We Love Muscle


By Freaker

A thought for today.

"Flex and Feel the Power" as the story continues.

PS: And don't forget. To get hypertrophied muscles you must exert harder every day. At least every week. Eg: Try and do just a few reps with an extra10 lbs (5 Kgs) max. more than last week on say the bench press and 10 Kgs on your squats. And so forth and so on.

And why episode 3d? Because stage 4 doesn't start until they get out of bed...... :D

The Lovers Max & Mike have set out on an adventure in search of muscle growth, Yet they are still lying in bed! Its the next morning after falling asleep on the gym floor. Totally oblivious of everything around them as they smile at eachother and enjoy their new found sensuous bodies. But they're not anything like HUGE. Not yet. After all its been less than 24 hours since their first injection. And not as "Huge" as defined in their dreams. Or even defined by their expectations prior to this Steroids Adventure. Except for their thighs. They're pretty huge already after last night. Nicely hypertrophied and cut, but they still haven't had the time to turn their attentions to Legs as they gaze at eachother and intensify their gazing slowly...........They're starting to fall in love with eachother and their expectations.

Clearly its a love spurred on by the prospects of imminent muscle growth. Though there other factors, muscle growth is primary as thoughts of imminent muscle growth and power unleashed were reflected in their dreams. And the thoughts spark sharp thrills of excitement to various vital organs in their young bodies and they communicate something important. They simply mouth "I LOVE YOU" at eachother with faces only inches apart and mesmerised by the sparkle in their eyes.

Then Max flexes his jaw muscles slowly, and Mike reciprocates as its the very thing that turns them on sexually. FLEXING...but something's wrong! Overnight their jaw muscles have burgeoned and now they've turned into sets of "almost" striated but definitely bulging muscles! For they must have been tensing their jaws when dreaming and it has muscularized their jaw muscles big enough to make their hearts beat in unison as soon as they notice the difference and it diverts their attention from the growing mystery surrounding their present situation....Where are we? How did we get here?.....nor can the mystery of their situation overpower their feelings of love as a pervading sense that "today" is going to be special sits comfortably in the background of their minds. So it doesn't matter where they are or how they got there. Everything is going to WorkOut. They know it. Yes! Somehow they just know today is going to be event-full. Like its a "birth right" and they are ready. Ready to lay claim to "it". Ready to realise their dream. Their dream of becoming spectacularly huge. Totally muscular and the mere movement of their body is a pure sexual experience with incredible masculinity! Beyond their wildest incredible dreams. Fuck yeah!!!!......Though last night's dreams will do for starters!

And they had discussed "it" before. Agreed "it" is what they wanted. To become so huge its inhuMAN. And so solid! So dense! And so ripped and powerful they can bend 2 inch solid steel bars. Bend them into U shapes and as they bend the bar make deep and sensuous thick muscle dimples appear in there Pecs next to their arm pits as upper and lower Pecs collide and a deep horizontal separation sets in as their Pecs contract as huge bands of muscle leap out of arm pits and prove they have the power to bend steel before mountainous massive ear pressing Trapezius muscles prove they have the power to re-bend it straight back to where it came from with even more incredible power atop massive shoulders bursting with ripped, shredded, bulging muscle as the power of their transformation into MuscleMen standing 5 feet wide at the shoulders cums as no surprise when they turn sideways and reveal Torsos 5 feet thick able to withstand impacts of solid timber 3" logs across their flexed Backs and flexed Pecs until they shatter into kindling for a log fire. And not surprising when they can flex their muscles and turn themselves into mounds of thick granite hard massive steel bending, timber shattering muscles rippling with power, covered in striations and no doubt capable of even further muscular development and growth to become even more dense, more powerful as they transcend in-human powers kissing and fucking their way to muscle magnificence the Earth is yet to see. And capable of evolving into whatever they dreamed! Which for now is to become 2 of the most handsome in-love Musclemen lovers on Earth, since Adam.

But only, they agreed, if "it" was realised through their 2nd love. Their love of heavy breathing, sweat puddle making hard muscle pumping total pump producing WorkOuts. And lots of them every day with erections! Erections to match their single minded dedication to enormousdom in pursuit of their shared dream of masculine magnificence! And doing so by matching their determination to their total love of pumping their bodies, totally naked and flexing and posing for eachother while driving themselves to complete exhaustion that leaves them with chests heaving up and down, going and in and out so hard they have to supplement the exhausted one's oxygen supply by give mouth to mouth resuscitation before kissing the still heaving massive powerful Pecs to keep the skin moist to avoid stretch marks forming. And to be even more cautious, kiss & suck on eachother's muscles as they pump out rep after rep to also guard against stretch marks forming during the workout and to help push their lover to great feats of power and strength....yeah! They agreed "that" was what they really fucking wanted, fucking needed, and what's fucking more, they were going to get it!

