Young Tony

Back to School


By Deadliftr

It was finally the first day of school, and it had been over twelve weeks since Tony had pounded the coach and was looking forward to starting the day right, for 'old times' sake, you might say. Oh sure, the guy was pushing fifty and had quite a paunch, but he was pretty sturdy, and he'd maintained pretty good ass muscles from those many squatting sessions years ago. As for Tony, he was ready to show off his new, more muscular body. After Mac had left, Tony had nothing but time on his hands, so he spent much of the following two weeks, when he wasn’t playing with his brothers, working the weights hard - and eating like crazy, and so he’d grown even more. He was big enough that people found him downright scary to be near, and the hallways cleared quickly as Tony walked through. And when the first period bell rang, Tony headed straight for the Coach's office, thinking about how tight the old man's ass, freed of stretching out for that last three months, was going to feel around his improved fuck tool. "Fuck math," he chuckled.

But over the summer, as he recuperated from his accident, the coach had done some self-appraisal and had reached a decision. He wasn't going to cooperate with Tony any longer. He knew the powerful teen could destroy him physically without breaking a sweat, and that no one would - or could - punish him, but it was a matter of principle: allowing himself to be treated as a plaything for gay sex was bothering him constantly. It was also bothering him that his dick got harder having sex with Tony than it did with his wife. And so, with his mind firmly made up, he sat at his desk and waited. He heard the first period bell, and much too soon, Tony was at the door.

The coach's good intentions vanished, along with his will power, as soon as he saw the mountain of muscle that filled his door, and even if his mind was still resisting a little bit, his body was not -- his dick was hard before he was ever aware of what was happening to him. Tony had started this school year decked out in what had become his signature attire - a stretch thong poser that seemed to be about two sizes too small - so that it required no imagination whatsoever to see the size and shape of the perfectly formed mushroom head of his ten-inch (semi-soft) cock, or the length and depth of the large piss-slit at the tip, or the size of the right ball, which was not quite as large as the other. The posing trunks actually the right waist size, but no trunks were made with a pouch big enough to accommodate Tony, who easily over-filled it – the left ball hanging completely out in the open.

"Mornin', Coach."

No words came from the coach. He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. This couldn’t possibly be the same, big-as-a-heavyweight-bodybuilder Tony that he’d last seen a mere three months earlier. After a full two minutes of gawking disbelief, he slowly walked over to the man mountain. His fingers, of their own volition, began tracing out the stupefying musculature of the super-teen's abdominal ridges, so thick and hard that they might have been segments of train track pushed up against one another, closing up the valleys in between. As the coach traced, Tony leaned back a bit and pushed out his stomach, spreading the rails apart just a bit, allowing the coach to drag his fingers through the easily two-inch deep valley. He closed the muscles together and flexed them slightly, forming a vice that both immobilized the fingers and made the coach wince slightly in pain. Tony gave his worshipper a smug smile and released his hold. After briefly rubbing the blood back into his fingers, the older man ran the fingers of both hands out to the ends of the abs rails and then up and down the smooth, marble-hard Greek columns of Tony's magnificently oversized obliques. One reason the poser stretched so tightly across Tony's male parts and disappeared deep into his ass crack on the back-side was the thickness of Tony's middle--no wasp-waist, here! At least forty-two inches around - almost the size of his difficult-to-comprehend thighs, it was still very, very solid. And yet it WAS small when compared with the massive, six-foot chest/lat assembly that flared outwards and upwards from there.

"How?" was all he could muster.

"Growth spurt."

Open-mouthed silence was the coach's only reply, a silence that deepened as Tony’s cock, which had been growing within the confines of the posers, suddenly flipped out of the waistband. Given Tony’s eight-inch height advantage on top of the length of his rod, the cum-slit came up to the middle of Coach’s chest. He stared unblinking at it, realizing that it, too, had grown over the summer. A little fear crept into his eyes as he looked up at Tony and started to express his concern, “Uh-h-h, I don’t really think that I can –“ “Oh, don’t worry – we’ll manage,” assured Tony. “Just make sure you get me good ‘n slick,” he continued as he squeezed his cock, producing the first of several spurts of precum. Knowing this was for his own good , the coach went to work spreading the warm, fresh, natural lubrication as thickly as he could over the entire huge man-piece. He noticed as he went along that when he tried encircle the mammoth dick with his fingers, the best he could do, when he squeezed down tightly, was get about three-fourths of the way around. That didn’t help his level of anxiety one bit. Not to be put off any longer than needed, Tony grunted the end of this process, then placed his hands on the man’s shoulders and turned him around, his back now to Tony. With a combination of hesitation, downright fear, and resignation, the coach finally pulled off his jeans, braced himself on the desk with his arms, and waited. Tony took his time – as much as he was able -- and was careful in planting his huge tool into his willing, yet unwilling, recipient, a consideration few others would ever see again, for Tony's outlook on his place in the world was rapidly changing.

