Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann

By the next day the townsmen had heard of both Rick's intent to leave town and Carlos' newfound son. No one believed Rick would go, especially after seeing his extreme growth. They couldn't imagine he wouldn't want to join them for the best sex ever, and even with the warning Heinz had given several men tried to seduce him upon sight. But Rick's phenomenal strength overwhelmed them as he'd grab each by the throat and lift them over his head. He'd catch the outline of a hard cock begging for release if he looked at the bulging crotch in front of him, which he did each time. And his mouth would water for a moment before he'd put them down and walk away.

When he met with Principal Thorne that day, he was sure he'd made up his mind. He practiced what he would say, and he was convinced nothing would make him change his mind.

Until Joe Rob said, "Twenty-five thousand dollars a year above your current salary."

"Excuse me? Do you expect to buy me off like that?" He tried to fold his arms, but there was no way to do so over his Himalayan pecs.

Joe Rob tilted his head to the left. "No...think of it as...compensation. Besides, you left your old job because of the poor pay. Think of what you have here: a small classroom, free tuition for your sons, a great benefits package. This is the most exclusive academy in the state. Do you think you can get what you have here elsewhere?"

Rick gulped. The divorce had erased his savings, and he needed to feel financial freedom.

"And if you leave, we can find another teacher who would readily move here in a moment's notice. Do you want to lose your security because you were changed?" Joe Rob stood up, his groin throbbing lustfully. He began slowly unbuttoning his shirt. "I can make sure you never want to leave us. Just look at what you'd be giving up." Two awesomely huge pecs, sprinkled with silver among the brown fur, appeared.

Rick couldn't tear his eyes away as the principal unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and reached inside. "Do you know how hot you are? Do you know how hard you made my cock when I saw you walk in? Look what you do to all of us."

The smell of sex started to permeate the office as Joe Rob's mighty erection appeared, dripping precum from a head the size of a billiard ball. He stroked himself unabashedly in front of Rick, who stood riveted to the spot as though screws had been driven into his shoes.

"Come here, Mr. Long, and get your first taste of Musclove manhood."

The seed that was planted when he grew was sprouting, taking root. But it hadn't yet reached the surface. So with a strangled "NO" exploding from his mouth, Rick ran out of the office, out of the school. In his panic, he left his car behind as he continued running, his massive frame jiggling with masculine pulchritude, sweat leaking from his body under the hot Texas sun.

Soon the run turned into a jog as Rick's muscles began sending pleasurable signals to his brain. He denied himself a chance to workout after his change, and for the first time he understood the wonder of his body. The moistened cloth clung to each crevice, heightening the sensations. When he stopped to catch his breath, he felt his chest through the thin, damp cotton. By instinct he slowly circled it, feeling the shape, the size. He reached a hardened nipple and tugged at it. He gasped, then smiled.

He wanted to know.

He made his way off the road, his cock throbbing painfully in his shorts, begging for escape. He found a wooded area, and once he felt certain no one could see him he began stripping. First the shirt. Once he became bare-chested he started playing with his heavy, globular pecs, tweaking the nipples until they reached the size of plastic, twist-off bottle caps. The cool breeze rustled the fur like a Kansas wheatfield.

He reached down and slowly pulled down his shorts. Two mounds of glutes appeared, and body dew slithered down to his hirsute crevice. Rick had no words for the blissful sensations; he sighed, moaned, growled as bumped and ground his exposed ass. His hardon could no longer be contained, so he reached to the front and pulled down...and down...and down...

With a loud and heavy thwack his cock hit him in the chest and face with enough force to bruise a normal man. He reeled back, the cock swaying with him. He steadied himself by grabbing it with one, then his other, hand. His mind needed a few seconds to register that his hands were circling his cock, but not touching. His mouth dropped when he saw the incredible width of his manhood, and he looked up...and up...and up...

"Oh, my God," he said faintly as he saw the head of his cock several inches over his head. It was the first time he'd seen his erection, and he knew it would be big, but never expected anything so massive. He had no idea if his already large penis had grown in proportion to the rest of his body, or whether the direct injection into his testicles caused it, but he knew intuitively that his cock was the biggest in all of Musclove...the biggest in the world.

