Musclove, Texas


By Max Mann

"He's coming to."

Rick blinked his eyes, and tried to focus. He didn't recognize his surroundings, for good reason. After he'd passed out, his sons called Heinz in a panic fearing he'd suffered a heart attack, or stroke. Upon initial examination, Heinz determined he'd suffered shock and fainted, and they should bring him to the clinic. When the muscleboys admitted their dad had caught them in the throes of incest, Heinz agreed with them that Rick had to be grown now.

But they were worried about how he'd react, not only to the drug but his new body and brain. So Heinz brought the unconscious man down to his basement and a special room Musclovers called the "Doctor's Office". Even before their growth, Heinz and Ned were into B+D and leather, and once they'd grown their passion for it increased as well. Others, after their growth, had joined the duo in turning the room into a pleasure garden of kink. Shackles and thick leather straps were attached to the brick walls in various spots, and other gear such as masks, cat-o-nine-tails, and ball gags could be found throughout the room. In the center was the famed "Operating Table", with the thickest straps of all to hold down the ankles and wrists of the willing victims.

But this time an unwilling victim lay spread-eagle and naked in front of them. They had taken Rick's clothes off, and the boys looked in awe of their father's hot torso. He still kept in remarkable shape; Heinz used a caliper to determine 8% body fat. Sparse but dark hair outlined his eight-pack abs and the curves of his tight chest. His long, lean legs had the striations of a triathlete's, and his ass rode high and firm. With his good looks, he had enough to qualify as a Playgirl centerfold.

Except you'd need a third page to fit his huge cock. Even limp, it measured over seven inches long and two inches wide. Until he graduated from college, he couldn't get away from being called Dick Long. He had thought about changing his names, both first and last, but his mother had named him after her grandfather, and how could he explain that to her. So he stopped going to the gym, building one of his own in his old house, and married a woman who didn't care for sex with the lights on. He dressed conservatively, never showing his massive bulge in skintight clothes. And although he secretly loved being more hung than the biggest porn studs in the business, with just over eleven inches when fully erect, he never let on.

Now his two younger grown sons stood near him, each swallowing the drool pooling inside their hungry mouths. He moved his head and tried to change position, but was held back by the straps. He raised an arm, then the other, finally his spread legs. He began shouting in fear.

"Wha...what's going on? What are you doing? Get me out of here!"

Heinz calmly said, "There's no need to yell, Rick. No one can hear you; the walls are soundproofed. Besides, I'm not going to harm you. Your sons called me and told me what happened after you found them engaging in incestuous love."

"You turned my boys into some kind of sex freaks!"

"Your sons were willing to become like us, even if they didn't know the consequences. But ask them what they think now. Would they still want the muscle knowing what they do now? Go on, ask them."

He turned his head to them. "Trent?"

His middle son said, "Well, dad, I was already gay even before I grew as big as them." Rick let out a small gasp. "So I'd still want the muscle no matter what."


His youngest son thought about it, then said, "Gotta be honest, dad. Yeah, I'd still want it too. Being gay is pretty cool, and I'm gonna grow even more muscle and cock over the next few years. I can't wait to see just how big and hung I get."

Rick turned his head away, trying not to cry in front of his sons. Then he saw the syringe in Heinz' hand and panicked, flailing his strapped limbs. "You're not getting away with this!"

"Please calm down, Rick, there's no need to be so agitated. You knew one day you'd become one of us. It's what brought you here in the first place; a small part of your brain recognized what this town was all about, and accepted it. You chose to deny the obvious signs, but in your subconscience you wanted it. And now, faced with your desire, you struggle. Your sons had no such trouble admitting their need for muscle. I'm sorry you weren't able to come to me and accept the gift willingly." He walked between the spread legs. "Please don't think this is being forced upon you. This is for your own good." Heinz took a firm hold of Rick's scrotum and place the needle against the skin.

