Teen Cousins


By johnd7102000

I'm glad some of you have enjoyed the story. And thanks again to Patrick who emailed me over a year ago and gave me the idea for this story. In fact, the names of all the characters were suggested by Patrick.

Fast forward another three weeks. Andy had been lifting weights for a total of 10 weeks. Just two and a half months. But in that short period of time, he had totally transformed his body from the body of an obese, weak dork to the body of an incredibly huge and muscular stud jock. In the last three weeks he had gained another 10 pounds of muscle. He now weighed exactly the same as when he first arrived at Justin's house----252 pounds. However, instead of being 252 pounds of gooey fat, Andy was 252 pounds of rock-hard, solid muscle. He had gained another half inch in height and now stood at 6' 2" tall. Six feet two and 252 pounds of muscle. A total stud. His arms had grown to 20 inches, 22 inches when they were pumped. He could curl 275 pounds for reps. His biceps and triceps were enormous, the striated muscle showing clearly under his thin, tan skin with big thick veins pumping blood to the throbbing muscle. His neck was 19-1/2 inches, and when he was straining it, it bulged and pumped up to 21 inches of thick, columnar muscle. His chest was now a huge 58 inches, and when it got all pumped up after doing bench presses with 500 pounds it bulged to 62 incredible inches. His pecs and lats were absolutely huge. His shoulders measured 70 inches around after he had pumped them up. He could military press 375 pounds for reps. His shoulders looked like two big cannonballs of muscle sitting on top of his big wide shoulder bones. Justin had to buy a bigger tape, because his 5 foot tape wouldn't reach around Andy's huge pumped chest or his thick barn-door wide shoulders. His waist was still 35 inches, 35 inches of rock-hard, shredded muscle. His thighs had grown to 31 inches of solid muscle. They packed on more and more muscle after Justin had bought more of the big 45 pound plates that he and Andy loaded onto the bar for Andy's grueling squats. He could now squat with 625 pounds for reps. His legs were like huge, muscular tree trunks, striated with fibers and covered with veins. After six sets of squats, those huge monsters measured 34 inches. The incredible pump he got in his muscles made them balloon in size so each of his thighs was almost the same size as his waist. And he could still suck in his waist so it became a tiny 31 inches, three inches smaller than his pumped thighs. His calves were now 22 inches, bulging to an incredible 23-1/2 inches when they were all pumped up after doing six sets of calf raises working up to 850 pounds. His calves and thighs were so strong that he could knock over the other football players so hard it was like he was a huge locomotive and they were little sticks. His giant cock had grown to be 11 inches long and 8 inches around when it was aroused. And it was aroused a lot. He fucked his puny little cousin at least four times a day and he fucked Kimberly another couple of times. He loved to fuck. He was a total stud.

This was the 15 year old boy who was going to show up for football tryouts the first day of practice. But the afternoon before tryouts, his parents returned from their long trip. He hadn't talked to them in two and a half months. Jason's mother handed him the phone so he could talk to his dad. "Hi, Andy," said his dad. "How have you been doing? Have you been working out with Justin? Have you been following his instructions as your personal trainer? Have you been teaching him some math? How much weight have you lost?" Andy's dad spewed out the questions in rapid-fire order. Andy laughed. "I've been doin' great, Dad. I've been workin' out with Justin, but I got tired of following his orders so I just do what I want now. And yeah, I've been teachin' him the math. He didn't like it at first, but now he's tryin' real hard to learn. And no, I haven't lost any weight. I still weigh 252 pounds. But I've had a great summer." He chuckled. Not only was he not following Justin's orders, but Justin was now following his orders. And Justin was studying the math because he knew Andy would pound him into a pulp if he didn't. But he had answered his Dad's questions truthfully. Yeah, he hadn't lost any weight but he sure had a great summer.

