By Musclebuff

He wasn't beautiful but he was hot, hard, huge, and horny as hell. And his mammothly long and thick fuck-pole had been up my chute for nearly an hour. And it was getting thicker by the minute. And I'd already cum four times from his incessantly demanding, passionate thrusts against my prostate. His hands were clamped to my pecs, pulling me back against his huge pec-slabs so hard that I could feel the hard prongs of his man-nips drilling into my lats.

The filthy words he was constantly whispering close into my ear only got me harder and hornier myself, wishing his attack would never end. But then it - he - is always like that and it always does end eventually - ends in pools of spilt cum and pre-cum, ends with passionate kisses and promises of endless repeats asap.

I'm five foot ten, weigh 200 pounds of competition muscle - he's the same height but at least forty pounds of pure muscle heavier. That muscle bulges with hard fullness, hard, striated and vascular, just the way I like it on my men, and no, as I said, he is not beautiful. His face is pocked from the acne he had when he was a kid, his red hair (cut in a marine buzz) ensures that his beautifully smooth, satiny skin is pale and never gets tanned, his mouth is the widest I have ever seen on a man - an inviting red slash which promises a huge dick: a promise more than fulfilled - but his beautiful deep sapphire eyes, not to mention his physique, more than make up for any shortcomings in the beauty line.

I met him first through some photographs on a website, e-mailed him, started an e- correspondence, soon found we lived in the same city (though I would have moved to be near him) and eventually took the risk of meeting in a local coffee shop. He was late, very late. I had decided that he was one of the many totally unreliable bodybuilders and was about to pay my bill when this hunk walked through the door - a hunk so large and thick that he couldn't find any clothes to fit him without threatening to burst the seams.

Aww, shit! Fuck, I was speechless. His muscle was bursting out of a pair of tight, tight black leather pants, laced up the sides from ankle to waist, with a huge studded codpiece which apparently only contained his large nuts: I could see a huge thick fuck-rod snaking across his thigh like a black salami. His pecs were struggling to get out of the ultra-low-cut leather tank which was all he was wearing except for two leather bands across the top of his swelling biceps.

His quads could hardly find room between the seat and table to let him sit down nor hide the hard thickness which now showed above the table top.

He exuded charisma - the charisma of a horny, hot, horse-dicked, sex-powered muscle dude.

I'm not small, but he made me feel small next to his hard vascular bulk. And talking of hard and vascular, my dick was rising faster than I could control it inside my own baggies. He sat down, softly breathed something about being sorry to be late, stared me into silence with those eyes, then startled me by reaching under the table to grab onto my tenting dick and giving it a good squeeze.

"Like what we see, do we?" he growled.

"If you don't take your hand off my groin I'm going to cum where I sit!"

"Good. Do just that, dude."

He squeezed and rubbed and I erupted.

"Now we've got that out of the way, how about getting under the table to lock your mouth onto my hungry dick?"

I couldn't resist reaching under the table to return the squeeze. Shit, it was all too much - fucking hard and huge.

"You can put it anywhere you like on me or in me, but not here. I live just round the corner, OK?"

"No, my place. Truck's outside."

So, with both our dicks projecting from our pants we left the coffee shop and went around the corner to his truck. The rear of the truck contained two shining motor-cycles - top of the line.

"Shit, man! A pair of Buells?"

"My babies. You ride?"

"Sure I do."

Once in the cab I soon found my head forced down into his leathered lap from which he ripped off the codpiece and, with difficulty, yanked his crazy pole into the light. My mouth found just how huge his equipment was. I came up for air a while later as he slowed down - I mean, the truck. Nothing else was going to slow down for the next twenty-four hours or more.

A night and a day of pure, exhilarating muscle-fuck.

Pushed my bulk down onto a black-leather recliner, stuck his boot in my crotch and pressed down hard.

"Guess we both like what we see, huh? What're you into? Limits?"

"With you I'm into practically anything - anything except shit."

"Top or bottom?"

"With you, bottom. Can't see myself anywhere else right now."

"Good. I'm strictly top. Thought you might be some flaky muscle-queen faking her way through the e-mails. Glad to see I'm wrong."

"Sure are, dude. What next?"

