We Love Muscle


By Freaker

Max & Mike gazed about the room and for the first time saw the extraordinary pictures strewn around the room. They were large a metre square and dispersed neatly between the occasional full length mirror. Every pic & mirror was large enough to depict or reflect a "life size" image. But the picture at the foot of the bed didn't make instant sense as M&M rubbed their eyes trying to focus the subject matter...Then complete shock and awe!!

There in front of them were 2 amazingly muscular Men anything but "life like"! After a pause to absorb the shock M&M started scanning the room to discover the full extent of this gallery of amazing muscle and soon discovered a total of 6 pics and all of them were obviously well hung. But the room was large enough to take all of them in its stride with high ceilings giving the room a distinct opulence and it became obvious that only an expert picture framer had hung them. Just as it was obvious all the pictures featured the same 2 SuperMen who were "HYPER MUSCULAR", even "HUMONGOUS" and without any exaggeration "IMMENSE CREATURES OF SUPERB MUSCULARITY & MASCULINITY" showing off their muscles in 6 different poses designed to impress! And it shocked M&M's socks off because the professionally photographed subjects were equally endowed with muscle and in every department just as much as they were incredibly handsome. And their Cocks were so well endowed they were a perfect match for their phenomenal muscles in terms of symmetry while their faces were so handsome God himself couldn't have created this pair of posers in just a day. No way!

In fact it took M&M several seconds to reconcile the images hitting their retinas with the complexity of neuronal switches in their brains and make any sort of sense whatsoever of what they were looking at. Then, after a lot more mental computing to comprehend the "meaning" of the images, somewhere between making sense of the image and understanding the meaning, their brains summonsed their Dicks dramatically! Though "dramatically" is an understatement because all of their mental switches turned to the "on" state at the same time opening the flood gates of blood to M&M's Cocks and it caused a momentary sudden drop in blood pressure as they gained record raging hard-ons in a record short time and the resulting throbbing Dong was painful but they tolerated it because of all the visual distraction cumming from so much hyper humongous muscle dominating their senses!

But these visions of magnificent muscle dictated that M&M's brains either get instanttly rewired to avoid a breakdown like taking a fit or simply fainting or, take emergency measures to prevent a neuronal frontal cortex overload. And as rewiring was physically impossible to avoid the epileptic fit as a reaction to the shock and awe of so much magnificent muscle (the Gorgon effect) they again resorted to the only other means of coping. Perceived "time" slowed to a crawl as real time sped up inside M&M' brains to cope with so many neurons firing. But it was impossible for M&M to objectively judge how slow time had become, in the stillness of the room but at least their brains were coping as they wrapped their minds around the incongruous images of apparently amazing muscle and Masculine beauty beyond anything in the Known World!

So, for the moment spared from a sudden knock-out blow to their brains one second seemed like 10 as the faces of the depicted 2 superbly muscular Men grew more & more recognisably human and of course increasingly handsome. But handsome in a testosterone driven way, until they seemed so driven by free testosterone circulating in their blood they started to look demonic, like they were being driven by extremely high levels of the stuff that must have been unusually potent. Then their facial features started to appear extremely aggressive on a road to Hell until so scary it jolting M&M in sudden shock as slowly, bit by bit, softening features intruded, gradually. Such as softness to their very masculine and muscular lips and 4 eyes warmed as sparkles appeared out of preevious darkness until they finally gained an unusual depth of colour and softness as they turned fully "on". But of course their dimples eventually took the cake and one of them had dimples in his cheeks just like Max, until finally M&M discovered the depicted duo had understated smiles that practically blew the initial impressions apart, and soon sucked M&M into a sense of strange safeness with fun and familiarity like they were looking at future colleagues who were good at telling jokes that made them laugh, until finally the pictures painted a spell over M&M imparting warmth, openness, friendliness & curiosity.

