Young Tony

Home Life


By Deadliftr

As Tony grew larger, he needed his sex to be rougher, and while he tended to misuse some of the biggest guys at school, he tried to restrain himself at home, they being "family" and all. The restraint paid off because although the rest of his family initially had to be forced into man-to-man sex, there came a time when each of them had to admit, if only to himself, that sex was never more exciting - and certainly never more intense - than it was with Tony. Even for his foster father, who always fought and cursed a blue streak when Tony took him (unwillingly, or so he made it seem), sex with Tony was the highlight of each day, and just seeing him around the house was enough to make him hard. This went double for the sturdy, young and lusty twins -- especially once Tony started the "no clothes in the house" rule. It amused Tony to no end to watch the family's dicks rise whenever he walked by them in the house. It didn't hurt his ego any, either.

All three men tried to act disinterested at all times, but living with Tony was like having a huge, round, hard, flexed biceps muscle in your face all day. To be in the same room was to find it difficult to take your eyes off of him; if your eyes caught his thickly bulging arms, they would naturally move on, say, to the massive, divided mounds of muscle that made up his shoulders, and soon you were surveying each body part because your mind wouldn't let you stop, and because you just couldn't believe that he looked even bigger today than he did yesterday, but often he was. And even if you managed to pull your eyes from his unnaturally huge muscles, there was no turning away from the long, thick cock that swayed so freely, so visibly, so blatantly, so……, enticingly, invitingly, and that looked so very, very, ---- MALE!

And even if Tony wasn't physically in your face, his scent was. As huge as he was, he was still developing more rapidly than ever in some ways. His muscles were still getting slightly bigger, but mainly, they were growing more dense, and you'd swear he was made of rock as you watched him walking through the house, leaking testosterone from its pores and into the air with every step he took. Then there was his cock, which these days never did completely relax. Much of the time he walked around the house fully boned, precum frequently surging out and running down his enormous shaft, leaving little puddles whenever he stood still for a bit. Even when semi-soft, it still tended to drip, so the pungent, musky odors coming out of Tony's cock, as well his muscles, made the house reek of man-sex 24/7 - you couldn't get away from it.

Loving how much he affected them, he sometimes made the whole family sit around the TV as he stretched out on the sofa, naked as always, his thick rod curving gently upward, arcing dramatically over his abdomen and dripping man-juice on his sternum. While laying there, his hands clasped together behind his head, he would start flexing his dick, again and again, making it continue to engorge, getting progressively huge, huger, and still longer, thickening as it grew, creeping up over his lower pecs and creating a cum-lake just below his jutting cliff of pec muscle, a lake that eventually overflowed his abs onto the cushion below. "Awww, fuck yeah - just bein' this big gets me so fuckin' boned, man - fuck yeah-h-h! … Nngh!" - as yet another blob of sticky goo splurched from the tip of his vibrating dick.

It wasn't just his cock that he flexed; he flexed everything. His brothers watched hypnotically as his already out-sized, 50-inch thighs seem to thicken as the striations deepened, sending every quad, ham, and glute muscle into high relief. The deeply-etched horseshoe of Tony's triceps were pointing straight at the twins, broad enough to completely hide his biceps until he pulled his elbows forward, giving them a sideways view of equally cut, bulging mound of biceps muscle. While the biggest muscles looked bigger because the flexing emphasized the cuts, it was really only the cock that was getting bigger, and harder, as more and more blood was being forced into the increasingly aroused member each time Tony flexed it harder.., harder…, and harder still. "Man - these huge, fuckin' muscles makes me so fuckin' hard - awww fuck yeah-h-h-h… Nnnn! …, Nnggh!" The whole family, Dad included, watched with their jaws hanging open as Tony's eye-arresting meat got longer, thicker, and harder with every flex, the dripping tip creeping ever closer to his nipples even though he was stretched out on the sofa in an 'abs crunch' position.

The enormous, shiny head had by now turned a deep purple, the whole shaft quivering rapidly as Tony held his last flex. He was clearly about to shoot. Finally, he reached down and gently held his rigid tool between the fingers of one hand and lightly ran them up and down its sensitive underside, moaning his sexual satisfaction while his observers could only stare in disbelief as they watched his cock seem to stretch yet more, the skin thinning to invisibility, giving a yet harder, shinier look.