"Drink this: it's a special hemodilator, five times as effective as Viagra without the risks. Gets you hard and builds the muscle faster than anything else I know. Only just come on the market but I've known the inventor for some time. The more muscle-juice you can take in, the better it works."

"So let's get fucking!"

"Drink up first. You're too impatient."

He was right about that. I drank up, my eyes riveted to the huge swelling inside his leathers. I wanted to feel it again, be used by it, real bad.

"Get your eyes off my leather and get your mouth and hands over here."

I slithered across the floor to his feet, feeling a strange but pleasant buzz in my groin from the drink. I wrapped my hands around those huge quads, caressing the leather which was no more than a second skin. I licked my way up the shiny stuff from inside his knees to the giant rod. I sunk his dick into my throat and lubricated it with my saliva but after a few moments he hauled me up and placed my hands on the tanktop over his hard, hard abs. I could feel the thick washboard even through the leather. Then I wrapped my arms around him and he stuck his tongue down my throat.

My head was now buzzing like crazy: I felt as if I had just sniffed a gallon of poppers as I slurped my face and tongue all over his leather, on to his bis and into his sweaty, leather-aromatic pits..

"Feeling it already, huh? Have another swig while I fix a few things."

He shoved me back on to the recliner, held my head steady with a giant paw and poured a glass of the stuff down my throat. I must have dozed off only a few moments after he left the room. Head back on the recliner I came to feeling the weight of a huge nut-sack sitting on my face. As I opened my eyes and my mouth to speak, the mouth was instantly filled with fourteen inches of hard and thick muscle rod. Went down my throat a treat. All of it. Incessantly thrusting. His voice came from behind me.

"Hey, dude, you're darn good at this! Never knew anyone who could deep-throat me so easy - had a lot of practice?"

"Enough." I gargled around his dick.

With his dick still warming up down my throat, he leaned forward and ripped my pants open, and grabbed my fourteen inches in a hard fist. He spat a big gob onto it to lube his fist . I groaned as he started suction with his lips at the same time as jacking me. Meanwhile his dick down my throat felt like it had grown another couple of inches both ways.

I could feel his nuts beginning to churn around my chin when he suddenly pulled out of me and dragged me to my feet by my pre-cumming dick. He was stark naked except for a hefty cockstrap round his root.

Now I could see him pure, naked, unadorned. Magnificently muscular. I knew I had never seen anything like him. He had been carved out of marble. Living marble. Every muscle was full-bellied and huge. Ripped and vascular. Every one separated from the next by deeply carved chasms. Until he grabbed hold of it, his gigantic horse-dick hung down almost to his knees; when he pulled it up it reached almost to his pecs. Even when he had two hands around its great thickness, one above the other, there was still room for another fist below the door-knob of a head. Then he leaned down slightly and started to rub it against his pecs - actually fucking it with his steel-hard nip!

I groaned at the sight and reached for my own.

"Time to strip off, boy."

He literally ripped all my clothes off me, then yanked off my work-boots.

"Hell! How do I get home?"

"P'raps you won't need to!"

Threateningly prophetic words.

He stepped back and started to flex for me. I couldn't believe how dense his muscle was - gleaming in the many candles he had lit while I was asleep, he glittered like an angel of muscle-sex. The striations seemed to leap out of his body and the veins danced across the muscles, getting thicker by the second as he flexed them under my nose.

Huge lats and giant thighs sprang from the small waist - his heavily muscled eight-pack, slightly distended from whatever he was taking. The pecs, the thickest at the sides that I had ever seen, ballooned over his rib-cage, making me weak at the knees. The barn-wide delts seemed to be pushed up and out by the lats and, from the side, seemed to be almost as deep as his whole chest-pec measurement.

The bis and tris which even now were being flexed immediately under my nose -

"Go on - lick them! Kiss them! You know you want them!" -

- bulged almost obscenely as they split into their several heads. Even my tongue could feel the chasm between the heads of his biceps.

But when I put my hands around the obliques at his waist, my whole body, every large muscle, dissolved into him. I pulled him in close to me, moved my arms up around the huge chest/lat development as he did the same to me, gazed into those sapphire eyes -

"Shit, man! I want you so fucking much!"