And as innate warmth shone from the 2 impossibly masculine faces they also expressed well adjusted youthful qualities full of cocky confident with the blush of youth so typical of an 18 year old young Man, in their cheeks. But it was overlaid by a maturity that matched the wisdom of a 35 year old Man whose technical accomplishments and professional proficiency came from the eyes and the slight smile lead to an "unavoidable" response where M&M started bucking their hips and shouting "OH MY GOD!!!! FUCKING INCREDIBLE..." over and over! Yet they were so taken aback and overwhelmed by what they were staring at they were almost unaware of their ejaculations taking place under the sheets every tenth hip-bucking as they gazed at the picture at the bottom of the bed and seeing hyper-hyper-hyper muscle attached to monstrously handsome male beauty that stimulated extreme ejaculations as their overloaded muscle-obsessed brains sent them into a nirvana of obsessed sex!

So the overload protection Unit inside their brains was doing its job well! And as time practically stopped from when their eyes first saw and then their minds interpreted "as real" the images at the end of the bed. FUCK!!! They were momentarily convinced that what they were seeing were the most incredibly muscular men ever developed and ever photographed, and somehow caught by a camera right at the prime of their young lives beyond anything M&M had seen in their overnight dreams as M&M's instincts made them grip hold of eachother as the photogenic duo at the bottom of their bed stared straight into them and surpassed the beauty of Adam, God's first and presumably last attempt at perfection! But for god's sake, God didn't take just 24 hours! Fuck, he took something like 3 million years to get it right! So!? Well...the guys in the Pics, to be real have to have been created! And by someone or thing! Presumably inside a very well equipped and very heavy duty gymnasium. Maybe even a super heavily equipped Gym and they have to have been recently created. Say, in the last few years; at most....and M&M found themselves asking themselves the obvious question...."Where the hell have these guys come from with their fantastic muscular/skeletal development and impossibly handsome faces"? Muscles and faces, faces and muscles so far beyond "life like" with their inhuman muscular development that has been pushed beyond anything any reasonable Man, in his right mind that is, could conceive!

So a brief ponder lead to the quick conclusion they could only have been created by a Man not in his right mind, but someone who knew exactly what he was doing. SO there was "method in his madness"! Still, it was beyond M&M even after taking into account their shared overnight dream experiences, plus their shared highly gifted by normal male standards "mutual lust" for more and more personal muscle where every time M&M kissed it was a confirmation that they share the same passions and lust for muscle and its powers. So they concluded these 2 Muscle Gods were clearly beyond even their ability to imagine. though now of course they didn't have to imagine anything!

And still suffering from shock 2 minutes after setting off a series of spontaneous ejaculations every 10 rhythmic hip bucks a total of 11 E-jaculations shoot up their Abs under the silken sheets wetting them with a slowly cooling thick Cum, they continue to stare at the 2 splendid Male Lovers pushing the boundaries of reality to obvious absurdity!

With almost twice the mass of muscle seen in their dreams these 2 have evoked a logarithmic sexual response in M&M!! Where twice the muscle mass equated to 100 times the sexual response! They have never cum this much and cum so slowly and rhythmically before. It was like their bodies were under the control of some powerful reflex force as they found the time inside this period of E-jaculation to scan not just the pic at the foot of their bed but each of 6 fantastically gorgeous SuperMuscleMen pictures that maintained their erections hard and strong and 2 super-muscular-men seemed to leap from their confining 2D canvasses and insert a hot slippery muscular 3D tongue straight into M&M's gaping mouths and grab them oh so gently by their balls with hot muscular enveloping 3D hands making M&M's hearts pound so fucking hard they could hear loud drums beating in their ears as heated blood swooshed by their inner ears and cranial arteries expanded as if they were about to rupture!....but didn't..........then their collective gazings settled back to the fantastic picture at the foot of the bed.....Not the picture immediately to the right where 2 heart thumping monsters of muscledom posed like they were a pair of superb Lovers. Lovers who sported incredible matching huge double bicepsual split mountain peaks. Each one covered in solid veins that were full of rich high pressure blood. Blood that had just passed through mountains of muscle larger and more magnificent than any puny pair of biceps by the likes of a past Mr. HasBeen Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. Ha! His Mr Olympia biceps are a pair of puny pimples compared to what M&M stared at over the tip of their toes!

