My Amorous Neighbor

By Muscle Head

Growing up we lived in a quiet suburban neighborhood full of kids my age. We were always outside running around, playing football, tag and all the rest. Seldom was I alone.

However, one day in summer I found myself out in my yard by myself cutting the grass. We had a large yard and it took quite some time to cut.

Our nextdoor neighbor was a lady who had in recent months lost her husband in an accident. We had all really liked both of them and were very sad when it happened. She was only in her late 20's and very good looking, but his death really affected her. She was also in the yard doing some trim work.

As I was cutting my mower ran out of gas and when I went to check in the garage found our can empty. I couldn't drive and had no way to get to a gas station so I went over to Amy to ask her for some. We went to her garage and found her tank empty as well.

She then invited me in for something to drink as it was hot and both of us needed some refreshment.

I had taken my shirt off and only had a pair of shorts and tennis shoes on when we went in. After she had given me a glass of lemonade we were standing in the kitchen when she commented on how I was looking all grownup. She said, "You sure aren't looking like the little boy next door anymore! I can see your're really getting somemuscles on that bod of yours."

I had been working out like a fiend for the past couple of years,there were some of the girls at school who had been pursuing me, but I hadn't had the time with all the working out I was doing. I was looking great, big arms (17"), chest at 51", waist at 29. My legs were huge with big veins on the quads, big diamond shaped calves..

I turned bright red and looked down at the floor.

She continued, "Now don't be modest, I can really see the change in you." "Your mom has told me about the weights you have in the basement and how hard you are working out , I'm really impressed " I continued to turn red when she walked up to me and felt my arm.

"Make a muscle Tom" she said.

I did and a muscle the size of a large grapefruit jumped up on my arm.

"Oh my, you really have a big muscle!" "You're really turning into a man!" she said.

As she felt the muscle her other hand went down my chest feeling my huge pecs, tweeking my hard nipples, to my stomach and she rubbed my hard six pack. Her hand lingered there. Then she said, "I bet that's not the only place that's lots bigger and can get real hard."

I was shocked and didn't know what to do. My experience with girls was rather limited at this point.

She asked, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

I said, "No."

She said, "I guess you've had sex with a girl"


"Would you like to?"

I was sweating heavier now than I had been outside. Sex? Hell yes! That was the reason for building up my body and playing wasn't for the sport, it was the dream all boys have of getting the girl! I said, "YES!"

Amy took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. When were there she said, "You know It's been over a year since Tom died. I haven't had a man since then and I really need someone to have sex with. You don't mind me using you a little bit do you?"

I said, "No, I understand"

Very slowly she undressed till she was naked. I was hard as a rock in my shorts and soon had my shoes and shorts off. She taught me to make love that afternoon. She was slow and deliberate, we kissed and explored each others body. The sheets were covered with sweat and the smell of her sex filled the room. I was in seventh heaven. She reached down after a while and began to stroke my hard dick. My 8" of erect dick was so big she couldn't get her hand around it. Then she took it in her mouth for a little while...I thought I was going to leave my body! She sucked and swirled it in her mouth till I finally blew my load!

She wasn't finished and we continued to make love, me eating her delicate pussy. She came in waves of pleasure groaning and moaning while I ate her.

I got hard again and this time she laid back and spread her legs and I did what I had been only dreaming of up to this point. She pulled me on top and directed my penis into was shear bliss. We slowly rocked as I went in and out of her. having already come once I lasted a very long time. Finally shooting into her was absolute ectasy. She was patient and continued to make love till I was hard again and we did it again a third time.

We made love a few more times after that, but Amy met someone her own age and got remarried. I have never told anyone this story before, but thanks for the memories! •

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