Young Tony

The New President


By Deadliftr

Tony had assigned to the President the task of finding the candidates for the new Coach until one was chosen. That job now done, and having no pending orders from Tony, and having no desire to be subjected ever again to Tony’s unique methods of persuasion, the President decided that he was quite done, too, and promptly resigned. The faculty were not greatly displeased, and taking a hint from Tony, they decided to hire a new President based on one consideration only -- size, thinking that administrative know-how wasn’t going to help control Tony. The state board disagreed with that philosophy, but hearing that they were having a discipline problem decided to handle the search. And their selection sounded good: thirty-two years old with four years of army experience, he had a reputation as one of the toughest sergeants to come along in years. In addition, during the last few years, as a Principal, he had turned the state’s two most out-of-control high schools ever into models of perfect student behavior. Oh yes, the faculty was quite happy after hearing all of this --- until they realized that “he” was in fact a “she.”

One person who was happy was Tony. The moment he heard the good news, he started looking forward to training her.

Introductions were made on the first day when the school’s new leader, Miss P, as Tony called her, gave a very tough speech at assembly. For this first day, Tony showed up fully clothed in the largest, baggiest jogging outfit he could find. But at six feet, eight inches tall, with his inhumanly large musculature, it wasn’t enough. It was still tight enough to show every bulge on his body. As he walked along, every shift in muscle was visible through the material. And when he stretched out in the front row chair with his ankles crossed and his arms raised up in a purposeful triceps stretch and flex, with his hands clasped behind his head, every triceps head was easy to find, and every bulge in his massive, thirty-six inch arms was readily visible and sharply delineated, as were his two huge balls and the luxuriously flared head of his relaxed though undeniably thick sex meat. Tony heard very little of what she said -- it didn’t really matter to him what she wanted; he was too busy flexing his arms, and his chest, and counting the number of times the young, healthy, and obviously (to Tony at least) horny woman glanced down at his immense, protruding package. It pleased him especially to recognize that she seemed to be trying NOT to look at him but was unable to help herself. “This is going to be much to easy,” he smirked to himself.

He managed, with great difficulty, to keep himself soft for about half of her talk but then decided, “What the fuck! Since she’s interested...,” and he let his body behave as it would. By the end of the speech, nearly fifteen inches of hard teen meat was hovering six inches above Tony’s abs, held up by the tightly stretched jogging pants, and the woman’s gaze was flickering down to Tony more and more often the longer it got. Finally it was over, and even before the applause ended, the President realized that Tony was suddenly onstage, standing much too close to her, unbelievably huge, and all of it obviously solid muscle, even though it was covered by the thick, well- stretched cotton material. At five-foot-eight, she had to look way up to meet the musclegiant’s eyes. He was shaking her hand, smiling as he looked down at her, to all appearances congratulating her on her speech. What he actually said was, “I’ve been watching your eyes; I thought you might like a closer look,” as he dragged her hand, along with her eyes, closer to his rigid rod capped by a newly-formed large wet patch. She felt her hand fold around the huge cock just as her eyes made contact with the same. She quickly pulled her hand away and snapped her eyes upward in shock at her own actions - and thoughts, but Tony had already turned away and was jumping off the stage. Trembling inside, she quickly headed for her office.

The next day saw Tony in shorts by Spandex and a tight tee. Even covered, Tony looked ripped beyond the extremes attained by many bodybuilders. The tee was so tautly stretched that it clung to the crest of each ridge of abs muscle and dove into the adjacent deep valleys. He soon encountered Miss P, who was prowling the hallways, daring trouble to start. “That is not considered to be appropriate dress, Mr. Mills.” Tony walked up close, pecs at her eye level, biceps bulging bigger than her waist, thighs bigger than her chest, and looked down, silently, watching her scan - and evaluate - his physique. “You’re absolutely right,” was all he said.

The next day found Tony in the same, over-stretched Spandex shorts, though he’d changed his shirt: this one was a badly torn, now sleeveless tee, with shreds of material dangling five or six inches in front of his blatantly visible, rock-hard, washboard abs, the shirt barely covering his nipples. “MR. MILLS!” Tony strode purposefully, sternly towards her. She became uncertain, stepping backward as she issued a not quite authoritative warning: “I insist that you wear something more appropriate to school tomorrow.” He continued forward as far as he could without knocking her over, but acted compliant. “Uh-h-h, of course, Miss P.”