Nor were M&M looking immediately left at a picture of the same 2 gorgeous creations of hyper-masculine muscularly-massiveness. Men who were clearly struggling in a moment of rapturous seduction captured by an alert photographer at the moment where these 2 extraordinary creatures tried to embrace eachother in a record breaking attempt at muscle on muscle hugging. A hug that was also an attempt to overcum the physical realities of their mutual hyper-hypertrophy as it was so obvious that as far as these 2 improbable Beings are concerned, the inconvenience of having such huge & humongous muscles and being so preposterously powerful didn't stop them from wanting tp try and overcum the impossible. Which was to simply arrange their bodies, in the standing position with bare feet and complete a good and mutually satisfying KISS!! But then with such handsome faces and luscious lips it was no wonder. Though it was obvious even at a glance that there was no way to physically satisfy such an ambitious desire. At least going for a frontal Pectoral's colliding hug it was clear from all the pictures that a need to bring their red hot muscular lips together, dripping as they were with so much testosterone enriched saliva, was impossible! Though in the picture to M&M's left the 2 humongous men were making a very good attempt to satisfy the desire to simply enjoy a deserved long explorative muscular powerful tongue wrestle KISS! But hey!! The picture was probably taken when their lips were at their closest, or a good foot apart. Which translates the expressions on their faces. They were expressing a combination of pure understandable anguish with a touch of fun accepting the reality where it really didn't matter! There are many other ways to arrange a kiss!

No. It was neither of the pictures left and right!!! Instead, it was the picture right in front of them. The one at the bottom of the bed where 2 handsome hyper muscular Gods faced eachother doing most musculars, in one sense as rivals in a bodybuilding contest, and in another as if they were a pair of complete Lovers who were quite aware of where the camera was, and that it was taking their picture in complete agreement to be photographed showing off both their muscles and have exposed to the world their desire for eachother; as they enjoy a thrill knowing they will be looked at and admired by other flexing men and lovers who will lap up their performance in this display of incredible muscle power.

And with so much abundant muscle, large amounts of steam wafted from their collective pores as copious sweat dripped from their bodies andd covered their hot, thin and practically transparent skin stretched so superbly it snuggly fitted freshly hyper-pumped muscles so they glowed and glistened and oozed power like they had just completed a hyper muscle-packed muscle-pumping heavy-duty workout directed at their Shoulders, Chests, Backs and Arms!! Because they were totally pumped from the waist up, not that their legs suffered by comparison, and they were just too sexy looking for words!

As M&M stared they saw 2 perfect anatomy charts displaying individual muscle fibres that were lined up like they were waiting for the role call. And they were so fucking incredibly PUMPED! Even the very smallest and usually completely forgotten muscles stood out all hypertrophied and demanding their share of M&M's avid attention. And M&M were more than glad to oblige. Yet!? Yet the "proportions" of the muscles demanded the "looker" re-define his concepts of "symmetry" as it pertains to the HuMan Male Physique. Otherwise the full appreciation of the musclemen in the pictures would be blurred.

The viewer had to imagine being a judge at a Mr Olympia contest where these 2 eye-catching handsome humanoids dominated. Well, of course they would. And probably to the point where no-one on the present world stage of professional bodybuilding would even try and compete. And as a judges would be required by the rules, to split the allocation of points 50:50 between "symmetry, massiveness & shreddedness" on the one muscular hand and shear heart thumping and momentary heart stopping "handsomeness of the contestant's Male facial features" on the other muscular hand in an attempt to divine the most perfect man on stage!