Andy's dad's voice got real mad. "You haven't lost any weight???? You've been workin' out all summer with one of the best athletes in the school and you're still the same obese boy you were?? Andy, I'm ashamed of you. I'm gonna come over there right now to pick you up and I'm gonna kick your big fat ass." Andy laughed. "Okay, Dad, come on over and kick my big ass. It won't hurt me none though. I'll let you kick it as hard as you want." His dad was very puzzled by that statement. Andy was always a very fragile boy. Why would he be daring him to kick him as hard as he could? "I don't know what you're talking about, young man, but I'm coming over there right now and I'm gonna punch you in your fat gut for good measure. Maybe that will pound some sense into you." Andy laughed uproariously. "Bring it on!" he laughed. His dad slammed down the phone, got into the car with his mother and headed over to Justin's house.

Justin's mother answered the door. "The boys are in the kitchen," she said after greeting and hugging Andy's folks for several moments. "Andy's having another snack. I just can't keep enough food in the house for that boy. He's eating us out of house and home." Andy's dad's eyes grew wide with anger. "Of all the nerve," he said. "Still eating like a pig." He stormed into the kitchen and saw two young men sitting at the table. They were both shirtless, wearing only some shorts. One young man he immediately recognized as Justin, although he looked a little smaller and not as buff as he had been at the beginning of summer. In fact, Justin was now down to just 135 pounds, a loss of over 15 pounds of muscle. He had lost most of his muscle tone and looked like a shadow of his former self. Andy's father didn't recognize at all the other young man sitting there. He was huge and muscular and very tan. It looked like he never wore a shirt as he spent all summer in the sun. His muscles were so big that he dwarfed the boy sitting next to him. And those muscles were incredible buff. You could clearly see the individual fibers of muscle twitching under the huge kid's thin, tan skin as he moved. Veins were visible everywhere. The huge young man was very good looking. Brown hair, cut short like a jock. Brown eyes and a tan, ruggedly handsome chiseled face sitting atop a thick, muscular neck. It was hard to tell how old he was. His face looked like that of a kid in his mid teens, but his body looked like it belonged to a pro bodybuilder. He looked like a good-looking young fitness model, only with bigger muscles. Andy's dad knew he had never seen this guy before in his life, because if he had there was no way he would have forgotten him. "Where's Andy?" he asked, looking around the room. The huge young man got up from his seat and walked over. He stood in front the older man, his 252 pounds of solid, rippling muscle on his 6' 2" frame completely overwhelming the older man. Then he flexed his abs. "Hi Dad," he said. "Wanna punch me in the gut?" His dad looked down at the corrugated iron that was Andy's washboard ab muscles. Then he looked up into his son's eyes. "Andy?" he said, hardly getting out the sound. "In the flesh," said his son as he raised his right arm and flexed it right in front of his startled father. His father reached up and wrapped the fingers of both hands around his son's huge 20 inch gun, feeling the enormous size and incredible hardness of the bulging muscle. "Oh my god," he said. "See Dad, just like I told you, I didn't lose any weight. I just turned all the fat into muscle. Not an ounce of fat on this body any more. I'm 252 pounds of solid muscle. Go ahead. Kick me in the ass or punch me in the abs as hard as you can. It won't hurt a bit." Andy smiled proudly as his dad took in the enormity of what he was seeing and feeling.