And it was. Heinz had wished to see a yard-long cock ever since he started growing the men, but Rick wouldn't allow the measurement of any muscles. He expected Rick's would be the first, but Heinz would never have guessed just how gargantuan it would grow. Rick's monstrous organ would measure almost a full foot over even the longest Musclove penis, with a circumference as big as a regular bodybuilder's flexed arm.

He moved his hands up the shaft, and his eyes rolled back as the nerves concentrated every pleasurable stroke to one area of his brain. He bit his lips in an effort to hold back ecstatic screams when he hefted his heavy scrotum and rolled his grapefruit-sized testicles together slowly. All he could focus on was the intense sexuality of muscle and cock. He wouldn't have paid attention to anyone else watching him: his ex-wife, a Musclover, the president, the pope.

Moisture landed on his face, and he smelled sex. Rick looked to see if anyone else had joined him, but he stayed alone. More drops, stickier than rain, and he turned his eyes upward to see precum spewing from his knob. He curved his cock downward as his fluid ran copiously. He stared at his spitting python of manhood, then did the only sensible thing.

Rick opened his mouth and slid his magnificent dong inside. He remembered the only time he ever sucked his cock; he'd heard the famous limerick about a man from Nantucket for the first time after his classmates razzed him in the gym shower about his size. That night teenage curiosity caused him to look at his erection, just under ten inches then, and wonder if he was big enough to do the same. He held his cock with one hand, bent forward, and easily touched his lips with it. He quickly locked his bedroom door, took off his clothes, and positioned himself. He kept his mouth open, and this time the head entered completely, along with a couple of inches. His eyes widened with shock, not only because he could, but also because it felt so natural. His cock twitched with delight as he moved his mouth up and down the engorged organ. If he had more flexibility he was sure he could take it all, even down his throat.

Now, however, he needed none for his penis had grown to such an inordinate size that he stood and sucked himself lustily. Without a second thought, he took more and more of his manhood until it reached the entrance of his throat, and with one push it inched down his esophagus. His vocal cords vibrated around his cock as he moaned joyously. More and more slid in and down, and Rick started fucking his throat. His head swum with indecent thoughts of his townsmen doing the same to him; Joe Rob, Keith, his sons...oh! his boys!...and Mike...twitch...twitch...

Rick's eyes went wide as his schlong throbbed wildly inside his mouth. His balls churned and he shut his eyes in fearful anticipation, the same emotion he felt as a teen about to cum in his mouth. But this was no ordinary orgasm, as his testicles produced enough man-milk to feed half the town. A geyser of cum rocketed from his genitals, through the long tube of flesh, and into his stomach. One second, two, three, and still no stopping. He pulled his cock out in a panic, pissing cum into the air, hitting branches twenty feet high. His cock stopped for a moment, then the second shot erupted for another five seconds. Rick screamed in ecstatic pain as he emptied streams of jism around, and onto, him. He held his schlong like a champagne bottle, for this was a celebration of ultramasculinity beyond comprehension. He was Richard Zachariah Long of Musclove, Texas, the strongest, hunkiest, hung-est stud in the world...

but he still wasn't ready to share himself with the town. When his cock began deflating, he gazed at the scene around him. Cum dripping from branches, landing in small puddles, the aroma heady and intoxicating. He laughed to himself for a moment, then slowly put his clothes on. He rationalized, on his way back to his car, that as long as he enjoyed himself alone he won't need to have sex with other men. But the seed would reach the surface and sprout in the next couple of days, and Rick would accept his fate gladly.

Meanwhile, at the video store, Luke and Trent were discussing which celebrities they would love to see grown to their size.

Luke said, "I'm telling you, dude, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon together would be so hot. And if one did it you know the other would too. Just think of Ben in his Daredevil costume all beefed up..." Luke stroked his stiffening cock.