In time, as M&M gazed at a picture in a corner where the 2 did Lat spreads and still adjusting to this apparent new reality M&M's eyes followed the incredible taper from 2 impossibly huge wide Torsos facing them, taking their gaze down to the equally improbable and just as incredible narrow waists that were set in what looked like stupendously solid steel belted muscles with the cutest navel. Except the navel wasn't visible because it was yet to be discovered one way or another somewhere deep between Ab Packs defined by dividing cleavages with full and glistening domes of seductive muscle that begged to be either sucked, kissed or punched and expressed obvious and extreme flexibility that managed to thrust 2 symmetrical piles of balancing boulders of muscle way out but not too far out, in a most seductive manner that beggedd to be sucked and worshipped individually like hot lucky stones, for hours. And even standing relaxed they looked just as hard as granite.

And when they suddenly realised that they had cum so much for a moment the pictures took their breaths away and soon threatened M&M with suffocation 'till finally they gasped like children throwing a temper tantrum refusing to breath until a deep gasp of air filled their lungs and in M&M's case it was followed by a sigh and they glanced at eachother and exchanged a one sided smile that confirmed their creeping but reluctant suspicion that all 6 pictures were all too impossible. That these extremely sexy musclemen were just too muscular and too handsome and just beggared disbelief! For they challenged what they had seen in their overnight dreams to the point that these pics rendered the dreams as examples of mediocre muscle. So they just couldn't believe what they were looking at. Though M&M's bodies and subconscious minds certainly responded instinctively, as if they were quite real. As much as Mike&Max would have loved to, they simply could not bring them selves to believe the 6 photos were real.

NOT "despite" their incredibly strong erotic response just looking that elicited 11 rhythmic ejaculations and a cup of hot Cum now all over their Abs cooling and all that reflexive hip bucking like they were riding a broncho. No, they believe they were morphs not despite, but BECAUSE it happened!

And although awesome "inhuman" musculatures the likes of these magnificent MuscleMen had provoked M&M into ejaculating reflexively like they were hypnotised and those awesome muscles held M&M in their spell until the last drop of their Cum had catapulted through their 2 piss slits, it didn't "prove" these magnificent creatures in the pictures were real.

In hindsight, depictions of so much masculinity and intimacy in displays of hyper muscle-lust was more likely the work of a Sorcerer. A Morpher Sorcerer steeped in a complete professorial knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, musculature and articulation as well as our human cardiovascular system that liberally covered the depictions with veins the likes of which shocked M&M. Such a knowledge and understanding would be needed before a Morpher Sorcerer could start re-moulding the original photos into the imaginative works of Art that captivated M&M.

So, the particular Sorcerer responsible could depict Men with such incredible bodies and matching faces so they looked like they had worked-out every day for 10 years with 24 injections a day for something approaching a litre of the strongest steroid cocktail per week!

But the obvious question and doubt kept popping up. "Even if such a desirable and incredibly handsome Duo could be created, how on earth could they sustain such huge muscles over a long period of time without it killing them"? . Therefore, such magnificent muscles were just plain "out of the question.No fucking way Jose"! But of course M&M realised, and like all such hints at science fiction it was placed at the back of their minds, that they assumed the depictions were of men composed of ligaments, tendons, and bones of a strength, quality and density known to medical science.

So, it all lead M&M to their one collective conclusion. "Impossible".

But there at the bottom of the bed and strewn around the room were 6 of the most incredibly muscular male images they had ever seen, featuring 2 men who were so handsome and so massive they were beautiful beyond words and when M&M stared at them they catapulted M&M into an ejaculatory heaven the likes of which they had never experienced before. And for that matter had no idea even existed. Until now.

But M&M's muscle heaven experience actually happened. It was REAL! How else could a huge quantity of Cum, by M&M's standards have been splattered all over their Abs, with an occasional hit to their faces? Besides, they were the only men in the room and they were partly covered by a silky sheet. So they had to have been the e-jaculators. After all, it could not have cum from nowhere, could it?