After a few more stunned moments, his Dad said "I just can't believe it. You're a completely different boy." Andy laughed. "Yeah, about as different as you can get. But I'm still smart. I didn't lose any of my brains while I built these muscles. I'm still way smarter than that little shit over there. But I've been teaching him the math just like we agreed. And he's learning better. He knows if he doesn't study hard, I'm gonna pound his little body into a pulp. That gets his attention. These muscles always get your attention, don't they fuckface," he yelled as he turned toward his cousin, who was sitting sheepishly at the table. Slowly the little jock nodded his head. Andy smiled with arrogant confidence. "OK, Dad, punch me in the gut. I wanna feel you try to do it." Andy's dad looked at his son's thick, rippling ab muscles. They looked like corrugated steel armor. "Uh, no, son, I don't think I can do it," he said, staring at the solid wall of muscle. "Chicken," said Andy. "Hey wimp, get your sorry little ass over here and punch me in the gut. Show my dad how it's done." Justin looked over plaintively. "Do I have to?" he said. "Yes you have to," said Andy with a touch of anger in his voice. "You always have to do what I want. You know that." With a resigned look on his face, Justin got up and walked over. Andy's dad was shocked to see his jock nephew obeying his son like a little slave. Andy turned to the side and faced his cousin. "OK, do it," he ordered. He flexed his abs and the thick muscles sprang to attention. Andy's dad could see the individual fibers tensing under the dark tan paper-thin skin. Justin pulled back his arm, made a fist and punched as hard as he could into Andy's wall of muscle. There was a loud smacking sound as his hand hit and then bounced off the wall, not making the slightest dent in the rock- hard bricks. Andy laughed. "Geez, I could hardly feel that. You're really gettin' weaker. Or maybe my abs are gettin' stronger. Or maybe both!" He laughed, realizing that probably both statements were true. "Here. I'll show my dad how it's done. Flex." Justin's eyes grew wide with fear. "No, Andy, please," he said. "Hey, you ain't got any say in this, little man. You know that. I wanna show my dad how it's done. Now flex!" Justin took a deep breath and flexed his abs as hard as he could. Even though he wasn't in as good shape as he was at the beginning of the summer, he still had a nice set of abs. Andy pulled back his right hand and made a fist. His father just couldn't believe how big his arm was as the bicep, tricep and forearm muscles bulged. Or how big and ripped his delts and pecs were. All those striated muscles looked absolutely huge as they rippled, waiting for the order from their young commander to crush whatever was in their way. "Here's how it's done, Dad," said Andy calmly, as he smashed his big fist into Justin's abs with such force that it went several inches into his gut, almost to his spine. Justin's little abs were no match for the overwhelming power of Andy's huge muscles. Justin' cried out in pain and fell to the floor, lying in a fetal position holding on to his bruised gut, where bolts of pain were surging through. Andy looked down at the injured boy as he writhed in pain. "He'll be fine," he said to his dad. "He's used to this. He usually recovers by the next day. He gets over injuries like this real fast. You like getting beat up by my big muscles, don't you wimp," he said as he kicked his pain- wrought cousin in the ass. Justin looked up at Andy's huge body. Andy flexed his quads. "Yeah," said Justin, still writhing in pain.

"Oh yeah, Dad," said Andy. "One more thing. Justin's giving me all his weights so I can continue lifting at home in our garage. He's even gonna come over to spot whenever I lift. He likes to watch my muscles when I lift. He's a good spotter." Justin was also a damn good muscle worshipper, a good cocksucker and a damn good fuck, both in his face and in his ass. But Andy didn't tell his dad any of this. It was his and Justin's little secret. And Justin didn't exactly give Andy his weights. Andy told Justin he wanted to take them and, well, you know how persuasive Andy can be. The strong can take whatever they want from the weak. And there ain't nothin' the weak can do about it. Ask Justin.

The next day Andy and Justin showed up for high school football tryouts. The two boys walked onto the field where the players and wannabe players were standing around waiting for the coach to call them to attention. They ranged all the way from big, muscular seasoned Seniors to skinny, novice Freshmen. The biggest Senior linemen weighed about 250, but much of that was fat. Lineman ate tons of food to get big, but unfortunately a lot of that food turned to fat. Like the other football players, Andy and Justin were wearing only shorts and sneakers as they walked on to the field. As they approached, the whole team stopped talking and stared at Andy. "Holy shit," said one of the big Seniors. "Who the hell is that?" Steve turned to the guy and said, "His name is Andy. He's a Sophomore, a 10th grader just like me. Hard to believe he's only 15. At the beginning of the summer he was a big fat geek, a total dork. We used to pick on him all the time `cause he was such a disgusting fat pig. Then he started working out with Justin and he put on muscle so fast none of us could believe it. And he lost all his fat at the same time. Now he's a rock-solid 250 pounds and benches 500 pounds for reps. He's way stronger than any of you Seniors. We taught him to play football this summer. He wants to play on the team. He wants to play running back and a defensive end. He'll just kill the other team. He's as strong as a fucking Mack truck. And fast too." All the players dropped their jaws as they saw Andy get closer and closer. "Jesus Fucking Christ," said another player. "The kid's huge. And he ain't got no fucking fat on his whole fucking body. He's solid muscle." Steve just nodded his head. "Yeah,' he said. He thought about Andy's amazing transformation over the summer. He also thought about how he used to torment the fat pig all the time and how that fat pig was now so big and strong he could tear him apart without breaking a sweat. After all the shit he had given Andy, he was thankful that Andy seemed to have forgotten all of that. Then he thought about the one time Andy smashed his fist into his gut and then said he wasn't done with him yet. He wondered what Andy meant by that.