He turned away, but then turns back, saying, “Oh - excuse me; I have to go this way to class,” as he grabs her shoulders, pretending that he needs to squeeze behind her to get there, and then, as he slides behind her, still holding onto her, he crouches a bit to rub his stiff, strongly protruding cock firmly across her butt, pausing briefly to push the tip into her ass crack a bit. He walked quickly away, leaving her stunned, speechless, and glued in place. What worried her most was that when Tony pushed his cock into her, she liked it. It made her remember that she hadn’t had a man in quite some time, and the feel of that awesomely masculine, rock-hard body against hers had made her juices flow immediately. She realized that if he pressed her, she would find it very, very hard to refuse

By the next day, Tony was a different person. He was entering the final stages of his transformation, and changes were happening rapidly. He had a huge meal right before bedtime and still awoke hungrier than he could ever remember, and would later proceed to eat three or four times his usual amount of food for breakfast. However, there was something else he needed to take care of before eating -- he’d awaken with a hard-on he definitely could not ignore and quickly jumped out of bed to go stand in front of the mirror and jack off. Looking at his own image, he said out loud, “Christ! -- Is that for real?” He had grown so much overnight that the figure in the mirror was almost a stranger to him. He threw a most muscular at himself and was lost in amazement at how much bigger every muscle looked, how much thicker ---, and how shiny and taut; he gawked at how deep the cuts looked, at the network of veins that showed up everywhere! He felt harder and stronger than ever, and as he flexed even harder he yelled at the mirror, “SO -- FUCKING -- HUGE! -- E-e-e-Y-A-A-A-A!” and hen grabbed himself with both fists and stroked himself H-A-R-D. His dick already had gobs of precum sliding down the front, so that from the first, his strokes were smooth and fast, and very quickly he started to spurt. As his orgasm reached its peak intensity, he stopped jacking and just held on tight, pumping out so much cum onto the mirror that he could no longer see his own reflection. “Awww, yeah-h-h…. fuckin’ huge orgasm…, fuck YEAH-H-H!!” At that moment, Tony felt --- PUMPED! He felt huge! He felt so incredibly dominating, so virile…., so totally, supremely male! He was bursting with manly ego and energy and needed to express it, causing him to instinctively let out a long, drawn-out and very loud G–R-O-W-L- of masculine supremacy, which sent chills of concern for their own safety down the backs of his Dad and brothers who had been eating in their kitchen.

While holding his dick, Tony had noticed how unusually strong the flexes felt as he ejaculated, so he grasped the head of his cock and pulled it away from his body and looked down at it. “Whooo-eeee! – would’ja lookit that!” he thought, realizing that there were now very thick muscles wrapped around the base of his dick. “Hm-m-m-m…, wonder how much weight that thing can hold up? Interesting….” His cock was not eager to settle down, and Tony still felt primed and ready for fucking, but first he needed to eat. Lots. He stepped out of the barn and gave one more quick growl of arrogant self-love before heading to the house.

His father and brothers had gone to the door to see what was going on. As Tony approached, all they could do was fall back speechlessly into the house as they took in the fact that he’d grown noticeably since yesterday. Tony stormed in and sat at the table.


As Dad kept bringing more food, the twins barely ate; they just sat and stared at Tony - and at his huge rigid cock, half of which was visible above the table at all times - pulsating thickly with need. Now and then Tony would squeeze it hard, and spread the surge of precum down around his pole before his next bite. They were both waiting for him to get up and fuck them right there and then, but in spite of his high degree of horniness, he didn’t. He wanted a big man. He wanted his three hundred and twenty pound Coach. So as soon as he’d had his fill, he donned the biggest, most stretchable tank he had, plus his well-used but very undersized posers and beat the Coach to school.

The Coach saw the light on in his office, so realized Tony must be there, but he was totally unprepared for what he saw when he walked into his office. He found a muscle monster that seemed to fill his office, with a hard-on pointing to his left nipple and clothing stretched so tight that Coach thought him naked until he said, “Morning’ Coach -- y’wanna fuck?” and flexed his chest and bi’s. The tank split up the middle, leaving only the collar stretched high around the impossibly thick neck, with limp shards of material decorating the protruding upper pec muscles. Before Coach could get out a word, Tony had his shorts removed and his cock up his butt, holding him by the waist and pumping him up and down. By this time, the only thing the Coach could say was “Unh!.., Ungh!…, un.. ung….Omig-..unh!…, gawd! ..Ungh!. “, and hold onto Tony’s wrists so he didn’t flop around like a rag doll as Tony pummeled him. Tony was driven to fuck like never before, and he was rough like never before, and he made the Coach cum like he never had before.