- then he shut me up with a deep soul kiss, our tongues thrashing against each other's for what seemed like minutes.

When I realized what was happening between us, my legs gave way and he had to pull me up, our sweaty pecs sliding together.

"You may want me, but I'm gonna have you, baby!"

And have me he did. Royally.

I had already enjoyed what must have been a half-hour of being slowly fucked doggy-style, his dick swelling by the second as it rammed in and out of my rosebud - all the way out and all the way in.

"Resist me! I want you to feel me!"

So I tensed my glutes against him, only to get more joy as he forced his knob in and out, ecstatically bruising my joy-button on the way.

Now I was on my back, my abs and chest soaked with several emissions of thick cum, and his dick was ramming passionately into my depths at full speed. He was in push-up position on my meaty pecs as the full force of his abs, glutes and quads raped me over the moon and back.

"Can you feel me getting bigger? Must have grown a good inch inside you - can't you feel my pecs grinding you further into the bed? When I've cum a few more times inside you, you'll feel the growth too!"

He closed his lips over mine and my whole being sailed into nirvana. Yeah. My ecstatic muscle-cunt could definitely feel him getting thicker - and longer. Yeah, his pecs were crushing mine too. His bis and tris in my hands were definitely getting thicker and harder. I could feel the veins pulsing. It seemed as if his whole body was swelling into a mix of marble and steel.

Then, as he sucked on my tongue, I could feel a strange new buzz permeating my whole body. Not unlike the little buzz I got from his drink, but now it was increased into something cosmic. I was vibrating against him as I squeezed him tightly against me. The he collapsed his whole weight on me, forcing his hands and arms under my throbbing torso. It felt as if his (what now must be at least) three hundred pounds of muscle and bone were trying to unite with mine while my muscle was now striving upwards against his, trying to fuse with his hugeness.

We both erupted simultaneously. It was (only) about the sixth time we had cum together in this position but this explosion felt as if all the previous ones had been mere tremors. Spasms ripped through my body as gallons of hot cum poured into me. My own orgasm forced large amounts of muscle-juice up between our torsos which now had more than ample lube for our swelling torsos to rub against each other.

He continued to fuck me as we rolled over and over on the bed, two sex-crazed muscle dudes writhing against each other's muscles, two bodies striving to become one.

Eventually we had to give in to exhaustion - but only with enough rest-time to gather forces together for another mighty onslaught. This continued on and off for hours and, each time, I felt myself getting bigger and his dick inside me getting even more huge.

There were pauses for mighty consumption of protein and water - and more hemodilating juice - but these were mere intermissions between our gargantuan sessions of muscle-sex. Our bodies seemed to demand more from each other ever time we started again, and our abnormally continuous explosions of cum seemed to get mightier and mightier.

After what must have been twenty-four hours of this we had a shower - mainly to clean off the thick and sticky cum that was threatening to glue us together.

But the shower was no intermission feature. Soaping each other up, sliding our hands across the mountains of hard muscle we now both possessed, feeling out each other's striations and licking at each other's veins and pits, filled me with a new kind of ecstacy and only got us going in a different way.

Molding his huge batwing lats with soapy hands, sliding them down onto the mighty glutes and thence into the tempting butt-crack, once I had grabbed his always towering erection from behind, I rammed my dick up his ass and fucked him under the pouring water of the shower. I had been fantasizing about this for a few minutes of feeling up his soapy torso but had no idea what it would feel like once he had clamped his glute muscles around my dick.

One hand on a huge pec, the other jacking his dick, I power-fucked his ass as hard as I could. All the time he was yelling Harder! Deeper! Fuck me, you wimp! And I was yelling back Take this up your muscle-cunt! How d'you like it from that end, huh? Feel my big dick raping your ass!

I needed the extra inches I had grown to reach between those mighty glutes for his hole, but once I'd got there, I sure enjoyed it.

When we had both cum, he pulled off me, yelled with fury, threw me over his shoulder, flung me face down, wet, on the spunk-covered bed and raped me with as much force as he could. That was a lot of force, and I'd swear I grew another couple of inches everywhere while he was doing it.

