks off Mario. 9 inches of thick cock was pointing straight up and precum steadily oozing out the piss slit. "My toes, lick my toes while I jack off." gasped Mario. "Do it now!!" Sean obediantly answered the command. He took one foot in his hand and reverently nibbled at the tips of Mario's toes. Then he slowly forced his tongue between each toe slavishly licking like a male whore. Mario violently jacked off and stared at Sean worshipping his feet. He loved it...seeing this blond All-American , blue-eyed musclegod, as his personal sex slave. He Put one foot on Sean's head feeling the fine straight blond surfer hair on his arch. The cocaine was driving him to the point of no return.

Mario could feel the eruption coming from the base of his balls. Sean's warm tongue was almost unbearable on his feet. "Ohhhh,here it comes....I'm cummingg!! Fuckin A...Sean. Your're so handsome. Blond, tanned, my Angel of love!! ARRRRGH!!! Ropes of white hot cum blasted from Mario's cock and splattered down on his pecs and abs. The cum was milky white and thick as glue ...Mario stared breathless,,,at the sticky strands clinging to his washboard abs and round pecs. Sean gulped and told Mario..."God, you are hot! I want you so much. I love your body!" Sean remarked.

"That was totally hot! Excellent guys! I was hot just watching you 2 on stage. I'm very proud of you both...especially Sean." smiled Karen. Now finish it off. Mario do you want Sean more then ever?? Mario was still high and wanted to go on. "Lick Now you're going to lick all that hot cum off my muscles while they watch." "Do it real slow. Use the tip of your tongue and pull off that strand of cum on my pec." "Yes, do it. Do it, Sean. " Karen urged him.

A long rope of cum was clinging from Mario's nipple to the lower abs near the belly button. It hung like a delicate spider's web. One of many all over Mario's ripped belly. Sean bent over and using his tongue scooped one end and pulled it slowly off. He was able to get most of the strand and it partially dangled from his lips as he sucked it up and tasted the thick cream in his mouth. This was done repeatedly as Sean was forced to lick and eat Mario's cum. It was the hottest scene I had ever seen and Dr. Karen smiled and applauded.

"Well done. .You passed the test Sean. You will have a number of job assignments that I promised you. Some wealthy clients are very interested in you. I also have this all on tape and it will make an excellent film on the international market. Now I think you better get dressed. The serum is not going to last much longer. I did feel my body starting to shrink...a dizzyness was coming on...and I thought I was going to faint. I was feeling angry that my muscles were fading fast. But I was more angry at being used. This whole thing was like an illusion, a dream, I was going back to the real world of being an average Joe. I could see Mario with his head down...his arms deflating as I watched. Would I ever be able to keep my muscles ? Now I realized the power of having the perfect muscled body. How you could control and get anything you wanted in life. Our graduation was coming to an end, but our real education was just beginning. •

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