“Awww, Fuck! -- yeah.., You really like having this huge, fucking, muscle dick up your ass, don’cha, Coach..? Aww, fuck, yeah-h-h-h.. Unnhh!.., unh …,UNNGHH-h-h-h!…,” as he filled the Coach’s ass with fresh, hot cum for the third time in the last hour. “Aww,yeah --nice ass, Coach.” The Coach kept trying to talk, but the constant friction across his prostate made it hard to do more than grunt -- and cum. “What’s that Coach? It’s hard to understand you when you keep cumming like this, heh, heh, heh.” The coach was already pretty worn out, and still had not said anything beyond his involuntary sounds of, “Unh!.., ung!.., un-n-n-n…” Tony had him up in the air for the whole time, both meaty hands firmly around the Coach’s waist, pumping him all the while; the Coach was utterly at Tony’s mercy.

Temporarily satisfied, Tony placed the Coach down on the couch in his office, saying, “See ya later…,” and left. He decided he’d rest up in class before resuming his Coach-fucking, but on the way, he stopped by the President’s office. He covered up as best he could, but in fact, he might as well have been naked. The torn tank top rested on top of his ledge of pec muscle, and although his cock was now somewhat relaxed -- it was pointing downward, at least -- his posers, which he’d managed to pull up over his huge, bulbous cockhead, were stretched into a thin strip of material what really hid nothing at all. Consequently, his enormous, quickly regenerating balls and his thick, only half-asleep cock were in full prominence when he walked straight into her office and just stood there, letting her take him in -- a six-foot-eight, three and a half-foot wide mass of muscle that blocked the door through which he’d just entered. Once again taken completely aback by his size, she opened her mouth but said nothing.

Tony, however, had something to say: “…just wanted you to know -- I found something more appropriate to wear.” He smirked at her bewildered expression and left.

He spent the first two periods thinking about how much fun he’d had fucking the Coach, and about doing it again, and when third period came he could hold off no longer. The Coach looked up in time to see Tony straightening out after turning sideways and ducking through to he door to get in. “I need you again, Coach.”

The Coach managed to get out, “I ---“ before Tony was upon him, efficiently stripping him, and holding him up in the air over his hungry dick, with words of comfort: “Don’t worry, Coach -- all’s I need is your fine ass – I’ll do all the work, heh, heh, heh.…” After a moment’s hesitation, “Ya ready?” Then, without giving the Coach time to answer, “NNH-h-h-h!,” and Tony was in. As he’d done earlier, Tony began pumping the Coach up and down. The Coach, who never expected to be able to cum again today, was getting ready to do just that. “Aww, fuck, Tony .., you’re so fucking big…I can’t believe...., I think I might…unghhh…”

“Fuck, yeah, Coach…, all this muscle and this huge fucking muscle dick makin’ you cum again Coach?” “OH shit, Tony -- I think I’m gonna…Unh!.., Splurch!…Nnnn!.., Ngh!.., Ah-h-hh…”

Tony: “Unh! -- aww fuck yeah, flex that butt, Coach … again.., ..Ung! Aww, fuck yeah…squeeze that muscle cock, man!” Then, one final thrust, and, “E-E-E-Y-A-A-A-H-h-h…, UNNGHHH!” Once his orgasm started, he stopped pulling his cock out of the coach -- he just rocked his hips back and forth, down and up, flexing his cock as each load of cum rocketed into his buddy’s warm, tight ass. The intensity surprised even Tony, filling him once again with feelings of supreme masculinity, sensations he needed to express. He let go of the Coach and flexed intensely into a most muscular pose, leaning back slightly to support the Coach on this chest, as he roared out his statement of dominance over all other men, thrusting his cock upward with every shot, not even noticing that he was carrying the Coach with him.

Once full awareness returned, Tony was nearly upright and realized, to his great satisfaction, that most of the Coach’s weight was being supported by the dense muscles that now surrounded the lower third of his cock -- and it wasn’t showing signs of tiredness. He snorted quietly to himself, thinking, “Guess I answered my own question, heh, heh.”