He pulled out of me, shoved his dick down my throat and jetted his cum with full force down my throat while mine fountained all over his back. So much for our shower.

It wasn't the first nor the last time that we spent more than a day and a night fucking each other (usually he fucked me, sometimes I was granted a special favor and was allowed to fuck him - usually in the shower), wrestling each other, working out with each other, astounding and often shocking others in the gym with our filthy language and equally monstrous workouts. Once he even fucked me in public which had the rest of the gym either running for the locker-room (to jack off) or jetting in their hotpants on the spot. That was fun! We both enjoyed occasional public forays. Made us feel big and good.

We were both big. Hard, huge and horny. And, I hope, hot. I never lose my heat for him - nor he for mine. What a fucking life. Perfect. Musculificent.

But that first morning - as we relaxed for a short while over a wiring cup of coffee - I had another epiphany.

"So you like bikes. And I guess you like leather. Got any yourself?"

"Nah - only a ratty old leather jacket."

"Try these on."

He produced a pair of chaps.

"They're pretty old - I've worn them out and they're too small for me now, but they might fit you. Stand up."

He fastened the waist band around my waist and pulled in the rear laces to get a good fit. Before he continued to fit me, he produced a length of half-inch wide leather thong and wrapped it tightly, several times, around my root, then yanked it real tight with a knot before he wound it around my low-hanging ballsack - pulled it hard tight again, leaving a couple of feet of thong dangling from behind my balls.

"How does that feel?"

"Like you're squeezing your hand around my balls."

He chuckled, then proceeded with difficulty to zip the chaps up from crotch to ankle. With difficulty because they were far too small.

"Shit, man, they'r so fucking tight!"

"Shit, dude, they're supposed to be! How do you feel inside them?"

I stroked my hands hard down the leather that was encasing my thighs like a second skin. I could feel my own striations through the stuff now. My dick started to rise impulsively to full mast.

"Guess it feels good, huh?"

"Fucking marvellous!

I couldn't stop stroking my muscle through the sexy hot stuff. My dick started to weep so I knew it was enjoying it too. He laughed and started to jack me off

with one hand while the other slapped my naked butt and found its way into my steaming butt-crack. One finger, two prodded at my prostate, giving me electric shocks.

"Shit, man, you'll make me cum!"

"Why not? Baptize that leather for me all over again. I can see it likes being where it is!"

He was merciless. His hands were everywhere, slapping the leather, my naked butt, squeezing my quads, three fingers up my chute. He was deliberately driving me crazy. Whenever it seemed I might erupt he squeezed or slapped my nuts, sending the jizz back where it came from.

He stood up, wove our legs together so his thighs could make contact with my leather, squeezed my nips real hard as out two dicks met between our abs. Picked me up by the waist and rammed me down on to his rampant dick - no lube put his precum, He was as turned on by the leather as I was.

Still connected he carried me back into the bedroom and sat on the bed, still bouncing me up and down. I thought I had experienced everything the night before, bur being fucked in this way with my leathered thews wrapped around his waist was an extreme pleasure.

I came all over him when he jetted his muscle-juice into my ass. He massaged my jizz into the leather, mixing it with his own saliva. The feel of his hands through the leather brought me to full mast again.

"Now you're baptized into leather! I shall have to take you to see my friend Lash. I think you'll find each other very interesting! Time for my morning fuck"

"Jeez - thought you'd had it already - "

"Not like this."

He flipped me over, flat on my face, my dick lubing itself on the leather bed-cover, pulled my legs apart.

"Stay flat. This is my favorite fuck."

Somehow his dick rammed itself into me. Full depth.

"Now close you legs. Tight."

Ever obedient, I squeezed them tight shut and he started to ram me. His fuck-rod had never felt so huge inside me, filling my chute and punishing every inch of it. My joy-button felt as if it was being smashed over and over again as that fuck-machine cannon of a dick rammed all the way in, all the way out, over and over again.

After a few strokes I came. After another dozen I came again. And so it went on until he felt his libido was sated with fucking me. He lay hard and heavy on top of me as I squelched around enjoying the cum-lube on the leather bed.

"Yes, definitely a visit to Lash. Tonight I think."

With that promise, still embedded in each other, we slept out the rest of the morning.