Like they wanted their fucking enormous Dicks to adorn their fucking enormously muscular birthday suits, like ties. Perfect proportioned to match their suit's overall massive yet incredibly symmetrical MUSCULAR DEVELOPMENT. And in other words they were going to have Ab hugging erections rising up like solid thick steel fitting into their Pectoral's cleavage like well adjusted neck Ties. Sort of like they were the filling inside a big taco. But not too big! Ow no, just big enough to compliment the width of their incredibly huge and powerful shoulders that grow to around 5 feet wide? Maybe 6 or 7. Even 8 fucking wonderful feet of power filled gracefulness and swift agility where COCKS are like the latest fashion statement proportional to the circumference of their Upper Arms measured slowly with a very long cloth tapemeasure and kissed several times in awe of their potential power, and the same goes for their massive sexual total torsos and now, just one day since their first shot of Perfected Steroids they can feel he confidence and "expect" their new future Ties will easily be big enough to reach their protruding Pecs! Then continue to grow with exercise and practical appreciation sensuously slipping inch by inch up through their thick Pectoral's cleavage until one day they touch the Adam's Apple until a "normal" in-huMAN greeting will be to "GRAB THE MAN'S COCK, PULL THE HUGE MUSCLEMAN IN TO YOU, THEN GIVE HIM A BIG KISS". Yes! Just a customary greeting when you meet a complete stranger, perhaps. Except in practical term it won't probably work since huge Pecs over a foot thick will collide first and easily prevent their master's lips reaching their goal. So the solution might be to stand, say one pace apart and fall forwards causing the 2 pair of protruding Pec masses to slam together with an almighty thud and at a sufficient angle to overcum their horizontal projections to permit the above lips to kiss!

But on the other hand, Max & Mike expect their muscles will become so sensitive and sensuous to touch just sucking muscle, sucking any muscle in fact, will become as erogenous as kissing?! Maybe lip kissing will become impractical as outlined already for normal social situations. After all, falling forward could result in accidents! So greeting by other means might have to become the new social norm? Like kissing and sucking the most convenient part of the spectacular erection? Or perhaps partaking of an occasional opportunity to prevent some precious secretion going to waist will add incentive to "going straight for the piss slit" kiss & suck? Though that may involve the need to pull the other Man's cock away from his Pecs in order to get at the piss slit. Unless, hehe, there has been seepage of seminal fluid not intercepted in time by its owner and it has run down his Pectoral cleavage. In which case a more aggressive greeting might will be called for. Like a quick clean out of the presented muscle cleavage. A clean out that is, to an acceptable extent in line with how muscular and hot the man is. Or maybe just a quick suck of the protruding Pecs will be more than enough initial contact, avoiding uncalled for time consuming distractions? Or how about a quick double biceps greeting? But then again that might be too much too soon seeing how a good double biceps with arm pits exposure can evoke tremendous sexual responses in real MuscleMen who love other real MuscleMen showing off their cavernous Arm Pits that normally get covered up by 28" plus folded massive upper arms! Or how about a stylised flex or pose? maybe freestyle? Followed by a quick mirrored sideways turn to suck eachother's right Biceps peak? Or maybe a good Lats spread to impress an attractive stranger? Or how about a forwards bending "crab" pose to get your lips together for a good welcome kiss? Sounds safer than falling towards eachother like its a bungi jump! But always be on guard when meeting another handsome stranger who has incredible sensuous muscles. He might be easily overstimulated your retina when causing you to suffer a spontaneous ejaculation! After all, such hair trigger hightened erogenous responses will become common in a future of super muscle hypertrophy. And imagine the embarrassment when your "Tie" suddenly decides to explode straight into your face! Hitting your in the chin. Covering your face in a thick white Chocolate Cum like a you're a habitual bed wetter! How embarrassing! What a give away! But he won't have to read your mind, so if he reciprocates it means he likes you too. And it will save you from a total embarrassment :D....as it means you're a perfect match. But he has to cum spontaneously too! Well, maybe a perfect match, after all any Man with massive huge lean muscles is a good match for a MuscleMan...anywhere in the world.

Of course "Ties" will be worn in all situations. From the formal to the informal. Posing pouches for large Cum producing testosterone testicle factories will be optional extras that some men might like. Especially if they suffer from too many gallons of seminal fluid production. But the unwritten dress rule will always be "TIES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES - PREFERABLY VERTICAL". Horizontally will prove rather difficult in business situations or when shopping for say a new car. But basically Mike & Max agree that they want muscles without any fucking limits! And without any limits fucking! In other words, no restaints. Except height is one everyone will have to respect....Ok, whatever.....they can accept that one restriction since they want to "continue" to live in a world of HuMan Beings where despite all the roidal "enhancements", (a euphemism for muscle growth in every sense beyond their dreams) they want to remain HuMen in a HuMan world. One where being HuMan is, essentially, a mental thing that's been packaged inside a Bipedal, Placental, Quadruped. Ha! What's that?......A Humanoid.