Then one of the 10th grade players took his eyes off Andy for a moment and looked at Justin. "Geez, look at Justin," he said. "He's gotten small. He looks like shit. He looked a lot better last spring. I thought he was gonna get bigger over the summer but it looks like he got a lot smaller." Brock turned to the guy and said, "Yeah, Justin's had his hands full takin' care of Andy. He was Andy's personal trainer and after awhile Andy just kinda took over. Justin didn't get to work out much after that. He kinda lost interest in working out. He just spotted for Andy, watchin' the kid get huge." Brock himself was amazed at the change in Justin. Justin now followed Andy around like a little lap dog, following his every order. He seemed to be absolutely entranced by his huge, muscular cousin. Brock kind of sensed that Justin was now Andy's sex slave, but the two of them never talked about it.

As Andy and Justin got to where the players were, they all rushed up to Andy, completely ignoring Justin. In fact, pushing Justin aside. "You're huge," yelled a big Senior, who looked skinny next to Andy. He reached over and grabbed Andy's gigantic 20 inch arm, which was hanging like a big ham at his side. "Geez, that's hard," he said. "And you're not even flexing. Go ahead. Flex." Andy slowly raised his arm and then flexed. His enormous biceps and triceps almost jumped out of his skin. His biceps formed a huge peak, a veritable mountain of muscle. His triceps looked like a big football, bulging with striated muscle. The big Senior wrapped both of this hands around the huge upper arm. Even with both hands, he couldn't get close to wrapping his fingers around the giant muscle. "Oh my fucking God," he said as he tried in vain to squeeze his fingers into the huge muscle, which felt like warm steel. As hard as he tried, he couldn't make the slightest dent. "Come feel this, guys. It's like solid rock." At that, about 10 guys rushed in to feel Andy's muscles. Andy happily flexed for them, flexing his arms, his pecs, his lats, his legs, all of his muscles. The roaming hands of the football players virtually covered his whole body, feeling the incredible size and hardness of his big muscles. The football players had never seen a kid with muscles that were that big and that hard. And now that kid was going to be on their team! They were stoked.

All this time the coach had been staring in awe. He felt he had died and gone to heaven. Just looking at Andy he could tell he had a city championship, maybe even a state championship, in the bag. Andy was one in a million. He smiled as the other players were overwhelmed by the enormous muscles of the big new kid.

Then he blew his whistle. "OK, jocks, listen up," he yelled. "All of you except the big guy stand over here." The players did as ordered and moved away from Andy. Then the coach strolled over to Andy and reached out his hand. "Welcome to the team, big guy. I think we can use a player like you." He shook hands with Andy, marveling at the size and thickness of Andy's huge hand. Even his hand was muscular. Almost uncontrollably the coach reached up and grabbed Andy's big arm. Then he felt his gigantic pecs and delts. "Nice," he said. "How much can you bench?" "Five hundred ten for three reps," said Andy, flexing his pecs as he said it. The coach's mouth dropped open. He thought about this kid pressing up a bar that had five big 45 pounds plates on each side, plus some extra weights as well. He had never encountered such strength in a high school kid. Then he moved his hands down to Andy's huge legs. Andy flexed his quads and the enormous masses of muscle sprang to attention. The muscle was rock hard. The coach had never seen or felt anything like this in his life. "How about your squat," said the coach. "Six forty," said Andy, looking down at his huge legs. "Omygod," said the coach, hardly able to speak. "Yeah, and I can do calf raises with 850 for reps." He flexed his giant calf muscles. "None of these guys will be able to tackle me. These big legs will run right through two or three of `em." The coach looked at Andy's huge legs. "Fuuuuck," was all he could say.