Trent said, "Yeah, but they'd probably want only each other. Now me, I think Hugh Jackman would be hotter than the sun all grown. And he'd be so hairy too. And I think I read Guy Pearce was into bodybuilding as a teen."

"Got a thing for Aussies, huh? Have you done Nigel Rowe yet?"

"The mailman? He's given a special delivery for my ass a couple of times with that uncut beauty...and I can tell where this is going." Trent started heading for the back but the front door opened and when he saw Larry and Carlos walk in his heart leapt.

"Hey, Luke, Trent," Carlos said with a huge, sexy smile. "I'd like you to meet someone special."

Luke said, "Dad told me about it last night. You must be Larry. Hi, I'm Luke Fredericks, the pastor's son. And this is Trent Long; his dad's the math teacher at school...if he decides to stay in town."

Trent gulped as he extended his hand. He saw the light again, and his palms grew sweaty. "Hi...we met before, didn't we?"

"Oh my gosh, yeah! I met you at that convenience store when my mom and I got lost. Had no idea I'd end up living here one day...or that I'd ever see you again. But I could never forget you. A guy my age built bigger than any bodybuilder I've ever seen. You are so...incredible."

Trent blushed. "Thanks, but I'm not the only one. I've got a younger brother, only fourteen, and he might end up being bigger than me. Phil's a teenager, too. Did Carlos show you the school we go to?"

"Yeah, he registered me for classes, but...I used to get bullied a lot back home, and I'm afraid it's gonna happen all over again."

"I know all the guys in town, and some of them might like to rough it up, but if any of them try to hurt you you just come to me. I told you I was once like you, so I've been in your shoes. I wouldn't mind being your bodyguard."

"Th...that's awful kind of you. No one my age has ever been this nice to me before." Larry's white teeth gleamed as he smiled shyly.

"Well, I don't want to see a newcomer unhappy. You have a great smile; you should show it more often."

Carlos and Luke could sense more than mere attraction between the two teens. Trent was flexing his muscles like a peacock fanning his tail for a mate, and Larry eyed him appreciatively.

Luke whispered, "Is it me, or does Trent have a crush on your son?"

Carlos said, "More that that. Dino told me Trent told him he saw 'the flash of love' in Larry's eyes when they met."

Luke gasped. "Did he use those words?"

"No, he didn't know about it until Dino told him about knowing your soulmate by the flash. If it's true, then my son is going to be so lucky to have met his soulmate so early."

"Hey, I got an idea." Luke told Carlos his plan, and Carlos agreed. Luke walked over to the two and said, "Trent, remember when I showed you that video game about O. Lympus the first time."

"Oh, yeah, I'll never forget that!"

"Well, why don't you and Larry go in back, and you can teach him the game...for his first time."

Trent nodded and said to Larry, "Come on. I'll teach you everything I know."

Larry followed him inside and Trent closed the door. Carlos walked up to Luke and planted a wet kiss on his hot mouth. "I gotta get back on duty. Make sure you and Trent take good care of my son."

"You're leaving him in capable hands," Luke said as those hands traveled inside the tight uniform and kneaded his glutes.

Meanwhile, Larry had bounded onto Trent, rubbing his hands everywhere along the muscleteen's frame. His urgent mouth pressed tightly against the stunned stud. "I ain't naive," he said breathlessly. "I knew what all that 'first time' talk was. You figgered out I'm gay, right?"

"Kinda. Yeah."

"Is the whole town gay? I ain't seen no women here; nothin' but musclemen everywhere. Big, beefy, hairy, handsome musclemen."

"You figgered us out pretty quickly."

"Even my pa?"

"Even him."

"Wow! Well, if that's the case, with all these big guys, how come I never stopped thinking of you?"

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" Trent kissed Larry with gentle strength, liquid electricity flowing between the pair. He slowly disrobed the quaking teen, cooing tender endearments. He placed his lips upon the young penis, coaxing it to its full six-inch erect length, then sucked him.

Larry moaned as he watched the muscleteen fellating his young tool, and ran his fingers through the thick hair. "Thank you," he sighed between ragged breaths, the rapture of sex, torturous and sweet, pulsing through him.