The visit to Lash

He wouldn't let me take the chaps off all day and, come evening, when he had arrayed himself in the full leather regalia (the sight of him making me cum again) he added a codpiece to my chaps, his own snug and sweaty tanktop, and a leather armband above my right bicep. He wore his laced-up leathers, with the studded codpiece, a harness and armbands and that was it. We left on the back of one of his Buells.

The vibration of the machine was transmitted through the hump of the tank to the Boss's package and thence to mine which was pressed as hard and as close as it could be to the Boss's butt. As he was leaning forward, racing-style, on the Buell, the butt was both hard and inviting. My throbbing nuts were just about to erupt when we arrived at Lash's front door. Shit, they did erupt as soon as I saw what was waiting for us on the other side of it.

Tall, dark and handsome are hardly the words: tall (at least six two), dark and satanic would be more like it. His darkly handsome visage was crowned by a black buzz-cut and decorated with a closely trimmed black Persian prince-type beard. His eyes were huge and dark and his lips full, wide and luscious - no, lascivious.

All this was amazing in itself but it paled into insignificance as soon as your eyes moved down to the muscle. I doubt if the man had ever had an ounce of fat on his body his whole life and the dark, dark tan seemed to add an extra glow to the prodigious muscle it covered. To begin with, he had the biggest pecs I have ever seen on a man - these alone made my knees weak and my mouth water. The Boss chuckled as he saw the effect they had on me. The rest of the muscles were long, full, lithe and threatened you with extreme power - like a black panther. No other muscle dude could have been a greater contrast to the Boss's honed and horny bulk but, in his way, he was just as magnificent. The contrast between the two muscle-gods was amazing.

Oh yes, and by the way, he was wearing nothing but a black leather kind of thong - I'd seen it in an ad - with two holes: his long dark uncut cock protruded from the upper one and the mighty ballsack hung out of the other; he had one arm band above his left bicep, a golden barbell through his left nipple and a ring through his left ear. There was no doubt at all that he was a Topman.

"Come in, guys!" pronounced a deep, black bass voice.

The Boss moved sideways past him through the door (there was no way but sideways with his delts and Lash's pecs) but when I tried to get past him two thick arms wound themselves around my not inconsiderable torso and pulled me into those pecs. His black eyes bored into mine.

"I like your friend, Tom," he said as he squeezed me to him, "I hope he's ready for our kind of games?"

"Oh he's ready for anything!" said the Boss.

And Lash enveloped my mouth with his and squeezed my dick - hard.

Of course I came on the spot. Copiously. Spasms lurched through my whole frame as he pressed me to him with a deep throating kiss. Without letting go of me he licked my cum off the hand that had been squeezing it out of me.

"Nothing I like more than a big muscle-dude who lets me know at once how he feels about me! Makes everything else so much easier."

As he let me go and closed the front door I was left wondering exactly what "everything else" and "our kind of games" involved. Guess I was ready for anything with these two. The Boss had already converted me from a top muscle-dude into a willing muscle faggot. So yes, I thought, as my dick started to rise again.

Lash put one arm around my shoulder and moved me into the house proper. Everything seemed to be as dark and mysterious as its owner. The lowered lights glimmered against dark mahogany paneling and the luxurious black leather upholstery of nearly all the furniture. There was something burning and the air was filled with the same heady fragrance I had been aware of in Lash's embrace ,

"Tom, I guess you both won't mind if we get straight down to things? I can tell this guy is ready for that, aren't you, you muscle faggot?"

He took the words straight out of my mind, darn him!

The Boss said "Lash, you don't even have to ask him - you know that. Tonight he's yours for the asking. Whatever."

"Hey - "

Lash ignored my feeble protest which he seemed to take for my agreement. Which I guess it was.

"Take off your tanktop. And you may as well remove that codpiece too, now that it's filled with your cum. Be a good faggot and use your tongue to clean all that splooge out of it. Tastes good and I want the rest of it."

While I peeled the Boss's tank off me and unsnapped the codpiece, Lash was busying himself in a corner. The Boss beckoned me over to where he was sitting, pushed me down on my knees and shoved my codpiece over my face like a mask. While I was licking it out he whispered in my ear, "Better do everything he tells you - he doesn't like being crossed and I don't want you to get hurt."