He turned to the other players. "OK, men, I wanna see what how good this big kid can play. You guys are gonna help me test him." So the coach lined up the players into teams, with Andy and two other guys being one team and all the other players being the other team. Andy's two teammates were a guy playing center and a guy playing quarterback. Andy was the running back. The two teams lined up. Three guys against 60 guys. Pretty uneven odds. Except one of the three guys was Andy. Forty of the guys playing defense bunched up along the line of scrimmage. There was no way they were going to let this new kid get by them. The other 20 players stood further back, ready to tackle the huge kid if he somehow got through. The coach gave the ball to the center. "Hike," said the quarterback. The center snapped the ball to the quarterback and the quarterback handed the ball to Andy. Then they both got out of the way. They didn't want to get creamed by the charging defense. Andy put the ball under his arm and started running forward. Charging like a bull would be a better description. He got to the first guys in his way who lowered their shoulders and tried to block him. Andy didn't even try to move to the side. He just mowed them over like twigs with the sheer weight and strength of his huge body. His legs were pumping like big pistons. Pistons of solid muscle. The next wave of defenders tried to tackle his legs. What a joke. Four or five guys grabbed onto his legs at the same time only to have their arms broken away by the awesome strength of Andy's legs. There was no way their arms could contain the overwhelming power that was surging through Andy's legs. The final wave of defenders at the line of scrimmage tried to tackle him up high. They threw themselves against his huge torso, grabbing whatever they could of his gigantic shoulders, arms and chest. Andy just kept charging ahead. The weight of these big football players was nothing to him. If one of them hung on for more than a second, he twisted his huge torso and flung the guy off like an annoying insect.

In a matter of seconds Andy made it into the secondary. These guys were all 100 pounds lighter than Andy and it was child's play for him to smash through them. They didn't even try tackling his legs. Those huge pistons were much too strong for their little bodies. They tried grabbing him by the waist or the shoulders but he just swatted them off like flies. Near the goal, one guy managed to hold on to Andy's waist for several seconds but the big kid just dragged him down the field like he was a feather. Andy got to the goal, held the ball up high in triumph and turned around. The rest of the team was scattered on the ground or staggering around. They had been pulverized. "That was fun," said Andy, looking down at the kid who he had dragged to the goal line. The kid looked up at him in awe.

All the players ran up to him and congratulated him on the fantastic run. They ran their hands all over his huge body. They now knew just how strong that body was. Andy was now the undisputed leader of the team. Justin stood near the back of the crowd looking at Andy and fondling his rock-hard cock. He was proud of his huge cousin, the cousin he now worshipped like a god. He could hardly wait to get fucked by Andy's huge cock after practice.

After allowing his players several minutes to congratulate their new star, the coach called them back to begin practice. On the way back to the coach, Andy walked up behind Steve and Brock. He stood between them and wrapped his arms around their backs and chests. The three boys walked side by side together towards the coach. To the rest of the team, it looked like the three 10th graders were the best of friends, with Andy holding on tight to his two buddies. Then Andy started contracting his huge biceps. The giant muscles bulged and powered his huge forearms into Steve and Brock's ribcages. Bolts of pain shot through their bodies as Andy's superstrong muscles crushed their torsos. The power of Andy's arms was enormous. To Steve and Brock it felt like a gigantic steel vise was closing in on their little bodies. Steve looked over at Andy, with fear written all over his beautiful blue eyes. "Whaddya doin'?" he said, with panic in his voice. "Shut up punk," said Andy as he squeezed his arms even harder, forcing air out of the lungs of the two jocks. Now they couldn't breathe. The pain in their chests was almost unbearable as Andy's rock-hard forearms drove into the bone.