Oh, there was a bit of involuntary screaming, but soon the pleasure took over. Of course, there was nothing but pleasure for Tony. “Tight fit, huh, Doc?” Thrust. Thrust. “It’s good to be back, isn’t it?” Thrust, thrust. “Hey, gimme a little squeeze there, would’ja?” “O-o-o-o-h, ye-a-a-h - that’s better.”

And so it went for the rest of the period. And the next, until Tony had dropped three loads in the trapped man, finally satisfying his need. “Great to see ya, Coach. Be back in the morning,” and out he went, leaving the whimpering, bewildered man standing in a rather large puddle of muscle-cum. This continued on a regular basis for the next month, the coach dutifully, quietly, but reluctantly taking the expected position each time. But thinking about what he had become disturbed the coach badly every night, getting worse with every passing day until he’d reached his limit, and finally, one morning, he said, “No! I’ll not bend to your needs again. Never!”

“You sure about that, Doc?”

“I’m sure.”

“Well, that’s OK, because there’re other ways.” He walked over to the coach, easily ripped his belt in two and yanked off his shoes and jeans. Grabbing him from behind, Tony lifted the loudly protesting man high in the air and placed the tip of his already drooling cock between the coach’s uncooperative ass cheeks, considerately forcing some cum-lube into his fuck-chute. “See? No need to bend if I do it this way,” he said as he easily pushed his not fully hard fourteen inches fully inside his unwilling partner. As he got into his rhythmic thrusting he said, “Let me know when you’ve changed your mind,” and for the next forty-five minutes or so he worked at persuading the coach. This was not the gentle approach of the first day of school; as the minutes passed, Tony’s patience dissipated and sensuous thrusting soon turned to moderate and finally intense pounding, until after the third massive orgasm-the intensity and heat of which were doing ugly things to the smaller man’s innards, the coach finally relented. “OK. You win.”

Tony, who’d been standing up the whole time, pumping coach up and down his constantly hard dick, just grunted, dropped the coach to the floor, and walked out. When he returned the next morning, the coach was gone. He’d resigned before leaving school the day before. Tony was, of course, pissed, so he dealt with his frustration the best way he knew how - he fucked half the first period gym class, leaving the locker room in a mess of cum, blood, and several young men in need of medical attention.

He spent most of the day feeling sorry for himself, wondering where he’d ever find someone as big, and someone as readily available, as a coach. Suddenly, finally, once he started actually thinking about the problem, he realized he had a solution – maybe. The school already had a list of other candidates! He bulldozed his way through the halls and into the President’s office. The little man fairly jumped out of his chair in fear and backed against the wall. “What do you want?”

“No, no, no – not that.” Tony explained. “Well, I’m sorry, young man, but we’ve already set a new search in motion; we won’t be considering those candi… da…. Hm-m-m-m, yes, well, I do see your point.” Half-way through the man’s speech, Tony scowled and started purposefully stroking his dick, which quickly, and obviously, began to grow. The President ‘saw his point’ as soon as he grabbed his cock. And “no, thanks” he didn’t need to think it over. As luck would have it, the next two candidates on Tony’s ‘short list,’ or perhaps more correctly, his ‘BIG list,’ were still available. The interviews would begin immediately.


. On paper, the number two man was also Choice Meat: 6’ 2”, 350 lbs., 10% body fat, but only 350 on the squat. “Hm-m-m, surprisingly low for his size. Odd, but we’ll give ‘m a try,” thought Tony. “Maybe he’s got a bum knee or something.” He was waiting in the coach’s office, where he’d been alternately jacking up and relaxing his dick for the last half-hour, making sure he was primed for conducting his “interview;” he was stretched out in a leather chair, hands behind his head, legs outstretched, ankles crossed, thighs closed together, forcing his almost rigid cock and bulging balls up and out, front and center. He had on his posers, not that you’d particularly notice them, of course since his genitals had been so pumped up by Tony’s preparation. A strip of material, stretched thinly from between his glutes, up over the center line of his cum-stretched balls, a small patch of material holding his cock in place, stretched thinly over his very evident piss slit. Just the thought of enjoying himself in this guy’s muscle ass was making it very hard for him to keep his thick, ready cock from flipping up out of the material, but he tried his best to stay relaxed.