Shit. Not sure I appreciated the warning. Sometimes it's better to be plain ignorant.

The Panther materialized silently behind me and pulled me down with him onto a big seat, sucked my leathered-up cum out of my mouth, then stuck a smoking pipe between my lips..

"This is just to get you going. Inhale."

One drawn breath was enough for me, but not for him. When I tried to take the pipe out of my mouth he grabbed the back of my head and shoved the pipe halfway down my throat.

"I said Inhale! And don't stop till I tell you!"

So I inhaled and inhaled until stars were coming out of my eyes.

I was sprawling back on the sofa, wondering what had happened to me. He leant his huge frame over me, removed the pipe, handing it to the Boss. I was so woozy now that my eyes could hardly focus on him.

"What the fuck's in that? It's not just MaryJane - "

"It's not MaryJane at all but something I have made up at great expense for faggots like you. Now shut up."

He swallowed my tongue with his mouth and started to caress my perpenDickular dick. I groaned into his mouth. My whole body started to tremble - I could only control the spasms by pressing my muscle upwards into his. It was as if I had taken a mighty snort of amyl, only the effect didn't go away. Instead it grew and grew.

I seized his frame passionately, clasping my still-leathered quads around his waist, jacking my dick, no, my whole torso against his as he sucked my whole being out of me. Or that's what it felt like, It was glorious. I just wanted to give this man my whole soul. Didn't care what he wanted nor what he did. I was entirely his. From a great distance I heard his voice.

"You've grown the boy well, Tom! I think he's ready for us now - if I can ever peel his muscles off mine."

"Shit, man, no!" I yelled as he tried to do just that "Aww fuck, man! I need you so bad! Don't care what you do. Beat me, fuck me, only don't let go of me! Yeah, fuck me real good!"

"Don't worry, you muscle faggot - we're both going to fuck you real good, and for a long, long time!"

The Boss came over and yanked me off Lash with difficulty: there was a lot of muscle tension and play here!

"Come on. Kid! You're gonna have a real nice time with the two of us - and we've got all night and the next day if we need it!"

Lash laughed as I transferred my clutching arms and waving dick onto the Boss.

"Oh fuck me, Boss! let me feel those fucking huge muscles right up me!"

"Oh, sure, sure! Much better than that - you don't know what you're in for yet, you faggot!"

Over the Boss's shoulder I could see Lash getting a few pulls off that pipe. I guess the Boss had already had his fill. They'd just made sure I was more stoned than them. While Boss was still holding me tight, rubbing his thick muscle and dick against mine, Lash was filling a hypo with some viscous fluid. He came over to us and Boss held me even tighter, though who was I to object to anything at that moment? I was vaguely aware of a sting in my butt, then both musclegods were squeezing me between them. I felt consumed by muscle.

"That's just to make sure that you remain hard and horny whatever we dream up for you, faggot! Feeling it already? Does your dick want to burst? Yeah, sure it does - and it's going to stay that way for a long time. A permanent boner for as long as we need you, faggot! You're going to be like a condom between us, filled with one dick and filling another fuck-hole at the same time! But we've got some more nice games for you before we get down to that treat, eh Boss?"

Boss laughed and twisted my nips real hard (the harder the better, I yelled) as Lash enveloped us both in his huge arms. Even as I yelled I felt a huge prick shoving its way up my willing, sweat-lubed butt-hole.

"Yeah - how d'you like this, faggot? Even bigger than your Boss's, huh?"

"Yeah, give it to me Lash - make me feel it! Fuck me real hard! I can take anything you give me!"

"We'll see about that," A few violent thrusts ecstacized me and I started kicking about, trying to get at my dick, but he had my arms pinioned behind me.

"Hold him still, Boss, while I screw him proper."

Boss yanked my feet off the floor and wrapped them around his waist. This forced my butt back hard against Lash's invading monster. As he jerked into me I reciprocated by jerking my dick against the Boss's taut abs. I couldn't seem to stop jetting out buckets of precum.