"Today is Payback Day, assholes. Did you think I forgot about all the times you beat me up, all the times you teased me about my fat and hurt me until I cried? And all the times you bullied my little nerd friends, punching them or twisting their arms any time you felt like it just for fun? No, I haven't forgotten. Today's the day I'm gonna put you two bullies out of business for good. I've already dealt with Justin. Justin used to be a bully too. But I've beaten up that little punk so many times that bullying is the farthest thing from his little mind. Now he's my fuckin' slave. He does whatever I want. He won't swat a fly unless I order him to do it. Now it's your turn to be on the receiving end of the fat kid's revenge."

At that, Andy ordered the huge muscles in his arms to give the punks a final squeeze. The big muscles immediately obeyed their young master. Already pumped and bulging, they bulged even more, as blood surged through Andy's veins, blood that was filled with testosterone and other alpha male hormones. The bulging striations of muscle fibers flexed even harder under his thin skin. The muscle seemed to want to pop out of the skin. His big forearms squeezed even further into the bullies' ribcages, causing bruises to their flesh that wouldn't heal for days. They both cried out in pain. Then Andy let go, placed his hands on their backs and shoved them hard down to the ground. "They tripped," he said to his teammates. "They're kind of clumsy sometimes." Steve and Brock lay on the ground writhing in pain. They hoped that this was the end of the payback. It wasn't.

The team spend the next three hours practicing. Of course Andy was the star. He played on both offense and defense and wherever he played his team completely dominated the opponent. During the practice, every time he came close to either Steve or Brock he made sure to give them some punishment---a knee to the gut, a forearm to the chest, a backbreaking tackle---you name it and Andy did it to Steve and Brock. Before practice was over, the two bullies were battered and bruised beyond belief. They hoped again that this was the end of the payback. It wasn't.

The coach was very disappointed in Justin. He had fully expected the young stud to come back this fall much bigger and more muscular and more aggressive than ever. Instead, Justin had lost 15 pounds and didn't seem to be the same aggressive jock he was last spring. The coach came up to Justin and told him he was going to cut him from the team. The coach was disappointed that Justin had slacked off during the summer and he just wasn't playing at the level of the other players. Justin broke out in tears. Andy had overheard the coach and came running over. "You can't cut Justin, coach. He's my personal trainer. I want him on the team." The coach looked at Andy's huge, muscular body and then he looked at Justin's little body. Justin was this kid's personal trainer? Well, it didn't matter. If Andy wanted Justin on the team, Justin was gonna be on the team. The coach turned to the little jock, who still had tears streaming down his face. "OK Justin, you're on the team." Justin smiled and then wrapped his arms around Andy's huge chest. Andy flexed his pecs and lats and let his little muscle worshipper feel the big muscles bulge and turn into living rock. Yeah, he wanted Justin on the team. He wanted Justin to be there to spot him in his workouts, to worship his muscles, and to get fucked by his big cock in his face and in his ass, many times a day. And Justin wanted the same thing. They were going to enjoy being teammates.

A few minutes before the end of practice, Andy smashed into Steve and Brock once again. The two jocks were now totally pulverized. Andy grabbed their arms and lifted their bruised bodies off the ground. He turned to the coach and said, "We're goin' to the lockers a little early, coach. These two guys are a little shaken from all the hits they took from me. I guess I don't know my own strength sometimes." He looked at the two pulverized bullies and smiled. They started trembling. They sure knew Andy's strength. It was enormous.

Andy dragged the two bullies into the locker room. They thought they were in for a final beating. Andy reached over and stripped off their shorts and jock straps. They were buck naked except for their sneakers and socks. Then Andy stripped off his own shorts and jock strap. His huge cock was already rock hard and when he ripped off his jock strap the big weapon snapped up against his rippling ab muscles. Steve and Brock gasped as they saw the incredible size of Andy's giant cock, eleven inches long and eight inches around. Their little cocks shriveled as they were overwhelmed by Andy's incredible physical superiority. They felt so insignificant compared to this young giant.