At last, a knock on the door. “Come in!” he said, holding his breath, the excitement evident in his voice. It would be difficult to say who was more surprised when they saw one another. As for Tony, it took but a glance, and his lungs deflated.

And so did his cock. And then anger took over. For an inordinately long time, he said nothing - just sat there and stared - glared at the fat man, anger plainly visible on his face. Mr. Johnson, on the other hand, felt a very different emotion --- fear. Being confronted with a 6’ 8” behemoth of pure muscle with a very, very mean scowl on his face made Mr. Johnson very, very nervous, causing him to start muttering nonsense sounds, by way of an attempted apology, it turns out.

Finally: “You can’t be over five-eight!” exclaimed Tony. “That’s about right,” came the reply.

“350?” “…or perhaps a bit more, yes Sir.”

“Looks more like 30% body fat than 10!” he sneered. “Uh-h, about 35%.., uh-h-h.., Sir.”

“Ever been under a squat bar?” “Uh-h-h, n-n-n-no, Sir. Uh-h, never have. Unh-uh. No. Sorry.”

Long silence. “You’ve been wasting my time. I don’t like wasting my time.”

“Well, uh-h-h, I do appreciate that, Sir, but, uhhhh…”

“Perhaps you can make it up to me.?”

“Well, uh , of course, but uhhh, what would you like me to ….”

Tony could wait no longer. In what must have seemed like no time at all, Tony had snapped the obese man’s belt, ripped off his pants, thrown him on the floor, and had his suddenly leaking cock at Mr. Johnson’s gate. His pleadings of protest before entry were unheard by Tony; his screams of pain afterwards were totally ignored by everyone else in the school, as they were by Tony as well, and he spent the next 30 or 40 minutes blowing load after load into the unwilling man. Although the overweight fake came three times (partly because he hadn’t jacked off in three weeks…) as Tony’s thick tool raced over his very sensitive prostate again and again, he still he kept pleading with Tony to stop, although he couldn’t speak clearly under the circumstances.

“Ya know, it’s hard to hear what you’re saying when you keep cumming, man.“ …you want my big fucking muscle dick up your ass a-gain? Is that what you’re saying…,” he chuckled as he continued pounding the mushy butt again, and again, and again. Finally done, he shoved the man off his cock as he yelled, “Asshole! Get the fuck outta here!” Tony left him on the floor, well-coated with his spunk.

His second choice was coming the next day, and now he expected the worst. He told the secretary to have the man sitting at coach’s desk so that Tony could look down at him as he walked into the office. He should also be wearing a tank top and low-cut spandex briefs that Tony provided; if this guy’s specs were accurate, the clothes would look hot on him. Tony skipped his morning romp at home, figuring that if this guy had lied on his application too, he was gonna fuck the sonofabitch raw for the insult. He also got pumped up in the gym, so that when he strutted into the office, his bulges were all stretched to the max, including his heavy balls and his nearly fully inflated cock which Tony couldn’t keep down and which was barely kept in place as it strained for release by the stressed, thong-like poser.

The candidate began to stand up when he heard the door open, but as soon as he caught sight of Tony, he fell back into the chair as if pushed back by Tony’s mere presence, his jaw on the floor, his eyes impossibly wide open in awe and disbelief, with little gurgling sounds coming from his throat.

Meanwhile, Tony was quickly getting hot for action: “Hmmm, this guy looks even better than he said..,” which was: 6 foot six, 310 pounds at 7% body fat with a 600-lb squat. While admiring the tight, muscular body, Tony moved up against the desk and leaned forward, his huge barely contained erection extending over half-way across the desktop, and then, noticing the rapidly enlarging spandex bulge forming on the big man, he started flexing, sending new bulges rippling across his massive pectoral mounds and down his deeply-wash-boarded abs, right in front of the new coach’s eyes (It had taken Tony no time at all to decide to hire this one…). The coach was beginning to find his voice: “Oh my God! - Look at you! … Oh Shit, Oh shit! I’m gonna…unnhhhhh ..” His cock popped up out from the waistband, hard and shiny with precum; he was grasping the arms of the chair hard and gritting his teeth. “ Oh fuck! - I’m gonna…, grunt.., I’m gonna..unh! .. unnh!…” Tony thrust his hips forward just a bit as he flexed his cock hard enough that some precum shot through the poser and dropped onto the desk. which point the man gave up trying: “I can’t stop it …I can’t. …I’m gonna .. nnnn .. I’M CUMMING!!” he yelled - his hands white from still gripping the chair so hard, his sizable cock shooting cum up into his cleavage. Once he caught his breath and opened his eyes, he started to mumble an apology, but Tony stopped him. With a huge knowing smirk, he said, “Don’t worry about it, Sir. It happens all the time..”