And there was one thing that was for sure. The experience proved their mutually shared dream to grow huge, and work-out until they possessed mutually equal huge massive shoulders 5 feet wide tied together with rippling 2 foot thick Pectorals they could make dance under their chins with thick corded striations. And that this dream was exactly what drove them on in their search for personal muscular perfection, and was exactly what they hoped to possess. One day....albeit, sadly, not to the impossible standards surrounding them.

So! For M&M, just looking at the pictures could induce them to fall over the edge of a hitherto unknown sexual precipice, so to speak. And as a result, they now not only know where the edge of that precipice is located, they even know what lays beyond! In modern man, it was a long suppressed "primitive" automatic reflex coupled to the act of copulation. All Men have it. Its just locked away deep inside their crotches and now, rarely experienced. Something akin to the reflex some among us can experience having a big shit, where like a baby the muscles surrounding the bowel contract reflexively for a deeply satisfying movement instead of the all so typical skinny modern male who forces it out with a conscious abdominal contractions holding his breath to gather all that unnecessary abdominal contraction to overcum a state of typical constipation...ha!

And the key to being catapulted into e-jaculatory heaven for M&M has been revealed. It is the right amount and proportions of muscle on a receptive willing Muscleman who welcomes them to cum and worship him.

So, what about the amazing quantities of Cum? Well, it must have been a side effect of yesterday's steroids! They accept that theory as reasonable. No problem really, but now, laying there exhausted they give each other a one sided grin which to them means, "We agree. These pictures have to be morphs. Though they should be real".

But still, no two Men could be so huge and so handsome. Even if it was as highly desirable and sought after as M&M think they should. Anyway, it wouldn't hurt in this post ejaculatory moment of rest to drift off a bit and imagine what it would feel like to be so handsome, so humongous. Like say, in the picture at the foot of their bed. Wouldn't it? And that's exactly what they did.

Suddenly we found ourselves totally and finally transformed and we expected to be now as huge as the 2 men we saw in those amazing, once upon a time, morphs. Except we find ourselves standing and holding hands in bear feet with our eyes are closed. It's a post hypnotic suggestion awakening and as we open our eyes we behold 2 of the most incredibly huge handsome and spectacularly muscular creatures we could have ever imagined staring at us!! They must be a welcoming committee or something. But they start mimicking us, our eyes at first then our heads and then our arms until finally we realised who they were. But they couldn't be us! But they are us! Our reflections that is, so we must be standing in the middle of a posing room surrounded by a solid walls of mirror in a room that's brightly lit from above and then as these 2 humongously handsome men mimic our smiles and our teeth tell us we are Gods! Gods of the most fantastic masculine beauty man has been relentlessly evolving towards since coming down out of the trees and first learn how to walk upright on 2 feet and secondly become as aquatic as gymnastic both on the flat ground and back in the trees from whence we came. Each of us had a dozen Tarzans inside us but 100 times more handsome.

We can both see and feel 2 impossibly huge MuscleGods holding hands, affectionately. And fuck! What a final growth spurt we had to have had to get to these proportions! God! Our heads are surrounded by mountains of muscle and its top quality muscle too. No big and soft muscle on us! Its all solid n firm with a hot glow about it and our Pecs are so huge they distinctly limit the view ahead. In fact they limit the view so much our reflections are cut off below the knee by our 2 symmetrical and broadly curving horizons. And it takes us a few seconds to realise these horizons are attached to us! They are our gigantuan Pectorals. But the muscles we could see, being the anterior sides of us from the knees up are in such quantities there is more than of it than we could poke a stick at. If we had a stick. Which we don't. But we have hands and soon we'll have large personal pokers to assist us in various ways designed specifically to probe and impregnate in the most enjoyable ways. And it bulges everywhere and to the maximum extent possible!!! And initially our cocks are hung like Xmas stockings, limply dangling seductively in a kissable sort of way, all juicily dangling and the most perfect mushroom heads banging every now and then if we were to attempt to move into our fucking absolutely amazing looking ripped and striated huge Tear Drop muscles that appear to be about to burst with power. But then, as immediately as we see ourselves our Cocks start to stir and they feels like growling dogs getting fatter and fatter with every beat of our obviously massive & powerful & mighty hearts and at the same time we can feel them beating, almost hear them while the tips of our fingers pulse and they are beating together in sync as if we have become the one massive monster of muscle instead of the two glorious hyper men of muscle we are and as we gripped each other's hand harder we feel our hearts pounding harder when we do. And soon its obvious! We can make our hearts beat harder if we flexed! And that begs the question, what would happen if we kissed?