"Down on your knees," ordered Andy. Steve immediately got down on his knees but Brock hesitated. "Smaaaacccckkk!" Andy's big fist came crashing into Brock's face, breaking his cheekbone. "I said down on your knees, asshole!" Brock fell to his knees, his face now throbbing in pain. "OK, assholes, you know how to do this because you made me do it to you. Lick my balls and cock. And you better do a good job or your pretty faces are gonna be pulverized." Andy moved his sweaty crotch towards Steve and Brock's faces. He grabbed the back of their heads and forced their faces into his giant cock and his golf ball sized balls. "Lick," he ordered and he let go. The two bullies began to lick and suck Andy's huge cock and balls. They had never sucked a guy's cock before but they had sure forced a lot of guys to suck their cocks so they knew how to do it. Slowly their own little cocks started to harden as they touched Andy's huge legs and calves, smelled his pungent crotch sweat, pulled his big balls into their mouths, and felt with their tongues the incredible size, thickness and hardness of his dick. After a few minutes they were really getting into it. Their cocks were rock hard. Andy was getting really turned on. Having these two muscular jocks, his former tormentors, servicing his big cock gave him an incredible high. He felt like a king. He was ready to cum.

All of a sudden he heard a lot of noise. The rest of the team was coming into the locker room. He smiled. In a matter of seconds about 30 guys were standing there looking at Steve and Brock licking Andy's huge cock. "Jesus Christ, look at the size of that dick," yelled one of the players. "Yeah, and look at Steve and Brock suckin' him off. Two little punks suckin' off the big stud. Those two punks are fuckin' little faggots. We got two fuckin' little faggots on the team!" At that, Andy grabbed his cock, pointed it at Steve and Brock's faces and started cumming. Spurt after spurt of pure white cum gushed out of his huge cock and splat right into their faces. Spasms of ecstasy surged through his body as he ejaculated. Every spurt was payback for years of misery inflicted by these two bullies. He felt great. But the real payback going to come in a few more seconds. The team just stood there, marveling at how big Andy's cock was and how much jism he was shooting onto the little faggots' faces.

When he finished, two of the big Seniors came over, grabbed Steve and Brock by the arm and jerked them to their feet. "We don't want any faggots on our team," they said. "Get outta here." They pushed Steve and Brock, still totally nude and with their faces covered by gobs and gobs of thick white cum, to the locker room door and threw them on the ground, giving them a big kick in the ass for good measure. The coach grabbed two towels and threw them at the two shocked boys. "You're off the team for good," he said. "Stay away from the players." Then he slammed the door. Steve and Brock looked at each other's cum-covered face in disbelief. Their whole world has just crumbled beneath them. They were nothing. They were worse than nothing. They had received the fat boy's revenge.

From that point on, Steve and Brock were shunned by the whole football team. All of a sudden they had no friends. Their former jock friends wouldn't talk to them and the rest of the kids hated the two bullies. They soon got into drugs and then dropped out of school. A year later they were busted for drug dealing and sent to the state youth correction center. They are now serving as white boy fuck toys for the black and Latino prison gangs, each of them getting fucked 30 to 40 times a day . They have two more years to go in their sentences, if they last that long.

Andy was elected Captain of the football team before the first game and led the team to three state championships. His team was the only team in state history to win three championships in a row. At the same time, Andy maintained his straight "A" average. During his high school years, he gained another inch in height and put on another 20 pounds of muscle. From his sophomore year through his senior year, he was the biggest, strongest running back in state history. He was recruited by every major football university in the country. Next year he will be attending Stanford, where he will be a pre-med major. After graduation from college and a few years in the NFL, he's going to go to med school. As a doctor, he wants to work with obese kids, showing them how they can change their bodies. Nobody has any doubt that he will do all those things. Stanford is already favored to win the Pac 10 championship next year.

Justin will be graduating with Andy. He actually has a "C+" average, because Andy has forced him to study. And he's going to Palo Alto too next year, although not to college. He's going to get a job in a health food store so he can get discounts on all sorts of supplements for Andy. He's going to live as close to campus as possible so he can help Andy with his training, worship his muscles and get fucked by his huge cock as much as possible. He and Andy have an agreement that Andy will fuck him at least twice a day.


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