Rick jerked his lower body, kicking his legs, doing whatever he could to prevent the inevitable. Suddenly he screamed and his body tensed rigidly. Heinz cursed in German as Rick went limp, breathing heavily.

Trent asked, "What happened? Is he okay?"

Heinz said as he lifted the table at an angle so the three of them could watch the transformation, "Your father's leg bumped against my arm, and I think the needle went into his testicle. I hope this doesn't damage him in some way."

Hoarse grunts made the trio look and see Rick's sac swelling enormously, first the left testicle and then the right. Each grew to the size of a coconut, and then his already large cock began to stretch as though a sausage grinder was packing pound after pound of meat through his tube steak. It grew longer and thicker each second, soon reaching his knee without any signs of stopping.

Rick's muscles started expanding with explosive results. His abs were the first to grow, ballooning and then tightening into hard cobbles, an incredible ten-pack visible to the naked eye under the spreading hair. His glutes lifted him from the table until only his round, high ass the size of ripe honeydews was touching it. Soon his cock, which was reaching down from his groin about two feet, and balls were lifted higher as his thighs began to crowd them upward. The legs touched, then pushed outward as his quads had no other way to move. Each strip of muscle was visible, each leg as big as a roast pig. The calves soon looked the size of Thanksgiving turkeys.

The trio couldn't contain their lust and proceeded to disrobe. They stroked themselves in front of Rick, each hard cock pumping precum down their long, thick shafts. But Rick paid no attention to them, focusing on the strange feelings his brain relayed.

He could feel each muscle surge with power as his frame took on previously inhuman proportions. He could sense the density, the utter mass he was taking on. And although his body welcomed it, he wouldn't allow himself to enjoy the experience. He wanted to remember every bit of this moment, when his choice was taken from him and he was turned into a behemoth. If he had to live with this body, then so be it. But he wouldn't live the life they wanted for him.

The growth spread upward, reaching his chest. As Rick watched his chest, he was reminded of a Three Stooges film where one of the three put a natural gas hose inside a cake to make it bigger, except he had two triple-layer cakes for pecs. He woke from his reverie when a splash of cum landed on him after a joyous shout. He lifted his head with his bull-sized neck over the mounds and saw Trent grab Bryce's throbbing cock and aim the rocketing jism at his mouth. A portion of his brain felt delight at the sight, but for a fraction of a second. Anger overwhelmed arousal as Rick began tugging the straps with his expanding arms. Another blast of jism landed on his belly, this erupting from Heinz' schwanz.

"Mein Gott," Heinz moaned as he watched Rick change into a titanic muscleman bigger than any other Musclover. Even the muscles in his face seemed to grow as Rick clenched his jaw. Basketball-sized arms sloped into football-sized forearms that jerked on the straps. Every sinew flexing, demanding escape from the leather that bound him to the table. Heinz wondered whether they could hold Rick much longer, considering no one had ever abused the straps this way.

Heinz soon had an answer, for Rick's muscles showed their incredible power as he broke the two-inch thick restraints on each side at once by flexing his body into a "most muscular" pose, screaming intensely. With his arms freed, he bent down and tore the tethers attaching his legs as if they were made of toilet paper. He walked a couple of feet, thighs rolling like waves, and stood in front of the trio breathing heavily. His expression made Heinz afraid for his own safety.

"You fuckin' bastard," he said with a deep, low voice that startled everyone, including himself. "I oughta kill you for what you did. With this body, I could rip you apart limb from limb, and no jury would ever convict me. But I have three sons to raise, three sons to deprogram, and me going to jail wouldn't help them. So, as soon as I can, I'm getting us the hell out of here and telling the world about you and your freaks."

Heinz stared down Rick, cleared his throat, and said, "The world can see for themselves, if they know where to look. Strangers pass through town all the time. State politicians campaign here. We're not hiding, I can assure you." He folded his arms under his chest, jutting his pecs.