Tony noticed that the man’s eyes were firmly fixed on his thick, pulsating dick, so he pulled his posers completely off to the side and pushed his meat forward yet farther, making the man’s mouth drop open once more as he continued to stare. Tony slowly moved around the desk, the coach’s eyes never leaving him, and around behind his chair. The coach twisted the chair around, back to the desk, putting him face-to-face with the huge, dripping cockhead, only inches from his lips. Tony was holding his dick, moving it teasingly up and down, squeezing out drops of precum. The coach was transfixed, groaning softly yet uncontrollably. When Tony shot some cock-juice onto his cheek, the coach lost it. Before he could stop himself, he was begging to suck the huge muscle teen’s massive young dick. Tony was holding back teasingly, but so, so-o-o invitingly. “Well, gee, I don’t know….” But the coach knew. He grabbed Tony’s cock-holding wrist with one hand, his balls with the other, and before Tony could possibly react had yanked the slick, massive cockhead clear to the back of his throat and was frantically sucking and grunting and licking and moaning and slurping and grunting….”, as if he couldn’t breathe without it.

“Mm-m-m-m, yeah, suck my huge fuckin’ dick, Dude, … Awww, Yeahhhh, Suck me hard, Man. Harder! -- Ooo-o-o-o-o, yea-a-a-h-h-h-h-h…,” and Tony started to pump, and suddenly, “Sluurrrp!” he was all the way in, almost effortlessly. And then he was taking full strokes which the Coach handled with consummate skill. “Mmmm-m-m-m.., nice mouth, Coach.., Aww, Fuck Yeahhh.h.h.h.h..” The Coach’s consummate skill met its match in Tony’s orgasm, but then who could handle one of his orgasms, anyway? He shot in his mouth, deep into his throat, back and forth, moving the man’s head up and down to suit his needs. He even pulled all the way out a couple of times so the gasping, choking coach could get some air. But when the shots were at their most intense, Tony kept himself fully immersed, holding the frightened man’s head firmly in place, his face mashed up against Tony’s dense pubes. Lost in sexual ecstasy, Tony instinctively, unthinkingly, held the new recruit’s head firmly around his dick throughout the rest of his orgasm and for some time during the sublime period of recovery thereafter, but since Tony’s cockhead was deep in the man’s throat, with the cum shooting directly into his stomach, the Coach was able to keep breathing enough to avoid losing consciousness. Tony finally pulled out.

“Fuckin’ HOT, Dude,” offered Tony. “By the way, you’re hired; you start today.” The Coach could only nod his head in acknowledgment as Tony turned and walked out.

That more or less took care of the first two periods, after which Tony decided to relax in class. But it wasn’t easy. He kept thinking about his new coach, which kept his dick constantly dripping. But that was never a problem for Tony, who spent the next three periods with his cock firmly implanted in one or another firm, warm, willing teen mouth. Each class was interrupted several times with Tony’s favorite mantra: “Mmmm, yeah, dude, Fucking suck me, Man.”, and at least once each with, “Unh! …, UNH! …, UNNNGGGHHHHHH…,” along with gasps, chokes, and sounds like “..m-m-m-p-f-f-f …, mmmm -mmpff - urgh- mmfff.., ” coming from the vicinity of Tony’s crotch.

And then, a minor miracle. A message from a student courier: “Mr. Mills. You are to report to Coach’s Office, immediately.” Tony was instantly ecstatic. And hard. He had no doubt whatsoever what coach wanted.

The trip down to the coach’s office was difficult; the idea of fucking the coach was a big turn-on, but he wanted to arrive without a hard-on. He slipped his posers up over the end of his cock and willed it into as relaxed a state as he could, but he was too excited to stop the precum from flowing, so when he threw open the coach’s door and stopped in front of the desk, legs astride, smirking down at the wide-eyed coach and asked, “You ---, uh-h-h-h…, wanted to see me, Coach?”, his posers were so wet and stretched that cum was dripping out freely onto the floor.