His dick now softening, Tony pulled out of the Coach and easily carried his over-300-pound fuck-toy over to the sofa and then leaves with a, “Nice fuck, Coach,” and heads off to his next class to rest up. Just before the end of the class, which gave Tony nearly an hour of recovery time, a student courier brought the message he’d been expecting - and looking forward to: “The President wants to see you.”

“I really doubt that,” he said out loud as he left.

Just as he had earlier, Tony ignored the office assistants and barged through the office door; he stopped facing the gawking President, with hands on hips, posers stretched into a narrow strip around his huge, refueled balls, his cock hanging over the top his balls, outside of the poser material, dripping a stream of precum on the shiny floor. Hearing nothing from Miss P, he asked, “You wanted to see me?”

Getting no response, he turned and locked the office door and walked right up to the desk and asked, “Anything particular in mind, hm-m-m-m?” thrusting his package forward-- the slick, drooling cockhead now resting on and sliding across the shiny desk.

“Get that thing out of my sight!”

“Hm-m-m.., points for toughness,” thought Tony. He then walked slowly around the desk, getting close behind the President. As she turned sideways in her chair to look up at him, he said, “Oh, I intend to do exactly that,” as he smirked confidently down at her.

At first puzzled by his comment, the meaning finally became clear as she watched Tony’s huge man-meat rise toward the ceiling, her expression changing to one of fear and even greater anger. “You WOULDN’T!!”

She swiveled around to face him, watching him in silence as he got to full erection. She was transfixed, staring uncertainly at the precum flowing profusely down the rigid pole in front of her eyes.

Seeing her interest, Tony suggested, “Go ahead. Grab it. It’s the biggest one you’ll ever see. After some hesitation, she did. “Use both hands.” She did. Both hands were around the shaft, with the cockhead still sticking out above, producing a continuous flow of precum that was now flowing over the back of her hands. He could tell that she was warring within herself: she wanted to lick it, but couldn’t make herself do it. He offered encouragement. “Go ahead -- I know you want to.” That was all it took -- she dove right in, with no further hesitation, and immediately she was licking, slurping, sucking with the intensity of someone who has denied himself – or herself -- much too long. Very quickly, she was lost in her own passion and need, and was doing her best to keep up with the increasing flow.

“Aww, fuck, yeah...., you really like the taste of this hot muscle-cum, don’cha? Fuck yeah..., suck this HUGE fuckin’muscle dick, Lady..., come on -- suck it right out’a me, Babe.., Awww, fuck yeah....” Tony’s words seemed to encourage her, because she kept going harder and harder, groaning louder and louder as she did, frantically moving her mouth all around the huge cock. She couldn’t get the tip into her mouth, so she’d press her lips up against the hot slick meat as hard as she could and suck all along the underside, arousing Tony more and more. “Guess you got used to those tough army dudes -- these soft civilians don’t do much for you, do they? Awww yeah..., keep it up, Babe -- suck me as hard as you can....Hisssssss...aww fuck, yeah-h-h-h....”

She tries once more to push the cockhead into her mouth, grabbing the shaft with both hands as hard as she can and pushing for all she’s worth. Tony is, of course, enjoying all this immensely -- he’d never expected this kind of reaction, and is watching her efforts with great amusement when Miss P, to her horror, suddenly becomes fully aware of what she is doing, yells out and instantly pulls away from Tony’s cock as if it were a hot poker burning her skin --which, in a way, is exactly what it was.

“Done with lunch, are we?” smirks Tony. He then grabs his cock and says, “In that case, it’s time to get this thing out of sight,” as he lifts her out of the chair and onto the desk. Before she can react, her dress and panties are ripped and gone and his eager cock is up against her vagina, teasing, pressing, leaking precum and sliding about. Tony’s overwhelming virility causes Miss P to respond involuntarily to him yet again; she grabs hold of his cock with one hand and presses it into her as she writhes about to get the strongest effect. Again, awareness returns, shocking herself once again. “Get that thing away from me,” she yells as she squeezes his cock as hard as possible with both hands, thinking to hurt him.