And as for looking, well it was not just the sight of our beautifully muscled selves, but also our thick veins! Thick pulsing veins covered every square centimetre of our Forearms. They were like garden hoses run across concrete! So we can't stand it. Can't stand just looking at ourselves. We have to do something! So we lift up our free arms! Oh our God, we do a duo double biceps making our forearms look like incredible book-ends holding in a huge shelf of muscle. They resist our 2 huge balls of biceps forcing them to explode through the roof of our fists!!! And oh our god, fuck!!!! Look at those veins now! Look at the way they have popped, and pumped and exploded across our biceps too. With a big one an inch thick running down the middle of our biceps like Kevin Levrone's biceps. Running from our elbows to our shoulders and our triceps are covered in veins like a bag of snakes been let loose. And there's enough power in our forearms to crush bricks. Though not enough to crush our Cocks we bet! And just flexing our holding hands hams is enough to make them wreath with striations and then, as we grip tightly, we turn our faces to our free flexing biceps and suck the sides of our peaks being held back by those bookends to high to reach the top and it feels good.

Now we look back at the mirror and we notice how small our forearms seem, seeing they are such a small part of our entire bodies. Even though they are 28" around. As well, our Cocks are growing swiftly in length and in girth sending shock waves into our crotches as pulses of blood hit our beautiful mushrooms and the added weight pulls our dickheads first downwards before soon there is enough hot blood to pump them and carry them both can up and out like hypnotising male strippers revelling in their revealing more of their seductive powers with every gyration!

Then, as we watch we see our heads, the ones containing our brains, are set in an enormous landscape of seemingly permanently pumped and glistening muscle. Each muscle is etched in one of several different patterns of striation. Some plain and thick, some slender and as solid as steel and most run lengthwise with the muscle fibres. But others run at 90 degrees and some muscles, like our tear Drops have a checked pattern! But all of our magnificent muscles are rippled and covered in a thin skin oozing with body oil thick enough to like off and an unbridled energy courses through our blood like we either wouldn't or couldn't stand still for very long! And our muscles have all grown so huge they collide into their neighbouring muscles with perfect predictability. Creating such thick and unprecedented cleavages our bodies practically roar our magnificence to the World around us. And its a roar that loudly invites "Look at me! Now Cum suck on my powerful muscles"!

Wherever our muscles collide in our new landscape of power they either equally press into each other and banked back up & up, like our incredibly massive Pectorals do covered in fingers of muscle set like icing on a huge muscle cake, or they grow so thick and massive compared to their neighbour they simply spilled out and over, like our lower Pecs do at the top of our Abs where our Pecs protrude more than a foot and a half from our rib cages! Pecs so large they act like thick granite outcrops forming convenient shelter while we worship each other sucking on our back turned nipples with the backs of our heads resting on top of our glistening upper Abdominals. And our Pecs are so pumped and they glisten so much they reflect the overhead lights like 2 huge convex mirrors.