Even though he had seen him just a few hours earlier, seeing Tony up close was still a shock. The coach still couldn’t believe his eyes. But who could blame him? At 6’ 8” tall, his 72”-chest seemed to fill all the space in front of him, and it looked like his hand could disappear into the cleavage between the huge, rippling bulges of pec muscle. He was right - Tony’s nipples stood an unbelievable 5 inches out from the breastbone. If his chest was huge, his biceps were downright scary; at thirty-four powerful, rock-hard, striated inches, it was obvious that when alone with Tony he was totally at his mercy; he could only imagine how much strength was encased in those bowling balls of solid muscle. But even scarier, in its own way, was the enormously thick, rigid rod pointing straight at him - a muscle-encased, pulsating-with-life, essence of virility that he desperately wanted to feel inside of him, even knowing that the first experience was going to be difficult, especially so when seeing the muscles that would be powering its entrance into his fuck-chute - the hardest, most deeply cut, and by far the biggest thighs he - or anyone - had ever seen -- fifty hard, power-filled inches of teen muscle, ever ready to power Tony’s massive sixteen-inch’er all the way home ---- over, and over, and over again. At least – that’s what Coach was hoping for.

The Coach was having trouble finding anything to say - this… Kid! … this 19-year-old KID! - for Christ’s sake - he’s nothing but bulges, all stretched tight, looking fucking pumped like he just came from a long gym workout instead of sitting in class, as he was…. Finally he just said what was on his mind. “Holy shit, Kid - you are just SO FUCKING HUGE! How is it possible..? You’re only 19…? Holy Fuck….” The coach was now stroking his own sizable dick which was quickly getting bigger, as Tony could well see. Tony just smirked confidently down at the Coach, hands on his hips, repeatedly flexing his now rapidly hardening dick, the posers practically ‘groaning’ under the pressure to stretch beyond its intended limits, getting pushed downward and outward by the head of Tony’s expanding cum-tool, exposing most of the rigid shaft to the Coach’s hungry, wide, disbelieving eyes. “Awww - yeah… -you like seeing all this huge fucking meat, don’cha, Coach?”

“Aww Fuck…, Just LOOK at you, Tony! How’dja ever get so…aww.., fu-u-u-c-k…,” as he starts stroking himself harder. “Uh-h-h, maybe I can help…” Tony asks, smiling hugely down at the Coach? “Well, uh.., I’d like to, uh.., that is, uh, … do you think that you could.., uh-h-h…,” Tony walks around and sticks his hard, leaking cock right in the Coach’s face. “I think you need some of this, man.” The coach quickly pulls off the posers and immediately grabs hold of the massive dick with one hand and starts frantically licking up all the slick juice he can find, then shoving the head in his mouth and squeezing out fresh juice as Tony continues to flex for him. The coach starts groaning louder and breathing harder and harder. “Aww, fuck, Coach, you need to be fucked right here.” The coach agreed; very quickly he had stripped and propped himself against the desk, his ample butt inches from Tony’s wet, warm, and eager dick. “Awww, fuck man…, you really want it bad, don’cha!” And with no further preparation, “Schloop!” - he was in - easily. “Aww. Man - I guess you’ve done this a few times…” In response, the coach gave Tony’s cock a huge, strong squeeze. “Whoa! - Unngghhh! Hey - great ass, Coach …, keep it up, man!” But Tony was now pumping fast, and in just a half-dozen strokes, the coach was blowing his load, but Tony just kept on pumping as he kept talking… “Aww, fuck man. What’s the matter, Coach - All this big fucking muscle and dick making you cum? Is that what it is?” Pump, pump. “Awww, fuck yeah, Coach…, you like this , Coach? - as the coach flexes his ass hard and Tony Splooges inside. And again, and again…six..,. seven…, eight.. Feeling the power of Tony’s spurts is revving up the Coach again. “Awww, Tony… oh gees.., I can’t stop cumming…, uh! .. Unh!.. unggg! .. Aww, fuck me, man., keep fuckin’ me.., aww fuck, yeah…”

Tony’s dick doesn’t soften up enough to matter so he keeps on plugging away. The coach keeps on groaning, mumbling incoherent noises, and spurting a bit more cum now and then. Coach: “Ahh-h-h-h.., ugh.., ung.. -Oh Fuck - Unh! - fuck..n-n-n-n..umpff.. fu.. , me…” Tony can’t really tell what the Coach is trying to say. “What’s that, Coach? Sorry, man.., it’s kinda hard to hear what you’re saying when you keep cumming this way, heh, heh, heh… What’s that? ---you want some more of my Big Fuckin’ Muscle-dick, coach? Is that what you’re saying?” Pump, PUMP! Pump. “That’s cool, man - I think I’ll just…” Thrust! “Unnhhh!… enjoy myself for a while longer here, if you don’t mind…”

There was no doubt in Tony’s mind: he had hired just the right man for the job. It was a G-R-E-A-T afternoon! •

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