Finally, Lash picked me up impatiently and strode with me into another room, still embedded and jerking in my ass. He flung me down on a hard, padded leather table and sat on my face. I couldn't breathe - started thrashing about -

"Fuck him, Tom, while I fill his throat!"

His big, long, hard dick found its way happily (for us both) down my throat at the same time as Boss slid that 3-fist dick up my ass. Lash stretched his legs backwards on each side of Boss's delts and Boss leaned forward to dig his tongue into Lash's fuck-pucker. My painfully stiff dick was the only one not getting any satisfaction at the moment but Lash's injection was ensuring plenty of pre-cum spasms while my throat was getting a real workout.

Both guys came simultaneously and I was copiously filled at both ends. They pulled out of me and when I had been made to spit all Lash's cum back into his mouth, and he had then massaged it all into my face with his tongue, they picked me up, still un-cum, and cuffed me upright to a St Andrew's cross piece, arms and legs stretched out wide and my muscle-cunt stretched out over a large dildo which protruded from the center of the cross-piece.

Lash then took a wide cockstrap and fastened it so tightly around my root that my already hard dick went bright purple.

"There. Nothing'll cum out of that in hurry."

I yelled at them to let me cum and was shouted down by :Lash.

"Fuck you, faggot! You're just a couple of holes for us to use as we please! Why d'you think your Boss brought you here? Not just to enjoy yourself!"

I groaned and moaned and jerked around in my bonds, feeling desperately deprived of their magnificently desirable muscle.

But then they started to make love and I was treated to an amazingly hot display of perfect man-muscle-sex. For all my experience in the field I had never seen anything like it. Even with that sexy buzz still eating up my senses I could appreciate the wild beauty of it all.

First, Boss allowed Lash to examine, stroke, kiss, feel, experience every magnificent sweaty cum-laden muscle, groaning his appreciation without ever touching Lash. All the time I could see his dick was throbbing and leaking as he held himself back in the most masochistic way from touching Lash's superb physique.

Then it was Lash's turn to be appreciated. Boss was doing exactly what I had been dying to do for the last hours, stroking, exploring every full, long, catlike muscle. Obligingly Lash flexed whatever was necessary and I could see what a sensation he would make on a contest platform as each muscle bunched up and separated under that thin tanned skin. The two of them were a hymn to sex and sensuality.

Then Lash was on his knees, sucking at Boss's rampant fuckrod, one two or three fingers up his ass. Eventually Boss started to spasm and Lash imprisoned the huge dick deep in his throat to swallow the endless jets of Boss's offering.

This seemed to turn both men crazy. Limbs entwined, muscles popped and strained, dicks fought for entrance. Their sweat and copious outpourings of cum and pre-cum lubricated the magnificently huge muscle-dudes as they wrestled as if in oil on the padded platform. Each giant was trying to enter the other and finally, after a bout of 69, Lash upended Boss and stuck it to him.

As he fucked him with violence I was screaming out to be fucked myself or to let me fuck him, but the two greased-up fuckers were oblivious of me in their passionate muscle-sex-play.

Or so I thought. But as Lash finally erupted in Boss's rear end I could see he had his eyes burning on to me. He pulled himself roughly out of Boss and dragged him over to me.

"Faggot's turn to get fucked!"

"Yeah, fuck me, man!"

I was rewarded by a stinging back-hand across my face and a knee in my exposed groin. As I doubled up in pain, they released me from my cuffs. Lifted me off the dildo ands carried my 250 over to the platform where they dumped me among the remains of their sweat and cum.

"This faggot needs to learn a lesson or two!"

He used rods, a lash (of course), paddles and electrical equipment to teach me those lessons. However I squirmed or turned he always had the right instrument to hit me in the right place. And yet I subjected myself to it all when I could have run away.

Oh yes, I got plenty hurt, but there was something in that weed or that hypo that made me enjoy it. Lusting and lurching after Lash's always rampant cock like an animal only to be punished further, and getting turned on by seeing my "protector" happily jerking off and smearing me with his precum. So much for not wanting me to get hurt.

But then, still without being allowed to cum, my "protector" soothed me by sitting me on his lap (and with his giant member right up me) and stroking my big pecs while Lash flexed his enormous ones right under my nose. This operation got Boss going and his dick became more end more demanding up my ass behind me. The he gasped:

"OK, Lash, we're ready for you!"