Rick hesitated for a moment as his eyes focused on the doctor's chest, but his brain continued to fight the new sense of masculine pleasure. He buried it further into his psyche, willing all desire for muscle and cock away from the surface. He wanted to show them all he would never become one of them.

"Sons, put your clothes back on. As soon as I get home, I'm calling Mr. Thorne and giving my two-week notice. Then we're packing up and heading back to Chicago."

Bryce said, "Aw, c'mon dad, you can't be serious."

"I am dead serious. And I'm going to have all three of you see, wait. I'm taking you to a church that'll show you how wrong those feelings you have are, and they'll teach you to be straight again."

Trent spoke softly. "Even me, dad?"

Rick looked at his son, remembering his admission of being gay even before his change. He hung his head. "I don't know. All I know is right now I want to leave this town...and get some clothes for myself, too. God, look at me. I'm gonna need a circus tent to cover this body."

Heinz said, "Theo, the town's tailor, is upstairs waiting for us. He has some clothes already, but it's possible they might be too small for you. With all due respect, you must be the largest, most muscular man in town."

Rick's ears picked up a tone of awe coming from the doctor's voice. He looked over his body, at the hills of sculpted muscle packed into his thinned skin. A movement of his arm, a turn of his neck, and the sinew flexed visibly. And the buried desire resurfaced like a shark, then dove back into the repressed waters. He looked at the three and sneered. "And you're not gonna have me. You can look at you want, but lay one hand on me and it's your funeral. You better warn all the men in town. I'm grown...and I'm pissed."

The foursome walked upstairs, Rick's feet thudding with each step. Theo's eyes widened with lust when he saw Rick's gargantuan nudeness, but Rick's visage stayed furious. They didn't bother to measure Rick for fear of setting his anger off, and Heinz worried that Rick might vandalize his weight room so exercise was out of the question. They handed him shorts, shirts, and pants, but even the biggest sizes wrapped around Rick's body like a bandage. And his gigantic penis wouldn't fit inside the specially-made pocket, so Rick was left with his cock running down his left thigh, visible to the naked eye. He couldn't wear shorts due to its obscene length. Rick grabbed whatever he could as Theo stood back, trying not to reach down and stroke himself. Meanwhile, Heinz got on the Internet and e-mailed the townsmen to tell them of Rick's growth, and to warn them not to attempt to seduce him or they might face his wrath.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Carlos had finished teaching Aaron Thorne yet another lesson about what happens to speeders in Musclove. Aaron was walking away with a satisfied grin and was about to tell Dan about Carlos' new nightstick dildo but caught himself when he saw the ungrown Larry behind him.

As Aaron walked away, Larry asked, "Is every man here a bodybuilder or something?"

Dan said, "Something like that. C'mon, let's talk to the policeman."

Carlos was buttoning his uniform as the two walked in. "Hi, Dan. And you must be Larry. I'm Officer Huerta." When Larry shook his hand, it felt as though a blanket surrounded it. "Please, have a seat. From what Dan told me, you want to get in contact with your father who lives in Musclove now, and he is unaware of your presence. Is that accurate?"

Larry nodded. "Yes, and I'm afraid of how he'll react. I'd like him to be happy, but what if he never wanted any children? Or if he has another family and it creates some kind of problem with his wife?"

Carlos placed his hand on the teen's shoulder, completely enveloping it. "I can assure you we are a very family-oriented town. No young man would be turned away from here. And I'm sure whoever your father is, he'd be thrilled. I was told you have a letter from your mother with your father's name on it. May I see it?"

Larry handed the note to Carlos, who put on a pair of reading glasses. He read it carefully, and when his eyes reached the portion stating the father's name...he blinked his eyes, threw off his glasses, read it again, then looked at the young man in front of him.

Larry said, "Da..." but Carlos hugged him so hard the word was choked off. And tears of joy fell down both their faces.

Three lives changed forever that day. But while Rick chose to become the most miserable man, Carlos and Larry, father and son, found themselves the happiest men in Musclove, Texas. •

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