Teen Muscle

The First Workout


By snjn

My workout buddy and I had finished a gargantuan session and not wanting to waste a good pump went for a stroll in the park. We were in our usual summer attire, thin lycra shorts stretching tight across our bubble butts and scooped out, cropped string tanks decorating our still pumped up torsos. We had traded our cross-trainers for thong sandals for a barer look. As we crossed the jogging trail, two girls jogged passed. I thought their eyes would fall out when they saw us. One turned around for a second glanced, stumbled and fell. Nat felt sorry for her and went to help her up.

"Careful, there, are you hurt?" he said as he put his hands around her

waist and lifted her on her feet. She seemed a little unsteady and I thought she might faint."My god, what a body, two of them!" her girlfriend said,"I've never seen so much muscle before."

"Or so much skin," said the other having recovered,"Can I feel your arm?"

Nat obliged by popping a super peaked biceps and she warily reached out and put her hand on his arm. Her small hand hardly covered the softball-sized muscle as squeezed one and then the other. She withdrew her hand quickly, as if his biceps were hot. Her eyes were wide and her face flushed.

"I've never felt anything like that."

We stood and talked to them for a few minutes as they slowly stared us up and down, there eyes glazes falling on the powerful boxes under our tight-stretched shorts.

"I guess you guys have six-packs too, huh?"

I lifted up my tank and crunched my perfect set of 8 bulging abs for her. Finally, I pulled off my string tank and went through a mini posing routine pumping every muscle for all it was worth. Nat did the same. They were blown away. Reluctantly they went on their way looking

back several times as we continued into the park. We ended up at a basket ball court which is little used because it is so remote from the other playing fields. There was a hunky kid wearing a long tank top shooting baskets.

"Geoff, that kid doesn't have anything on under that tank top."

"Yeah, that's Danny from down the hill. He lives with his parents in that house that backs on the pasture. I've known him most of his life and have had him in gymnastics class since he was 11. That's why he's unusually developed for his age. He's just 18 now. Let's sit on this bench and enjoy the view for a while. You know, his mother let him run around the yard and neighborhood naked until he began sprouting pubic hair. He's so rebellious that he will now only wear Jockey shorts or long t-shirts, and when he wears a t-shirt he does away with the underwear. When he comes here to play ball with his friends and he ends up on the skin team, he plays completely naked, girls watching and all. Usually ends up with a boner."

"That's fantastic. Look at the those striations in his glutes. Promising for a kid of 18. Damn, I'll bet he's a horny little bastard"

"You're right there. You should see him in the showers, tight smooth,

tanned body with pubic hair just the color of his skin. He's almost always semi hard and when the other kids tease him about it, his rod really stiffens up. He's tan all over from skinny dipping in the pond in the pasture."

"It's a built little body for a kid. I've never seen such definition on a kid his age."

"Yeah and he wants to be bigger. Precocious little bastard. He's been

bugging me about my routine. I'll give in some day and work with him, but hands off till he's of age. Look, here he comes."

Danny sauntered away from the court passing Goeff and Nat.

"Hi, Mr. Sanderling, you must have just come from a workout. You're really pumped. So's your friend."

"This is Nat, Danny, and yes, we did just come from a workout. Just cooling down in the park. Say, Danny, you've been asking me so many questions about my routine. You want me to supervise you at my gym?" Danny grabbed the bottom of his tank top and pulled it up to wipe the sweat from his face. Nat was stunned to see chiseled pecs above a perfect grid of 6 etched abs. His thick member dangled semi-hard between his legs.

"Could you really get me in, Mr. Sanderling?

"I think so, but get your mother's permission first."

"Hot damn!" And he tore off in a run, his shirt flying in the breeze giving intermittent glimpses of his hard, dimpled butt. Nat looked at him for a moment, then looked at Geoff, "You sure he's never been in a gym before?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. God, he'll probably come there in his underwear. I'll have to remind him about that. Hey, let's cruise the park some more before our pump is gone. It's lasting a long time in this heat."

Geoff and Nat wandered through the park stopping occasionally with an

obliging peaked biceps or flexed pecs for those who took special notice of them. They relished all the notice they got and milked it for all it was worth.

"Hey, Nat, I know where we can go next for some extended show time and help keep our pump longer: the exercise trail. We can stop at each station along the way."

They were both shirtless now and sweat had made their shorts look thinner and somewhat transparent. They started at the stretching post for extended, sensual stretching, stopped and the chin bar to pump up their biceps, did numerous steps on the step post admiring each others razor sharp bulging calves and quads, walked the length of the jungle bar doing dips at the end to pump triceps. There were joggers and strollers all along the way and the reaction of there audience was stimulating for them both, increasing the size of their already bulging boxes. Finally they walked back to Geoff's house in ecstasy at the spectacle they were making through the city streets.

Geoff had arranged to meet Danny at his gym the next evening for his first supervised workout. Danny arrived not in his underwear as Geoff had expected but shirtless in tight shorts.

"Mom made me wear these but she said I'd outgrown 'em and needed to get a larger size, but I like 'em like this."

In his adolescent spurt of growth he was beginning to take on manly

proportions filling the shorts with a developing bubble butt and straining the seams of the crotch. He obviously enjoyed showing it off. Geoff decided to have some fun with him and started him off with lunges, with enough but not too much weight since it was his first effort. "Well, Danny, I can tell you now those shorts are not going to last through the workout."