Our heads are surrounded by mountains of this wonderfully inspiring male matter! Such that we had muscles to the front of us, muscles to the right of us, muscles to the left of us, and muscles, lots of muscles to the rear of us forming a huge wall of muscle running from just under our ears out to our Deltoids and to the back of us 2 feet thick giving us the impression that we had extreme potential for muscle power and were standing here restive and impatient to hit the gym, or something, anything, so long as it exercised our muscles. Yet we also sensed we had a refined muscle power that was capable of subtle control and that feeling only intensified our anticipation that this posing room was a good place to start our tour de force.

The floor was concrete, cold and smooth and it reflected just the right amount of light to enhance the view of our muscles but we couldn't see below our knees because of the horizon formed by our projecting Pectorals. After all, to start with, our upper Pecs were so thick they supported our chins and that far away muscle horizon had 2 beautiful wide curves! But if we turned our heads we could see each other's lips. Though it takes a bit of getting used to them being 6 feet apart as we stand next to each other pressing our shoulder together and holding hands. And then we noticed our massive musculature was not pressing down into our size 16 plates of meat (feet) and it felt very strange! Like we were standing on the moon. We felt nothing like our actual 1100 lbs, (500Kg) our predetermined end point final muscle growth spurt. But according to the sensations cumming from our toes & feet we weighed no more than a medium size dog! But we could see we were beyond bursting with muscle and it was solid and we could feel the power in us revving like a V8. And the "bursting" was the sort of bursting you experience after your muscles have already "burst" several times in a series of burst and we now had less than 1% of body fat so there was no way of telling if we had any fat at all! But it doesn't make any sense to feel so light?

So we took a step back to see our calves and feet and soon found the answer to this puzzle. Our feet were perfect! So good we wanted to kiss em. A perfect match for our muscles too. Large enough but not too large and they were reinforced with a new super strong, super resilient cartilage formulae and their ligaments wrapped them so they were unbustably super strong with incredible Achilles tendons making our feet so tough and so resilient they could cope with the enormous pressures. So with that curiosity out of the way we turn our attentions to each other. We turned and pressed our Pecs together and it felt so good. Then we grabbed each other's hands and pulling ourselves together to hopeless attempt to kiss! And it felt awesome beyond describing how our hearts pounded together as one. Fuck! It felt so good being such a powerful duo it brought tears to our eyes, especially as, ha!, fuck!!! yet the closest we could get our lips was 2 feet as our solid Pectorals mountained up so instead we spend the next few minutes sucking on each other's down turned nipples. We had to bend, but ah! Who caress when after a minute we hit the jackpot. Just as predicted and successfully tapped into our delicious Man Nipple Milk that started to ooze from out quite small but hard nipples push well down under our ton of Pec muscle and as it trickled down our throats it felt smooth and muscleman delicious, a sort of sweet hazel nutty taste

That soon accumulated into to 2 cups full by rough measure being about 50 gulps each before we change nipples and this time we let go of our hands and tried our best at cupping each others massive Pecs to free their weight jiggling them up and down and flex for each other. But flexing caused us to lose lip contact so we had to fumble about trying to reconnect our lips to the teat to finish sucking down the best protein shake on the planet. But it made our Cocks so fucking jealous! They need some of the attention our Nipples were getting. So our Cocks flexed their way up and up pushing passed our navels searching for a way through our compressed Pecs to make a grand entrance we expect. And we could see them pushing up in jolts like 2 Pythons extending to the rhythm of our heart beating until they finally they touch our lower Pecs and at this point of their journey they are still very thick at their base. But when they start to push higher into our incredibly massive Pecs the mass of their bases gets re-distributed up to thicken their middle regions and expanding our coronas. This leaves behind what looks and feels like a narrow coiled up spring-steel that joins our baseball bat pricks to our groins like it has been constricted by a Cock corset! Then our Dickheads do protrude through our Pecs making a spectacular entrance that only increases the distance between our lips but they beg us to suck them like they are large sweet red toffee apples that can take a lot of sucking! So with one hand we grab hold of the base of each other's Cock at the spring steel root and cup one of each other's Balls with the other hand.