Trent said nothing, stimulating his loverboy with mouth, tongue, and lips for a couple more minutes until Larry's body couldn't hold back. A sudden thrust into Trent's mouth prepared him for Larry's first orgasm. But Larry was unprepared for the intensity, and he cried out when the first shot flew from his balls into Trent's vacuum of a mouth. Trent held Larry's small ass as he swallowed spurt after spurt of teen seed, and licked his lips as he drained the softening cock.

"Wow," Larry said once he gained composure, "I can't believe it! I just had my first hummer, and it was better than I dreamed it would be. I'm never gonna forget this, never ever. Now it's my turn! I gotta know what that feels like."

Trent stood. "I'd love you to, but I gotta warn you..."


"I'm extremely large down here." Trent patted the bulge snaking inside his shorts, and Larry gawked at the massive slab. "I'll understand if you don't want to; I was overwhelmed the first time I saw one this big as well."

Larry kneeled before his lover, reached up, and felt his first Musclove cock through the cloth. "Be gentle with me," he beseeched.

"I promise," Trent said as Larry slowed unzipped his shorts, pulled them down, and freed his throbbing schlong. Larry's eyes widened as he witnessed the thickness and length of Musclove manhood for the first time. He reached out and touched the warm flesh, and knew no normal man would ever be able to satisfy him.

"It''s..." Larry groped for words as he groped Trent dong, bringing his mouth closer and closer to the flared head, "it's...beautiful." And Larry's curious lips kissed his first cock, savoring the steely heat.

Trent had heard so many synonyms for the size of his cock, but no one had ever called it beautiful. And here was ungrown Larry telling him so with absolute honesty and unpracticed devotion. Trent became so choked up with emotion that he couldn't say another word as Larry continued his first act of fellatio.

His young mouth alternated between youthful vigor and caution, knowing more than the head wouldn't fit inside his wanting maw. He traveled the entire shaft, and nuzzled his face in the thick, musky pubes, relishing the aroma of ultramasculinity. He lapped up the sweat from the juicy orbs descending between Trent's sequoia-like thighs. Larry looked up past the hilly pecs and saw the soft smile on his lover's face. He moved back to the top, opened his mouth as wide as possible, and eased the baseball-sized knob in.

Larry moaned excitedly, wishing he could witness what Trent saw below him. He moved his flattened tongue along the ridge and felt seminal fluid ooze from the slit and coat it. The male ambrosia slid down his throat, awakening his taste buds, msking him crave every drop. He sucked harder and his hands squeezed tightly as he milked the mighty pole. He gazed up one more time to Trent's handsome visage...and saw the flash.

Trent saw the flash, then felt the waves travel through his body and straight to his genitals. Without warning, he screamed lustily as his balls sped his juice through his schlong and down Larry's gullet. Larry felt the semen hit his stomach, and to his shock his cock grew erect and began shooting another load over the two of them in mere seconds. Trent's meat popped audibly out of Larry's mouth as he continued spraying over the teen's face, neck, and chest.

Larry coughed as he felt drowned in semen, but loving every moment, every smell, every drop. Trent began licking his seed off the teen, then reached up to hold his lover's face and kissed him with a passion he knew could never be shared with anyone but Larry, not even his own family.

When the two lovebirds stopped kissing, they were greeted with an "ahem". They looked over to the doorway, where Luke stood clad only in his shirt and Nikes, stroking his own oversized teenhood. "I hope I'm not interrupting, but I heard Trent scream, and I never heard a sound like that that made my cock so hard so fast before. If...if you don't want me to join you, I'll understand, but could I watch the two of you make love?"

Larry suddenly grew bold, understanding the passion he could flare inside another man. He strode over to Luke and grabbed his cock with newly expert fingers. He said, "I'll let you join us if you tell me one thing. How can I grow as big as you, and Trent, and every other man in this incredible town?"

Larry Singer...the latest in the line of men to succumb to the desires found in Musclove, Texas. •

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