He took instantly to the weights with uncanny enthusiasm. By the time he finished the reps of lunges Geoff gave him, his shorts were splitting at the seams from his pumped glutes.

"Here, come into the locker room with me and let me give something of mine before those shorts fall off."

They went to Geoff's locker and he gave him a pair of his own cut-off

sweats. They were a bit baggy on Danny. He looked disappointed at having to wear them, but Goeff knew that they would be filled out before too long. Danny was secretly pleased to be wearing something of his mentor's next to his skin. Geoff put him through a complete lower body workout being careful not to overdo the poundage, and as he worked out along with him, he noticed how Danny's eyes were glued to his straining muscles and bulging veins. When he pronounced it finished, Danny wanted to go on to his upper body, but Geoff told him they would save that for the next time. He started off proud in his

newly acquired attire and his pumped lower body. Geoff was amazed at how he took to weights and could hardly wait to see the progress he would make.

"Hey, let's hit the showers, Danny."

They passed by Geoff's locker dropping their clothes and picking up a bar of soap. In the showers Geoff began to soap up before he realized that Danny didn't have any gear here yet.

"Here, Danny," as he tossed him the soap,"you use this first. I didn't think you don't have anything yet. Bring your stuff and we'll get your own locker next time."

As Danny began to soap up, Geoff took in the sensual, casual way he rubbed soap suds all over his body. He was giving special attention to his just worked legs, lingering over them. He kept putting one then the other heel out on the floor flexing his quads and rubbing his soapy hands over them. He would stand on tiptoe look back at his sharp calves. He looked disappointed when he couldn't get a good view of his flexed glutes. When he left the showers Geoff stood under the hot spray enjoying the water caressing his body from head to toe, imagining how Danny would develop and how he might appear at 18. It was an exciting prospect. Finally as he wandered, still day dreaming, into the locker room, he suddenly realized he had acquired a major erection. Danny, standing in his baggy sweats, saw him.

"Oops! Sorry, I didn't know you were still here." He looked down at his boner but made no attempt to cover it.

"That's o.k., Mr. Sanderling. That happens to me all the time,"

and he started out the locker room. Geoff put a towel over his boner and stepped out into the weight room to watch Danny leave. As

he walked passed the mirrors, Danny stopped and pulled one leg of his

cut-offs up to show his whole thigh. He put his leg out flexing his quads with all his might. He smiled and his boyish face lit up. Then he rolled up both legs as far as he could and strutted out of the gym.

Geoff stood there watching Danny leave the gym one hand holding the towel over his crotch the other roaming idly over his chest, when he realized he had been neglecting his grooming. He needed a shave; so he returned to his locker for soap and a razor and headed back to the showers. He didn't have much body hair and what little he had was blond, but he liked the smooth look and the feeling of being totally bare. It was late, near closing time, and he noticed just a few stragglers in the weight room finishing their workouts; so the locker room and showers were empty for the moment. In the showers he soaped up thoroughly and began brushing away chest hair with his razor, leaving a trail of hair from his navel to his pubic hair. Then stretching his scrotum taught, he carefully did the same on his balls leaving them shiny and smooth. With one and then the other leg out stretched against the shower post he was doing his legs when the stragglers came in.

"Catching up on your grooming, Geoff?"

He didn't reply but put the razor on the shelf under the shower head, spread his legs, and threw his arms out.

"What d'ya think?"

"Fuckin' A!"

Back at his locker he rubbed lotion all over, giving his body a slight sheen. He felt so bare and smooth that he hated to cover even a square inch of himself, but pulled on thin jogging shorts slit to the waist on the sides and proceeded out of the gym and onto the late night streets to walk home. It was a sight for the few who were out, a hard muscle hunk walking leisurely down the side walk making the most of his sharp quads and calves, the shorts riding up his butt revealing more of his glutes - pondering Danny all the while.

The next day was not a workout day. Danny was tooling around the naked and feeling very antsy. De decided to blow off some steam shooting baskets in the park.

"Hey, Mom, I'm going to the park to shoot baskets."

"Put on some clothes," his mother shouted back.

"Yeah, yeah."

Danny pulled on an oversized t-shirt just long enough to cover teen dick, grabbed his ball, and took out in a run causing his shirt to hike up from time to time showing he bare teen ass. After a few baskets at the secluded court, he was hot and pulled off his shirt and continued, his now bare, unusually developed for his age dick flopping around in the open. Without making a sound two girls from his class came up behind him.

"Hiii, Daaanny."

Startled he turned around and grabbed his shirt to cover his cock.

"Don't you need a rest? We could sit on the grass over there under that tree."

They sat chatting their teen talk when one girl snatched the shirt from where it was covering his now stiff cock. He was sitting back leaning on his elbos and made no effort to cover it.

"Don't you want us to take care of that for you?"

"Be my guest."

One girl took his cock in her small hand barely reaching around it. She began pumping it very slowly. The other gently took his rather large balls and began to squeeze them. Danny closed his eyes and let his head fall back. He was in ecstacy. They continued to pump and squeeze until Danny, his dick beginning to twitch, said,

"I'm about to blow, girls. You may want to get out of the way."

Instead they cupped both hands and, as Dannys stiff cock went into a spasm shooting cum in the air, caught as much of it as they could in their eager hands. Both hands were nearly full of his hot cum. He fell back throwing his arms out and let out a sigh. The girls wiped their cum stained hands, stood up and waving good bye walked away. Danny lay there naked, not caring who saw him, thinking about his next workout. •

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