But, now was a good time to just continue pressing their chins together acting like a pair of in-love Cheshire Cats gazing into eachother eyes so intensely all that remained were their smiles! ....until Max rudely interrupts and flexes his mastication muscles (jaw muscles) and they practically explode across Mike's peripheral vision fill it with bristling thick muscle that got enhanced overnight from all of his jaw flexing during the muscle growth dreams and it has transformed Max into an even more handsome Man! With a very masculine silent determination added to his appearance. But its been tempered by his lips! They have become soft to give him a "kind and forgiving" look. And both of these aspects turn Mike on tremendously so suddenly he, Mike, realises he has a matching set of jaw muscles and flexes back at Max. Only harder and more deliberate, trying to excite Max to the Max. And it works! Max quickly kisses Mike on his lips almost as a formal sign of respect. A sort of "get permission before launching" an aggressive sucking/kissing attack all over Mike's flexing mastication muscles and a "I LOVE YOU" statement, leaving a series of fading red love suck spots over Mike's face as he makes a series of loud Popping sounds as he goes and at the same time as he sucks Mike's tight smooth masculine face with his lips he's playing Mike's strongest arousal mechanisms....his mind! He makes Mike feel very very appreciated and their love is further cemented!

Then, through bulging flexing jaws they feel the solid muscle bellies forming in eachother's semi striated jaws and Mike steals a series of well placed kisses, then caresses Max's hot lips with his tongue taking Max's breath away for just a moment as both dimpled chins push back together as they continue their lip smacking love games pouting lips and slowly flex their jaw muscles in the background .... until finally the humour of their love making makes them burst out laughing and as they laugh they share thoughts at the back of their minds of how wonderfully huge they are going to make themselves grow today and also for the rest of their lives. And they think of the things they will be able do. Things they could never do before. Not without real muscles.

Then a thought! Of how peculiar it would seem to someone walking in just now. Catching them acting like this and their laughing suddenly stops and then thrust their lips together in one final, all mighty, kiss that has just one mission! To go and to explore the succulent extents of their now mint fresh, saliva full sweet mouths with an attention to detail only matched by a good Dentist performing a clean and scale! But their mouths are already perfect and their teeth have brightened 2 shades whiter already!

Now, as their 2 hot tongues are drenched in new, improved, saliva they interweave their tongues like a choreographed dance of slippery hot muscle before they pull themselves together in a final powerful bear hug that presses their modest but firm Pectoral development together to the fullest, wrapping themselves into an unbreakable bear hug that stirs their 2 Cocks with all that rubbing like 2 hot sausages caught in sandwich. And they almost CUM before they stop hugging and suddenly separate with a loud gasp that relieves more than the tension!

Then briefly, they speculate how the changes they hope for might actually be reflections of an unrealistic and heightened sense of self confidence? Yes! They were confident. And it stemmed directly from their shared strong belief in what had so far happened. Yet it was not just real. It was very very "real"! Yes! The roids hold out 100% certainty they were confident of that. And it follows that an unimaginable future of muscledom and muscle growth will follow? Yes! It will!!!! And they were on a "winner". And it was exactly what they craved. What they needed above all else. To explode with "Hypertrophy" as their trophy for extraordinary WorkOuts and manly love!

It was all so obvious, now. How their lips and faces had already morphed and muscularized. And while their bodies felt normal, they were actually running quite hot by normal human standards as it was the energy being released to sustain such muscular transformation. And they felt firm, yet soft and when they kissed they felt the power and masculinity flowing back and forth between them. And it was accompanied by the throbbing of their hearts. And man to man contact never tasted so deliciously masculine. So when they kissed it was a struggle to stop, kissing! Yet when they did stop it was both sudden and for no apparent reason. It just happened at the same time.

Finally, Max blurted out "You look good Mike"!! as his eyes darting around greedily looking for more new masculine features and couldn't help adding, "Actually, you look fucking wonderful"......then, finally, "where are we"? as Max's head turned side to side crossing Mike's Pecs which he couldn't stop wanting to suck and as he did Mike looked around. But only after he kissed Max's hot forehead and added "Max! We're in a bedroom", followed by another SUCK to Max's forehead and continued "There's a bathroom over and a change room over there!....I can see trees outside the window"! and excitedly added "And There's lots of mirrors everywhere", his head turning wildly going side to side, "on all the walls"........."And a big mirror in the corner", then a sudden deafening pause........"Hey! God! Look at the pictures"!!!

There were several exquisite muscle pictures hanging. All depicting 2 handsome naked, sensuously composed, ultimately massive, MuscleMen! But they were more than MEN. They were incredibly gorgeous like Mike had ever seen before and it was obvious they were LOVERS of the most intimate kind and much too handsome and huge to be real.

Each picture depicted flexing and posing. But always with the fullest and most insanely huge erections. Erections that redefined the word ERECTION. So huge and so anatomically perfect in fact they had to be impossible to grow. though they had dreamt of similar Cocks, these 2 Cocks took the cake and eat it at the same time. Something always thought to be impossible. •

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