His response, of course, was quite the opposite. He loudly hissed his pleasure as he sharply inhaled at the wonderful sensations and repeatedly flexed his cock harder and harder. She tried to let go but he held her hand around his dick as he flexed and moved. Finally he releases her hand, his cock still firmly at her entrance. “Okay now, where were we? Oh yeah….,” as he shoves the helmet half-way in; he can feel her clit responding, enlarging. She again succumbs to her body’s desires and starts to press herself onto Tony’s enormous, pulsating cockhead. Tony had already become an expert in seduction, and he played with her so carefully that when he found his mushroom head fully inside of her, it was hard to say if he pushed into her or she onto him. Forcible though this union may have been, rape it was not. And Miss P. knew it -- Tony saw it in her eyes, and so he pushed himself slowly in as far as he - and she - could. She couldn’t believe the size. “Uh.., unh-h.., Oh Tony -- I’ve never felt anything so.., omigod - it’s so big.., O-o-OH!.., Oh fuck I’m going to..Nnggh!” No sooner was he in than she’d climaxed. Tony arrogantly growled his sexual superiority as he flexed his dick yet harder, and bigger as he watched her complete her climax even as the next one was starting -and he started pumping, and couldn’t -- wouldn’t stop.

“Oh, Tony …, Unnhhh…, it’s so big…, omigod -- I’m cumming again, Tony …, Ungh! .., “ “Aww fuck yeah -- keep cumming for me, Babe…, aww fuck yeah.” At first, she was happy to oblige; if he pulled himself out, she crammed him right back in -- “Don’t go!” Tony kept holding off as Miss P. experience climax after climax, so by the time he’d dropped his first big load in her, she was exhausted. “Omigod Tony -- Stop it! I can’t…, I just keep cumming --“ “Aww, yeah-h-h -- guess that means you really like this huge fucking muscle-dick up inside of you.“ Tony, of course, wasn’t through. He flexes a couple more times, keeping his cock as hard as before he came. “Fuck, yeah, getting’ bigger…” By now, Miss P. is either groaning uncontrollably or trying hard to catch her breath in between the involuntary sounds “Oh, Tony -- I can’t stop..Nnnn…, Ungh!…ah-h-h-h…”

But Tony’s nuts were still in overdrive because of his huge breakfast, causing all that protein to churn out quart after quart of cum storing it under increasing pressure in his expanding balls. As had happened earlier with the Coach, the longer he fucked, the more intense he got, and as before, the sex was only about Tony. He started pumping harder and had to hold onto her thighs to keep from shoving her off the desk. During his third orgasm, the intensity of his sensations reached a new plateau -- he began to lose control. He stood suddenly upright, lifting the dazed President off of the desk using only his cock, causing her a minor whiplash injury that would persist for weeks. Not noticing this, he grabbed her by the sides and started pumping her up and down, the wildly grating head threatening to snap her neck.

But he couldn’t stop until he’d dropped two more loads in her, producing an enormous lake of cum at his feet when he was done. It was his first “super-load,” - the result of the expansion of the high-pressure cum now being stored in his super-strong ball sack. After recognizing that his feet were covered by his own hot cum, he saw the President dangling limply from his still enormously pumped dick -- fast asleep. He pulled her off and left her on the floor, kept warm by the cum he had spread on top of her. His last act before leaving the office was to put on his posers, which was pretty much a waste of time. His balls were still bigger than usual - he hadn’t released all of this juice, and his dick was looking thicker than ever - and was still pointing straight up; the blood still hadn’t drained away after his extended sexual activity. So when he passed by the three women working in the outer office, his naked, semi-aroused, fourteen-inch cock was leading the way, still pointing upward, his posers straining to cover even a little of his left nut.

Upon leaving the office, Tony needed to cleanse his mind. He hadn’t been able to keep up with the changes going on. He needed to think, but first, to relax, so he headed to the gym. Since he used every weight they had, the PE class ended abruptly, except that Tony let a few guys stay around to change weights for him. So for the next 45 minutes or so, Tony pumped, and pumped, and pumped, doing everything he knew to intensify the burn in every muscle fiber in his body. The extreme tightness of every bulge was obvious; he was ripped and huge beyond anything anyone had seen before. When he flexed his biceps veins popped up everywhere, and he could feel the blood rushing to the area to feed it --he was buzzing, and now he needed quiet time. He needed Johnny.

