We Love Muscle


By Freaker

When oh when are they going to get outta bed!?


PS: Though I'm not sure if there is any good reason to, while ever they have the energy to stay in bed. Agreed?

They spent the rest of day 15 inducing explosions to the rest of their body turning emselves into massive marvels of muscle set in permanent thick striations that would be like rock hard to a mere normal man as one isolated muscle after another were pushed to the extremes of their power transforming them into magnificent specimens of inhuman muscle imaginable. They became huge and striated and they bulged with glistening power that felt as awesome as they looked.

But it was a dream! A dream they hoped was a portent of things to cum. They would have to see what happens. After all, surely it still holds true that there is, nothing for nothing?

And as all these recollections took place in that fleeting moment when they recoiled, shocked and surprised on opening their sparkling eyes and feeling orgasm as their lips peeled apart, they sensed life was good. At least for now. At least for today? They secretly hoped. Then they realised and recalled "last night"!!! And time suddenly sped back to normal. They had injected eachother with so called "perfected" steroids and did a crazy thighs workout 2 hours later, then fell asleep! Now, they blinked their eyes for the first time and encountered an immediate impediment to further movement. They were practically stuck together! Their arms were wrapped around eachother that reflected their final dream where they struggled to hug & kiss as in the dream they were so huge, with a matching sensitivity their enormous muscles made it difficult to reach around eachother and get a grip. Now, that struggle reflected a tight fit in reality as they briefly struggled to move and separate but it only made their hearts to skip a beat when they encountered firmer bodies than expected.

Not bigger, but firmer. That was obvious straight away as their skin prickled with a "foreign" sensuousness that was both hot and cool and a cool 8 seconds after waking they couldn't help themselves as they suffered, if that's the right word for it, a huge "love reflex" pulling them back together endorsing that dream hug.

They kissed. Oblivious of where they were, how they got there and the time. All they now felt an knew was the embrace. They had no idea how they were being hosted and cared for at a country estate of hyper musclemen. That it was a large estate. only that it was again as if someone had thrown a switch inside of their heads and all they could think of was the feeling of their bodies embracing and the "kiss" that came with new heightened sense of pleasure that took several minutes to complete wrapped as they were in a sublime deep throat explorative kiss before they could re-focus and bring their thoughts back to the here and now.

They remembered taking the muscle growth steroids! The so called perfected steroid. They were "testing" them. Yes! Part of a test programme of volunteers....for.....it was only yesterday, though now it seemed like a year ago. Then recalled the workout alone and nude with raging hardons as they concentrated on doing thighs. And the workout went beyond their wildest expectation and had worked their total thighs against the most incredible weight and gained an unimaginable PUMP that went light years beyond a normal PUMP with endurance without limit. And they became Princes of Pump that shocked them into a profound belief in the treatment. Then the memory of last night faded into the background of thoughts as they repeated the dream time pleasures in the present kiss.

In time, Max found himself almost on top of Mike. Just to one side. Then the kiss became everything again as 2 men kissed with an ecstasy that had a new quality of man on man contact, man tongue touching man tongue and soon they noticed it. It hit them like smelling salts. The sort of salts designed to "attract" as much as the sort designed to repel. Their lips, and now mouth were coated in a thick crustiness that tasted sweet and powerful. It was their dried saliva mixed with saliva that pervaded their senses and brought their hearts to full throb. It was as masculine as pure testosterone and it filled their nostrils as it swirled around their mouth tickling their taste buds!

Whatever it actually was it made the quality of their embrace incredibly masculine with an almost minty sweetness like they were permanently fresh mouthed for eachother. And it was strong, but the sort of manly odour that you could get very used to, very soon. And it also made them want to spring to their feet and flex muscle. But the embrace held them fast for the time being as the kiss lingered with flared nostrils in a heady mix of masculinity that made the desire to flex hard to resist.

Besides these new enhanced-manly-odours, there was still last night's workout sweat. It was still as fresh and heady as Man-sweat could be! And they couldn't get enough of all of it and eachother as they tried their very hardest to compress every square inch of their naked bodies into one merged ball of muscle......Then, after 10 minutes of pure passion their arms ached from 100% muscular contractions and they suddenly relaxed and broke off the kiss and gazed into eachother's eyes smiling....Then they noticed their teeth were 2 shades whiter? Yes! Somehow their teeth had become whiter?! Was it the saliva?....They thought it was all too weird for now and that reminded them of "NOW".

They weren't in any gym. They definitely were not laying on any gym floor. No dumbbells or gym equipment. Instead, it was a king sized bed covered in silken sheets as glossy as their lips and as shiny as their eyes that darted around the room they were in.....It didn't take long to realise they were alone and in a bed in a bedroom. Then drifted back together as soon as their eyes crossed. Then they became completely content to again just stare at eachother, cos it was all they needed now.............. •

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