"Unh…, unnh-h-h…., O! Gees! .., Oh, Fuck! Oh-h-n-n-n-n-n…." Glancing over at the boys, he starts talking. "Do you guys have any idea…" Stroke -- :Un-n-n-n-n-n. "…any idea…, unh-h-h-h.., how good it feels..., unh.., un-n-h-h-h-h… to have a cock that's so-o-o fucking. Unggh! .., huge, and so fucking ---Unn!.. Ungghhh! … un-n-h-h-h …hard that even the lightest touch… " He inhales sharply: "S-S-S-S-s-s-s-s…" and suddenly grabs his cock with both hands and squeezes HARD and "Splooge! … Sploosh!…," he comes, again and again, letting a dozen or so loads sail over his head onto the floor, aiming the rest onto his impossibly high, dense, striated globes of pec muscle. Once he finally settled down, he looks towards his heavily breathing, hard-dick'd watchers, and with one hand still holding his cock straight up, cum still oozing out in plentiful supply, looks significantly back to his cock; the invitation - the command, was clear.

They all but jumped across the room, and once they got in place, Tony spent a very serene quarter-hour holding onto and guiding his brothers' heads as they serviced each mountain of pec muscle, while Dad kept his slowly shrinking but still hard, magnificently huge cock very, very clean even as Tony kept supplying him with more and more cum.

While just being in the same house with Tony was sexually arousing, being there when he was especially pumped up could get pretty scary. Now and again, Tony spent the whole day at school either lifting or relaxing between sets with his dick in somebody's warm, wet mouth. And as if that wasn't enough, he'd go home and pump some more and then wait for his family to show up to begin his evening's entertainment. One day the twins arrived home from work and were surprised to hear the sound of grunts from the basement weight room - by this time, Tony had usually quit and was waiting for them naked and aroused in his room in the barn. So they ran downstairs, still in their work clothes, to find Tony benching some huge weight. After a few more slow, rest-pause style reps, with a good bit of grunting and heavy breathing, Tony racked the bar with a loud, rasping growl. Seeing the visitors, he jumped up and all but ran toward them. The twins were frightened. "What's that odd look his eyes" they wondered; "was it anger? Craziness? Has he lost control of himself?" Knowing they shouldn't, they still turned to run, but not in time. Tony grabbed each brother from behind, and holding them up by their heavy leather belts, lifted them both into overhead shoulder presses. They yelled a bit at first but quieted down as Tony kept pumping since they were unable to do anything to stop him: "Unh! Unh! …. 15…, 16…, Unh! Unh! ..Awww, yeah-h-h…, So Fucking strong, Man…, mmmmm…, really needed a good delt pump, guys…. aww, yeah-h-h…, gettin' stronger…, Fuck yeah!" - and finally lowers/drops them to the ground. As Tony flexes and admires his massively pumped mound of shoulder muscle, his brothers stare up at him from the ground, not quite sure what to do. Suddenly Tony reaches down, grabs each twin by the belt at their stomachs and does a series of slow, careful 1-arm, alternate biceps curls with his arms out to the side, focusing intently on each biceps in turn as he lifts John, then Jake.., John, Jake….. "Awww, Shit. Dude.., So fucking strong, man… so fuckin' huge…, - getting' bigger…., aww, fuck, yeah. Glad you guys came down - look't these babies grow - aww fuck, yeah-h-h." After a dozen or more seemingly effortless reps, he puts the boys down, rolls them onto their stomachs, grabs them from the back once again and starts doing lateral delt raises - one bro in each hand, each delt raising about 180 pounds After a few reps, Tony raises them to shoulder level and faces the mirror, the twins dangling face down from his hands, their heads to the front, his cock at full mast actively oozing precum from the tip. His brothers look so small and helpless being held that way - they're both making noises and trying to wiggle free, but to no avail. Tony leans back, raises his brothers high in the air as he flexes and growls his power and super-dominant strength, initiating some preliminary spurts of real cum. Seeing this, he moves one arm so that Jake's face is hanging inches above the spurting, leaking cock. Not needing any instructions, Jake quickly grabs on with both hands and starts to suck Tony's rigid, quivering tool as hard as he can. "Fuck, yeah.., suck that huge fucking muscle dick, Dude. Mm-m-m-m-m…. yeah…, fuckin' suck me, Bro… un-n-n-h-h-h.., Ungghhh! … UNGH! - Splooge! Again and again… jets of cum are forced out around Tony's dick and into his pubes and onto the floor. "Aww, yeah…," as he drops them onto the floor. Then, heading back to the weights, he ordered them to "Clean this up and get'cher cores done, wimps -- I got more pumpin' to do. I'll see you later."