The students were listening intently to the instructor when a huge, vein-covered, writhing mass of muscle stepped sideways through the classroom door and paused, his bulk now hiding the doorway, hands on hips, thick, twitching cock hanging over the top of prominent, protruding balls, leaking manjuice profusely onto the floor. He stared sternly into Johnny’s eyes, pointed at him and left. Johnny’s mouth dropped open at the sight, but his heart leaped with joy -- he hadn’t tasted of Tony for a couple of days. He was up and out of the room before the teacher could think of anything to say. He followed behind Tony, watching his ass intently. Even he -- inexperienced, not-yet-gay Johnny, started to wonder what it would feel like to put his own modest dick in there. Tony noticed the interest, and being in an odd state of mind, decided to give Johnny a special present.

He headed for the bleachers and once there, pulled down Johnny’s well-tented pants, pointed to his ass and said, “Go ahead. Try it out.” Johnny just stared. “Oh! -- Wait a sec.” Tony squirted a glob of precum into his hand, wiped it into his ass crack. “OK. Ready.” He laid face down on the bleachers and waited. In a bit of a daze, Johnny got into position and slowly lowered his hard-on lengthwise into Tony’s huge, slick, glute valley. He moves lightly up a down a few times, hissing his air intake as he does, before finally letting all his weight put him deep into Tony’s glorious valley, eliciting a long, long, satisfied groan. Tony offers some encouragement: “Go on, kid - enjoy yourself.” So Johnny starts seriously jacking himself; he even tried to push straight down towards Tony’s hole, but Tony’s glues are so massive that his shorter than average, boyish dick barely made it to the valley floor, but no matter - in a matter of minutes, he had shot his load between Tony’s hard, slick, rippling cheeks anyway.

After allowing Johnny a short rest, Tony says, “OK. Now clean it up.” A bit puzzled, Johnny gets up, but when Tony spreads his mounds of glute muscle to the side, he knows what’s expected. This is new, and sorta scary, but he doesn’t dare say no. Once he got started however, he found that he was in no hurry to stop. Tony ended up as clean as he could possibly be.

“Good boy; now it’s my turn.” Tony stretches out across a few rows of bleachers, face up, ankles crossed with thighs tightly together, his two re-charged globes of cum-sacks sitting on top supporting the semi-hard cock lying lazily across them. Johnny quickly positioned himself chest down between Tony’s legs, his arms wrapped around the huge, massively bulging thighs, and eagerly, readily devoured Tony’s thick, heavy, dripping cock. Once Johnny got started, he never came up for air. Tony simply lay back, arms crossed behind his head and started thinking. At one point, Johnny had looked up and caught sight of Tony’s huge arms flexed over his head as they were. The sight of those three-foot balls of muscle made Johnny lose his concentration and he began gagging. Tony smiled down and rearranged himself to help Johnny breathe. Suddenly realizing he really needed to cum, he encouraged Johnny to pick up the pace and soon rewarded him with a fresh load of muscle cum. Johnny ecstatically accepted the whole (small) load and settled down for another hour of continuous cock-play.

Tony had about finished his self-evaluation. Not yet sure if he was truly invulnerable, he had convinced himself that he pretty much had free reign to do as he pleased -- that the world was there only to satisfy his needs and pleasures. About that time the Coach came over with the news: the President had just resigned - no reason given. Then the Vice President threatened to do likewise if asked to fill in. Tony took that in, sending his thoughts off in another direction.

Meanwhile, the Coach was chuckling at the view he had of this little guy -- Johnny was a thin, 5’6”, under-developed boy whose thirty-inch upper body looked tiny encased as it was in the valley between Tony’s huge, fifty-inch thighs which were actually still flaring out upwards on either side of the boy’s body before curving back down on the outside. Johnny recognized Coach’s voice, but hadn’t moved off of Tony’s cock - his nose was still firmly pressed into his Master’s groin, and the thick pubic forest blended so well with Johnny’s hair that from above his head all but disappeared into Tony’s crotch. Coach had a loud chuckle at the sight, but he felt something else as well – something down there between his legs. He leaned over to where Johnny’s head should be and chuckled, “You know -- you are making me very, very jealous.”

Tony waited a minute and then shook Johnny’s head with his hand. “Johnny. Hey man -- time to quit. Coach would like a little time.” Johnny didn’t want to stop. “Hey! - Ya did a great job, but it’s his turn,” and so the Coach took over.

