Steroid Experience

17 years old, 231 lbs

"When I was 17 years old I had been training for over 1 year at a hardcore gym. I went from 163lbs to 200-210lbs but was not satisfied. A 'trainer' who looked exactly like Arnold, he was 6'2 230 cut year round 20" arms the works, came up to me and said if I ever needed help with training to give him a call. Well that week I called him up and wanted him to make me up a program. He looked at my body and designed a workout for me to do. It consisted of a 3days on 1 off program doing about 15-20 sets per body part. After 1 week I was overtrained for sure.

I went up to 'the trainer' and asked him if I could speak to him. He said, 'call me tonight', which I did. He said, 'you want juice right?'. I said,'yeah', he asked me if I knew anything about them, which I didn't. He said to use for 12 weeks and he had some sustanon 250 from cytahoh. 18$ each. I bought 25 ampules just enough for 12 weeks. For my first shot I met him at the mall where he brought me into the washroom and told me to drop my pants. In went the needle, I felt a rush of energy entering my body. I now felt like a bodybuilder!

As I went home I envisioned myself transforming into a ripped beast! After a few weeks in the gym I noticed how fast my strength and size sky rocketed! I was squatting 500lbs and bent over rowing 300-400lbs for reps! Every muscle grew rapidly. I now weighed 231lbs at 17 years old! When I walked through the gym I had this animal look in my eyes. Even the veterans moved outta my way as the juicers looked at me as if I was now one of the boys. Most of them would just watch me in amazement. Went I worked out I would sike myself up in front of the mirror saying obscenities under my breath, people who stood near were sure to be afraid of me.

When my 12 weeks were up I was afraid to lose my new size and recognition so I got 25 more ampules and kept using! Then one day as I was doing DB curls with 80lbs or so. My 'trainer' came up to me and looked at my skin which was red with purple spots from my heavy lifting (or so I thought) and said,'hey man easy with the juice'. I ignored, him I just kept increasing the dosages. After 6 months on juice I finally had the courage to show my body by wearing a tank top. Huge full muscles were now on display. I was on cloud nine!

Some people were shocked that I was so young, some thought I looked more like 30 years old. I guess the 30min daily tanning had something to do with that! OH well nothing stopped me. I juiced for another 1.5 before finally tapering off with winni and quitting juice for good. (well 1-2 cycles since that time) I look back and wonder if I will ever go back to those old ways. Is it worth it? I am sure lucky no side effects came with it. For a while I though I was infertile because my girlfriend during that time and even recently never got pregnant and I never wore a condom with her!!! Fortunately, I now know that I am fertile cause I now have a handsome 7 month old son with my wife. I just have to say those years were some of the best moments of my life. I stood out from the crowd.., and, thank god ,I am side effect free..." •

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