The twins knew that these were the best nights - when Tony was revved up to the max; they couldn't wait for their after-dinner fun, so they got through their chores especially fast. And so, dinner done, the three primed-for-sex teens headed towards the barn, leaving Dad to clean up. But on the way, Tony's new girl friend drove up. She had just moved into town and was therefore new to school and new to Tony. They had just met and hooked up earlier in the day, and she, being a senior suddenly torn away from her big, lusty, linebacker boyfriend by the sudden move, was in need of some serious action, and so here she was, for their first encounter.

"Sorry, guys - you're going to hafta' wait your turn. Just hang out down here and wait for me…, -- and stay outta trouble and keep your hands off your dicks!" What could they do? They just sat and waited, listening to Tony & Friend breathing and yelling and groaning not 25 feet away up the stairs, making it very hard for them to keep their dicks under control as they knew they must. If they weren't ready when Tony was - well, it wasn't a good idea…..

Meanwhile, upstairs, Tony's new girlfriend was finding out what it was like to be in bed with the massive, muscle bound, super-horny teen bodybuilder. No sooner did she complete one orgasm when it seemed that the next one was already beginning to build. He'd already unloaded inside of her three times - or so it felt -and he was still pumping away, and she'd lost count of her own climaxes after the first half-dozen, partly because her mind, not to mention her body, was occupied just breathing, and keeping up with Tony generally. How long had he been inside of her? She only knew that she hadn't been breathing normally since her first orgasm because one followed the next in such quick succession - and here came yet another - "Oh my God,Tony …I can't stop cumming..ah-h-h…, ahhh! … I'm cumming, Tony… AH-h-h-h-h-h-hhh……"

"Aww, yeah, that's right … cum for me, Babe.., Yeah! That's it…, keep on cumming for me …. Come on! -- squeeze down hard, Babe … Unnhhh! … Awww fuck, yeah…..Here's number four, Babe … Unng… UNGGHHH!…., " Splooge! .. Splurch!… "Aww, yeah……" And just when she thought she was done… "Oh no! Tony -" pant, pant, pant…. " I can't.." …pant… " breathe!" Pant, pant…. "Ohmigawd! I'm …. gonna cum again! -Unh! Unhhh! .." She screams - "AH! AH! AH_H_H_h-h-h-h-h-h…." "Awww, fuck, yeah …. that's it…, keep cumming for me Babe…, aww fuck, yeah-h-h-h… feels so good, Babe.., Nnn, Nnnnn, keep cummin' for me.., nnnn-yeah-h-h" Even now he didn't slow down. "Tony, please stop,…, I'm too tired…" Pump, pump, pump…. "I can't move, Tony…," and she couldn't, but Tony moved enough for both of them. His reserves were starting to run low, but with his genetic drive to replicate, his seed production almost kept pace with his output, so he'd gotten six good loads into her before he softened up enough to call it quits. She stopped talking - or making much noise of any sort awhile back, and was pretty much asleep during his final SPLURGE! When he was done, he thoughtfully stepped outside and called down to his brothers: "I'm pretty wiped, fellas - see ya in the morning."

In unison, they yelled, "No!" Tony stared them down for a moment and said, "Yes!" Moaning loudly, the frustrated twins left, and found it very difficult to fall off to sleep.

Tony was up early the next morning, and without waking…, "Uh-h-h, what was her name?" --visited his brothers, both of whom were already awake, after rather too little sleep, lying in bed still trying to deal with their rock-hard erections, when their Master walked in. "Hmmm - you guys look awful, but I see you were both good puppies. You get extra time today." He didn't rush anything; everyone was late for work that morning. •

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