Teen Cousins

The Author's Analysis


By johnd7102000

Well, it seems this story has attracted a lot of literary analysis. I appreciate both the compliments and the criticism. It's nice to know that people are reading the stories.

Here is my analysis of this story…

This is the fantasy of a fat boy who had been picked on by bully jocks all his life, including his own jock cousin. I'm sure we've all had our own fantasies of how our lives might be different and what we would do to those who have hurt us. Not all of those fantasies have happy endings for those who have picked on us.

So Andy fulfills his fantasy of turning his body from fat to muscle. He goes from being in awe of Justin's body to being in awe of his own body. He steals Justin's girlfriend (although he prefers Justin) and totally destroys the two main bullies who made his life miserable. And yes, in destroying Steve and Brock, he employs the ultimate irony by using the homophobia of the football jocks (which Steve and Brock undoubtedly shared) to do it. (This was not, as one writer suggested, a homophobic passage. It was using homophobia to destroy two assholes who were undoubtedly homophobes themselves.) Yes Andy isn't nice at all to Steve and Brock. They get totally screwed (figuratively and literally). But frankly I think this is a more realistic ending to a fat boy's fantasy than having him live happily ever after with them.

Justin starts out as a total bully but soon finds that Andy has turned the tables on him and gives him back his own medicine. At the same time Justin starts digging Andy's body and his dominant attitude more and more, so that by the end of the story Justin has become Andy's willing sex slave. This is the part of the story that I probably didn't write well enough, because some of you think Andy has turned into a total bully vis a vis Justin. This is their relationship. Justin LIKES Andy to dominate him. He's really into it. He actually likes to be punched once in awhile by his huge, muscular cousin. Why else would he follow Andy up to Stanford so he could continue his muscle worship and get fucked at least twice a day?

Finally, I certainly did not mean to leave the impression that Andy had "gone over to the dark side." This is probably another defect in my writing as several of you have read that into the story. Aside from destroying Steve and Brock and forming his dominant/submissive relationship with Justin, there is nothing whatsoever in the story to suggest that Andy has bullied anyone else. He is a formerly weak fat boy who has fulfilled his fantasy, gotten his revenge and his now captain of the football team and headed to Stanford and medical school He is not a bully.

Well, that's my analysis. I'm working on another story that won't be quite as long. Yes, I suppose my stories do follow a similar theme. That's what I enjoy writing about. I just wouldn't enjoy writing about muscular space aliens, as one commentator once suggested I do.

John •

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