Lash threw down his weapons of punishment, pushed my legs into the air over his shoulders and forced the big dark brown dick I had been lusting over all night into my muscle-pussy beside Boss's. I was now filled with the two biggest dicks I had ever had the luck to encounter and they were both fucking me at the same time. I had often seen "double-dicking" in videos but this was a first for me.

With simultaneous strokes in and ou,t then in contrary motion, those dicks

ecstacized me over the moon and back. Never had I had it so good. Nor so long. Unlike me, they had both cum a few times this evening so they were enjoying stretching it out. I was enjoying bouncing up and down on them both and yelling them to fuck me harder, faster, deeper! But they had their own game-plan. They waited until I finally erupted and showered both of them with gallons of muscle-juice in the best orgasm I had ever experienced and then, only then, switched themselves into top gear.

They went quite crazy, fucking this muscle-faggot's ass. Berserk. Screaming and yelling obscenities at each other and me, Lash jerking away at my exhausted and empty dick which would not lie down, thanks to that hypo..

Eventually their wild behavior turned me on again and I got to be as wild as them while another orgasmic fountain of cum of unloading was generated.

We lay back, still attached to, in each other, and Boss whispered into my ear. I could hardly hear what he was saying, but I got the gist. We disentangled from each other, rose up, seized Lash and carried him struggling over to a sling in the corner. Our dual strength, fired by the evening's fuel, subdued him enough so we could lash his feet and wrists into the cuffs.

At last his rosebud pucker was available to us.

"No, guys, no!"

"Yes, Lash, yes!"

And we fucked him hard, both ends, taking turns at each end, till he'd had us at least twice at each end. The it was Boss's turn to be fucked and, finally, mine. Then their next game plan was revealed. Once they had me tethered, Lash donned a pair of elbow length latex gloves and proceeded to fist me for the first time in my life.

It took for ever. Both guys tried to get in, but couldn't No amount of amyl, or the equivalent, persuaded me. All the time I was stiff as steel and couldn't relax.

"What the fuck are we gonna do with him, Boss-man? Can't let our evening end in failure."

"Kiss me,." I demanded.


"Kiss me, damn it!"

Lash looked at Boss who nodded. He laid himself full length on top of me and somehow still kept a couple of fingers up my ass.

"You really want it, don't you?" he breathed.

"Bet I do. I want it from you, man, from you!"

So he kissed me. I felt that divine, lithe, thick heavy muscle against mine and, as once again he swallowed my soul, my body relaxed and opened up for him.

They say the first guy to fist you will won your soul ever after. Maybe it's true. But this sleeping beauty was awakened by that kiss and his fist slid into me like butter. Never felt anything like it. It was as if all those years of muscle building and fucking had prepared me for the moment when I was filled by this man - at both ends! His fist turned in me and I experienced nirvana. He started to punch fuck me and I went crazy .

He pulled out and Boss took over - not nearly as gently - and I was possessed again. Lash fed my mouth with his dick while Boss rumbled his fist around and around in my muscle-cunt. Lash stood up, shoved a magnificent nip into my mouth. I licked the whole huge pec, fed off the nip, then dealt with the other one. All the time Boss let his fingers drum on my prostate until I was forced to jet my muscle-juice into his mouth.

He caught the lot, passed it to Lash who passed it back to me, along with a fistful of his own. Before I could swallow it, Boss unloosed a torrent down my throat while Lash fiendishly jacked my empty dick until he received a jet of it down his throat.

Back to the leather bed. The Boss lay on his back, huge and hard, his legs around my waist, and pulled my ever-hard boner into his fuck-chute. Lash shoved me hard against Boss's butt; Boss moaned as my big knob bruised his prostate. I went into top gear and started to fuck him mercilessly, but Lash kept his "condom" promise by ramming his great dark salami into me just as violently. He was fucking Boss by proxy, using me as the condom.

So passed a happy evening with the folks! It wasn't the last. I moved into Boss's apartment and he ensured that a) I kept growing muscle in the gym - always striving to be more like him - and b) we explored the darker side of muscle-sex with that big cat Lash whenever possible. •

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