Then we suck on each other's Cocks in a near frenzy as our hungry mouths travel back and forth between our 4 leaky Nipples that are now squirting when we flex our Pecs and our 2 e-jaculating Cocks make it difficult for our mouths to be in three places at once and it lasts over 4 hours as we're able to take breaks to pose for each other and worship each other and ourselves! We try and out compete each other's self worshipping skills trying to kiss our mushroom that sprouts from between out Pecs the gentlest for the highest shooting column of Cum yet as we self worship we see each other getting off of his body. So much muscle makes it possible to just stand in front of the mirror and stare. That's all that's needed to cover ourselves in a gallon of own Cum. And during that 4 hours as we enter muscle heaven several times and swallow a gallon of each other's PecMuscleMilk in long slow slurps and shoot a gallon of each other's Dick Cum into our mouths and some of it gets spilled of course because that's what happens when our Cocks explode like bazookas. After all, if our Cocks look like bazookas and go off like bazookas then they must be bazookas. After all, is a 27" by 9" circumferenced Cock not big enough to look like a bazooka and explode like a bazooka? And there's more! In the breaks we take turns in 10 minute spells bending over and getting fucked as we do triceps push downs. The more we get fucked the more we can keep exercising we this delivers 2 gallons of our incredibly thick Cock Juice we send rocketing up each others very muscular rectum that has no defence against the intrusion of our 9" cocks though our rectums can clamp down like vices but nothing can stop our Cum from being quickly assimilates back into our bodies as we cross fertilise each other, boosting our immunity!

Then, we walk to the kitchen almost demolishing 2 doorways, mix and then down 3 gallons of protein each and after a pint of Muscle Nipple Milk for dessert make our hands into rock solid fists and use each other's bloated guts as punching bags to test how strong our steel belted Abs are. No mater how heavy we land our blows, nothing can upset our digestion as our Abdominals are like brick walls that we worship.

Then after that meal we take a 20 minute nap, do a great shit and then hit the gym! We start with 4500 lbs bench presses while we suck each other off. Great fun! Then load the special heavy duty squat rack with 8800 lbs. Why? Because that was the limit presently available to us. This offered a great opportunity to fuck each other from behind letting the squatter do all the work. We did 10 sets each and cam 10 times each too until we slipped on the Cum soaked floor. Then did Ab crunches. Only using a pin selectable machine we set to 1000 lbs resistance. Fuck! that made our Abs pump up hugely setting our lips to work sucking each others bricks. All 12 of them, though to top and bottom 2 bricks are small compared to the other 8. Then did some standing and seated calf raises with 6500 & 4000 lbs respectively as we fucking each other from behind standing on our tippy toes doing the standing calf raises and kissed eachother during the seated calf raises. All very simple and straight forward love making for bodybuilder as huge as we now are....yes, yes, yes of course we train nude, and as expected, our MusleMan PecMilk kept flowing. It even got unexpectedly tastier too as our Pecs grew thick and pumped until they finally exploded to three fucking feet of solid super powerful muscle and we were bench pressing 10,000 lbs and as we pushed the bar to the top our Pecs became huge and our precious PecMilk would squirt from our Nipples 6 inches into the air and gather in depressions across our Abs to later be suck up from! That is, if we were not suckling at the time anyway. And then we measured ourselves!

But it wasn't easy to stop the tape measure from slipping and we often needed 3 hands. But then after we took all our measurements three times we calculated the average and we were both practically identical with our Chests measuring an average of 162", Arms 87", Thighs came in at a cool 112" while our waists were a mere 36" measured inside our Abs cleavage across our hidden tight belly buttons . Our Calves were Cows at 47" and our Forearms were Hams at 32" and we then weighed a cool 515Kg or 1133 lbs. We then did some summersaults we were so thrilled and excited!

End of Self Discovery, by M&M. 29/06/2003 Next instalment, M&M continue to get out of bed. •

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