As the Coach started working Tony’s cock, Tony again lost himself in thought regarding the day’s events. Did he care about the President’s resignation? Did it matter to him? He decided that it really didn’t, and yet he had an idea forming on how he could fix the problem. As he mulled over his thoughts, he slowly became aware that his nuts were screaming for release and that his dick was being sucked with almost manic intensity. He looked down, grabbed his Coach’s head, pulled him off and asked, “What’re you doin?”

The Coach first caught his breath, and when he spoke, he sounded almost angry: “What’s the hell is wrong with you? Nothin’s coming out!”

Tony gave an arrogant, condescending little snicker and added, “Oh, -- ok,” releasing head of the Coach, who once again swallowed the mightily engorged cock. Tony relaxed and let his mind go where it was most comfortable – down into his crotch. Almost immediately he balls released some excess, bottled-up juice, producing a long relieved sigh from the Coach, plus some very satisfied “Um-m-m-m-m-“ sounds. However, a little was not enough. The Coach had worked Tony to the sexual edge and beyond, and it wasn’t but a few seconds before the end came.

Sensing the imminent explosion, Tony pulled the Coach’s head about half-way up his pulsating, on-the-brink-of-eruption dick where it felt best for him and held him exactly there as he shot, and shot, and shot. “Aww, fuck, yeah – So fucking HOT! – aww, yeah-h-h-h.” Dimly, Tony became aware of some unexpected activity down below. “Now what,” he thought? He started to raise up his head to look, but then he thought,” Oh fuck! –it feels to fucking good to move…NNnnng! … Nnnn…, fuck yeah…”

The yanking and tugging continued so Tony finally looked down. “Oops!” – the Coach had been completely overwhelmed by the volume of Tony’s extraordinarily satisfying release and was desperately trying to breathe. Tony pulled him off and finished the orgasm with his hand, though as soon as he grabbed himself he let out a very surprised, “Nng! – Whoa! – fuck me, man.., Nnnn!” His dick had never felt that big. A little piece of his brain was fleetingly being impressed at Coach’s ability to take such a hefty hunk of meat down his throat, but most of it was thinking, “This baby’s … nngh! … Huge! …Nnn! ..ww yeah…, nnnn! …, huge fucking dick, man, aww yea-Nnn!.., uhnn-nn-n…”

Finally satiated and rested, Tony stood up. Sometime preceding his last orgasm, Tony had decided how best to solve the latest crises; now it was time to act. Offering his hand to help the recovering man get up, Tony said, “Come’on, Coach – you just got a promotion.” The Coach had no idea what Tony meant, but he followed him – up to the administration offices, where the hiring committee was already meeting. He barged in without notice, pushing the Coach in ahead of him, and announced, “Problem solved, gentlemen; here’s your new President.” After the initial surprise, the chairman piped up with, “Now see here, we can’t just…” -- he stopped short. Tony had cut him off with a glaring, very clear, “Don’t be stupid”-look as he grabbed his dick with one fist. Having heard of Tony’s unique methods of persuasion, the meaning of his actions were quite clear to the chairman.

“Uh, well, perhaps under the circumstances, uh-h-h…..”

“Good. See ya tomorrow, Coach.” He turned and left, but once in the outer office he stopped long enough to call his brother Jake’s employer and talked him into sending Jake to pick him up, claiming a family emergency.

Even the roomy pick-up cab was a bit of a tight fit for Tony. “Oh, Fuck!” thought Jake, “-- he looks even bigger than he did this morning.” “Drive!” demanded Tony. “Fast!” he added, as he settled back and immediately set to stroking his dick to the tune of more or less continuous sounds of sexual pleasure. Each time Jake had to stop, Tony would slide the closed fist of his left hand over the top of his leaking dick, leaving a large glob of precum sitting on top of his rolled-up thumb and index finger, and then move it directly in front of Jake’s mouth. He gave Jake time to lick it up quickly before returning his fist to his dick. “Awww fuck, yeah -- huge fuckin’ dick won’t stop leaking -- Here! - got some more…” All the way home, which was not a great distance, Tony never stopped, making Jake wonder what he was in for. He was in for a lot. He got fucked that night more than he had during the entire previous week. Even though John and his Father provided some relief, Jake was Tony’s primary receptacle that night, and it was still tough to get to work the next day. •

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